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Athena Balili Hisoler BOOKS TO

Political Law Codals Nachura Nachura (Consti) Codals
Nachura San Beda Mem Aid DBL (LGC) DBL (LGC)
Law School Notes Bernas (PIL)
Recent Law School Notes
Jurisprudence (Admin, Election)
UP Mem Aid
Batch Digests
Labor Law Codals Codals Chan (2014) Chan
Chan Azucena UP Mem Aid
Law School Notes Chan Batch Digests
Recent Law School Notes
Jurisprudence (Marquez)

Civil Law Codals Codals Monteclar (Persons) Jurado

Jurado Monteclar Jurado (everything Monteclar
Law School Notes (Persons) else) Agcaoili
Recent Rabuya (Property) Land Titles (Agcaoili)
Jurisprudence Jurado (Succession) UP Mem Aid
Villanueva (Sales) Batch Digests
Largo (Torts)
Land Titles
De Leon
Taxation Law Codals Codals Ingles San Beda
San Beda Mem Aid Law School Notes (skip Mamalateo – Mem Aid
Mamalateo San Beda Mem Aid outdated)
Law School Notes (Tariff and Customs San Beda Mem Aid
Recent Code) (only for tax; more
Jurisprudence comprehensive)
Batch Digests
Mercantile Law Codals Sundiang Sundiang Codals
Sundiang Law School Notes UP Mem Aid Sundiang
Law School Notes (allied laws – Batch Digests
Recent general banking,
Jurisprudence central bank act,
AMLA, etc.)
Criminal Law Codals Codals Boado Codals
Boado (Crim and Boado Judge Inovenas Boado
SPL) Law School Notes Notes (Chan Robles) San Beda
San Beda Mem Aid UP Mem Aid Mem Aid
Law School Notes Batch Digests
Remedial Law Codals Codals Riano Riano
Riano Riano (Civil, UP Mem Aid (Criminal
San Beda Mem Aid Criminal, Evidence) Batch Digests Procedure,
Law School Notes San Beda Mem Aid Evidence)
Recent San Beda
Jurisprudence Mem Aid
Legal and Judicial Canons Lawyer’s Oath UP Mem Aid Canons
Ethics Pineda San Beda Mem Aid Batch Digests San Beda
San Beda Mem Aid Mem Aid
Preweek USC Saturday Tips Highlights
(important – last Beda Red Book (SC
minute insider info) bar syllabus-based)
UP&Beda Pre-week
Notes (Q&A –
released every