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Modernisation Kits

A3 / EN81-21 / transformation / cabin maximisation

Modernisation Kits
A3 / EN81-21 / transformation / cabin maximisation

Unintended car movement can be prevented

with the installation of KLEEMANN A3 kits. Κits enable the lift
to detect car movement with unlocked landing door
and open car door. In this case safety systems block EN81-21 kit maximises safety in existing lifts.
the car immediately and keep it stopped until Following the kit installation, existing lift
the problem is solved. obtains same safety level with a new one.

KIT A3.1 KIT A3.2 KIT A3.3 ΚΙΤ ΕΝ81-21 TR ΚΙΤ ΕΝ81-21 HYDRO
Machine remains the same Replace of macine Controller remains the same

New bidirectional safety gears. New machine gearless New bidirectional safety gears.
This system can be easily fitted in or geared with slow shaft brake. This system can be easily fitted in LOW PIT LOW PIT
the existing car sling. the existing car sling.
Extra locking Extra locking
device device
Apron Apron

Overspeed governor
Overspeed governor
Overspeed governor

Base and maintenance Pit prop

beam low pit
Extra locking device
Extra locking device Split balustrate
New controller New controller Split balustrate base
Electronic interface that detects and maintenance beam
low headroom New Controller
UCM. No further modification in
the existing controller is required.
Modernisation Kits
A3 / EN81-21 / transformation / cabin maximisation


Gearless machines are designed for 2:1 acting New parts

Gearless machine with base Optimum use of available shaft eliminates required
and old elevators are mainly 1:1.
Kit of pulleys Φ160 space for mechanical parts and maximise internal
The use of gearless machines in existing lifts Rope Φ6,5 Drako 250T cabin area.
has economical and technical limitations. Controller
The convertion kit can be easily fitted without Overspeed governor
extra holes in the shaft. Thus you can
accomplish both improved ride quality
and energy saving in affordable cost.

Q=450 kg Q=600 kg
Customised solutions
Safety upgrade
Energy consumption upgrade
Compatible with remaining equipment
Standardised solutions for common mod cases