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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region XII
Division of South Cotabato
Malaya, Banga, South Cotabato



Adopt-a-Family Project

December 15, 2018

Theme: “Tayo para sa Tunay na
Diwa ng Pasko”

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Proponent/Teacher 1

Submitted to:
Principal 1
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region XII
Division of South Cotabato
Malaya, Banga, South Cotabato

I. Activity/Program: PASKOMUNIDAD 2018 – “Tayo para sa Tunay na

Diwa ng Pasko”
Date: December 15, 2018
Venue: Malaya National High School
Persons Involved: Students, Teachers, Parents/Guardians, Barangay
Council, GPTA, Sponsors/Donors, other stakeholders


Teacher 1

II. Introduction:

December is a season of rejoicing and thanksgiving. It provides the

opportunity to imitate and live out the virtues which the Lord Jesus
exemplified during his life here on earth such as humility, simplicity and

For many people, this season is a time of sorrow. They don’t have extra
money to buy presents for their children, family and friends. Many are
saddened when they think of their loved ones who will not be able to home
for various reasons. Yet, this is a season of great joy. It is a time of God
showing His great love for us. It can be a time of healing and renewed
strength. It means a spirit of love, a time when our thoughts and deeds and
the spirit of our lives manifest the presence of God.

The spirit behind this season is that of giving and sharing. It is a time
to be human & kind enough to remember & show some love to those
motherless babies, helpless orphans, hospital patients, prisoners, beggars
and all those who are not fortunate enough to be actively involved in the
celebration of this season.

Pursuant to DepED Order 114 s. 2009, Malaya National High School

decided to do an alternative way of celebrating Christmas by simple but
meaningful activities, instilling in mind the true spirit of the season and the
severity called for by the difficult economic times. Instead of holding lavish
parties and exchanging expensive gifts we decided to pursue the Adop-a-
Family Project that benefit the less fortunate families of Brgy. Malaya. The
students and teachers prepared an entertainment that give joy and
happiness to the family recipients. Most of all, it provides opportunity to
show kindness by sharing gifts by cash or in kinds/goods. This is also another
way to gather all the members of the family of our students and have the
family day.
As an institution, we in Malaya National High School made
Paskomunidad as a tradition in which students, parents, teachers and staff,
gave gifts to the less fortunate families of barangay Malaya. The program
recognized the chosen families of each section and the kind Donors and
Sponsors. It also includes the Pop Dance Contest per year level that gives
entertainment to the recipients. There is also a Parol Making Contest per
section and different parlor games with door prizes that enjoyment to the
students, parents, teachers and family recipients.

III. Objectives:

1. To celebrate this season through simple but meaningful activities.

2. To express the spirit of giving and forgiving.
3. To show appreciation to the great love of God and his son Jesus
Christ by sharing to less fortunate families.
4. To share the blessings received to chosen less fortunate families.
5. To give joy and happiness to family recipients through different

IV. Significant Accomplishments

1. Students, Teachers, Parents and the community realized the
importance of simple yet meaningful activities of
Paskomunidad instead of lavish parties and expensive gifts.

2. Participants shows and express the spirit of giving especially

to the less fortunate families.
3. The activities strengthen cooperation among parents and
other stakeholders in education to support the necessary and
significant value of these activities to achieve quality
education and values formation.
4. Students, Teachers, Parents and the community became
inspired and encouraged to look for opportunities each and
every day to extend a helping hand always to every family
and community member.
5. The different program activities showcase participants skills
and talent in different contests that gives entertainment and

V. Recommendations:
1. 100% of Malaya NHS students and parents must join the
2. Coordinate to other NGO and Stakeholders for support.
3. Teachers, Parents and the community must continue in
sharing their blessings and show love to everyone.
4. Students must encourage themselves to participate in
showing their skills and abilities in the various activities of the
5. Parents must value these activities as a way of developing
closeness of family members.
6. All must participate in the program and more activities must
be done next year.

VI. Commitment/Response from the Participants:

1. Students helped in the attainment of the objectives of the
2. Students inspired by the program expressed their gratitude
for having the meaningful activities.
3. NGO and other stakeholders helped in the attainment of the
objectives of the program.
4. Parents and other stakeholders expressed support to the other
activities related to giving and sharing.
5. Parents’ comments and reactions about the program showed
that they are also encouraged to help their children developed
values of helping everyone.
6. Students commit themselves to participate in the different
contest of the program.
7. Students, Teachers and Parents expressed that all must
participate in the Paskomunidad.

Prepared by:


Proponent/Teacher 1

Submitted to:

Family Recipients/Beneficiaries

Jay-Ar Doyal and Family

Luzviminda Ricablanca & Family
Aurene Patricio & Family
Katiben Pasandalan
Catahay Family
Eumag Family
Sibag Family
Taude Family
Haberle Family
Jialoren Family
Mayada Family
Teodoro Nombreda & Family
Jaybee Boy Tion & Family
Mrs. Nelly Sugagil & Family
Mrs. Emma Aquino & Family
Mr.& Mrs. Mano Eumag & Family
Mrs. Soledad Bugot & Family
Mrs. Lorna Dalig & Family
Winna Cantor & Family
Jeyson Gaspar & Family
Gerica Tunan & Family
Jonalyn Panizales & Family
Angel Manojo & Family
Roem Aquino & Family
Parents who are active in school activities
All PTA Presidents
PTA Officers
SGC Officers
Parents who 60 yrs. Old above
Parents who have 2-3 children in MNHS

Sponsors & Donors

Ms. MJ Menor
Ms. Shiela Mae Alvior
Mr. Alex Garcia
Mr. Jaeford Boquien
Ms. Michelle Catequista
Ms. Lizel Valdez
Mr. Stephen Dale Purto
Ms. Lizel Ocularis
Ms. Nilda Balmores
Mr. Reynaldo Dela Cruz
Mr. Franar Lamfreya
Mr. Melvin Dalguntas
Mr. Johnrey Solomon
Mr. Mark Diohino
Aguirre Family
Ms. Mary Ann Latumbo Cosico
Roman Carlo “Carla” Blando
Mr. Ryan Barnal
Mrs. Teresita Son
Lama Family
Grafixentral Design & Prints
Solas Baby Cono
Mrs. Fe M. Pilapil
Mrs. Arceli D. Catequista
Mrs. Janet Soloren
Mrs. ALexah Mae Gabor
Mr. Alexander Bandejas
Ms. Reysheyn Artuz
Mrs. Antoinette Zurita
Mrs. Jacquiline Villamosada
Ms. Angelie Loson
Mr. Zean April Jed Baguios
Ms. Cristy A. Sucaldito
Soliminiano Family
Mr. Neeson Alvero
Mr. John Ian Rae Esteban
Mr. Ritchel Bayson
Mrs. Bernadette Ortiz
Ms. Huddae Kusingan
Ms. Moonclaire Jandinero
Corder Family
Ms. Precious Artieda
Mr. Richie P. Aquino
Mr. Godofredo Apostol
PTA Officers
SGC Officers
Grade 7 Students & Parents
Grade 8 Students & Parents
Grade 9 Students & Parents
Grade 10 Students & Parents
Grade 11 Students & Parents
Grade 12 Students & Parents
The Preparation of the Gifts for the Family Recipients and
Some of the gifts are personally
delivered by the sponsors/donors.
The Adopt-a-family activity begins with
a simple program actively participated by all
year levels with their parents/guardians
gathered in their respective rendezvous.
Giving of Gifts to Recipients and Beneficiaries

Grade 7 Advisers, PTA Presidents and family


Grade 8 Advisers, PTA Presidents and family


Grade 9 Advisers, PTA Presidents and family

Grade 10 Advisers, PTA Presidents and family

Grade 11 Adviser, PTA Presidents and family recipient

Grade 12 Advisers, PTA Presidents and family


PTA Presidents received gifts for their active participation

Parents ages 60 yrs. old & above and family with complete
family members also received gifts


Supreme Student Government (SSG) Pop Dance


Grade 7
Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11
Grade 12

Parlor Games participated by Students, Parents, Teachers, PTA, SGC

and other stakeholders