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Astral life
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• Astral projection has been spoken off for
thousands of years and by many prominent
figures in history even plato and hermotimus
mention astral projection but first I show you
some qoutes.
ASTRAL PROJECTION Revelation 4:1-2

QUOTES "After this I looked,

and behold, a door
standing open in
Frederick Lenz: Everything heaven! And the first
is a state of mind astral voice, which I had
travel is the ability to heard speaking to me
wander through different like a trumpet, said,
states of mind and develop “Come up here, and I
psychic perceptions. will show you what
must take place after
this.” At once I was in
E. E. Cummings : "listen Nuh 15: "Do you not see the Spirit, and
there a hell of a good how Allah has created the behold, a throne
universe next door lets seven heavens, one stood in heaven, with
go". above another..." one seated on the
Funnily enough Robert
Bruce also talks about the
7 astral planes in his book
astral dynamics.
• So in Ancient Greece we see quite a lot of references in the Temple of Eleusis and in the writings of the
philosophers Plato and Harmoniums of Clazomene, Herodotus. And in some reports of the historian
Plutarch of Queroneia Plutarch tells us of the story of Arisdeu which took place in the 79th year of the
first century and what happens is. Arisdeu was a dishonest person with a very bad reputation He
suffered an accident where he fell and hit his head against a rock. Which resulted in a coma which
lasted a couple of days During this coma Arisdeu perceived himself outside his body. He found himself
with his helper which seemed like his spiritual guide. And talked to her During this experience Arisdeu
also saw another dimension which was inhabited by other consciousnesses he stayed to examine them
Then he felt a force pulling him back inside his body. Arisdeu woke up in the physical plane just before
he was he was going to be buried. But this is what we call a near death experience in this day and age.
But this near death experience changed Eleusis he became a respected member of the community
After all near death experiences are just another form of astral projection.

• Entities come in all shapes and sizes much like animals and humans on the physical plane they are all
different levels of consciousness and have their own vibration of energy and intensions much like
humans on animals and to a smaller extent plants,trees,rocks walking around in the astral plane is much
like walking in the physical world there are differences which I will get into later on in the power point.
• Some of the most known entities spoke about in books such as the bible are all live and exist on the
astral plane here are a few examples Satan,Lucifer,angels,demons even different types of witches exist
in the astral even some mythical creatures like huge dragons exist too on the astral plane.
• Just a bit of advice if you treat all entities with respect most will show you respect back obviously some
won't want to interact with us but I've also met some entities which were fascinated by humans and the
astral body and the physical world in general.
LAWS OF THE ASTRAL PLANE Gravity while we know what its
physical plane implications are it
keeps us down and stops us floating
into space etc. But what if I told you
that if gravity does exist in the astral
and if it does we are not bound by it
So much like the physical plane where we have our own We can superman across the skies
Demensional laws such as gravity the astral plane also has cities at incredibly fast speeds now
specific laws. that I think by it there is no limit to
the speeds we can achieve. we
Manifestation is one of them while on the physical world are completely limitless to what we
things take time to manifest but that’s due to the energy can do and achieve on the astral.
structure on the 3rd dimension the energy here is very
dense but in the astral plane or the 4th dimension. The
whole plane is not dense in the slightest this is why we We are our own limit on
can manifest anything instantly and fun fact everything
the astral plane the only
which has ever been thought off in the 3rd dimension
limits are our self's if we
will manifest in the astral. So if you have thought of a
think we don’t have any
new car chances are the car has already manifested in
limits our potential is
the astral and is just waiting to manifest to you. limitless.
So after all these slides I bet your thinking how do I do this totally natural and normal
phenomenon called astral projection well im going to tell you but first a word of warning we are
all separate individuals. We are all different some techniques work better for some people then
other people that’s why I'm going to list several techniques which worked for me some better
than others.

So as the title suggest the idea of this technique

is to relax and visualise you climbing a rope so
just visualize a rope in front of your body and
imagine you climbing it so visualize you putting
your hands on the rope one on top of the other
and your hands slowly pulling you up as you
putting one hand on top of the other continually.
This should activate the vibrational stage but
keep going and you will exit your body the place
you will find yourself will be out of body but it
won't be in the astral plane it will be in the real
time zone or RTZ for short the real time zone is
the closest plane to the astral.
So this is the technique I use to astral project and have had
the most success with. So the first step is to get relaxed and
once your relaxed close your eyes and this is the hardest
part after this everything is super easy but you need to try
keep your mind awake but allow your body to sleep. I
achieve this just by talking to myself in my mind and as
time goes by you will gradually start to enter sleep paralysis
and in my experience bypass the vibrational stage. And
from there you can use any exit technique to get out but I
tend to use the roll out technique where I just visualise my
astral body rolling out.

So this technique requires you to be in either

sleep paralysis or the vibrational stage but the
idea of this idea. Is that you visualize your astral
body and the cord expanding and going to a
location your familiar with and what you should
find with this technique you wake up to being
in that location.
So exit techniques are used to exit your body in a very easy manner in a
ideal world we should be able to exit with no problems and very quickly.
But sometimes we can just end up in staying in the vibrational stage for a
long time and we feel like we have not made any progress what I mean by
this is sometimes your astral body can still be attached to your body
sometimes your astral body can shake off these energy connections. But
other times you can be stuck this is where exit techniques come into play I
will list some of the exit techniques here.
So with this technique all you need to
do is try and focus on your astral body
pushing down the idea of this
techniques is that by pushing down onto
objects your astral body will sink
through these objects.

So with this technique all

you need to do is focus on The only warnings to this
your astral body and try technique is that you need
visualise the motion of to test or if your still in
your astral body rolling out your astral body or in your
of your body. And you astral body so it’s a risky
should feel a little moving technique.
and tearing sensation and
falling sensation and you
will be out.
One of the protection methods I used was
Personally I never use to visualise a huge sphere of light
protection techniques covering everything in my room house,
nowadays but if you feel car, fences so basically your whole
safer then go for it. It's all property and then think of something
about what makes you feel very positive. Something which brings you
comfortable at the end of happiness or joy and imagine you putting
Ask your guardian angels
the day. that memory into the energy sphere you
and other angels and arch
angels for protection after just created and this will power it up and
all they are more than nothing negative will be able too enter
happy to assist you. All you the sphere you just created.
need to do is ask due to
your own freewill.
There is a lot of potential Psychic abilities also got a huge
for spiritual growth with boost I started seeing energy What im trying to say that
astral projection with me I everywhere while I used to see astral projection is life
stopped fearing death and things as very solid now I see changing not just as a
that on its own light particles coming off experience but on a
changed my way of everything and seeing energy spiritual level and physical
thinking. I started see coming off people. level. You never look at
everyone as connected and anything the same way
seeing higher goals I set my again I feel blessed to of
self just before I came to discovered this side of
earth. That kickstarted the I even see spirits myself from a very young
complication of the goals everywhere and see fairies age. I'm doing my part to
me as a spirit set for and other elementals when give people the
myself. walking around forests and opportunity to experience
plants. their own unique
experience much like I
So on a personal level as a
child I was very spiritually
developed I used to see My first astral projection was when I was a child
spirits a lot and just move and I remember my mum putting me into a cot
out of my body consciously and putting me to sleep the next thing I knew was
it felt very natural and easy flying out of the window and down the street. This
for me. But as I went to is a very short but meaningful experience and it
school I lost my abilities just shows how easily we can astral project if we
just recently around a few practise.
years ago I've started
developing my psychic
abilities again. I guess it's
true if you don’t practise
you will lose it the same
happens with psychic

I hope a small but

meaningful of my spiritual
journey on earth has
managed to help you in
some ways.

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