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Asking! [Aptitude] TSD: Relative speed,
Moving towards eachother
1. Relative speed concept
UPSC 2. Case : Two people start together simultaneously
Five Part article 3. Case: Two people don’t start together
series on How to
approach UPSC TnW= Time and Work
Civil Service TSD=Time speed and Distance.
IAS/IPS Exam: But we solve them using same STD formula, as you’ve seen in my previous
Prelims, Mains and articles.
SSC-CGL TSD got four main type of problems
Staff Selection
Combined  1. Trains and Platforms
Graduate Level:  2. Boats and streams
Tier I, II strategy  3. Relative speed
for General  4. Circular track.
Awareness, Maths,
Reasoning, English
RBI Relative speed Problems
RBI Grade "B"
Officer studyplan, In these questions, generally two people start from opposing directions and
strategy, booklist ride at different speeds. You’ve to find the speed, distance or time when
and free download they’ll meet each other.
material is This type of TSD question routinely appears in various competitive exams.
provided here.
Ragtag strategy on Relative speed concept
get 90+ percentile
in CAT-prometric  Recall the pipes and cisterns concept. If Pipe A and B fill up the tank.
test. When they work together, the combined speed is A+B.
CSIR  Similarly if A and B are riding their cars and coming towards each
Studyplan + Free other, the relative speed increases and becomes A+B
study material for  If Pipe A fills up the tank and pipe B empties the tank, then combined
CSIR combined speed is A-B.
Administrative  Similarly, if A and B are riding their cars and moving away from
services (CASE) each other, the relative speed is A-B (subtract higher speed from
exam smaller speed.)
Food Corporation
Grade III exam
State PSC
How to approach
explained here
How to become an
Commandant in Case : Two people start together
strategy, booklist,simultaneously
free studymaterial
provided here. Jethalal starts from Pune to Mumbai and at the same time Roshansingh Sodhi
SPIPA starts from Mumbai to Pune. Their speed is 25kmph and 35 kmph
For getting respectively. If the distance between Pune and Mumbai is 120 kms.
admission in
SPIPA, 1. When will these two gentlemen meet?
Ahmedabad, which 2. The place where they meet, has a hotel. How far is this hotel from
provides free Pune?
coaching for IAS
exam.(Gujarat If you’ve mastered the Universal STD Table MethodTM , this question Is a
Only) walk in the park.
KAS Since they’re moving towards each other,
How to approach (Relative Speed)Jetha and Sodhi
General studies =Jetha’s speed + Sodhi’s Speed
paper for Kashmir =25+35
Administrative =60kmph
ACIO Now the usual STD table
Assistant Central
Intelligence Officer
recruitment: Jetha Sodhi Together
booklist, strategy Speed 25 35 25+35=60
UPSC Tips Time ??

5 Levels Distance 120

Explains five types
of players in UPSC Since they start together, the speed is 60kmph from the beginning.
competition and Run STD on last column
why daydreamers Speed x time = distance
fail in this exam. 60 x time =120
100 Days Time =120/60 =2 hrs.
Why you can't Ans1: They’ll meet after two hours.
succeed with vague
strategies in UPSC Q2. The place where they meet has a hotel. How far is this hotel from
Prelims, explained Pune?
How to read The
ss quickly and
efficiently in less
than one hour for
Current Affairs?,
explained here.
Art of Aptitude?
3 Cardinal Rules
on How to
approach Aptitude
section in any
competitive exam.
Motivational and
inspirational quotes
for competitive
Essay Tips
How *not* to write
an Essay in UPSC
Mains exam,
explained here
How to prepare
India World +
International From the answer1: we know that Jetha and sodhi will meet after two hours.
relations (IR) topic, Since Jetha is riding from Pune side, in two hours he will cover
explained + free
download material
Stat Jetha Sodhi Together
Approach to
Speed 25 35 25+35=60
Statistics and
Graphs portion of Time 2 2 2
General Studies Distance 50kms 70 120
Mains Paper
II+free study
material So applying STD formula on Jetha’s column, you get distance covered by
R.T.I Jetha = 50 kms.
How to file R.T.I Therefore, the said hotel (meeting place) is 50 kilometers away from Pune.
application to Similarly, it is 35 x 2 =70 kms from Mumbai.
UPSC? explained
here Alternatively, Since hotel is 50 kms away from Pune and Pune is 120 kms
away from Mumbai so
EduTech Hotel is 120 minus 50 = 70 kms away from Mumbai.

Auto NoteMaker
Mrunal's Case: Two people don’t start
Autonotemaker for
quickly taking together
notes out of PDF
files and Jethalal starts from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, at 8 AM with 25kmph speed.
Webarticles (Win At 10 AM, Sodhi starts from Mumbai to Ahmedabad at 35kmph speed.
XP only) The meet at the hotel, how far is this hotel from Ahmedabad, IF the distance
Hindu Reader between A’bad and Mumbai is 600 kilometers.
How to use Google
Reader to Given: Jethalal starts @8AM and Sodhi starts @10 AM.
efficiently read The That means for 2 hours, Jethalal worked alone. Because 10AM minus 8 AM
Hindu online, for = 2 hours.
Free!. Fill up the table.
Learn to use
Jethalal Sodhi 8AM: Jetha starts
Microsoft Onenote
software to Speed 25 35 25
organized your
notes on computer, Time 2
quickly and
efficiently! distance 600 600 25 x 2 =50

Analysis In the last column run STD

Speed x time = distance
CSAT'12 25 x 2 =50 kms
Analysis of the GS-
Prelims paper and You get that from 8AM to 10 PM, Jetha alone covered 25 km x 2 hr =50
how it broke the kilometers of journey.
backs of Coaching So remaining work = total 600 minus 50 = 550 kms.
GSM-12 Since Sodhi also started at 10AM, from now onwards the remaining 550kms
Analysis of the will be covered by both of them together. They’re moving towards each
General Studies other
(Mains) Paper I Relative speed =
and II of 2012 and =Jetha + Sodhi
how they (again) =25 + 35
broke the backs of =60 kmph
Coaching classes.
Make new column
Jethalal Sodhi 8AM: Jetha starts 10AM: Sodhi joins

Speed 25 35 25 25+35=60

Time 2 ??

distance 600 600 25 x 2 =50 600-50=550

Run STD on last column

Speed x time = distance
60 x time = 550
Time =55/6

What’s the total time taken before they meet each other ?
For the first two hours (8 to 10 AM), Jetha rode alone. Then both of them
together covered remaining distance in 55/6 hrs. So total time
=2 hours + 55/6 hrs
=67/6 hrs.

We’ve to find how far is the hotel from A’bad.

Since Jethala is riding from A’bad, whatever distance he covered before
meeting Sodhi = that is our answer. So make a new column

8AM: Jetha 10AM: Sodhi Jetha’s

Jethalal Sodhi
starts joins Journey

Speed 25 35 25 60 25

Time 2 55/6 (2+55/6)=67/6

distance 600 600 50 550

Run STD on last column

Speed x time = distance
25 x 67/6 = distance
Distance= approx. 279.16 kms
Final answer: The hotel is 279.16 kms away from Ahmedabad.

Alternatives approach
Jetha and Sodhi travelled together for 55/6
So from 10 AM onwards, Jetha covered 25 x 55/6=229.16 kms
Apart from that, between 8 to 10AM, Jetha already covered 50 kms
So total distance covered by Jetha, before the meeting
=279.16= hotel’s distance from A’bad.

From Mumbai
The hotel is 600-279.16=320.84 kms away from Mumbai
Sodhi travelled for 55/6 hours before Meeting jetha
Distance covered by Sodhi = 35 x 55/6 =320.83=hotel’s distance from