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Dynamic 365

Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and CRM

(Customer relationship management) enterprise system. It was built by Microsoft
for maximum flexibility and extensibility. It includes applications purpose-built for
specific business functions. These applications are:

 Sales
 Retail
 Field service
 Customer service
 Project service automation
 Talent
 Marketing
 Operations
 Finance
 Customer insights

There are mainly two editions of Dynamics 365

1) Business edition
2) Enterprise edition

The “Enterprise” version is newly developed combination of Microsoft Dynamics

AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and will be the higher-powered of the two
offerings. Microsoft recommends Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition for companies
with more than 250 employees.

The “Business” version of Dynamics 365 is the cloud-based ERP/CRM. Microsoft

recommends Dynamics 365, Business Edition for companies with somewhere
between 10-250 employees.
Companies can choose from following Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps and

Finance and operations - Previously known as Microsoft Dynamics AX, the

operations module contains all of the finance and operations functionality
of Dynamics AX. (Which is a lot)? Financial management with reporting and
analytics; manufacturing tools for project management, production planning,
scheduling, and cost management; and warehouse and inventory control tools
for supply chain management.

Sales - This is the core functionality of Dynamics CRM, with all of the lead
management and sales process functionality you need as a salesperson. This
provides intelligence on prospective customers, personalization and customer
engagement, sales productivity and performance metrics.

Marketing - Microsoft announced a partnership with Adobe for the marketing

portion of Dynamics 365. This connects Dynamics CRM to Adobe marketing cloud
to provide campaign management and targeted, personalized marketing tools.

Customer Service - The Customer Service module integrates CRM functionality,

new functionality, existing Microsoft parature functionality, and more Microsoft
partnerships. Omni channel customer engagement tools, customer self-service
and communities, and tools for support agents.

Project Service Automation - For project-based businesses, the Project Service

module allows for the estimation and scheduling of projects in Dynamics 365.
Great for professional services organizations! This module was previously
available as a Dynamics CRM extension. This provides project planning, resource
scheduling, time and expense management, and service analytics.
Field service - For businesses with field agents or workers, this extra module
leverages the mobility of the Microsoft cloud and delivers extra features these
organizations will find handy. This module was also previously available as a
Dynamics CRM extension. This provides scheduling resources, contract
management, inventory management, insight into internet of things-connected
products and customer communications tools.

Talent - The HCM module of Dynamics AX will be developed on its own track and
can be purchased separately. Human resources cloud services is connected to
LinkedIn to manage all areas of HR, from attracting, hiring and onboarding new
employees to managing HR programs.

Retail - The Retail module of Dynamics AX will also be developed on its own track
and can be purchased separately. It includes unified commerce tools, store and
employee management, merchandise management and operational insights.

Customer Insights - Combines customer data from Dynamics 365, Office 365 and
third-party data sources, and helps users find actionable insights from that data.
Includes Power BI for analytics and visualization, and artificial intelligence tools to
identify customer behaviors and provide predictive scoring.

 These apps can be independently deployed, allowing users to buy only

what they need.
Benefits of Dynamics 365
 By combining Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP with Microsoft's productivity
applications, users get a connected view of data intelligence on customer
records, transactions, behaviors and preferences, along with information
about orders, inventory and shipping, and in addition to predictive insight
tools for decision-makers.
 The biggest benefit of Dynamics 365 is tight integration with other
Microsoft business applications. For companies that rely heavily on Office
365 and Outlook, or that run operations on Azure, Dynamics 365 provides
more beneficial integration with sister products than most CRM systems,
which rely on third-party plug-ins. Microsoft is also growing its stable of
third-party applications to pair with Dynamics 365 through the AppSource
 Additional Dynamics 365 benefits include a common UI throughout
Microsoft's suite of business applications, enabling easier training and
improved efficiency.
Dynamics 365 build
Microsoft's Power BI and Cortana Intelligence tools is natively embedded
for predictive capabilities. With Cortana Intelligence, for instance, sales
reps will be able to predict which products and services a customer will
need next, thereby helping to focus their cross-selling efforts.

Dynamics 365 is also tightly integrated with Office 365. Apps use a common
data model that's shared with Office 365, and they'll also come with
connectors that let you integrate with applications and services from
Microsoft and its partners, including custom APIs and on-premises systems.

Dynamics 365 will be a seamless transition for the customers using

Dynamics CRM or Dynamics AX online. So basically 365 will take over CRM
and AX applications.

 The Dynamics 365 Portals are designed to Increase customer engagement
and create opportunities to connect with audiences.
 Currently there are 3 types of Pre-Configured Portal Solutions that are
available to install according to the Portal audience you specify
i. Partners: Customer Self Service Portal, Custom Portal, Partner Portal,
Community Portal
ii. Customer: Customer Self Service Portal, Custom Portal, Community
iii. Employee: Employee Self Service Portal

setting up Dynamics 365 portal


AppSource, a new place for business users to find and try out line-of-business
SaaS apps from Microsoft and its partners. More than 200 business apps, add-ins
and content packs are now available there.

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