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Subjective: Risk for STG: Independent: -By doing so, it will STG:
powerlessness help establishing
“Mahirap dito, related to chronic Within an hour - Listen to client’s rapport. After an hour of
parang mas illness and of nursing perception adequate nursing
nanghihina hospitalization as intervention, the -This will help in intervention, the
ako” manifested by patient will be - Show concern for building good patient was able to
weakness. able to identify client. patient-nurse identify area over
areas over which relationship. which the patient
individual has has control.

Objective: LTG: LTG:

- Weakness Within 2-3 days -Listen for client’s -They may feel a After 2-3 days of
- Tiredness of nursing statements like “they sense of necessary nursing
intervention, the don’t care”. powerlessness. intervention, the
patient will be patient was able to
able to express -Encourage client to -They will feel express sense of
sense of control participate in important and can control over the
over the present activities/procedures. divert their present situation
situation and attention. and hopefulness to
hopefulness to future outcomes.
future outcomes.