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= How To Command Respect Without Being A Jerk =

1. Continue speaking until the end of your sentence.

Speak with enough momentum to at least finish each sentence.

This is gonna lead to people being far more likely to listen when
you share your opinions.

Otherwise people will subconsciously believe your opinions are

not worth of being heard and you can get pushed around.

2. Treat each member of a group as an individual.

Refer to each person by their name.

Look at each person while you speak (specially if they are shy -
make them feel included), (quick fix if you're losing the group

3. Emphasize similarities with other members.

Similarities and compliments

4. Learn to detach your ego from personal attacks.

Acknowledge an offense has been made but don't defend

yourself AT FIRST.

>> Non-verbal signals to disarm people who become aggresive,

before you have to get direct with them.

--- "Less" signals (meaning "do less of that behavior")

A. Calm stare in the eye with neither malice nor a smile (makes
them feel uncomfortable, like they are being watched)

B. Not paying attention to that person (pay attention to other

members of the group, turn your body language to them, be
warm, engaging, even loud). Shouldn't take long before they
say something kind. Shift attention their way, after.

C. Prolong silence (most powerful)

-- "More" signals (meaning "do more of that behavior")

A. Call out the behavior you appreciate (it elicits more of it)

B. Compliment good behavior (or return the compliment)

C. Become playful and smile (more enthusiastic).

-- "Those Types" callout

Speak about a type of behavior that you don't like (the type of
behavior rude person in that group is doing).
Let them safe face by not calling them out directly.

Do it with a smile

>> After non-verbals and "those types" warnings, you gotta

go direct

Say what behavior you would like to see done differently.

IMPORTANT: Criticize specific behavior, NOT the people

doing it