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Study Plan

My direct career purpose is to acquire gratifying position in financial management

filed that will acknowledge me to use my skills and ability to create a value business for an

Goals are essential for all fruitful and career advancing activities. However, I have
made short term and long term goals to enrich my expertise. My short term goal is to enhance
my education, which is important aspect for my professional life. Without improvement, it is
quite possible the dexterity that a person presents becomes archaic and there is even a risk of
being out of a job. To be expertise I will have to qualify advance study.

The elemental part of the corporate world is the chain of command. I should be able
enough to know the workings of all the fragment hierarchy of a company. I would like to get
work done before time, when I am working in a project, I do not want just to meet deadline,
and rather I prefer to complete the project well ahead of schedule.

My long term goals will help me to know how involved and serious I am, about
building my career. Like me everyone is interested to attain the highest position in the
company but my dream is to get a attribute degree, which will strategically more into a
position where I can lead a team, to be able to double the projects of an organization. To gain
much knowledge as possible and satiate my thirst for knowledge. I have good gen of the
theories, principles, practices and terminology of financial management. This will support me
to get my further study.

My research interests comprise of financial management. That will generally increase

my educational and professional profile. Finance plays very imperative role in the personal as
well as practised life of a person. There are many financial problems in my country, for which
there is need a perfect and planned problem solution proposal.
MBA course of study will upraise business administration alums with the cognition
and analytical ability to produce solutions necessary to take effective charge of the new
economy. This program will stress me to evaluate my management skills for propose a plan
or deal that are necessarily true independent of fact or experience.

My post MBA program will be formulated with the coactions of the NUS business
school. In a business surroundings that have turn more and more subscribing to capitalistic
competition where internal borders are less pertains. A person who rules, guides or inspires
others must be entirely certified to carry on in a successful manner with occurring in a brief
period of time and far-reaching modifications, consider as part of the rapid exploitation of
information technology, and presently stimulate global business.

My post MBA learning objectives are as following:

1. Analytical and critical thinking: I usually figure out a state of difficulty that needs to
be resolved on gradually and progressively, in pedantic states of affairs, on the job
and in our day-after-day lives.

a. Setting up a fact or assertion offered as evidence for an essay.

b. Rectifying a problem.

c. Consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential

features or meaning the options.

d. Pursue a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished.

e. Analyse carefully a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous


2. Decision making:

a. The cognitive process of reaching with shares to each potential alternative for
what activity to make a selection from a number of alternatives.

b. Determining on foster collection of facts from which conclusions may be

drawn to be cumulated before claiming action.

These techniques are difficult for a person to evaluate. I always tried to learn new and
different things so that I will fulfil my objectives.
To commence post MBA study and chances for womb-to-tomb learning of the most
prominent order of quality of excelling, lay emphasis on knowledge conception and the use
of management, with an Asian way of regarding situations or topic.
My elaborate and systematic plan of action is to determine goal intended to be
attained, plan of action adopted by me and imagination commitments that jointly find out
how a business attitudes itself to make wealth for its owners. My goals for Post MBA studies
will be effect of time and uncertainty on decision making. Topics include A deduction from
the face value of a bond, treasury bill, promissory note, or other bill of exchange when it is
purchased before its maturity date techniques, The capital raised by a corporation through the
issue of shares entitling holders to an ownership interest (equity) and A certificate of debt
(usually interest-bearing or discounted) that is issued by a government or corporation in order
to raise money; the issuer is required to pay a fixed sum annually until maturity and then a
fixed sum to repay the principal, the sustained phenomenon by which the firm decides which
long-term investments to make under certainty and An uncertain matter or circumstance,
asset pricing models and efficient markets.

In this course I want to enhance my following skills as well:

 Splendid activity of communicating, both verbally and orally

 Morally admirable IT skills

 The quality or degree of being sensitive and moral soundness but at the same
time dogmatic

 A statement of the result and Capable of correct reasoning to problem solving

 commerce awareness and involvement in my chosen field

 A quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment to work on my

own enterprise, self-motivation.

 purpose and direction to behaviour and have a strong desire for success