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Name: Mateo Ben Earl D. Sched.

/Time: TF 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Subject: Theo110 Room: CB 319

Reflection Paper for Taoism

Taoism is something that I find interesting, although Taoism is more a philosophy than
religion but still it is considered as religion. My perception about taoism is dualistic, in
away that there are considerations that I have encountered particularly in negative and
positive dimensions.

One of the things I agree with is "living the life simply". Before I was introduced to
taoism, I am already living my life in a simple way, I mean I enjoy things like accepting
what is given or what I already have, I always taught myself to look for the goodness of
everything and neglects the bad ones, because in this way, it leads me to my ultimate
goal which is happiness. Another thing I always agree is that taoism nourishes balance
in the universe, it embodies harmony of opposites. One of my philisophical beliefs is
"There would be light in darkness", I always enjoy this belief especially when I feel lost,
down or sad about the happenings in my life, this belief always find me a reason to stay
and keep going. In taoism they express balance as "Yin Yang". Taoism also teaches the
individuals to live in harmony with nature, It reminds us that we are the steward of the
nature, we have to take care of the nature because this is where we live. The thing that I
have to disagree in regards with the view of Taoism is somehow connected to what I've
agreed, I mean since taoism teaches people to go with the flow, although its good but
more on bad, because for me we should learn to understand the happenings of the
events in our life before we are going to go with it, we all know that the world is an open
canvass, in which we can always have the good and bad dimensions of the different
things, some consequences may appear and it seems good for us but we were just
deceived by it, a good example of that is the money, money is not a bad thing but if
people will be slaved by the money, it would bring negative dimension in our life, another
example that would really fit to my stand is the exercising of freedom as an individual,
since taoism teaches us to go with the flow, exercising our freedom is a part of it, but we
should always think that our actions always affect the people around us or even the
affect the things around us, since taoism believed in harmony. This things is a good
reason for us to keep discerong the things we are about to deal with, before we will go
with the flow, we must think first.

Taoism brings a significant lesson to me, and that is to remind me that being here on
earth is easy, I mean we have to take things as easy as it can, we have to make good
things by going with the flow, harmonize with the nature and live simply, as far as what I
have understand about the teachings of Taoism, it teaches us to live and enjoy what we