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Chapter 1:

The Discipline of Counseling

Disciplines and Ideas in Applied Social Sciences
1. The Discipline of Counseling

1.1 Counseling
1.1.1 Definitions
1.1.2 Goals
1.1.3 Scope
1.1.4 Core values
1.1.5 Principle
1.1.4 Core Values of Counseling
Core Values of Counseling
The core values of the counsellor are a set of
attitudes and skills which have a special regard
for the integrity, authority and autonomy of the
client and are firmly based on the counsellor
having total respect for universal human rights
and for the person and cultural differences.
Core Values of Counseling
There are eight attitudes that put ethical
principles into practice, they are:
Core Values of Counseling
Counselors have the responsibility to conduct
themselves with unconditional acceptance of clients
including being fully aware of any personal and cultural
differences, however, it does not mean necessarily the
acceptance of all of their behaviour.
Core Values of Counseling
A counsellor bound by a code of ethics must never
exploit a client but accept and honor the clients right to
support their physical and emotional boundaries.
Whether a counseling relationship is initiated by a
direct or indirect assignment the counselor recognizes
that the responsibility for entering into that relationship is
vested in the client.
Core Values of Counseling
Acting within the boundaries of a shared respect
for universal human rights and cultural differences the
counselor must always give the client the freedom to
express themselves as well as their needs and their
At all times the counselor must make sure that the
counselling relationship is protected against
uncontracted or inappropriate observation, including
interference or intrusion by others.
Core Values of Counseling
It is the counselors responsibility that the client has
the confidence in that everything in the counseling
relationship is built on a foundation of trust that their
personal or any other disclosed information is protected
from inappropriate disclosure to others.
The counselor must actively make sure the
observance of these key philosophical principles in the
service provided through the counselling relationship.
Core Values of Counseling
It is required that the counselor only provides
services and techniques for which they have received
adequate and qualified education and training or
experience and that they keep up high standards of
practice in their work.
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