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Can you identify the value, goal, and standard in these statements?

Underline the value, put a rectangle around the goal, and circle the standard.

1. I value life so much, I won't drink alcohol or smoke, even if all my friends do.

2. I'm going to attend church every Sunday in order to strengthen my religious faith. I probably

will have to give up staying out late on Saturday nights.

3. I would do anything to help my friends, including breaking the law.

4. I am willing to go to war, even if it means sacrificing my life, for my country.

5. I'm going to break out of this jail. I may even kill a warden to do it, but freedom is worth it.

6. No matter how hungry or scared I get, I refuse to carry a gun. I have no right to end a life of

man or animal.

7. I don't care if you like me or not. Money is the important thing in life, and I want to be rich!

8. No fishing today, guys. I promised my kids I'd spend more time with them I want to take them

to a ballgame this afternoon.