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The approximate initial investment that Chaaswala is estimating for carrying out its operations in

Jaipur is Rs.80 lakh. The capital will be mostly utilised towards :-

1. Purchasing of cattle of different breeds. Considering good breeds of 10 nos of cows & 5
nos of buffaloes could range from ₹75,000-₹1,00,000 depending on the cattle age &
milking. ₹11–15 lakhs will be the total cost.
2. Cattle-yard arrangement having good open area for cattle to roam around within the
compound area of the yard. Appropriate spaces for each cow/buffalo, proper ventilation
ensuring adequate natural sun light & air, required nos of light points & fans, hygiene
facilities such as drinking water, toilets area, feeding area for each cow/buffalo. Total cost
of renting space will range from ₹50,000-₹75,000 per month & doing it up will range from
₹1–2 lakhs as one time cost.
3. Fodder arrangements for a period of 1 year could cost you ₹1–2 lakhs.
4. Measures of safety, security & medical arrangements for a period of 1 year. This includes
first aid kit, cctv cameras installation, a watchman for 24x7 security of the cattle-yard. Cost
for this will range approx ₹50,000–1,00,000 as one time cost
5. Availability of certain chemicals, liquids & sprays which can be used to keep away
mosquitos and ensure that the cattle is not troubled from snakes or insects. Cost for this
will range from ₹25,000–50,000 p.a.
6. Manpower is the biggest cost in the dairy industry. For managing cattle of 15, you need at
least 3 manpower considering 1:5 ratio. Annual cost for 5 manpower will be ₹9–10 lakhs
7. You need a small tempo which will help you transport your milk from your unit to the
market place. Tempo will cost ₹2–3 lakhs.
8. The estimated cost for the machinery and equipments required for production process and
the maintainence of the same is 2000000.
9. The estimated rent for the outlet is expected to be 1800000. Since Chaaswala is expecting
to set up 2 outlets in the 1st year, the total cost would be 3600000.

Sources of Finance

1. Profits from business in Ahmedabad

2. Loan from bank:
3. Loan from relatives

10-20% of the initial investment will be financed by the profits from the business in Ahmedabad
branch and the rest will be financed by loans from banks and relatives. Chaaswala is using such
a low rate of profits to finnace its new branch because it will be profitable for it to finance its
business from bank loans as advantage of various government subsidies can be taken because of
it. Further, it can invest its profits in various schemes to cover the interest expenses.

Environmental Analysis
 The technology used in making chaas is environmental friendly. It does not emit
hazardous gasses.
 The packaging material used is also biodegradable since it does not uses plastics in it
packaging material.

Social Environment
Chaas provides various health benefits to the customers and so it will hardly be affected by the
social environment since the trend of healthy products will never go out of taste. The consumer
preferences will thus never change in this area.
Commercial environment
The products offered by Chaaswala are very reasonable and the health benefits provided by it
are unlimited.
Since Rajasthan is a hot desert state, Chaas and its related products will be widely accepted in
the area.

Economic Environment
Chaaswala utilises the locally produced raw materials
It employs local labour.
It is expected of it to produce satisfactory return so as to contribute to the GDP of the country.