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The Controller of Examination/Section Officer (Secrecy)

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
Sector – 16C, Dwarka,
New Delhi – 110078

Subject: Regarding payment of Bills for Setting of Question papers for B. Voc – CT (May –
June 2018 Examination)

Dear Sir,
Please find enclosed hard copies of question papers set by me for B. Voc
(Construction Technology) examination, for which soft copies were transferred through e-
mail for May – June 2018 examination as per details given in the table below:

S. University Reference No Subject and Paper No. of Amount Remarks

No Code Question (Rs)
1 GGSIPU/EXAM/SECRECY/ Water Resources 01 1100/-
2018/38 dated 25.04.18 Engineering
(ETVCT 708)
2 GGSIPU/EXAM/SECRECY/ Water 01 1100/-
2018/25 dated 25.04.18 Engineering
(ETVCT 610)
3 GGSIPU/EXAM/SECRECY/ R.C.C. Design - II 01 1100/-
2018/16 dated 25.04.18 ETVCT - 602
4 GGSIPU/EXAM/SECRECY/ Building 01 1100/-
2018/2 dated 25.04.18 Construction II,

Find also enclosed copy of letter issued by university for appointment as paper setter, non –
relationship certificate and photocopy of blank cheque of my account for release of payment.

Yours Sincerely

Encl: as above

Dr. S V Vageesha
Department of Civil Engineering
G. B. Pant Institute of Technology
New Delhi - 110020