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IT For Managers

Digital Assignment – 2

Name: Santhosh M
Reg. No: 19MBA0011
Information System:

Information systems are formal, sociotechnical, organizational systems designed to collect, process,
store, and distribute information. In a sociotechnical perspective, information systems are composed by four
components: task, people, structure (or roles), and technology.


A former pupil or student of a particular school, college or university.

Alumni Information System:

The alumni information system is meant for maintaining the information of the students who left the
institution on completion of graduation. This system aims to help them to be in contact with the institution
and the other students.

Features to be included in the Alumni Information System:

 Online registration with personalised and up-to-date profile and changeable passwords for all
alumni of the university,
 A forum to ask questions, discuss and interact with each other on a public view,
 Personal chats to help alumni members talk between each other and catch up with them,
 A section to contact VIT Business School for queries,
 Calendar of upcoming events for the alumni members,
 Reunion planning,
 Raising funds from alumni,
 Online help facility,
 A gallery in which alumni members can upload pictures of university events,
 Database maintenance which includes alumni information, academic details of the alumni,
present status of the alumni,
 Social network details of the alumni,
 A system to help new students of the VIT business school understand the studies and general
 Updated achievements of the alumni members,
 Integration with existing website,
 Simple and easy to use,
 Admin and moderator privileges for excelling and active performing members,
 Search option for alumni,
 Mail based communication method,
 E-mail notifications,
 Admin and moderator option to send common mailer to all alumni,
 Feedback option.

Transactions (Data elements) to be captured by the information system:

Capturing is inputting data at the original point. Selecting IT tools for inputting depends on capturing
information and/or commands and its form. The transactions to be captured by VIT alumni system are:

 Username or login ID: Every alumni member should have a unique login ID or username to
login and differentiate from the other alumni members,
 Individual personalised passwords: The alumni members should be able to change their
passwords to whatever they wish and should be secure,
 Store information of the alumni: This information includes biometric information, academic
details of alumni and present status if alumni,
 Filter and search option: The information system should be able to filter the alumni members
according to the passing year and should be able to specify alumni members with the search
 Capture and store image uploads: The information system should capture the images
uploaded by the users and store them for future viewing,
 Record upcoming events clearly: The upcoming events which interest the alumni members
should be captured and displayed clearly,
 Send personal update e-mails: Send important updates and notification to the personal e-mail
of the alumni,
 End-to-end encrypted personal chat: All the personal chats between alumni members should
be regulated with end-to-end encryption to ensure safety,
 Payment methods to receive online payments from alumni: Methods like online wallets,
and card payments to raise funds from well-doing alumni members,
 Record queries, feedback: Record queries and feedback provided by the users of the system
and forward to the maintenance of the information system,
 Update individual profile on request from alumni members: Humans are subject to some
degree of error, so the information system should be capable of updating the public display
details of the alumni,
 Integration of legacy information: The information system should be ready to transfer the
data from previous software and information from specified source,
 Personalised logins: Different members (Alumni, Faculty, Admin/mods) should be allocated
different features to ensure effective management,
 Forgot Password: If the user forgets the password, the information system should allow them
to recover the password with safety measures,
 System update and cross device facility: The system should be able to update successfully
without loss of data and crashing, the system should also be able to record transactions between
devices with online integration,
 Automatic report facility: The information system should be capable of providing automatic
reports to the management,
 Logout option: The users should be able to logout of their profile safely and the information
system should successfully capture the logout for safety and personal reasons.

Data Flow Diagram for Admin



Manage Send/Receive

Site Alumni Members/Events To Members

Data Flow Diagram for Alumni



View Chat with others Post in user wall

Site Events

Screenshots of developed PROTOTYPE Alumni Information System:

Developed using HTML, CSS and PTP:

Home Page
Contact Page

Register Page
Alumni Login

Admin Login
Alumni Profile

Name-Wise Search and Filter

Batch-Wise Search and Filter

Reports to be generated and their usefulness:

 Scheduled Report:
A scheduled report is a report that run on a scheduled interval or period, and which can trigger
an action each time it runs. The VITBS Alumni information system can use this report type to find out
the number of active members, number of registrations, number of images uploaded, and number of
logins and logouts.

Daily Registration Report Prepared: 03/09/2019

Login ID # Reg. Number Time Type Location

1 17MBA0011 9:30 Alumni Chennai
2 17MBA0003 11:00 Alumni Bangalore
3 16BBA0025 12:25 Alumni Delhi
4 - 13:45 Faculty Vellore
5 - 16:40 Admin Vellore
6 16MBA0062 19:00 Alumni Australia
 Key Indicator Report:
A key indicator report is a measurable value that demonstrates how effective is the achievement
of key objectives. Organisations use these reports to evaluate their success at reaching targets. The
VITBS Alumni information system can use this report to find out any duplicate registrations, active
members since login, and total number of registration period wise.

Daily Sales Key Indicator Report

Details This Week Last Month Last Year

Total Registrations month to date 18 36 125

Forecasted Registrations for the month 20 33 128

Abroad Registrations month to date 3 9 28

 Demand Report:
These reports give certain information on specific activities on demand or on manager’s
request. This report can be useful to VITBS Alumni information in many different ways which include
number of daily logins and number of logins and time spent by members, amount of funds raised from
alumni members, and names and details of overseas alumni members.

Funds Raised from Alumni Report Prepared: 01/01/2020

Login ID Location Amount(Rs.)

2 Bangalore 28000
6 Australia 55000
27 Chennai 33000

 Exception Report:
An exception report is a document that states those instances in which actual performance
deviated significantly from expectations, usually in a negative direction. The intent of the report is to
focus management attention on just those areas requiring action. This report is useful for VITBS
Alumni information system to find out the unusual number of logins and forget/reset password request.

 Drill Down Report;

A drill down report contains detailed data about a situation. VITBS Alumni information system
does not need this type of report.
Overview diagram of the alumni information system:

Alumni Alumni Database

Alumni Information Management

Admin Processing System AIS Reports

Faculty Admin Database


(Login, Register, Upload) (Output)


AIS = Alumni Information System.

Thank You.