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Long Term Peflecheons + (due +e sosteined! load’ Concent Creeps uncer sustrtnect loool bet sleek cloes ust , Procedure I'S: AL = DA; Ay: Addrtionk Loylerns ele)lechon ) creep Mabhple— dench™ f A os 1» Wren ane mana wag “| custechecl Load , Db Procedure &r caleulelion Lou er) dice lee manda 1. Calculate the instantaneous deflection Aj,, caused by the sustained load W. 779) 2. Calculate the additional long-term deflection caused by W; i-e., Any = Adiw 3. Then the total deflection caused by the sustained part of the load is Ay = Aiw + Ane 4. In calculating the additional instantaneous deflection caused by the short-term load _ P, account must be taken of the fact that the load-deflection relation after cracking is nonlinear, - Bip = Aigvep) ~ Aiw where Aj,+p) is the total instantaneous deflection that would be obtained if W and P were applied simultaneously, calculated by using /, determined for the moment ‘used by W + P. 5. Then the total deflection under the sustained load plus heavy short-term load is A= Ay + Aip rr. _ _OoOnao>a9—C— Oe S8I/1 91/1 sqe|s Aem-ou0 paqqu Jo sueog, 8/1 12/1 82/1 ve/1 02/1 sqe|s Aem-2u0 pl}os jorjan.zjsu0d Or/? Yap eavy