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Tob, during high school, started his first venture in an online game. Wherein, he sells
rare items in exchange for money. The business was profitably good, to the point that he
even bought a new car and another set of computers from his earnings. Eventually, his
online dealing business came to a stop when the game found out that he was using it
outside for commercial use. And that banned him from the game.

After his first business came to an end, he tried to start a new one immediately using
the money left on his bank account. He then impulsively bought cheap DVD players he saw
from a store in order to resell it, but it failed. He found out that the DVDs that he bought was
defective. Furiously, he went back to the store to ask for refund but the owner didn’t

The third venture he invested in was the chestnut cart. He discovered this when he
went to a food expo out of curiosity and hunger. Being moved by the technology given by the
chestnut machine, he signed a contract with the franchisers. He then rented a place inside
the mall, but the chestnut didn’t sell. Later on, he moved his cart to another place in the mall.
And after quite some time, his chestnuts were recognized by consumers and was already
gaining profit. But just when he thought everything would go into place, there came the
problem. The smoke from the roasting of chestnut discolored the ceiling of the mall. He tried
other solution to this but the problems just kept piling up. So he ended up giving back the
carts to the franchisers.

The final entrepreneurial activity he took upon was the fried seaweed. It wasn’t easy
at first, because they encountered many hardships. One of this is his uncle’s accident. But at
the time that his uncle is in the hospital, he didn’t waste any time and found a way on how to
make the seaweed taste better. When they sold the product in the market, the customers
very much liked it. But the profit weren’t enough to pay his parent’s debt, so he wanted to
search for a way to make his product known. And that’s when he thought of presenting his
product to the convenience store, 7-11. He was rejected numerous times but found his way
back on his feet with his courage and determination. And at last, his business was approved
and was able to spread his seaweed product all over the world.

Tob’s funds came from his first business, which is the online game where he sold
rare items that he earned from the game. He also resold his things like computers and his
car. He used his previous income from his different ventures to fund a new business.

Tob is a Risk-taker, he doesn’t know if his businesses will sell or not to consumers
nor does he know if he will be approved by 7-11, but he still continued what he wanted. He is
also opportunistic, whenever he sees an opportunity in front of him he will gladly take it. Just
like what he did when he knew that he could earn real money from his online game. He is
passionate on what he does, if he wanted to get something done he gets it done right away.
And because of his passion he stayed in his country even when his parents were about
leave. Lastly, he is goal oriented. Once he was set on doing something, he wanted to go all
out to achieve that goal. Just like how he wanted to pay his parent’s debt so that they can
come back home.
The first step in Tob’s product development process was to make the fried seaweed
taste better. When they were frying the seaweed for the first time, it tasted bitter. So they
need to find a new way on how to make the seaweed fit the consumer’s taste. Second, is the
nitrogen flushing of the packed seaweed. Tob seeked helped from a university professor on
how he can make his seaweeds fresh or crispy even if packed. And that’s how he learned
about nitrogen flushing, wherein nitrogen is put inside to not make it go stale. The third step
is the repackaging. When he was presenting his product to the representative of 7-11, she
said to him that they cannot accept his product because the packaging wouldn’t fit their
shelves. Because of this, he went to a shop that can redesign the packaging of his product.
Lastly, is to release the product nationwide.Profit gained from his mall stand is still isn’t
enough for Tob that’s why he is still seeking for more opportunities. Your product getting
approved by 7-11 means that, it will be delivered to different branches nationwide and will
make it more known.

For me, the movie was inspiring. Tob was an ideal entrepreneur that whenever he
sees an opportunity he grabs it and make something out of it. And the fact that he has the
courage to stand up again and again even after knowing that his business had failed, was
moving. Of course everything wasn’t easy for him. He sacrificed everything just to be where
he is now.

Top, having an entrepreneurial mind was a good thing. Contrary to this, there are
times that he was too selfish. He ignores his parents advices about him and even pushes
them away. Though it was heartwarming the moment he realized his parents’ love for him
and wanted to help them pay their debt.

The movie in itself can be a big help to those who are in doubt in starting their own
businesses. It taught me as well that we shouldn’t be afraid to fail, for failing is part of life.
The only thing you should do is stand back on your feet again and improve where you lack.
We should also have the courage to do something that we wanted to pursue because we
wouldn’t know if we wouldn’t try.