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In partial fulfilment of the requirements in the

Inquiries, Investigations and Immersion (III)

Arcega, Pamela
Castro, Alessa Yumi
Eleazar, Ramon Angelo A.
Ibay, Jieann
Maravilla, Mikka Alyanna C.

Maximo Estrella Senior High School

Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)
Maximo Estrella Senior High School
Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)
Chapter I


Graduating from college after senior high school is any young individuals dream

and goal, As they can have a fulfilling and highly paying job after graduating, But some

it remains as a dream because of the problems and factors that might affect their

college, “Choosing and Deciding for something is a big question, The results of what

you have chosen can help you or make a big change in your life.

Choosing a career path can help anyone set their professional goals and develop

a strategy and visionary for getting where you want to be. Choosing a path can also

help others life decisions. And by that means will ABM Students of senior high school

will still choose ABM related courses in college? and what will be their main interest on

still choosing the same track on college as they choose in the senior high school.

Background of the Study

A course can have a lot to say about the employment prospects of job seekers it

is important that incoming students take some time to evaluate and wise options. A path

can make great impact for senior high school students which plays a great role in the
future, that is why, as a graduating ABM Senior High School student, it is important to

know the factors that might affect the courses you will take in college.

According to (Alyssa Walker 2017) “A 2010 study by Tim Judge shows what

we’ve heard all along: money doesn’t buy happiness. If you study something that you

don’t enjoy, but pays well, there is a good chance, you won’t be happy You’ll just have

lots of money” the results of that study shows that by choosing a field that you don’t

really like but pays off, you really won’t be happy at all, you will just have money, The

importance of choosing what you want is the source of things that will suit you up and

one will make you happy and including the paid off wok.

According to (Karen Schweitzer 2018) “Business is sometimes known as the

"play it safe" major because it is a practical choice for almost anyone.” But it is not the

only thing that affects the choice of ABM students from grade 12 to still choose the ABM

related courses in college. But individuals who have a solid business education in senior

high school are not only poised to start their own business, they also have the practical

skills needed to excel in a variety of positions in the Related ABM courses in college

The first reason you might consider majoring in Accountancy course is if you

have an interest in numbers. According to (Sarah Tarrant 2015) Course in accounting

require simple, mental math calculations so that you can calculate the annual gross

margin or determine the cost per unit of production. Accounting is the perfect major for

students who really graduated from ABM strand in senior high school because they

have knowledge on what the Accounting course would tackle.

Another reason you may choose to major in accounting is because of the many

skills you’ll learn that can be used in your career.(Sarah Tarrant 2015) Along with

technical skills, such as being able to perform calculations quickly, you’ll also develop

soft skills that can be easily transferred into the workforce. Many employers look for

skills such as time management, scheduling, and planning for essentially every career.

(Sarah Tarrant 2015)

“Just because you major in accounting, that doesn’t mean you have to become

an accountant!” (Sarah Tarrant 2015) said, the degree can guide you to many career

options outside of the accounting industry where you can apply the skills you learned,

such as roles in market research, management, or media. If you complete your degree

and decide you don’t want to pursue a career in accounting, you still have options.

Having a degree in accounting can lead you down many paths.

Majoring in business isn't as straightforward as most people believe it is. (Karen

Schweitzer 2018) There are more opportunities for specialization in business than most

other fields. Business majors can choose to specialize in accounting, finance, human

resources, marketing, non-profits, management, real estate, or any path that relates to

business and industry. The more knowledge you received during the senior high school

days the better, You can apply those learning that have received during the senior high

school to the course you will choose in college but you can always choose a

specialization that fits your personality and career goals later on.

Studying something you love can open doors. According to (Alyssa Walker 2017)

Not just you got influenced by your classmates to join the ABM related course your
classmates wants, Don’t always be influenced by other, But think about the

opportunities if you choose the track in college you want, No one can really decide for

you you if you really want to choose something for your life that is why everyone is free

to choose what their career path is,

And a college professor says: Let your kids choose their own major According to

(Shannon Reed 2017) This might be one of the greatest factor that can influence grade

12 ABM Students from choosing ABM related course in the college the Parents, Parents

really matters for many students especially senior high school because parents always

wants you to be on the right track, College is exceedingly expensive, of course, and

many parents foot the bill, so it is literally parents also have the choice on choosing their

kids choice of college majors.

Conceptual Framework

Job Peer Parents Personal Own Ability Financial

Opportunity Influence Decision Choice Status

Level of Interest

Preferred Courses
in college of
Grade 12 ABM
Students of Mesh
Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to determine the factors affecting the college course preference

of the Senior High School students of Maximo Estrella Senior High School specifically

the Accountancy, Business and Management related courses and it sought to answer

the ff.

1. Profile of the respondents in terms of Name and Age

2. How do these following factors affect the student’s decision?

2.1 Personal Choice

2.2 Parent’s Decision

2.3 Peer’s influence

2.4 Job Opportunity

2.5 Personal Skills/Talents

2.6 Financial Status

3. What is the most preferred course of ABM Senior high school students of Maximo

Estrella Senior High?


Null Hypothesis- Students who have parents and siblings who are not

interested in choosing ABM related courses in college, The students who are not

interested in choosing ABM courses in college because of the knowledge they gained in
ABM senior high school that won’t go under the ABM related course in college. Student

who obliged/forced by someone else to take their ABM courses in college.

Alternate hypothesis- Students who have parents and sibling who are in the

ABM tends to follow their foots step and be influenced by it. Students have goal in

taking up ABM courses in college .Students know that ABM courses will be in trend

after 4 years.


The researchers believes that students who graduated from ABM track from

Maximo Estrella senior high would have a higher chance of learning if they choose ABM

related course, The students from ABM senior high school tend to choose ABM Related

courses because they graduated from ABM senior high school track, They tend to

choose ABM Related course because it has more job opportunities for ABM related courses.

Significance of the Study

In this study, the researchers will be able to understand and acknowledge

choosing the right course preference of grade 12 ABM students of Maximo Estrella

Senior High School. The results of this study may be useful in providing background or

information in identifying a better career path. The study and its results will know what

will be is the main cause Grade 12 ABM Students on pursuing ABM related course and

what affects them as a student. Pursuing this study will serve and give the readers a

number of purposes. The researchers believe that this study will benefit the ff:
Teachers: They will be able to give appropriate recommendations regarding the

student’s abilities. They become one of the important factors in the realization of a

student’s goal and vision. This may help them understand the significance of knowing

on how to motivate students in picking a goal cause for a better future.

Parents: The research aims to help the parents understand their child’s

endeavour. Not to make their child pressured when choosing a course in college, They

would be also innovated to work and support the teachers in giving assistance to their

children. They will support their child choosing academic tracks. ABM students.

Particularly (Accountancy, Business and Management) strand Senior High School

graduating students. The object of learning and direct benefactors of the advantages of

the study. They would be more aware of their interests and more certain of what they

want to become in the near future. They will become knowledgeable about getting what

they want and the right courses in college.

ABM Students: Particularly graduating (Accountancy, Business and

Management) strand Senior High School graduating students. The object of learning

and direct benefactors of the advantages of the study. They would be more aware of

their interests and more certain of what they want to become in the near future. They

will become knowledgeable about getting what they want and the right courses in


School Administrator: This study would serve as a reading that will enable them

to work with teachers in helping the students to choose the career path they are about
to take. It will also help them in conducting workshops and seminars in alignment with

decision making

Scope and Delimination of the Study

This study covers the factors in selecting Grade 12 ABM students of the course

according to their interests. The information used is derived from or just based on the

results of respondents of Grade 12 ABM Students of MESHS, Data gathered to support

research, opinions of Gr 12 ABM students. It is considered solely for the opinion of the

Gr 12 ABM students by answering the survey provided by the researchers. The

limitations of this research are those who will study on college. They will be able to

contribute knowledge on this topic.

Definition of Terms

Career the first of very important decisions that individual will do into her life.

Course choosing rightful course to pursue by equipping them with strategies,

techniques and approaches for career development.

Decisions choosing the right course preference of grade 12 ABM students of

Maximo Estrella Senior High School.

Students People that will graduate on grade 12 ABM strand in Maximo Estrella

Senior High School

Opportunity is a situation in which it is possible for you to do something that you

want to do.

Goals is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people

envisions, plans and commits to achieve.

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature

Every students dream is to have a better future but they can achieve their dream

if they finished their study. But not all of them have a very clear decision of which career

they want to take in college some of them are still in the stage of finding out of which is

the best According to (Olamide and Olawaiye, 2013) there was a lot of obstacle that are

being encountered by the students in the procedure of career selection. According to

(Dye, 2014) Choosing a career is one of the very important decisions that the individual

will do. The researchers have found that there are lot factors that are affecting career

choices. Self-reflection is one of the best way Some of the question that need to answer

is on What is your interest, Which career you will match and how much your future job

pays. This kind of question is one of the main factors that can affect their decision in

choosing college Some of them what is their course to match their interest while the

others chose their course because they know that it will match their dream job. While

the other are what to take the course that have a big salary.

According to Clement H. (2014) base into the investigation that he made the

first major factor is the unrelated of personality with a career. In the procedure of making

career choices, it was personality plays important role; efficiency, achievement and

motivation are directly connected to the individual. Absence of matching can be

dangerous cause of dissatisfaction and ends in to the stress. While the others student

of take the career that don’t match to their personality are start having a problem of their
chosen career and there was a tendency of shifting. According to Mckay (2017) The

person change their career because the first reason is sometimes the individual are not

informed decision in choosing occupation he also state us example that they neglect to

do the self – assessment.

According to Williams (2016) the parent’s occupation influences their children’s

career choices both intentionally and inadvertently. When the time child grow-up into the

teenage stage they start to seriously to think their future. Looking at their parents us a

role models. This is some kind factor that affects the student decision in choosing

career because they parent are influencing their children to follow the path of the career

that they choose. Some the main problem of the student is financial. According to

(Buckingham, Wheldall, & Beaman-Wheldall, 2013) the children who come from the

family with low Socio-Economic Status (SES) are less experience to develop their

fundamental skills of reading acquisition, such as phonological awareness, vocabulary

and oral language.


One of main purpose of K-12 is to give a Filipinos people a better Educational

system and also to make the citizen productive and responsible. According to the article

of (Isagani Cruz,2014) it should be noted that these subjects have different content,

which will be determined depending on the circumstances of school, students and the

circulation of students, school and higher education institute where pupils can enroll and

According to (Isagani Cruz,2014) main reason of K to 12 is to be implemented is to help

the students to prepared themselves in college, and According to Penedilla, J. (2017)

Young students have various dreams and interests in life. there's associate previous

expression that evokes folks to succeed: “if there's a can, there's the simplest way.” In

selecting a career, suitableness to the interest of the scholars is given importance.

Students should recognize on what degree to pursue in faculty, one that interest them

and should conjointly match their skills in order that it'll not be onerous for them to

decide on the correct career path.

According to (Psychology.com 2017) Being adolescent are often very lonely. It's

commonplace to possess a sense that there's nobody address once issues come back

arise. This can be the stage wherever major choices and deep considerations have an

effect on the courses of their lives. Most adolescents are pressured to perform and

succeed, that expertise severe stress

According to (Carpio,2018) For every parent picking a college course is One of

the biggest and difficult decision that their child will do. In making that kind of decision it

cannot be denied that most of the time the parents will tell if which is the" right" and

"best " or "most practical" course that their child will take. At that point the parents tend

to take the wheel in deciding what of kind of course their child should take in entering

college for some of the parent its becomes their way of transferring their unfulfilled

dreams into their children as a second chance into the bright future. Some of the

undecided children follow their parent wish but not all of those who follow their parents

pass the college smoothly. Some of the struggle are failing grades or low academic

performance. A study conducted in Rizal Technology University states that motivation is

one of the most important factors in a student’s success or failure in learning. Since

children are forced to study a course they’re not interested in, they lack the motivation
and will to learn about it. Thus, the student usually struggles in understanding and

performing well in a subject. Second, is shifting courses according to the National

Center for Education Statistics, about 30% of undergraduates in associate’s and

bachelor’s degree programs had changed their major at least once within 3 years of

initial enrollment. Shifting course would mean to have more time before the student

graduate. Risk of Depression A study in the Journal of Child and Family Studies found

that parents’ excessive involvement in their children’s lives. According to Lead author

Holly Schiffrin says, “Parents are sending an unintentional message to their children

that they are not competent.” and the result of this is feeling of depression and

dissatisfaction. This kind of factor affect the student decision because most of those

who are undecided student have a big possibility to do their parents wish.

According to the site name (courses PH, 2013) There are many students in

Junior high School and Senior High School are having a hard time in choosing of what

college course to take. It is a very hard decision that the student will make because one

of the reason is the pressure of their peers and parent. Because of that a lot of college

student’s that are stuck to the course that they don’t like. They also state that it is very

important to the student who will enter college is the one who will decide of what course

to take. They also state that this thing’s to consider will are. First, is knowing your

strength and talents. Figuring this two will help you to find to best course at will suit in

you. Second, is interest and willingness to learn. Founding out this two will help you to

find where you are passionate. Third is Goal, It is very important things to think of what

do you what into the future. There was still a lot of the student who are having a hard
time in choosing their course. It is a very hard decision to do in the individual for the

reason of their future are will depend into their preferred course in college.

According to the news of (BusinessMirror,2017) the survey conducted of Firm

Company by Jenny Santos, director of agencies of Phil am life for South Central

Mindanao “only 23 Percent of Filipinos were able to finish college due to financial

constraints.” They also state that one of the major factors for the failure of parents to

send their children to higher education was lack of funds or savings.

Chapter III

Research Design

This study will fall under the descriptive method. This method is used to describe

characteristics of a population or phenomenon being studied in the study. The process

of descriptive research is about gathering and tabulation of the data. It will also involve

the element of interpretations of the meaning or the important of what is being

descriptive. It will also involve survey where the researchers will defined as a brief

discussion with an individual about a specific topic that was being need into this study.

Respondents of the Study

The respondents of this study are the selected senior high school students of

Maximo Estrella Senior High School. Specifically the Grade 12 ABM students. The

researcher had come up with 54 students as respondents having 50 representatives

from the Grade 12 Accountancy, Business and Management students.


The researchers will use questionnaires as an instrument. Questionnaires are

the printed materials conducted by the researchers which are associated with a set of

questions. The questionnaire contains questions that are related to the topic which is
Factors Influencing Grade 12 ABM students’ level of interest towards Accountancy,

Business, and Management (ABM) courses in college of Maximo Estrella Senior High

School-Makati, it will help the researchers to conduct their research and it will also

benefit the respondents because they will be guided while. This questionnaire will help

the researchers to achieve their goal to answer their questions into problem. It also

contains questions that are relative to the topic itself. The researchers conducted this

research to the respondents who has experienced a specific kind of problem of

choosing courses in college in the future.