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Persuasive Speech Hybrid Cars 9/28/2010

Topical Organizat ion

I. Introduction
A. Attention-getter: According to ehow.com the average person spends 1,300 to
1,600 dollarson gas each year. Wouldn’ t you like to cut that in almost half? Well
m going to tell everyone how they can do that today.
B. Introduce topic: This way isgoing to be with the hybrid car.
C. Ethos: By doing research, mostly on the web, I was able to learn a lot about
hybrid carsand the actual advantages it has over regular gas powered cars.
D. Link to Audience: People usually think that hybrid carsareway too expensive for
them to even consider looking at one to purchase.
E. Thesis: Today I’ m going to tell you about the advantages of hybrid carsand tell
you why it would be the right car for you.
F. Preview of Speech:
1. I’ ll begin by telling you how hybrid carsactually work.
2. Costs
3. Energy Efficiency
4. Maintenance
5. Environmental Benefits

Transition: By the end, hopefully everyone will at least consider purchasing a hybrid astheir
future car.

II. Body
A. How it works:
1. Basically, a hybrid vehicle combines an internal combustion engine and an
electric motor powered by batteries.
2. It mergesthe best featuresof today’ s gas powered vehicles and electric
vehicles. Makingthe engine operate more efficiently, cutting down on fuel
use (http://www.hybridcenter.org/hybrid-center-how-hybrid-cars-work-

Transition: Hearing that you may think wow! Sounds expensive and you may not be able to
afford it.

B. Costs
1. While yes it’s true that hybrid carsare more expensive, investing in a hybrid
car will actually save you money in the long run.
2. The money you spend on only gas will make up for the price difference of a
gas powered car in only a couple of years.

Persuasive Speech Hybrid Cars 9/28/2010

3. According to MSN The average cost per gason a hybrid vehicle is $725 a year,
about half of the price you will spend on a gaspowered vehicle (
http://moneycentral.msn.com/content/ savinganddebt/ saveonacar/p37272.a
4. Not only will you save on gas but you will also save money on insurance
a. According to Ezine Articles, insurance companies will even give you up
to 10% off you standard rates, just because it’s a hybrid car. (
s not enough savings the IRSwill actually give you a one-time “
5. If that’ Clean
Fuels”tax deduction up to $2,000.

t enough for you let’

Transition: If these annual savings aren’ s talk about the advantages of
energy saving.

C. Energy Savings
1. According to hybridcars.com Energy Efficiency is the amount of work you get
with respect to how much energy was invested in the first place.
2. With this being said, you would think that all the gasoline in the car would be
burning to directly help the car move forward, but this isfar from the truth.
3. Most gasoline engines available today have a peak efficiency of about 30-35
4. Thismeans you’ re basically wasting most of your gas for nothing.
5. But in hybrid vehicles, they have electric motors, this can make them about
90% more energy efficient than gasoline powered vehicles (

Transition: Not only are hybrid vehiclesenergy saving but they also have maintenance
advantages as well.

D. Maintenance
1. People usually think there’s probably much more maintenance required for a
hybrid vehicle because it ismore high tech but this isnot true at all.
2. Most hybridsdon’ t require any additional regular maintenance for the hybrid
3. According to Edmunds.com, it requiresthe standard oil change but doesn’ t
need it asrecently asthe regular gas powered vehiclesneed it.
4. One big advantage on the maintenance of a hybrid vehicle is the break pad.

Persuasive Speech Hybrid Cars 9/28/2010

5. Whereason a regular gas powered carsyou need to change your brakes

about every 15,000 mileson hybrid vehicles you don’
t need to change them
for 85,000 miles(

Transition: With all that being said I’

m going to talk about one more topic about hybrid vehicles,
and that is the environmental benefits.

E. Environmental benefits
1. As everyone knows carsthat run on gasoline emit a lot of chemical fumes,
pollutants, and other harmful byproducts.
2. Well Hybrid carsare much more gentle on the environment due to the
drastically less and cleaner emission being set off into the atmosphere.
3. Thisensures lower pollution levels, something the environment really needs
4. According to buzzle.com, hybrid vehiclesalso help lower the noise pollution
5. Where in gas powered vehicles, carscan be somewhat loud, but hybrid
vehiclesactually are almost silent. And who wouldn’ t love a more silent
smooth seeming car?(http://www.buzzle.com/articles/hybrid-cars-and-the-

Transition: The information I have provided you with today should have given you more of an
inside on the advantages a hybrid vehicle hasover a gas powered vehicle.

III. Conclusion:
A. Restate Thesis: Hopefully after today you will at least try to consider purchasing
a hybrid vehicle in the future.
B. Review main points: I talked about how hybrid vehicles actually work, the cost
and savings, energy efficiency, maintenance, and also the environmental
C. Closer: So the next time you go look for a car,don’ t let a couple of grand’s get in
the way of you saving way more than that in the long run. The hybrid vehicle is
something everyone should look at. not just for us but also for the earth we live

Persuasive Speech Hybrid Cars 9/28/2010


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