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Scrubby Jams Top

Size 2-3T, 3-4T, 4-5T
Scrubby Jams Top
Inspired by scrubs and pajama wear, this is an
easy and comfortable top for lounge and play!

In June 2013 I met the director of Heart of

Worship Ministries, Inc. who has partnered with
several organizations to build a school for children
in Haiti. There is wonderful work being done for
the families effected by the earthquake in 2010
and I would encourage you to find out more and
hopefully give to help their school continue to
grow! Their website is: This is a relaxed fit shirt but three sizes are given to
http://heartofworship-ministries.org/ customize to your child’s fit. Since this is a free pattern
you are welcome to leave tips on the blog post for others
to see!
3/4 yard fabric for shirt
Continuous strip for the neck band
size 2-3 uses 3”x24”
size 3-4 uses 3”x26” To save on printer ink, print only the pattern
size 4-5 uses 3”x28” pieces found on pages 8-15
(allow extra fabric for geometric prints) Make sure your printer is set to “no scaling”
*All seam allowances are 3/8”* and print out the page with the 1 inch test
square first to make sure the sizing is cor-
rect! Pattern pieces will be taped together
Lightweight to medium weight fabrics: cotton, as pictured below.
quilters cotton, broadcloth, cotton/polyester


Items made from this pattern may be used to sell.

Please consider that this pattern was made to give
back to the Heart of Worship Ministries, Inc. and
if you make these items to sell please give a
portion to a non-profit organization of your choice
in some way.
© Sewing Mama RaeAnna, 2013
Step 1

Print out the pattern and cut

each pattern piece on your

Step 2
Sew the right front side to the
back at the shoulder seam.
Repeat for the left front. Finish
your seams and press seam to
the back.

“Finish Seam”

You’ll see that term a

lot as you sew the
Scrubby Jams Top! Now you have the front top
That means after section and the back sewn at
you’ve sewn your the shoulder seams.
straight stitch, go
along the raw edge
with some sort of
finishing technique so
the ends don’t fray in
the wash! Some peo-
ple trim with pinking
shears, sew a zig-zag
stitch, or use a serger.
I used a serger in this
Step 3

Take your neck strap and fold in half long

ways WRONG sides together and iron a
crease. Now, as pictured, line up the
neck strap from one end of the front
section all the way around to the other
front section pinning as you go and lining
up raw edges. Trim off any excess strap.

Step 4
Sew along the raw edge being careful
around the shoulder and back curves. If
you can cut your neck piece on the bias
you will have a much nicer stretch. Finish
the seam.

Step 5
Press seams down and top stitch the
seam to the fabric.
Step 6
Take the bottom front section and pin
the top front right sides together against
the raw edge. Pin the “V” neck in place,
overlapping one side. Sew along the raw
edge and finish the seam.

View of the top so far! :)

Step 7
Pin right sleeve to the shirt, right sides
together and sew along the raw edge.
Finish the seam and repeat for the left
Step 8
View of the shirt front, back, neckband
and sleeves—wrong side facing up.

Step 9

Pin the side seams right side together

from the bottom of the shirt to the end
of the sleeve, matching up the underarm
seam. Finish the seam.
Step 10
Hem the ends of the sleeves and the
bottom of the shirt! Turn up 1/2” to the
wrong side and up another 1/2” and sew
close to the folded edge to create your

Enjoy your Scrubby Jams Top!

1 inch test square
Scrubby Jam Front
(Top Section)

Cut 2 right and left

Scrubby Jam Sleeve
Cut 2
Cut 1
ut 1 on fold

Scrubby Jam Front

(Bottom Section)
Scrubby Jam Back

Cut 1 on fold