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Program Type Full Time

Program Start Full Time July 2018

Role Type Application Developer
Hiring Manager Panchapakesan, Nandakumar
Hiring Manager SOE ID NK34258
Hiring Manager Phone Number +91 (44) 6651-7050
Hiring Manager Location Ramanujan IT City, Littlewood tower, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Direct Manager of Analyst (if other than hiring
SOE ID of Direct Manager Tech Analyst will
report to (if other than hiring manager)
Technology Organization FXLM Technology
Technology Organization Head Shamtani, Mario
Role Location Ramanujan IT City, Littlewood tower, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Location of Team Analyst Will Be Working Ramanujan IT City, Littlewood tower, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
With 600113
# of Open Position For This Role 1
Group Mission Description Citi's industry leading Foreign Exchange and Local Markets (FXLM) business provides
unique insights, products, solutions and seamless execution to our clients globally. Our
business has set the standards in foreign exchange and interest rates trading in around the
world, in developed and emerging markets.

Our unparalleled global scope combined with our local presence in 81 countries gives us an
exceptional ability to deliver a wide range of market leading products and services to our
clients. FXLM Products group is a market leading global team that provides clients risk
mitigation strategies, alpha products, structured solutions, as well as the most sought after
views on our markets.

FXLM Suite of Technology applications cover every single aspect of the trade from Pre-Trade
research, market data, algorithmic trading and to post trade settlement, across various asset
classes – Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Derivatives and Options. We have developed
cutting edge Electronic Execution and Risk Management tools which complement our
unmatched global footprint. All applications are high through put and low latency

Description & Nature of Assignment(s) We are looking for highly talented individuals with drive, energy and passion who can thrive
and grow in a fast-paced, challenging technology environment

The role provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate with the brightest minds on the
biggest technology engagements across FXLM group, where one can excel individually and
make a fundamental difference for our clients

As an application developer, the candidate will be able to work on full stack technology
development coupled with rich business functionalities. Role will provide excellent exposure
to industry leading engineering, technology tools and practices

Relevant Technologies Java;#Tibco EMS;#Sybase;#JMS;#XML;#HTML / DHTML;#JSP, Servlets, Struts 2.0, EJB,

JS, CSS, JQuery and optionally exposure to Client Side frameworks like Angular, Bootstrap,
Durandle, Ember, Backbone, React, ELK stack, HTML5
Required Skills & Programming Languages  Strong communication skills
 Ready to accept challenges and drive initiatives
 Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
 Programming languages viz. Java, C, C++, .Net , desirable
 Web technologies viz. Struts, Spring, HTML 5
 Adaptability to learn new technologies and tools
 Team player and an efficient independent contributor
 Ability to work in rapid development environment to meet tight deadlines.
 Trouble shoot production issues across multiple environments and operating
 Commitment to quality and accountability towards results
 Exhibit high ethical behavior and compliance to organizational policies
Technology Analyst Professional and
Technical Development Opportunity  Aggressive exposure to FX product lines, business and technology
 Exposure to scalable technology frameworks panning across platforms.
 Opportunity to build world class high availability technology systems
 Access to world class learning tools and resources viz. Harvard Mange Mentor,
Udemy and Intuition - Learn almost anything on the GO, from financial analysis,
certification and digital skills
 Curated class room development programs for business and soft skills

Day 1 Software Requirements for this Role

MS Office, Windows OS, Linux exposure
Day 1 Hardware Requirements for this Role

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