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Survey Report


‘Good Knight Mosquito Repellent Household Insecticides’

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Roll Number: 11
Division: PGDM- A

Under the Guidance of

Prof. Jharna Lulla

Date: 31 August 2019

Introduction to Indian Household Insecticides Market:
India, home to more than 1.3 Billion people, out of which almost 75% live in rural and
suburban areas. So, problems like malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases, sleepless
nights, and troubles from mosquito and other insects have made life miserable of many

In the South-eastern Asia, 1.2 billion are exposed to the risk of malaria, most of whom live in
India. It contributed to 9.5 million cases to the burden of malaria as of 2017, however 94% of
its population--are still at risk of malaria, the report noted according to the ‘World Malaria
Report 2018’.

Home insecticides is a price-driven category in India. With the penetration of home

insecticides remaining fairly low compared to global levels, there is substantial untapped
potential and opportunity for further growth. Moreover, household insecticides are used for
various applications, which include cockroaches, mosquitos, bedbugs & beetles, ants, rats &
rodents and files & moths.

Specifics to Mosquito Repelling Products:

In India household insecticide market, mosquito repellent category is dominant over
cockroach & rat repellent category, simply because of the large population base of the
country. Further in mosquito repellent category, there are two segments namely in-home
segment and the other is personal & outdoor segment. In-home mosquito repellent segment
has been growing in the country from last many years but personal & outdoor segment is still
at a nascent stage with products like creams, lotions, patches, gels, etc. All such innovative
products are leading to a lot of impulse sales for household insecticide companies.
Consumers have wide range of products starting from liquid vaporizers to low smoke coils,
repellent cards to spray/ aerosols, chalks and many more. Mosquito repellent cards are even
cheaper than mosquito repellent coils and mats. Single usage of these repellent cards would
cost a consumer only one rupee. With globalization of various brands and increasing media
coverage of household insecticide products, consumers are becoming more aware about these
products and are adopting the usage of them in day to day life.

Introduction to Company and Product:

The saying of ‘The death of mosquito creates rise of company’ completely applies to Godrej’s
Good knight. It is the highest penetrated brand in the category in India which reaches 78
million households. Since entering into the market in 1985 as leader of home insecticides, it
also has partnered the government to support its target of eliminating malaria in India. As per
following pie chart, range of Household Pesticides is with 38% share in portfolio and top 10
brands contribute ~70% of revenue of Godrej Consumer Products India Ltd. (GCPL)
Godrej Consumer Products Ltd India Diversified Category

Portfolios (FY 19)

To analyse various factors such as Awareness, Competitors, Demand and Elasticity of Good
Knight Mosquito Repellent

The following is survey of total sample size of 109 observations and from these
observations the conclusions are drawn to make this report. There are total 14 questions in
this survey.

As per samples, the majority of people are of age between 15 years to 30 years; which can be
considered as New Generation of India. There are also significant proportion of almost 30%
people of age group between 30 years to 45 years. 45+ years group contribute to 14% and 0-
15 years which is dependent group is almost 3% of sample size of 109 observations.

Sample consists of almost 55:45 ratio for male and female, which greatly signifies
importance of knowing perceptions of both the class of customer towards product. This
would help the survey in accurately predicting the market conditions of Good Knight brand.

Here, frequency of usage of Good Knight shows that, almost 40% people use it for mosquito
repelling very often; while 30% buy it often which shows possibility of demand in rainy and
summer season. The target customer would be 27%, who buy it sometimes and surprisingly
there is no single feedback of buying alternatives.

As per the above graph, most popular product is Good Knight Activ+ (Refilling) with almost
85% voting followed by Fast Card and then Coil. Fabric Roll On and Cool Gel have not that
much penetrated in market as their combined share is almost 28%.

As per above graph, almost 62% people are aware of actual company of Godrej which
manufactures Good Knight. Interesting to note that, almost 33% people think of HUL with
Good knight, which is of no surprise as great penetration of HUL in Indian FMCG Sector.

As almost 74% people know about alternatives of Good Knight, which shows that there is
lack of information to remaining 26% people due to various reasons with great Brand
Recognition as one of the factor.

Almost 95% people know All Out as direct competitor to Good Knight out of 81 people who
know about competition in the market. Brands like GoodHealth Herbal and Mamaearth are
almost unknown to people. HIT which is product from same parent company is almost direct
competitor to Good Knight but it is targeted to completely different segment.

Among all above parameters, availability is most crucial one as it decides the reach of
product to customer. As being number one brand in market, Good Knight scores well in all
parameters but there is perception of lack of wide range as it has 50% feedback from people.
This might be due to fact that, these new products are not reached to wider audience and need
different strategies.

As per above pie chart, it is evident that almost 88% agree on effectiveness of Good Knight
for its main basic function- Mosquito Repelling. This shows earned brand worthiness.

The same implies to safety and natural use perception among consumer as given in below pie
chart. Almost 95% people agree on safe and natural use of Good Knight.

As per the bar chart showing the possibility of next purchase of Good Knight, almost 50% are
showing willingness to buy it for next time. This is very high percentage and shows deep
penetration of Brand in the market.

Almost 3/4th people agree on having All Out as direct competitor to Good Knight and 18%

People are considered as true brand loyal. The percentage of people opting for altogether
different product segment is 4.5% which is very effective as chances of going to other
segment (which happens with technological breakthrough normally) is very less.

Here, the price elasticity part comes in picture. Maximum population (here, 2/3 rd of total)
don’t find Good Knight products expensive and majority of them will continue to buy the
same even price increases to 10%. This can be considered as inelastic demand, which is
further calculated and explained below.

Price Elasticity:
Maximum Retail Price of Good Knight Activ+ (Refilling) is Rs.72. at this price, 95
respondents out of 109 are willing to buy it. So 33% people (36 in number) will not buy the
product of price increases by 10%.


Percentage Change in Quantity Demanded

Price Elasticity of Demand =

Percentage Change in Price

(95 - 73)

(95 + 73)

Price Elasticity of Demand = x100
(80 - 72)

(80 + 72)

= -2.488

Now plotting the graph: X axis- Quantity demanded and Y axis- Price

Elasticity is found to be -2.48 which is less than 1, so product is relatively inelastic in nature.

Here, it shows quantity demanded does not respond strongly to change in price.

Lastly, the answer to question of recommending the product over competitors, majority of
people said that they would recommend it and only 4% people are against the brand. This
shows why the brand is at number one position in its segment.

1. There is brand awareness to this product but surprisingly many people don’t know the
parent company viz. Godrej Group. This shows that single subsidiary company can do
well on its own (like Parachute Oil which belongs to Marico India).

2. The variable which affects most quantity demanded is found to be availability which
shows deep penetration of brand in Indian Market.

3. The major competitor of Good Knight was found to be All Out and its sister brand
HIT to some extent.

4. New products like Good Knight Fabric Roll- on and Cool Gel are found to be less
popular as other and needs further strategies to increase awareness among consumer.

5. The Price Elasticity of product was found to be negative (-2.488), which is relatively
inelastic. This shows that, 10% increase in price (from Rs. 72 to Rs. 80) would result
an acceptance by major population (73). Hence, this does not affect the quantity
demanded substantially. So, price hike is accepted here.

6. This survey reflects the brand value of the product and shows its dominance over
entire market.

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