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I. To hone and test your ability to think rationally , logically , and critically , try to choose one correct
answer , by making a cross (x) at point a,b,c, or d !

The following text is for question 1-3

This is Mr. johan’s family . It consists of Mr. and Mrs. Johan and their three children. Linda,
Marry , and Dedy. Mr johan is Mrs. Johan’s husband. Mrs. Johan is Mr. johan’s wife. Her name is Anita.
They have two daughters and son. Their first child is Linda, the second is Marry, and the youngest is
Deddy. They love their parents very much.
1. How many persons are there in Mr. johan’s family ?
a. four
b. five
c. six
d. seven
2. Who is the oldest child ?
a. Anita Is
b. Marry Is
c. Linda Is
d. Deddy Is
3. “They have two daughters and one son.” What does the word ‘they’ refer to ?
a. Mr. and Mrs. Johan
b. Mr. Johan and Marry
c. Mr. Johan and Linda
d. Linda , Marry , and Deddy
4. Laura : What do you call your mother’s brother ?
Clara : I Call him …..

a. Aunt b. Uncle c. Sister d. Mother

5. Zahra : What’s your name ?
Desty : My name’s Desty
Zahra : …….
Desty : Desty Yunita Sari
a. What’s your nick name ?
b. What’s your first name ?
c. What is your last name ?
d. What is your full name ?

6. Carina : My name is Carina Rizka Sabrina

Nanda : ……….
Carina : C-A-R-I-N-A
a. How do you do ?
b. How do you call me ?
c. How do you spell your first name ?
d. How do you spell your full name ?

7. Rindu : Are you and gadis classmates ?

Cinta : No, we are schoolmates.
Gadis….. in the eight year.
a. Be
b. Is
c. Am
d. Are
8. Zaskia : Where do you put my books ?
Yunita : I put … on the table.
a. It
b. Us
c. You
d. They
9. Frida : Sinta and santi are beautiful twins. ….. always go everywhere together.
Tiara : Really ?
a. He
b. We
c. You
d. They
10. Vendy : ….. Playing badminton ?
Donny : Yes, I do
Vendy : Why ?
Donny : Because it keeps me healthy.
a. Do you get
b. Do ylou like
c. Do you have
d. Do you want

11. For Number 11-13, choose suitable words to fill in the blanks.
The girl’s name is Ayu Oktaviyanti. (21) …. Becomes one of the people recorded in MURI
(Museum Rekor Indonesia). Do you know why ? yes, she (22)….. the youngest novelist in Indonesia.
(23)….. novel is entitled “siapa pembunuh misterius itu”? This novel tells about mysterious murders.
11. a. He b. we c. She d. They
12. a. Is b. Am c. Are d. Were
13. a. His b. Her c. Our d. Their

14. Arrange the following words into a correct sentence.

English teacher – is – my – an - SMP persada - at - father
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The correct arrangement to make a good sentence is …..

a. 3-4-2-7-5-6-1
b. 3-2-5-4-7-1-6
c. 3-4-2-6-5-7-1
d. 3-7-2-4-1-6-5
15. Arrange the following sentences into a good descriptive text !!!
1. I have five cats, but I like pretty most
2. My name is Anthony.
3. She is the fattest of all my cats.
4. I am a pet lover and I am crazy about class.
5. Her fur is black and white
6. Pretty is a female cat.

The best arrangement of the sentence is …..

a. 2-4-1-3-5-6
b. 2-4-1-6-3-5
c. 1-4-2-6-3-5
d. 4-2-6-1-3-5

II. Essay

Observe the family tree to complete the sentences below !

Mr. Ahmad Mrs. Ahmad

Safira Aditya Ajeng Wakhid

Sonia Nuraini Fachri

a. Mr. Ahmad is Sonia’s …………….

b. Mrs. Ahmad is Safira’s ……………..

c. Ajeng is Sonia’s …………….

d. Sonia is Aditya’s ……………

e. Fachri is Mr. Ahmad’s ………..