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F / CDTE / 16
REV. NO. ISSUE DATE 00, 01-07-2018



SEM. VI DATE 25/03/2019


Two Marks Questions

1. Fill in the blanks….

i) The insulation used between two stampings of core of induction motor is-------
ii) The scratches on super enameled coating of copper of conductor can create-------fault.
iii) The brushes of slip ring of I.M. are made up of -------
iv)Long form of TEFC motor uses -------for cooling purpose.
v) The thumb rule says that there is ---------moisture is present in cellulose layer
vi)The capacitor used in single phase I.M. for--------
vii) The sleeve is used to insulate the winding--------
viii) The earth electrode should not have the resistance more than-------ohms.

2. Write the effect of fault in one sentence.

i) Rotor of squirrel cage I.M. is not dynamically balanced.
ii) Polarity of LV & HV winding found exactly.
iii) Yoke of DC motor got racked.
iv) Oil acidity in transformer is more than specified limit.

3. Explain the reasons behind the fault listed below.

i) Motor gets overheated
ii) Rotor had bend
iii) Motor has excessive vibrations
iv) Bearings are jammed
v) Not supplying power with full capacity
vi) Magnetic leakage flux from the stator core
vii) Motor is not rotating with required speed.

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4. Select right answers
i) In the 1-ph transformer, the polarity of HV & LV winding should be
a) Same
b) 180° opposite
c) Additive
d) Subtractive
ii) The transformer core are laminated to minimize
a) Eddy current loss
b) Cu loss
c) Power factor
d) Hysteresis loss
iii) In 3-ph transformer, the winding placement should be
a) LV over HV
b) HV over LV
c) HV parallel on next limb.
d) None of these
iv) The stator- rotor air gap gets deformed during running, the most probable
reason is
a) Stator core is deformed
b) Rotor core is deformed
c) Motor foundation un proper
d) Motor bearing jammed
v) Winding resistance found 20% reduced; the reason is
a) Conductor is broken
b) Short circuit between winding and core
c) Turn to turn fault in winding
d) Stator to core short circuit
i) Motor temperature becomes very high
a) Motor has short circuit in stator winding
b) Motor has short circuit in rotor winding
c) Motor has over load.
d) Motor run on high voltage

Long Answer Questions

1. What ISS is used for testing of motor? What is the significance of this ISS
2. What are the testing methods for testing the jammed bearings?
3. What do you mean by duty cycle? What are the parameters deciding the duty cycle?
4. List the probable fault during manufacturing of 1-ph I.M. & write the various reasons for
development of each fault.
5. Name any four tests, used for the preventive maintenance of 3-ph I.M. during working
condition. Explain with neat sketch any one test in detail.
6. What are the effects of weakening of insulation between core & winding of an I.M.?
What remedy you will support if insulation is weak.
7. What routine tests are taken on 1-ph I.M.? Explain any one testing procedure in details.
8. Write down the steps invaded in manufacturing of 1-ph I.M. . How many tests are
necessary in routine test of the motor?

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9. What should be the hysteresis area of loop for motor core wide or narrow? Justify your
answer with reason.
10. The motor stator core should be of which material? NGO, CRGO, HRGO or GO. Justify
your answer.
11. If the sleeves of 1-ph I.M are found damaged what sort of fault it can develop? Justify
your answer.
12. Write a short note on
i) Magnetic Imbalance in 3-ph I.M.
ii) Excessive vibrations in 3-ph I.M.
iii) Duty cycle of motor.
iv) Difference between routine test and type tests on I.M.



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