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Carl Heins

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Carl Heins (8 June 1859 - 10 September 1923)[1] was a German pianist, and a composer of
light salon music in classical music style. He wrote both solo piano works and parlor songs.
Heins' pieces show a special pianoesque ability to fashion pretty melodies picturesqely in the salon
style of the time. His competency on the keyboard led him to perform and compose. He composed
the song 'Zwei Dunkle Augen', which was recorded by the tenor Fritz Wunderlich. Stylistically his
music is similar to that of his older compatriot Carl Bohm.
Robert Leonhardt, an operatic baritone who sang with the New York Metropolitan Opera company
between 1913 and 1922, made numerous recordings for many major record labels, both in Europe
and in the United States. An early recording he made on Gramophone 42325 with matrix number
1113B[54] was "Zwei dunkle Augen" by Carl Heins. Leonhardt recorded it onto a 78rpm on October
1901 when he was 24.

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 Im Hochland. Charakterstück (In Highland. Character Piece)

 Village Idyll
 Bärentanz (Dance of the Bear)[2]