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Mobile no: 9038809181/6290639296

Email id : praggyashreeroy@gmail.com

Career Objective:
Seeking a challenging environment to solve problems in a creative and effective
manner in an organization that offers a positive atmosphere to learn and implement new skills
and technologies and thereby contribute to the growth of organization to the best of my

Work Experience:
Completed 1year internship in Intel Technology Pvt. Ltd. in DFT domain from July
2018-July 2019.

 Worked on generating VEC files for simulating and checking waveforms of multiple
patterns for SCAN, MBIST, SMON and DWB.
 Developed a Perl Script for automatically dumping constraints for multiple tools viz,
Spyglass, ATPG, SCAN, STA.
 Developed Perl Script to program JTAG TDR’s.
 Worked on PCL shell verification using iRunner.
 Checked several lint issues using Spyglass.

Educational Qualification:
2019 B.Tech in Electronics and Communication
Bengal Institute of Technology, Kolkata
CGPA: 8.56

2015 Higher Secondary

Patha Bhavan, Kolkata
Percentage: 72

2013 Secondary
National High School, Kolkata
Percentage: 82.14
Areas of Interest:

 Digital Design
 C

Professional Skills:
EDA Tools:

 Spyglass
 iRunner

Scripting Skills:

 Verilog, VHDL
 Perl, TCL
 C, Data Structure

Operating System:

 Linux
 Windows

B.Tech Project:
Human To Human Interface

The proposed system is basically an electronics system to exchange neural pulses

between two human bodies.

Vocational Training:
Organization: Southern Eastern Railway

Project : System and Telecom system


 Participated in 7th All India Engineering College Academic Meet, 2016, organized by
 Participated in event of Arduino based workshop conducted by IIT Kharagpur.
 Designed a circuit to check the pulse rate of a human body for the event
Electronovation, BIT.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

 Coordinator of technical fest for the event Track Trix, BIT.

 Participated in Scientific Poster Presentation event, BIT.
 Completed 3rd year of Bharatnatyam dance.

The above information provided by me is true to the best of my knowledge and have all the
relevant documents to authenticate the same. PRAGGYASHREE ROY