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We developed the BRAVR™ focusing technique to give
coaches and athletes a more defined path toward
achieving their goals. Through BRAVR™, athletes and
coaches alike can manifest their dreams into reality
through a process that “resets” the brain and
prepares the mind and body for optimum

With our 5 minute pre-practice or pre-competition

visualization routine athletes and coaches are focused
from the 1st whistle.
Get focused | The BRAVR™ Method

Breathe. Close your eyes and take five deep, long belly breaths. Count six
seconds in, and six seconds out.

Release. Let go of all unproductive thoughts, emotions, and all those
things that don’t serve a purpose at the moment: self-doubt, worry, fear,
or even feelings of silliness. Focus strictly on breathing.

Affirm. These are positive, 1st person, present tense statements you say
to yourself that create a picture of your mind of what you are capable of,
such as “I am a tough, hard working player that gives my all every time I
step on the field.”

Visualize. Visualize that affirmation as if it is happening right now.
(Again, it’s important to use all five senses in imagining your
affirmation becoming reality.)

Reset. Say your one- or two-word reset word quietly to yourself at the
top of every breath and at the end of your visualization. This will also
serve as your tool to get back into a relaxed and focused state. This
is a short word or phrase that you can use as a trigger to bring you to
the present moment every time you use it. Using a deep breath with it
makes it more powerful. Examples: confident, present, unstoppable,

Coaches and athletes should do the BRAVR™ - after all everyone needs to be focused!

Use our BRAVR™ script for the first few practices until everyone participating feels

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Get focused | BRAVR™ script

This is an easy to follow script that you can read aloud to walk your team through the
BRAVR™ method.

Before you start, make sure everyone has an affirmation and a reset word. If they
don’t, follow the appropriate steps in the BRAVR method to help them define these.

Step 1: Have everyone stand up; hands unclasped, and feet placed a comfortable
distance apart.
Step 2: Read the opening script to let the athletes know what to expect.

“ Now I’m going to walk you through the BRAVR visualization technique. I will first
have you close your eyes and start taking deep breaths to a count of 6. I will count for
you while we all learn how to deepen our breath. Don’t force it if you can’t elongate
your breath very much, just try to make it longer than normal. At the top of every
breath you will say your reset word. On the exhale I want you to release anything you
need to let go of such as positive or negative thoughts, self-doubt, worry, and
questions of whether or not you are doing this exercise correctly; let go of anything
that isn’t uplifting right now.

After 5 deep breaths like this, I will prompt you to mentally say your affirmation word
to yourself. After you do, you will take about 30 seconds to see, feel, and hear your
affirmation as if it is happening at this exact moment. If your mind wanders, don’t
worry. If you feel rather than see your affirmations, this too is normal. Just be in the
present moment. After 30 seconds or so I’ll have you take a final deep breath, say
some positive things to yourself, and open your eyes.

Any questions?


Step 3: Walk them through BRAVR™. Don’t say the script in parenthesis aloud.

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Get focused | BRAVR™ script

“I want everyone to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths. (Give them a
couple seconds). Good.

Now everyone breathe out. Now breath in two, three, four, five, six. Say your
reset word to yourself. Breathe out slowly; let go of thoughts, worries, doubts.
Good. (Try to pay attention to the average breath length and adjust your count
to match their breathing).

(1) Breathe in two, three, four, five, six. Reset word and out, releasing stress
in your mind and in your body. Three, four, five, six. Good.

(2) Breathe in three, four, five, six. Reset word, and out, feeling present in the
moment. Three, four, five, six. Good.

(3) Breathe in, two, three, four, five, six. Reset word, and out, letting yourself
go. Three, four, five, six. Good.

(4) Breathe in, two, three, four, five, six. Reset word, and out, releasing what
ever you need to. Three, four, five, six. Good.

(5) Breathe in, two, three, four, five, six. Reset word, and out, letting out that
breath as slowly as you possibly can. Three, four, five, six. Good.

Keeping your eyes closed, say your affirmation to yourself on the inside. Now,
take time to really experience that affirmation. See the affirmation, feel it, even
smell it. Get lost in the emotions associated with that experience as if it’s
happening right now. Take your time.

(Give them about 30 seconds)

Coming back into the present moment, take a couple deep breaths, and say
some final positive things to yourself. Tell yourself how great you did, give
yourself credit for being here, and remind yourself that you are powerful beyond

You can open your eyes when you are ready.. ”

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Competition Mastery™ sneak peek

We’ve provided you with an exclusive sneak peek into our impactful training course
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Great performers have developed a routine after each competition for reflection and
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To combat this negative instinct, we will teach you how to use a post-competition
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Step 1: Let’s take a minute to watch a video to explore this and learn how having
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