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Format employer’s statement

Orange Knowledge Programme & MSP Applications

This format can be used for both OKP and MSP applications.

The employer’s statement is to be submitted on official letterhead, dated, signed by the

superior of the candidate and stamped

I [name of the superior of the candidate] hereby give permission to

 name of candidate: Dr.C.D.D.A. Gunasekara
 date of birth: 05.08.1977
 position: Government Veterinary Surgeon
 employed since month / year: April 2009
 country: Sri Lanka

to follow the Short course/Master Programme:

 [name course or programme] The incubation and (broiler) parent stock management
 from [start date] to [end date] 02nd March to 27th March 2020
 at [educational institution, place.] Aeres Training Centre, The Netherlands

I declare that

1. the candidate will continue to be paid a salary during the period for which the
scholarship is awarded;
2. at the end of the scholarship period the candidate will be offered a position at least
equivalent to the one he/she is currently holding;
3. the candidate will not be assigned any tasks during the scholarship period to ensure
that he/she will be full time available for the study programme;
4. I am available to answer questions concerning the scholarship application of this
5. I am willing to cooperate with the OKP/MSP for evaluation purposes of the
6. the information provided in this letter and attachment is true and correct

A plan to implement the newly acquired knowledge by the candidate is approved by me

and attached to this letter in the prescribed format1.
Signature of the superior of the candidate: Date:
Telephone number:
(Please provide several phone numbers to make sure that your superior can be reached if necessary)

E-mail address: Stamp of the organization


1 Incomplete or incorrect statements inevitably lead to a rejection of the scholarship application. Please be sure that
the statement is submitted on the organization’s official letterhead and is signed and stamped

Version February 2019

Format for ‘The plan to implement the newly acquired knowledge by the candidate’

Name of the organization: Department of Animal Production and Health

Mission statement (max 750 characters): Provide technical guidance and support to achieve
sustainable development in the livestock sector by maintaining a healthy Animal population
and enhance the productivity ensuring food safety and contributing to food security

Main activities: (max 3 activities in max 750 characters):

 Maintaining a healthy animal population by Treating sick animals, Prevention of
animal diseases by conducting annual vaccination programmes, conducting
awareness programmes and other extension activities.
 Breeding activities
Development of suitable breeding plans, handling of infertile and sub fertile animals
and treating them, supervision of Artificial inseminations and pregnancy diagnosis.
Under Government development projects disseminate high yielding cows among
farmers for reasonable prices or free
 Enhancing the capacity of Animal Production and Contributing to develop freshness
and quality of the livestock production and popularize livestock farming among
people and Uplifting the job opportunities and the status of the nourishment of the

Do the organization’s (main) activities fall within any of the following themes? Please tick the
box that applies. Multiple answers are possible.
□ Food & Nutrition Security
□ Water
□ Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
□ Security, Rule of Law
□ Other. Which theme? ………………….
Data about the candidate who is nominated for a scholarship:

Name of the candidate: Dr. Chintha Devika Dias Abeywicrama Gunasekara

Dr.C.D.D.A. Gunasekara (candidate)serves as a Government veterinary surgeon in the
Department of Animal Production and Health in Sri Lanka since 2009 to the present. She
obtained practical and theory knowledge by following Veterinary medicine and animal
science degree from university of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka
She has more than 10 years Government service period and good field experiences.
As a Field veterinary surgeon she is responsible for Office management and administrative
work, Animal breeding activities, Animal Health Activities, livestock development work,
conducting livestock development projects, Extension Work and training activities, through
project proposal writing, have to find funding sources for some development projects. Finally,
responsible for uplift the farmers lives and develop livestock sector of country

Version February 2019

 To stablish a hatchery in the government livestock farm in Matara in southern province
of sri lanka and to revive the past broiler operations there.
 To stablish a Boiler parents stock in the same farm to supply eggs for the hatchery
 To issue quality day old broiler chicks among farmers in the southern province for a
reasonable price or freely under development projects conducted by government.
 To stabilize the price of day old broiler chicks in the market,
 To stabilize the price of broiler meat in the market
 Increase job opportunities in the society
 popularize the broiler farming among farmers and increase no. of Broiler farms in
southern province by doing extension activities and training activities of
 The technical knowledge obtains regarding incubation and broiler parent stock
management can be disseminated to other department officers who are engaging in
above sector
 Later expect to stablish several hatcheries in other provinces too.

Relevance of the study programme:

What knowledge and skills are to be developed by the candidate and why?

a. Relevance for the candidate: [50-1000 characters]

Since the knowledge about Incubation and broiler parent stock management are
constantly upgrading, she needs to expose to the new knowledge and techniques on
Incubation, hatchery management and broiler parent stock management and She
hopes to acquire sound practical knowledge under your educational programme.
After returning. I believe she will be able to make appropriate changes in the Poultry
(Broiler)sector of our department and country too.

She has to develop knowledge about,

 Broiler parent stock management (brooder management, grower management,
layer management)
 Feeding, feed analysis, feed formulations housing, litter management, prevention of
diseases, vaccinations, monitoring of growth, weighing, selection of eggs, egg
transportations from farm to hatchery, egg storage methods
 Candling of eggs
 Management of cool room, Setters, Hatchers in the hatchery
 Biosecurity, Disinfectants, Fumigations
 Selection of chicks
 Handling of day old chicks
 Waste disposal of a hatchery
 Record keeping
 Hatchery borne diseases

b. Relevance for the employing organization: [50-1000 characters]

Department of Animal production and health of southern province of Sri lanka has a farm It is
located in kekanadura, Matara.It is a 45-acres isolated land. There were hatchery and a
broiler parent stock(cobb-500). At that period, she was a one of veterinary surgeons.
unfortunately, due to several reasons, at present hatchery is not functioning and parent stock
too. but still there are three setters, one hatcher (5200 egg capacity)
and a cool room (capacity is more than 10000 eggs) in the hatchery.

Version February 2019

Department wants to revive the past activity in the kekanadura farm and expand the
With the New knowledge, she will be able to contribute in implementing above operation
Not only Kekanadura farm but Department will be able to develop broiler hatcheries which
are already existing in Sri Lanka and to establish New hatcheries in suitable farms under
Government allocations.Department wants to issue good quality,healthy day old chicks for
reasonable price or freely under development projects of the deparment.to reduce chick
scarcity,incresa job oppotunities,to reduce malnutrition and poverty.

The candidate is expected to implement the newly acquired knowledge and skills no later
than 6 months after successful completion of the study.
Please include a plan of activities below, including their objectives and along a timeline.
Please be as specific as possible. You are advised to use the SMART method.

Plan of activities:

Objective Activity Period of implementation

To revive the broiler Repairs: broiler breeder pens, 2020.04.01-2020.07.01
opperation in Hatchery(Hatcher-capacity 5200
Kekanadura farm IN eggs),
2020 Setters(capacity 5200 eggs), Cool
To issue 10000 day old room(capacity 10000 eggs)
broiler chicks per Disinfect them
week from January
2021 Purchase a new setter (capasity-5200 2020.06.01-2020.007.01
Establish Broiler eggs) and a hatcher (5200 eggs)
breeder farm
(2000 birds) batch in Purchase broiler parent stock-2000 2020.07.15
2020 Collection of eggs -1800eggs/day 2020.12.20-.......
Start hatchery work 2020.12.25
Deposit egg in setter 01 (5200eggs) 2020.12.25
Deposit eggs in setter 02 (5200eggs) 2020.12.28
Deposit eggs in setter 03 (5200eggs) 2020.12.31
After 18 days transfer eggs in setter 1 2020.01.12
to hatcher 1(5000eggs) after candling
Deposit 5200 eggs in setter 01 2020.01.12
Take 1st hatch (4750 chicks) 2020.01.15
Transfer eggs in setter 2 to hatcher 2 2020.01.15
Take 2nd hatch (4750 chicks) 2020.01.18
Transfer eggs in setter 3 to hatcher 1 2020.01.18
Take 3rd hatch ( 4750chicks) 2020.01.21
Repeat above steps
Purchase new parent stock 2020.04
After 13 months cull 1st parent batch 2020.09
Repeat the operation again

Version February 2019

Version February 2019