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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region I
City Division of Las Piñas
Las Piñas City


I. Objectives
At the end of a 60-minute period, 100 % of the students should be able to do the
following with atleast 75% level of success:
A. Define coordinating conjunction
B. Identify coordinating conjunction in the sentence
C. Use coordinating conjunctions in constructing meaningful sentences
D. Participate actively and voluntarily in class discussion

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Coordinating Conjunctions
Reference: English Expressways VII
Eugenia R. Gorgon, Ed. D., Virginia F. Bermudez, Ed. D., Remedios F. Nery
pp. 307-308
Materials: powerpoint presentation/charts, flashcards, cut-out materials, boxes

III. Procedure
A. Routinary Activities
1. Prayer
2. Checking of Attendance
3. Review of the previous lesson

B. Lesson Proper
1. Motivation
The teacher will administer a game entitled “Mend My Broken Heart”. There are two
(2) boxes and inside are the broken hearts. Each broken piece has words, phrases and
clauses written in it. The girls will take Box A and the boys will take Box B. After
picking, they will look for the other piece of the heart that will perfectly fit their
broken hearts and complete the sentences.
2. Presentation of the Lesson
What did you do in order to mend your broken hearts?
*Let the students write the complete sentences written on their broken hearts.
What word is used to connect these ideas?
What do you call these words that connect ideas?

3. Development of the Lesson

a. Let the students analyze how they could combine two positive or negative
traits to form a sentence and one positive and one negative trait to form
another sentence.
b. Let them identify the connectors used in the sentence.
c. Let them acquire the other coordinating conjunctions.
d. Ask them to formulate their own sentence using coordinating conjunctions.

4. Enrichment Activity
The teacher will divide the class into four (4) for the “Dive and Pick Me!!!” game.
Each group will be provided a “Pool of Letters”. The teacher will flash sentences
with the missing conjunction and the students will pick the answers from the
“Pool of Letters” given.

5. Generalization
Wrap up the lesson using 3-2-1 countdown. The teacher will give flowers to
three (3) male students and asks them to give those flowers to three (3) ladies in
their classroom. The ladies then will receive the flowers and answer the questions
attached in the flowers.

3 – Give the 3 classifications of conjunction.

2 – Give 2 examples of coordinating conjunctions
1- Define coordinating conjunction.

IV. Evaluation
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate coordinating conjunction. Write your answer in a ¼
sheet of paper.
1. My dad _______ I will go fishing this afternoon.
2. The old man doesn’t have much money _____ he always seems to have nice things.
3. Either we are going to win ______ they are going to win.
4. I don’t have much time _____ hurry up!
5. He wasn’t a popular king _____ all of his countrymen hated him.
6. I want to get there early ____ we should leave soon.
7. It doesn’t matter whether they get the job ___ not.
8. We don’t like red ____ do I like blue.
9. I ran after the cat _____ could not catch her.
10. We played very well ____ we still lost the game.

V. Assignment
What is a correlative and subordinating conjunction? Give examples and use it in a

Prepared by:

Cynthia L. Sorio
Teacher I