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MMT Account is an Excel based software on Accounting, Sales, Purchases and Manufacturing oprations.

It suits well for small and medium sized companies as well as Personal or Self-employed companies. It
runs on Microsoft Excel system at Windows platform by VBA programming.

Some features of MMT Account software is so specific that they are not normally provided by other
similar accounting software out in the market. These includes :---

1). Any one stock item, if supplied by multiple suppliers, can be pre-defined in the system with all
the different prices and item descriptions from the various suppliers.

2). Components can be tracked upward to their next higher level products or sub-assemblies

3). Shortage reports are available which can show the lacking quantities for all components that are
required to fullfil customer orders

4). Invoices and Purchase orders can be pre-setup to print with two company names (e.g. one in
English and one in other language, such as Chinese)

MMT Account Software Features Highlights : --

1). Functions include : --

General Ledger / AR / AP accounting

Customer data management / Invoice / Open Sales Order record / Customer Credit status / Receivable
Aging report / Material shortage report

Supplier data management / PO status report/ Payable Aging report

Product BOM data / Stock item In-Out record / Stock item detail report / Inventory Reconciliation

2). User friendly. Simple and Easy to use.

3). Various types of reports are available.

All Reports are in MS Excel Format so that users can further process the reports using Excel functions to
suit their needs
4). Amendment or Deletion of unfulfilled Invoices / POs / GL entries are allowed

5). Journal entry made in General Ledger can be duplicated & saved as new Journal input

6). Any one stock item can be pre-defined in the system with multiple product / purchase numbers
to suit the needs of various Customers and Suppliers as well as to cater for different prices and item

7). Components can be tracked upward quickly to their next higher level products or sub-
assemblies. This allows users to have a full picture how many products will be affected in case there is
problem to a part item.

8). Shortage Report showing the lacking quantities for all components & products is available. This
is a powerful tool to help material planning for fulfillment of open sales orders

9). Invoices and Purchase orders can be pre-setted to show company names in dual languages ( e.g.
English and Chinese company names). Font type and font size for each company name can be pre-
defined separately.

10). Company logo can be linked to appear on invoices and Purchase orders

11). Barcode for invoice number ( or Po number ) can be printed on invoices ( or Purchase orders )

12). Date range for Accounting, Sales, Purchases and inventory reports can be down to day ( not
restricted to report in full month )


Product and inventory costing is based on Perpetual Average Cost

14). When more than one users are accessing the data at the same time, only one user is allowed to
input data. Other users can only view the data and reports.

15). The System is based on single currency. However, exchange conversion is provided to facilitate
the issuance of Invoices / POs in other currencies.

16). The MMT Account Software is an Excel Accounting System. Hence, it is a requirement that MS
Excel be pre-installed and the Excel Macro be enabled at the time the file is open