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Business Plan and



Jhamel Drilon

Grade 12 – ABM1

Mrs. Gulmatico

March, 2019
Business Plan

I. Introductory Page

A. Name and Address of the Business

 Jham’s ChezPop
 Cagamutan Norte Leganes, Iloilo
B. Name and Address of the Principal
 Jhamel P. Drilon
 Cagamutan Norte Leganes, Iloilo
C. Nature of the Business
 The nature of my business will be a FOOD BUSINESS, in order to cater the cravings
of my customers.
D. Statement of financing needed
 In order to start my business I need to have a P500.00 for financing capital.
E. Mission – Vision Statement
 We aim to satisfy our customers’ craving and to provide them a quality product that is
suitable to their budget. Fitted into trend with nutritious and delicious products. We
repay the value by valued quality, and we envision our product to be on top in
business markets and earn a guarantee recognition in the near future.

II. Executive Summary

 This business plan is consider a food business which is a micro, and this is namely
“Jhams ChezPop” owned and manage by Jhamel Drilon which is a Business
Accountancy and Management (ABM) student at Colegio de San Jose. This is located
at Cagamutan Norte, Leganes, Iloilo. With a Mission – Vision of “We aim to satisfy our
customers’ craving and to provide them a quality product that is suitable to their
budget. Fitted into trend with nutritious and delicious products. We repay the value by
valued quality, and we envision our product to be on top in business markets and earn
a guarantee recognition in the near future.” This business starts with a capital of
P500.00 and a net income od P1,270.00 at the end of two months. You can check the
financial plan for more information. My products will be cheese-stick and ice-pop that
foresees to be the top market at the future. It was run by me and my personnel who
are Manager (Jhamel), Auditor and Food Maker (Mother), Ingredients Buyer and Food
Maker (Father), Seller ( My two siblings). With cooperation, teamwork and
perseverance we will make it on top. We’ve assisted our weakness and use it as a
turning point and make it as an opportunity and turn it into strengths. We will keep in
touch in maintaining the sanitation, cleanliness and control of our product to ensure
the safety and satisfaction of our customers. The usage of advance technology is
really applicable and relevance to ease the growth of the business, it may use in
distribution, promotion and production. We also recognize and apply the different plans
applicable in my business such as; (1) Production Plan, (2) Marketing Plan, (3)
Operation Plan, (4) Organizational Plan, which give a good strategy in building a
successful business. As a whole, every part of this business is very important and
plays a big role in the progress of a business.
III. Industrial Analysis

A. Future Outlook and Trends

 Now a days people are really conscious about their health, so I decided to create my
own product that can have a positive health benefit to my customers. In the future
outlook, I can foresee my product as “IN” into trends now a days that will create a big
effect in t health concerns.
B. Analysis of Competitors
 Competition is one of the treat in a business concerns. In order for my product to be
notice by customers I have to do some marketing strategy, so as an analysis I can
identify my food business are the following:
a. Chicken Parts Inasal – On our neighbor side, they sell chicken part inasal
every day.
b. Street Foods – On our neighbor side, they sell different kinds od street foods
like kikiam, fishballs, fries and many more.
C. Market Segmentation
 For my market segementation, I pursue my fucos into all my neighbors and also to the
people who have health concerns. They can use cheese as an alternative or helpful
product for them, and Ice-pop for the hot summer. My product is actually suited for all,
from ages 3 years old and up.
D. Industry and Market Forecast
 My Market forecast, the increase of population and also product prices, I can see my
product as a very good substitute and will be a successful one. I will prepare a product
which is very affordable to all or what we call “Pang-masa”, and in the whole industry
we all know that people really want to eat finger foods, more convenient and ready to

IV. Description of Venture

A. Product
 My product are Cheese – stick and Ice-Pop.

a) Cheese – Stick
 This is a product which contains nutritional benefit to customes, The
physical appearance of my product will be:
 5-6 inches long
 Yellow in color
 Compose of cheese, lumpia wrapper, condense milk
b) Ice-pop
 This is not just an ordinary ice-pop. My product is personally made
with different flavors.
 6-7 inches long
 Color yellow (mango) and brown (chocolate)
 Composes of water, condense milk, choco-powder,
mango powder
B. Size of business
 The size of my business will be a micro, for I am into a small business only.
C. Personnel
 Angelita Drilon (Mother) – Helper in making the products, she will be the auditor and
the buyer of ingredients.
 Jhan Drilon (Father) – Helper in making the product, he will be the buyer of
 Hanglelyn Joy and Jhan Hans Drilon – They will be the seller and cashier in my
D. Background of entrepreneur
 As an entrepreneur, I am capable enough to run this business. I’ an Accountancy
Business Management (ABM) student of Colegio de San Jose who has the skills and
ability to run a business as of this time. I know that I have the courage and
perseverance to finish and run this business successfully

V. .Production Plan

A. Process
 Process of making chess-stick:
1. Separate each wrapper one by one.
2. Slice cheese (depending on what size you want).
3. Put the cheese with condense milk on the wrapper.
4. Roll the cheese with condense on the wrapper.
5. Put a little amount of water on the end of the wrapper.
6. Now you are ready to fried the cheese-stick.

 The process of making ice-pop.

1. Prepare a 2 liter water on a big container.
2. Put a mango or chocolate power, add condense milk then mix with water.
3. Get an ice candy wrapper and put your servings into it.
4. Freeze it for about an hour, and now your ice-pop is ready to go.
B. Area of the Business
 The area of my business is in front of our house or in oue backyard. Wherein many
people are passing there so that they can easily see and notice my product.
C. Kitchen Tools
a. Cheese-stick
 Frying Pan
 Flippers
 Gas Stove
b. Ice-pop
 Refrigerator
 Funnel
 Scoping Cup
 Large bowl container
D. Names of Suppliers of Raw Materials
 My suppliers for my business are Javier for my lumpia wrapper, and Aling Ritchy for
my chocolate and mango powder.
VI. Operations Plan

A. Description of Operation
 My operation will be on Monday – Saturday. It will start at 3:00 pm and will end at
6:00pm. If I will be not around my product will be sold by my mother at the Elementary
School Canteen. When I’ll be home I’ll be the one to manage and market my products
to my customers.
B. Flow of Orders for Goods
 The flow of my orders will be through the followings:
1. Personal Orders - They personally come to my place to buy or order my
product, may be bulk or single orders.
2. Text or Chat – They can order through chat and text, for easy and
convenient for the customers.
3. Personal Delivery – customers can have a convenience and less worries ,
for we do personal delivery for we deliver it directly to them.
C. Technological Utilization
 We are very exposed to technology now a days, so I utilize this to my business. I do
online selling by posting my products online. Many customers will see my product

VII. Marketing Plan

A. Pricing
 I used cost based pricing strategy in deciding the price of my product.

CHEESE-STICK (300 pcs per week)

 (4) Cheese P 80.00

 (10) Lumpia Wrapper P120.00
 Condense Milk P 35.00
 Oil P 25.00
 Gas Stove P 25.00
 Labor P100.00
TOTAL P385.00

P 3.00 x 300pcs = P600.00 – Sales

P600.00 – P385.00 = P215.00 – Gross Profit

ICE-POP (250 pcs per week)

 Choco and Mango Powder P150.00
 Condense Milk P 75.00
 Electric Bill P 75.00
 Labor P100.00
TOTAL P400.00

P 5.00 x 250pcs = P1 250.00 - Sales

P1 250.00 – P400.00 = P850.00 – Gross Profit
B. Distribution
 The distribution of my business depends on the situation. Most of the time it will be
distributed by bulk orders if possible, online distribution for easy access to customers,
we do give discounts for bulk orders in order to ease the distribution of my product.
Different product distribution strategy will be applied.
C. Promotion
 Promotion is one of the best way you can do if you want your product to be known for
others. In order to promote my product, I will do personal selling, where I will be the
one to encourage my customer to buy my products. Next is the chain promotion,
wherein my loyal customers will be the one to promote my product by terms of quality.
Social media will also be utilize to help promotion of my product.
D. Product Forecast
 This foresees my product as a successful one, considering it is nutritious, affordable
and freshly made. It will be on trend and a very good snack time favorite.
E. Controls
 For assurance and quality control of my product, we assure that the process, tools,
and equipment are regularly sanitized and cleaned. Our product ingredients are freshly
bought from our market suppliers to assure long life of the product.

VIII. Organizational Plan

A. Form of Ownership
 My business will be consider as a sole proprietorship. It will be manage by one person,
which is me and I will only have a helper or workers for this business.
B. Identification of workers
 Mother – auditor and product maker
 Father – Buyer of ingredients and product maker
 Brother and Sister – Seller and treasurer
C. Organizational Structure

Jhamel Drilon
Manager and Owner

Angelita Drilon Jhan Drilon

Product Maker and Auditor Product Maker and Ingredients Buyer

Hanglelyn Joy Drilon Jhan Hans Drilon

Seller and Treasurer Seller and Treasurer
D. Roles and Responsibilities of Members of organization.
 Manger – the one who manage the whole business.
 Auditor – the one who will audit every day.
 Buyer of Ingredients – the one who is in charge of buying.
 Product Maker – the one who is processing the product.
 Seller – the one who is selling the product.
 Treasurer – the one who is in charge in handling the money.

IX. Assessment of Risk

A. Evaluate weaknesses of business

 Weaknesses of my business
1. It’s an oily food, since it was cooked through cooking oil.
2. Lumpia wrapper is limited in market, especially on weekdays since they
usually made this during weekends.
3. Changes in weather, especially cold days may cause the customers not to buy
cold products.
4. The capital is limited.
5. Competitors around the area.
B. New technology
 The advancement of technology now days really helps a lot in putting up my business,
especially social media. I post it online so that everyone can see my product and have
a chance and option to do orders. It’s easier and convenient.
C. Contingency Plan
 My business focuses more about on how to make my product stand out from others
and also to overcome all the weaknesses of my business. My product maintains its
freshness, clean and well sanitized and monitored regularly. It will be keep on trend in
order for my business to remain on top, considering all the strategies that will make my
business productive and beneficial to my customers.
X. Financial Plan

A. Pro-forma Income Statement

Jham’s ChezPop
Pro-forma Income Statement
For the Period Ended February and March 2019

February March
Less: Deduction
Sales Discount
Net Sale
Less: Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Profit
Less: Operating Expenses
Transportation Expense
Salaries and Wages
Total Operating Expenses
Add (Less) Other Income (Expenses)
Interest Income
Net Income

B. Statement of Changes In Equity

Jham’s ChezPop
Statement of Changes In Equity
For the Period Ended February and March 2019

February March
Drilon, Owners Equity, beginning
Add: Additional Investment by Drilon
Less: Drawings
Drilon, Owners Equity, ending
C. Balance Sheet

Jham’s ChezPop
Balance Sheet
February 28 and March 22, 2019


February March

Accounts Receivable


Accounts Payable
Salaries and Wages
Total Current Liabilities


Drilon, Capital

D. Projected Cash Flow

Jham’s ChezPop
Projected Cash Flow
First Two – Months of Operation

Summary February March

Operating Balance
Total Receipts
Total Disbursements
Total Cash Flow
Ending Balance


Salaries and Wages
Transportation Expenses