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Website: https://www.inkpothub.com/

Inkpothub is an education-oriented, skill-based networking platform for professors, researchers, and

students. It would not only revolutionize the way researchers organize their research, share
knowledge and collaborate but would be a market place for professors to find the right fit for
research positions and students the finest mentors.


Inkpothub aims to drive ongoing researches in universities to advanced zenith through

collaboration's in conformity to their skills. With Inkpothub as a succor for Research, educators can
search for faithful collaborations and can share papers, knowledge thus building a structured
institution of learning.


Inkpothub aims to frame professor and student relationship, envisioning more concrete grounds of
learning. Inkpothub provide guidance for professors those are in search for potential candidates for
research and Ph.D.


Inkpothub acts like ladder of success for students those have their eyes on skies , providing
indispensable guidance and collaboration for the consummation of their comprehensive research
and project.


Inkpothub is built on ground of knowledge sharing to build the more concrete institution of learning,
thus serving to collaborate, students in conformity to their skills envisioning to cut across every



Looking for project

Consider yourself a hard working student finding projects that to work. Inkpothub displays various
projects under guidance of professors, making sure; you not only learn but are also certified for the
work you put in for the project. Depending on your skillset and your choices of fields, you can apply
for as many projects as you want. The best part is that the sources of projects are not enclosed with
in the four walls of your campus.


Looking for right student for project

Professors can interact with all the students who applied for the project and can pick the best of the
lot for project/research work. Both students and professors can learn a lot from the entire research-
oriented crowd alongside them. Choose a topic, discuss specifications and the Inkpothub community
makes sure everybody learns.

Build your profile

Building a profile here is like introducing yourself to light minded people like you. List down your
skills and achievements and find people working in similar fields. Listing your skills not only adds
value to your profile but also helps increase your chance to connect with users having similar
interests. Any individual or an organization in need to hire specialists for a specific project can look
at your profile and figure out if you are the one they are looking for.

Upload project

If you have the next million-dollar idea in your mind and want light-minded people to help you
realize the idea, you can upload projects mentioning the skills required and other details about the
project. You can always search for collaborations asking for inter-disciplinary commitments. Once
the crowd is enough, start filtering out the perfect pick. Not only the professors, students can also
upload projects and find working mates who share interest.

Get collaborations

At Inkpothub, your skills are your source of collaborations. You can always get collaboration for your
research work with students and professors on basis of skills. You not only realize the value of your
product but the value of life skills such as team work, taking one for the team and critical thinking
when you work for projects under such collaborations. Collaborations work all levels including
Professor-Professor, Student-Student, Student-Professor and vice versa.

Create something innovative

Inkpothub was launched with the purpose for students and professors to interact. One of the aims of
Inkpothub is to realize more brains are put in hard-core research work and students find themselves
above the rote learning process. Professors find the prodigy amongst the mass and make sure to
extract their talent and to direct it for better working of the society around.


Our team comprises of a right blend of both senior faculty and young enterprising people who have
a background in teaching, research and corporate experience from some of the top institutions in
the country with the determination of taking this enterprise to higher levels.

· Mr. Nishan Singh is an engineer by background from Thapar University Patiala and entrepreneur by
passion with 4 years of Edu-tech experience

· Dr. Anita is an experienced faculty from IIM and training from Stanford with a total of 12 years of

· Dr. Kanchan has more than 30 years of teaching and research experience in Finance, Accounting,
and Governance.

· Ms. Peeyushi Sharma has 12 years of experience in Information technology experience in the
corporate world.