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Classroom Instruction Delivery Alignment Plan

Grade: 12 Semester: 2nd Semester, Quarters 3 and 4

Subject Title: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility No. of Hours/Semester: 80 hours/semester
Type of Subject: ACCOUNTANCY, BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT (ABM) SPECIALIZED SUBJECT Prerequisites (If needed): FABM 1 & 2, Organization and Management,
Subject Description: The course deals with the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of ethical Principles of Marketing and Business Math
standards in the business environment. It combines the theoretical foundations of setting up business enterprises
with the conduct of entrepreneurial activities in the context of one’s accountability and social responsibility.

Performance Highest Enabling

Third Quarter Learning Competencies Highest Thinking Skills to Assess Strategy to Use
Assessment Technique Enabling
Content Beyond KUD Beyond KUD Teaching
Content Minimum Minimum RBT level Q General
Standards Minimum Classification Minimum Classification WW PC Strategy
A Strategy
The learners The learners The learner 1.1.differentiate
The Role of demonstrate an shall be able to: will: the forms of
U Analyzing Quiz Connections Quescussion
Business in understanding 1.identify forms compare business
Social and of: of business and organizations
Economic 1.the nature organizations contrasts 1.2.give examples
Development and forms of and their the forms of the forms of Group Oral Representatio
K Remembering Jigsaw
business characteristic of business business Presentation n
organizations s organizatio organizations
2.the purposes ns using a 1.3.show how
of establishing graphic these
business organizer organizations Simulation of
enterprises contribute to D Creating Real-life Jigsaw
3.the core 2.explain the socioeconomi Situations
principles purpose of c
underlying business development
fairness, organizations 1.4.give examples
accountability, and their role of how
and in fairness,
transparency socioeconomi accountability
in business c and Panel Reasoning Focused Group
operation and development U Applying
transparency Discussion and Proof Discussion
stewardship 3.explain the is practiced in
(respect for core business and
others’ principles of non-profit
property) fairness, organizations
4.common accountability 1.5.share
practices in and observations
business transparency Problem
on business D Creating Essay Quescussion
organizations in the Solving
policies and
(decorum, socioeconomi practices
protocol, c 1.6.distinguish
policies, development between good
marketing, of a country policies/practi
Group Oral
bookkeeping, 4.craft simple ces and
reportorial “Codes of morally
U Analyzing utilizing Connections Jigsaw
requirements Ethics” or unacceptable
and “Codes of policies/practi
documentation Right ces
, etc.) Conduct”