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Redmon & Vale

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Redmon & Vale

Origin Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Genres Country

Years active 1997–2000

Labels DreamWorks Nashville

Associated acts Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Past members Allison Redmon

Tina Vale

Redmon & Vale was an American country music duo formed in 1997 by Allison Redmon and Tina
Vale, both of whom served as vocalists. They met through a common friend, with whom they initially
performed as a trio before deciding to work as a duo instead after the trio split up.[1]
The duo released a self-titled studio album and two singles in 1999 on DreamWorks Records.[1] The
album included two singles, both of which charted on the Billboardcountry charts. Jeffrey B. Remz
of Country Standard Time gave the album a negative review, saying that it "mine[d] the generic,
overproduced field of bland pop country."[2] A reviewer for The Technique, the student newspaper for
the Georgia Institute of Technology, gave the album a more positive review, noting that the two
singers seemed to focus more on harmonies than most other country groups.[3] The album's first
single, "If I Had a Nickel (One Thin Dime)" reached No. 65 on the country charts, while the second
single, "Squeezin' the Love Outta You", peaked at No. 74. The latter was also recorded by Carolyn
Dawn Johnson (who co-wrote it) on her 2004 album Dress Rehearsal.


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