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How did social media developed me as a person?

We, the generation Z is very exposed to different technologies as we live in this modern
world. As always said by others, social media really make their lives a lot easier compared to
their lives before most especially in terms of communication. For me, social media
developed me in a way na nagkaroon na ng new version of myself. It really changed my
attitude and habits in a good way. Let me elaborate how social media developed me as a

Due to social media, facebook to be exact, I learn to validate things first whether it is
legit or not. It’s applicable with the news na nagkalat online. I learn that news which is
posted on facebook must be checked whether what it contains is true and not null and
void. I apply that in real life wherein I always double check things first whether it’s fact or

I’m not really showy in terms of vocalizing or saying to my family or relatives that I love
them or I care for them. But, because of messenger, the stickers and emojis that it contains,
somehow even though it’s indirectly, I learn to express and tell them what I feel. And now, I
can directly tell them what I feel explicitly. Thanks to messenger.

Addition to that, social media help me to became an independent person. They said
that everything you to need know ay makikita sa google. So it somewhat helps me to do
some things all by myself, just following the instructions posted on Google. With that, I don’t
need to bother anyone anymore.

Connection to that, I learned to value trust. Sa panahon ngayon, kalat na ang mga
online sellers. They can be seen not only on facebook but on instagram as well. To be
honest, I’m an online customer and I made different transactions from different people
already. There are times wherein payment first policy ang ipinapairal nila. So since cash on
delivery is not an option, you don’t have a choice but to pay first and trust them that you will
receive the parcel at hindi ka nila tatakasan. Thank God that I didn’t encounter such things
wherein I am scammed.

And of course, social media developed my socialization skills. It’s already from the
term itself, “social” media, meaning an instrument to socialize with others. I joined fb groups
which the members have the same interest with mine. I create new friends and I learn new
things from them. Isa pa, I learned how pakikisama works. And it’s a good thing for me lalo
na’t I’m an extrovert person.

However, social media changed my lifestyle in a mischievous way. I learned to

procrastinate. I learned to focus always on the social media updates. I forgot my role as a
daughter and as a student because of social media. I crossed the limitation line. I became
responsible due to the social media but there’s no one to blame except me. Naligaw ako ng
daan but I manage to find my way back home. They said that experience is the best
teacher and yes, it is indeed the best. I experienced the worst and I manage to get out of
that situation. That molded me kung ano ako ngayon. SoI’m still thankful that I experience
those and manage to create a solution for that.

As you can see, social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc. are created for
us to socialize and have a past or leisure time. We, using socmed have positive and negative
outcome. It’s depended on how the user will adapt and decipher the situation. As per what I
experienced, I will leave an advice to you: Don’t let social media run into your whole system.
It can kill you in many more ways than one.