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Anexa nr. ....... / Contract individual de munca nr.

FISA DE POST Asistent Manager


I.1 Job Title: Assistant Manager

COR code: 334303
Name and surname of the holder: ....................
I.2 Place of work: Headquarters
I.3 Hierarchical level of the job:
□ Executive
□ Leader
□ Specialist
X Worker
I.4 Direct labor relations:
a. Hierarchical
- subordinate to: General Manager
- has subordinates: -
- is replaced by: -
- replaces: N/A
b. Functional
- Internal Relations: All departments, General Manager
- External Relations: Suppliers, other external partners
- Representation: Collaborators, landlords, couriers,

I.5 Competence limits:

Represents the company in the relationship with suppliers on a functional basis. She/He does not have the right
to sign on documents that employ the company.
II.1 Profesional studies: University degree

II.2 Qualification: -

II.3 Required work experience: not required

II.4 Minimal aptitude: English Fluency

Microsoft Office, Internet, Email

II.5 Special request:

Organizational abilities
Output orientation
Team spirit


III.1 General purpose of the job:

The position holder is responsible for ensuring the double flow of the information flow between the company
and the external clients, as well as between the departments of the company

III.2 Tasks and job specific tasks:

• Provides correspondence with the business partners of the organization

• Answering and directing phone calls
• Receiving the visitors and announcing the contact persons in the company
• Takes, records, distributes to the compartments involved the correspondence
• Collects into files and archives the correspondence received from partners, clients and other employees
• Write the business correspondence needed to conduct daily business
• Ensures delivery of documents by mail, fax, e-mail
• Updates the document database
• Provides travel logistics for company management (hotel transport reservations)
• Elaborates and prepares documents and reports required by management
• Office supplies and stationary or other materials required for office and shop operation
• Participate in working sessions and write minutes of meetings
• Participate in organizing events in the company
• Performing daily secretarial activities
• Ensure protocol at meetings in accordance with daily requirements
• Receiving, registering, distributing to the departments involved, filing and archiving the correspondence of the
messages received from partners, clients and other employees
• Writing the business correspondence required to conduct daily business
• Elaboration and drafting of documents and reports required by management
• Provide administrative support for all departments of the company - other tasks
• Full and timely transmission of information to the Director General and other departments
• Complete and accurate transmission of documents to appropriate recipients
• Keep the confidentiality of the data it has access to
• Permanent improvement of its professional and specialist training
• Using existing resources exclusively in the company's interest
• Constantly adopts a behavior able to promote the company's image and interests
• Compliance with the provisions of the internal norms and the working procedures regarding his post
• Engages in resolving crisis situations that affect the company

a. Regarding regulations, instructions, working procedures:

- Respect the internal rules of access and departure from society, as well as the rules of behavior during
the work program;
- Ensures a quality corresponding to the operations they perform
- Announce the disease situation within 24 hours and ensure the obtaining of the legal medical certificate,
in the opposite case being absent unmotivated;
- Announce the Human Resources Service any modification of the personal data in its situation, for a
correct take-up in the state social insurance and income tax system;
- Respect any other measures taken by the Company's Director General to improve the occupational safety
and health conditions and to develop the technical capabilities provided at his / her place of work;
- Presents to regular medical checks during the execution of the individual labor contract;


V.1Additional conditions:
x mobile phone
□ car
x PC

I have received a copy of the job description and I assume the responsibility for fulfilling my duties and the
consequences resulting from their non-compliance with the provisions of the Internal Regulations of the Company
and of the legislation in the field of work in force.

NAME, …………… Data: ....................................................