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List of census towns in Andhra Pradesh

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The article lists census towns in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The statistical data is based
on 2011 Census of India, conducted by the Office of the Registrar General and Census
Commissioner, under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.


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Census town[edit]
A census town is one which has urban characteristics but is not notified as a statutory town.[1] These
towns should have a minimum population of 5,000, at least 75% of male working population is
employed outside the agricultural sector and minimum population density of 400 persons per km2.[2][3]

As of 2011 census of India, the state of Andhra Pradesh has a total of 104 census towns in 13
districts. Chittoor district has the most number of census towns, with as many as 14 and Guntur
district has the least with only 1.[4] Kanuru of Krishna district is the most populated and Arempudi
of East Godavari district is the least populated census towns of the state. In terms of
area, Podili of Prakasam district has the largest area of 43.88 km2 (16.94 sq mi) and
Modameedipalle of Kadapa district is the smallest with an area of 0.90 km2 (0.35 sq mi).

 Gooty and Kalyandurg of Anantapur district, Sullurpeta of Nellore

district, Palakonda of Srikakulam district and Nellimarla of Vizianagaram district were upgraded
as municipalities.[5]
 Dowleswaram, Hukumpeta and Katheru of East Godavari district were merged
into Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation.[6][7]