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Culianan National High School

Culianan, Zamboanga City

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Activity 1 – Common Laboratory Equipment
Objective: Explore and identify some laboratory equipment and its uses.
Directions: Match each picture of equipment (column A) with its corresponding name and uses in column B. Write the letter only.
Answers Equipment Names & Functions
a. graduated cylinder - used to measure the volume of
a liquid

b. beam balance - used for the determination of the

mass of a body under gravitation

c. tripod - to support or hold the flasks and beakers

during experiments

d. test tubes - used for mixing or heating chemicals

e. alcohol lamp – used to produce an open flame

f. funnel - used for guiding liquid or powder into a

small opening

g. Erlenmeyer Flask - used for pouring solutions and

may be closed with a stopper in order to store samples

h. beaker – used for mixing, measuring, and pouring

liquid chemicals

i. wire gauze - to support the beakers, flasks, or other

glassware during heating

j. mortar and pestle - used to prepare ingredients or

substances by crushing and grinding them into a fine
paste or powder

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