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This Agreement is executed and entered into by and between:

________________________________________, of legal age and

with address at
_ herein referred to as the “CLIENT”.

- and -

ATTY. Filipino, of legal age with address at St, Tondo Manila

Philippines, hereinafter referred to as the “ATTORNEY”.


1. Engagement. Client has engaged the services of the Attorney for the
purpose of representing the client before the Office of the City
Prosecutors Office (Manila) and for the Negotiation and Settlement of
the Criminal Case filed against Arvin Publico.

2. Fees shall be payable as follows:

a. as Acceptance Fee;
as Appearance fee (per appearance)
b. as Appearance fee for the Meeting with the other
party(Complainant or Legal Counsel or any Represantative of
the complainant (per appearance)
c. for any pleading/document to be drafted.

* All other fees, costs and incidental expenses shall be shouldered by

the client.

3. Reimbursement.No reimbursement is to be made if the inability to carry

on is brought about concurrently by the Client, any third party, the
government, fortuitous events, or Acts of God, including withdrawal of
4. Confidentiality. We acknowledge that certain information given by both
parties in the course of this engagement may be of a confidential nature.
Both parties shall respect the confidentiality of such information and shall
not disclose the same to any third party, without the prior consent of the

5. Active Cooperation. The success of any endeavor depends to a significant

extent on the cooperation between the client and the Attorney. For this
reason, the Client is expected to be actively involved in matters that require
his participation including the production of needed documents and

6. Termination of Services.
a. Dismissal of the case at any point before or during the issuance of
Resolution by the Public Prosecutor;

b. Render of Resolution of the Public Prosecutor;

c. Default in the payment of fees due;

d. Settlement of the case between the Parties;

e.Withdawal of the case;

f. .Mutual agreement to terminate the engagement between you and the


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto signed these presents

this ___ of _______________ 2019 at _____________________.