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my name is Sabine and I'm the author of

malignant self-love narcissism revisited

the narcissist has no private life no

domain reserved exclusively for his

nearest and dearest then losses his life

is a spectacle with free access to all

constantly of his claim to solicit

narcissistic supply attention and

admiration from his audience the

narcissist floats a false self he

pretends to be all-powerful omnipotent

in all-knowing omniscient brilliant

unique and perfect but illogical

Gnosticism as we all know is a prolong a

reaction to promote the views and trauma

in early childhood or early adolescence

of the latest the source of the abuse of

trauma is varied the perpetrators could

be parents role models teachers even


moreover pampering smothering spoiling

the child or engulfing it are also forms

of abuse the novices true self is inner

child if you wish is obliterated by this

barrage of a variety of forms of

mistreatment that the North assist

possesses a prominent false self as well

as a suppressed and dilapidated true

self we all know it's common knowledge

yet how intertwined and inseparable are

these two do they interact how do they

influence each other

what behaviour can be attributed

squarely to one or the other does the

force surface human traits and

attributes of the true self in order to

receive the world we should not forget

that the fourth self is an adaptive

reaction to pathological circumstances

but its dynamics make it predominate the

false self devours the psyche and preys

upon the true self thus it prevents the

efficient and flexible functioning of

the personality as a whole

the remnants of the true-self are so

ossified so shredded so repressed and so

cowed into submission that for all

practical purposes their true self is

dysfunctional and useless and even to

some extent non-existent in a

full-fledged narcissist the false self

is the one to imitate the true self and

it does so in two ways first one is

reinterpretation the false self causes

the narcissist to reinterpret certain

negative emotions in reactions in a

flattering socially acceptable light for

instance if the narcissist is afraid of

someone he is unlikely to admit he will

reinterpret his discomfort is empathy

and compassion to be afraid is

humiliating and not statistically

injurious to be compassionate is

commendable and Erin's social approval

and respect the second mechanism is

emulation the narcissist is possessed of

an uncanny ability to psychologically

penetrate others to immediately discern

their frailties the weaknesses the

vulnerabilities but he abuses this gift

he puts it at the service of his own

control free career and even sadism the

narcissist uses this ability to

annihilate the natural defenses of his

victims by faking empathy by imitating

emotions and their attendant behaviors

their effect the narcissist possesses

emotional resonance tables throughout

his life the narcissist keeps records of

every action and reaction that he

observes in his human environment every

operat uh pterence its consequence every

datum provided by others regarding their

own state of mind and emotional makeup

from these are mobiles databases the

narcissist constructs a set of formulas

which often result in impeccably

accurate renditions of

emotional behavior this can be

enormously deceiving once formed and

functioning the false self stifles the

growth of the true self

paralyzes it henceforth the true self is

virtually non-existent and plays no role

with a passive or active in the

conscious life of the gnosis it is

difficult to resuscitate the true so

even in psychotherapy thus there is no

real conflict between the false self and

the true self first as I said the true

self is much too weak to do battle with

the overbearing forcing the false

surfaces purvey is is all-pervading it

is adopted it is it helps the hypnosis

is to cope with the world without the

false self the nonsense it would be

subjected to so much pain and hurt that

he might disintegrate this happens

through narcissists who go through a

life crisis the false self becomes

dysfunctional and inefficient for a

while and the narcissist experiences the

harrowing feeling of annulment and

disintegration the for self has does

many functions but two of them are

critical it serves as a decoy it

attracts the fire it is a proxy for the

true self it is tough as nails and can

absorb any amount of pain hurt and

negative emotions by inventing it by

inventing conjuring up the false self

the child develops immunity to the

indifference manipulation sadism

smothering or exploitation of others

the false self is a cloak a mansion a

high Reporter contraption protecting the

narcissist rendering him invisible and

omnipotent at the same time secondly the

false self is misrepresented by the

narcissist and presented by him as his

true self

the narcissist is says in effect I am

not who you think I am I am somewhere

else I am this false self therefore

because I'm only

termination I deserve a better painless

more considerate treatment the fall self

is therefore the foundation of the


in Ain an insane sense of a plat alert

it is a contraption intended to alter

other people's behavior and attitude

towards the narcissist these roles are

crucial to survival into the proper

psychological functioning of analysis

the false self is far more important to

the narcissist then his dilapidated

dysfunctional shameful true sir