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Choose the correct answer a, b, c , or D!

1. Do you like vegetables?

a. No, I do 8. my mother buys ….
b. Yes, I don’t To make soup.
c. Yes, I does a. Bean
d. Yes, I do b. Cucumber
2. What vegetable do you like? c. Pea
a. I love strawberry d. Corn
b. I love an apple 9. To – likes – Mira – pepper – eat
c. I love lemon a. Mira like to eat pepper
d. I love kale b. Mira likes eat to pepper
3. ……. Taste spicy. c. Mira likes to eat pepper
a. Tomato d. Pepper likes to eat Mira
b. Chili 10. Tommy tidak suka kubis
c. Eggplant a. Tomy dislike to eat cabbage
d. Broccoli b. Tomy dislike cabbage
4. My mother uses this vegetable to c. Tommy dislikes to eat cabbage
cook soup…. d. Tommy dislikes cabbage
a. Guava and lemon 11. It has brown color and grows under
b. Chili and papaya the ground…
c. Cabbage and garlic a. Pumpkin
d. Garlic and apple b. Onion
5. The following are some kinds of c. Potato
vegetables, except…. d. Eggplant
a. Radish 12. It has green, yellow, and red color. It
b. Pear is usually mix with salad….
c. Mushroom a. Chili
d. Watermelon b. Mushroom
6. I eat pumpkin soup with a…. c. Pepper
a. Knife d. Spinach
b. Spoon 13. Nita : why are you always eating
c. Hat carrot?
d. Fork Dino : I …. The carrot.
a. Don’t like
b. Like
c. Likes
7. I love eat salad d. Does like
with…. 14. What is the right order of these
a. Cauliflower words?
b. Radish Kita tidak suka masak seledri
c. Spinach a. We doesn’t like to cook celery
d. Lettuce b. We don’t like to cook celery
c. We likes to cook celery
d. We like cook celery

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