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Letter of Indemnity
To: MCC Transport Singapore Pte Ltd (as part of Maersk Transport & Logistics)
200 Cantonment Road
#07-02 Southpoint
Singapore 089763

KTC Container Terminal Corporation

KM 20 Buhisan – Agusan Road,
Tibungco, Davao City 8000

Dear Sirs,

B/L number :590685432

Vessel(s)/Voyage(s)/ETA : MARIA KATHARINA 932S
Port of Loading : S43
Port of Delivery :PORT OF DAVAO
Container No(s) : SUDU6193689, MNBU0581001
Description of Goods : FRESH GARLIC

We BEN- ZACHARY AGRICULTURAL TRADING hereby requested to unplug the above reefer units at
above-mentioned terminal. We understand that the above-mentioned reefers will no longer be
monitored and no power will be given to support the reefer running since the request is approved.

In consideration of your complying with our above request we hereby agree and undertake as follows:

1. To indemnify you and your servants, agents, officers, directors and sub-contractors against all
consequences of your so doing, and to keep you harmless and indemnified against any claims,
liabilities, losses, damages, charges, fines, penalties, costs and expenses (including legal fees and
expenses) of whatsoever nature arising from or in connection with your approval to the request.
2. To hold you harmless for any exception of this shipment due to unplugging, and agree that the
carrier should not recognize or accept any responsibility or liability for the shipment if the cargo
is to be damaged and shall not accept any claims from the Merchants of this shipment (refer to
B/L clause 1. Definitions)
3. To settle payment of local charges and any charges that might occur and until container returned
to MCC’s appointed depot.

4. This indemnity shall be construed in accordance with English law and each and every person
liable under this indemnity shall at your request submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High
Court of Justice of England.

Consignee named on Bills of laden:BEN- ZACHARY AGRICULTURAL TRADING

Authorised Signature:
Name :Judith Esparcia
Position :Custom Broker
Date and location : 8/30/19
Company Stamp :

Classification: Internal