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Hydraulic Self-Contained Safety System

The Hydraulic Self-Contained Safety System (HSCSS) is a

highly reliable single shutdown valve (SDV) or single surface
safety valve (SSV) controller. The low-cost HSCSS is designed
specifically for remote locations where external power sources
are not available; however, it functions equally well in all
applications requiring a basic safety system.

The standard system features a high and low pressure

shutdown function, a high temperature shutdown function
(fusible element), and an Emergency Shutdown (ESD) function.
Control of the subsurface safety valve is an optional feature
available with all models.

For more information on the Hydraulic Self-Contained Safety

System, contact your local NOV representative.

• Fusible plug rated for 281°F

• High/low pilot shutdown

• Manual dump valve

• Emergency shutdown

• PSV protection

• Test connection
Hydraulic Self-Contained Safety System

• Process gauge The HSCSS is completely self-contained and only requires that the operator manually

• Hydraulic reservoir 316 stainless 1.6 gal capacity pump up the hydraulic system to put the safety system in service, opening the SDV/SSV

• First-out indication available and arming the NOV Axelson® High Flow ESP hydraulic pressure sensors. When the system
is put in service, the SDV/SSV remains open until an event triggers the shutdown sequence

• Optional cover in the HSCSS. The shutdown sequence ends with the NOV AUH actuator (SDV/SSV) failing

to the safe position.

Volume Bottle
To Fusible Loop
Pull to Esd VB
Flowline Pressure In
Hydraulic Hydraulic Control Pressure
Option 3
Unit Set at
Set at Low
80 PSI High
150 PSI Pilot Pilot


SSV Pressure
Strainer Control Valve Pressure to
SSV Valve
Reservoir Hydraulic
Hand Pump Set at 5,000 PSI

Tubing Legend
Hydraulic Pressure
Hydraulic Return
Hydraulic Control Pressure
Flowline Pressure
Hydraulic Supply

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