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CHP172 – MicroSCADA Pro for Substation

Automation Solutions – Configuration

Course goal
The participants acquire knowledge on the structure, concepts, functions and the technical data of the
system. They create a configuration for the Substation Automation System based on Windows with Mi-
croSCADA Pro and its SA-LIB libraries.

Main learning objectives

The participants will be able to: Required courses or equivalent experience:
— List and describe the main features and — CHP107 Digital Substation Automation Sys-
characteristic of the system tems
— Explain the system software and hardware Recommended course or relevant experience:
concepts and the system basic configuration — CHP126 Substation Automation System
— Change parameters such as database ob- Topics
jects, signal texts, measurement scaling and — Introduction to substation automation
others — Standard definitions, configurations, func-
— Create graphic displays e.g. single line dia- tionality, products
grams, overview pictures, system overview — MicroSCADA database handling
picture with SA-LIB — Database import/export, database attrib-
— Create reports e.g. daily energy reports utes
— Create specific command routines — MicroSCADA Monitor Pro display builder
— Setting up an IEC 61850 OPC server and its (principals) including busbar coloring
DA client for sending the signals to the Mi- Standard concepts, configurations, function-
croSCADA database based on predefined ality
scd-file and database — IEC 61850 OPC-server
— Create a NCC connection with database en- — Introduction, configuration with scd-file,
gineering (e.g. IEC 101/104 protocol) communication parameter, diagnostic
— Identify possible cyber security features — DA client
— Modify existing application programs — Introduction, configuration with PO-list,
communication parameter, diagnostic tools
Participant profile — Gateway COM500i (e.g. SYS600C or standard
Consultants and employees from the electricity MicroSCADA)
Gateway functionality and features, protocol
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supply industry. Technical personnel of ABB —

companies. parameters used
X-reference tool (gateway database engi-
Prerequisites neering)
Engineering degree, technical college qualifica- Grouping, scaling, converting (e.g. single to
tions or equivalent. Basic knowledge of protec- double)
tion and substation automation as well as PC
based data processing.

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— Commissioning of demo-system Duration
— Exercise with demo-system, testing and 3 days
troubleshooting, safety instructions
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