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Prepared by Loida C. Aro

Lesson Plan No. 1 Date: June 5, 2017

Topic: The Human Breathing System

Grade Level: Grade 9
Time Allotment: 60 minutes
Learning Competencies/Objectives: Identify and describe the function of the key parts of the breathing system.
1. Identify the key parts of the breathing system;
2. Describe the function of each part of the
breathing system
ELICIT(5 minutes) Materials
At the start, the teacher will ask the students to breathe
in and out. Let them notice their chest and belly moving
and let them feel the soft air passing.
ENGAGE (5 minutes)
Where does the air go when it enters the nose?
Objective setting:
The teacher will give the learning objectives of the lesson
EXPLORE (20 minutes)
Activity Proper Learner’s Module , Bunch of grapes or lubi-lubi, manila
What a Bunch of Grapes! paper, pentel pen , template of the human respiratory
The students will be divided into groups. They will be system
provided with materials
Data Gathering:
The group will discuss the parts and functions of the
Human Breathing System and describe how it works using
a bunch of grapes(or lubi-lubi). They will be asked to label
each part of the bunch of grapes and what it represents..
Key Questions
1. What does each part of the “bunch of grapes
“model represent in relation to the breathing
2. How will you describe the pathway?
3. What will happen if one part of the system fails
to carry out its function properly.

EXPLAIN (10 minutes)

Group Presentation: Each group will present their
data/observation to the class and the class will compare
their results
Key Questions:”
1. Which group has the correct description of the
human breathing system?
2. Which group labeled the parts of the human
breathing system correctly? Why or why not?
ELABORATE (10 minutes)
1. What does each of the following part of the
bunch of grapes or lubi –lubi represents?
Main stem-
two branching stems-
small branching stems-
2. What are the parts of the breathing system?
3. How will you describe the pathway of air through
the respiratory system?
4. What is respiratory system?
EVALUATE (5 minutes)
Self Assessment/Journal Entry Science Journal Notebook
Students will be given time to write about their learning
for the day
Question: Describe the pathway of air in the human
breathing system.
1. Is there a possibility that the air we breathe will
be obstructed as it goes to the respiratory
2. What are the possible obstructions?
3. How can we prevent these obstructions?
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