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Christine Joy R.


“Why Do Good People Do Evil Things?”

Human is a perfect masterpiece made in heaven, a unique creation by God and

the most blessed of all. He gave us life and the right to utilize all the things He provides
for our necessities. It is a gift from Him that should be treasured and cherished. We are
all destined to be with Him when our life on Earth comes to its end but there are some
circumstances might mislead us to His way. It is a good problem that God gave us the
gift of free will. The essence of it is that we can choose and decide for ourselves. We
have the freedom to spend our life in all possible ways, we can have and do whatever
we want. We have full control of everything but it doesn't mean that we can manipulate
all things. Man is naturally good and kind-hearted as God created us in His image and
likeness. He sent us on Earth to accomplish our missions and to test our faith. He sent
us to a mysterious place where there are paths that might wander us to Him. We are
living in a deceptive world where temptations will seduce us to act indifferently and this
is where we can measure the goodness of ourselves.
People have a good spirit living within their soul but there are some things will
hinder us to be good all times. People have their own set of standards and perspectives
in life. We have the right to decide for ourselves whether if it's right or wrong and we are
living in a world that is full of understandable things that might destroy our humanity.
Desperation is one reason why do good people do evil things. We all want a
luxurious life to live where we can have what we want in just a snap of a finger. We all
want to provide enough meal for our family and to sustain their needs. But life wasn't fair
for all of us. Some people can afford this kind of life while some are not. If people are
left with no choice but to survive and to get out of their current situation, some of them
choose to be on the bad side. Poverty pushes them to do crimes and illegal things. It is
one of the major problems in a society resulting in many factors that drives a person to
commit crimes.
Another one is a weakness. As a human, we have our weaknesses. It is
something connected to all temptations that surround us. Our curiosity brings us to
choose things that are not acceptable in the eyes of God such as adultery. Some
married persons are experimenting with their feelings to others in exchange for the
pleasure it may bring. Too many emotions can lose our control and make us blind to
embrace the wrong decisions in life. Cheating or copying the work of the other is also
one of the temptations that make us weak especially during an examination. A student
who doesn't know the answer to an exam might choose to copy the answer of his
classmate rather than to fail the subject.
Money can turn good people to an evil person. It changes one's behavior and
attitude. It is the measurement of social status for some people. They treat money as an
instrument for happiness and perfect living. In another's perspective, it is a tool that
opens a lot of opportunities where you can do all you want. As other say, money can
buy you everything. Everyone desires to have plenty of it no matter what way they
would get it. Politicians are supposedly serving their nations but because of money, they
forget their promises instead uses it for their own sake.
The influence of our environment is also one of the reasons why good people
do evil things. We are capable to choose our companions. People can't live alone and
we are naturally seeking the presence of other people. Friends, family, and society can
influence our decisions and choices. Things that are not acceptable but others do it
might lead us to do the same. Culture is also one that may influence our actions.
Abortion in China is legal but it is a sin referring to the bible. God gave us life and He is
the only one that will take it away from us. Since it's their process of living they have no
choice but just to obey and respect it.
Lastly is discontentment. God already gave us everything that we need in life.
We have food to eat, water to drink and clothes to wear but still, some people are not
contented on what they have. They are expecting too much that can lead to insecurities.
They want to have everything even if it is not necessary for them. Despite all the
blessings He had given for us, we are still demanding for more.
It is a hard challenge for us to avoid bad things. There is a lot of factors in our
surrounding that will push us to be evil. Everyone can commit sins but it cannot be a
tool to judge anyone's personality. God loves us for He always forgives us on our sins.
We just need to repent and accept Him wholeheartedly. As we open our door for Him,
He will guide us and give us the courage to avoid all the temptations that surround us.
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