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Pay dt UID MECHANICS wee Homi 1. (30 points) oes coe the fluid velocity along the eaxis. shown in Figure changes from 5% at point A te 15% at point B. Determine a rcceleration at point © 0.08m away from joint A). cee ee dof a flow is ai 2. (Bopeints) The velectly fiel, Pes b: Y ys BR, vee Soe (ey? (ry) ere ia flow speed # streamlines equation of veld? (a) Where is the the fe Geld ? {p) Determine Oe this Flow field . A nozale is attached te 9 3. (gopeints) Joe vertical PPS a dtscharss ayltags "water le “he abmasphere Agooint 2° ‘shows in the Figue whee ” the disdnarge volumetric. cate is 045% > the gage preee® Re ‘ak the flange #S 45 kPa. 2 a4, 0025e The neaale vas a wergirt oF 200N and the volume of waker Aye Ae in the noeele 5 i we : 3 Determine the ver ical componect Qe 045 0% Of the anchoring eee ct Jace to held the nozzle ia PI