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English-Kayah Li
Reverse Dictionary
with Helps

John R. Bryant

Payap University/Linguistics Institute

Chiang Mai, Thailand

English-Kayah Li
Reverse* Dictionary
with Helps

John R. Bryant

© 2014 SIL International

in cooperation with
Payap University/Linguistics Institute

Language Code: kyu

ISBN 978-1-4675-6167-9


Cover Designed by
Khu PluReh

Published for
Karenni Literature & Culture Department

*This is not a standard English learning dictionary but rather the second
portion of a potential Kayah Li-English, English-Kayah Li Dictionary
or what might be called a ‘travel dictionary.’
Table of Contents
Acknowledgements...................................................................... iv
Introduction.................................................................................. v
Structure of an Entry.................................................................... vi
Kayah Li Alphabet ...................................................................... vii
Syllable Structure and Special Features ....................................... viii
Abbreviations............................................................................... x

English - Kayah Li Reverse Dictionary ....................................... 1-192

Guide to Kayah Li Language Sounds.......................................... 193-196
Helpful Phrases Quick List .......................................................... 197-202
Grammatical Helps ...................................................................... 203-216
The author wishes to thank Payap University and the Payap Linguistics
Institute, Chiang Mai Thailand for sponsoring the English – Kayah Li
Reverse Dictionary. Payap University is a strong advocate for language
communities in Mainland Southeast Asia. A special thanks to the Payap
Language Software Group (Palaso Group) in the Linguistics Institute
for their technical assistance. As the creators of the WeSay dictionary
program, they helped to transfer data, program the mapping to incorporate
the IPA phonetic entry and format the final typeset copy.
Finally, this dictionary is the result of the efforts of the Kayah Li people
themselves who in recent years have resettled throughout the world. The
author wishes to thank those living in Winston Salem, North Carolina,
for their help in filling in the dictionary gaps and Khu Myar Reh for his
help on the grammar section.
The author wishes to also acknowledge the following helps:
Bryant, John, with assistance from Khu KlawReh and Khu Noah, Notes
on Western Kayah Li (Western Red Karen) Phonology, PRDI Payap
University, Chiang Mai Thailand 1992.

The Modern Kayah Li – English Lexicon, published by the Karenni

Literature Department, 1994.
Nolan, Dr. Stephen with assistance from Nyi Nyi Lwin, Pocket Burmese
Dictionary: Burmese-English, English-Burmese, Periplus Editions, 2008.

Kayah Li (Red Karen) is a Central Karenic language of the Tibeto Burman
Language family. It is spoken by the Kayah Li people from Myanmar. (Li
means “red”) The Kayah people live predominantly in Kayah State, Shan
State and along Thailand’s northwestern border. In more recent years, Kayah
Li people have been given the opportunity to emigrate all over the world
from New Zealand and Australia to Finland, the USA and other countries.
While there is no recent census data to draw official figures from, an estimate
of the Kayah Li speaking population is over 100,000 people.
While the Kayah language has three dialects, western, eastern and northern,
the reality is that different speech varieties can be found from village to village.
One man illustrated the richness of varieties with some hyperbole, complaining
that even in one household, the Kayah spoke differently from each other.
The English-Kayah Reverse Dictionary with Helps is based on the Western
Kayah Li dialect from the Keliya area of Kayah State. The Keliya area might
be called the “royal” dialect or the prestige dialect due to its history as the
home of the historically famous Chief Kephodu. While the population of
speakers is small, Chief Kephodu’s fame, the prominent history of the Keliya
area, and a decision by the Kayah leadership, have impacted the choice to
base language development on the Western Kayah Li dialect.
The Dictionary and Helps are written with three audiences in mind. The
first is the Kayah people themselves who are interested in learning English
and need resources or help to understand a word in English. The second
audience is the non-linguist who has an interest or need to communicate with
the Kayah. Whether they are a volunteer, case-worker helping the Kayah
in their resettlement to a third country or just a friend interested to learn
to speak Kayah, the author hopes they will find this resource helpful. The
third audience is the linguist who would like to understand more about the
Kayah language sound system along with some descriptive examples of
its grammatical functions. In order to make the Helps accessible to a wider
audience, I have intentionally sought to explain the linguistic aspects in an
easy to understand format.
The reader will surely find mistakes within the pages of this first edition.
Despite this, the author trusts that this will be a helpful foundation for the
Kayah Li people to use as they develop resources in their language.
(To help with future publications, please send your corrections to john_bryant@sil.org.)
Structure of an Entry
To help the reader, here is an example of how dictionary entries are structured:

angry adj ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨du˨/ lit. big heart der: ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬

Entry Part of Context Kayah Prounciation Derivatives*/

Speech literal meaning Gloss Other Variations

angry adj lit. big heart ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨du˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬

*Derivatives (abbreviated der.) are other words or variations of the

Kayah word that have the same meaning as the English entry. This is a
common and productive feature in Kayah Li.

Additional Phrases/Verb Phrases: Following an entry, additional

phrases using the English entry word may be included as sub-entries.
Further, in order to demonstrate the productive verb phrase in Kayah Li,
the verb entry may also include example serial verb sub-entries.

Here is an example of serial verb sub-entries following the verb ‘come’:

come v ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ /hja˧/

come and ask phr ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ /hja˧kwi˧/
come change phr ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ /hja˧tʰu˨lja̤˨/
come and see phr ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬ /hja˧mja˦tʰje˨/
come and take phr ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢ꤬ /hja˧pʰje˦ka̤˨/
come and take down phr ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢ꤭ /hja˧pʰje˦ta̤˧/

Kayah Li Alphabet
In the Western Kayah Li national script there are 24 consonants and 9 vowels
(plus 9 breathy vowels), 1 diphthong and 3 tones. The following table in
alphabetical order lists each Kayah Li letter followed by its’ corresponding
sound according to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

Kayah IPA Kayah IPA Kayah IPA

ꤊ = /k/ ꤒ = /t/ ꤚ = /r/

ꤋ = /kʰ/ ꤓ = /tʰ/ ꤛ = /j/

ꤌ = /g/ ꤔ = /n/ ꤜ = /l/

ꤍ = /ŋ/ ꤕ = /p/ ꤝ = /w/

ꤎ = /s/ ꤖ = /pʰ/ ꤞ = /ʂ/

ꤏ = /sʰ/ ꤗ = /m/ ꤟ = /h/

ꤐ = /z/ ꤘ = /d/ ꤠ = /v/

ꤑ = /ɲ/ ꤙ = /b/ ꤡ = /ʤ/

ꤢ = /a/ ꤥ = /o/ ꤢꤨ = /u/

ꤣ = /ә/ ꤢꤦ = /ɯ/ ꤢꤩ = /e/

ꤤ = /i/ ꤢꤧ = /ɛ/ ꤢꤪ = /ɔ/

Each of the vowels can also occur with a breathy feature which is marked
in IPA by two dots below the vowel. (see BREATHINESS below)
ꤛꤣ = /ɯә/ ꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤬ = vɛ̤˨

(in alphabetical order)

-꤫ = high* ˥

-꤬ = low ˨

-꤭ = mid ˧

- = mid-high ˦
*high tone only occurs on a few words
Syllable Structure & Special Features
1. Kayah Li has four syllable types: V, CV, CCV, and CCCV (where V stands
for Vowel and C for consonant). An important difference between Kayah and
English is that there are no closed syllables in Kayah other than a glottal stop.
This means that a final consonant like the ‘p’ in ‘stop’ never occurs after a
vowel in Kayah. This is a challenge for the Kayah person who is learning
English and will require special attention to pronouncing the final consonants
in English.

Note the following examples of syllable types in Kayah:

Syllable Type Phonetic Kayah Li English Meaning

V a˨ ꤢ꤬ he/she/it

V o˧ ꤥ꤭ drink

CV tә˨ ꤒꤣ꤬ one

CV bi˦ ꤙꤤ when
CCV plu˦ ꤕꤜꤢꤨ punch
CCV kru˨ ꤊꤚꤢꤨ꤬ firewood
CCCV klja˦ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ road
CCCV prja˧ ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ quickly

The V, CV and CCV syllable structures are less restricted in regards to

which vowels and consonants can occur in those slots but the CCCV is
restricted to klj, krj, klw, krw, plj, prj, plw, prw.
2. Kayah is a TONAL language. English speakers are usually not familiar
with tone but it makes a huge difference to the meaning of a word. Two or
three words may be spelled exactly the same but have different meanings
depending on whether the syllable has a low tone (˨), mid tone (˧), mid- high
tone (un- marked) or high tone (˥ ). Tones only occur on the vowel and
are marked directly below it. For example, ‘ascend’ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ /tʰja˨/where the
low tone mark ꤬ occurs below the vowel ꤢ /a/)
˨ Low tone: adjust your voice downward when you say the word
˧ Mid Tone: adjust your voice at a mid normal range
˦ Mid-High Tone: adjust your voice at slightly higher than the mid
(this tone is not marked in Kayah)
˥ High Tone: adjust your voice even higher like “Where?” in “You want
to go where?”
Here is the chart once again which shows the Kayah Li tone symbols:
(in alphabetical order)

-꤫ = high* ˥

-꤬ = low ˨

-꤭ = mid ˧

- = mid-high ˦
*high tone only occurs on a few words

Practice the following examples with a Kayah speaker and see if you can
hear the difference between the tones:

English Word Phonetic Kayah Li Tone

ascend tʰja˨ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ low
sharp tʰja˧ ꤓꤛꤢ꤭ mid
pig tʰja˦ ꤓꤛꤢ mid-high

sour ʃje˨ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ low

chicken ʃje˧ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ mid
ten ʃje˦ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ mid-high

Here is an example of a word with high tone though its use is very limited.

language ŋo̤˥ ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ high tone (rare)

3. Breathiness: In Kayah Li, breathiness occurs on the vowel and is written

with an ꤟ /h/ immediately preceding the vowel. We demonstrate this
phonetically with two dots under the vowel (i.e. /a̤ /). Breathiness is a feature
in the Western dialect of the Kayah language and, like tone, can result in two
words that seem to sound the same having different meanings. The breathy
word may sound a bit heavier to your ear.
Practice the following examples with a Kayah speaker and see if you can
hear the difference between the two words:
English Word Phonetic Kayah Li Tone
husband vɛ˨ ꤠꤢꤧ꤬ normal
bamboo vɛ̤˨ ꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤬ breathy
letter li˨ ꤜꤤ꤬ normal
the color red li̤ ˨ ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ breathy
Abbreviations English Kayah Li
adj adjective ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
adv adverb ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢ꤭
dem demonstrative ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
der derivative ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬
n noun ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ꤢꤧ꤫ꤗꤟꤝꤤ꤭
num number ꤘꤛꤢ
phr phrase ꤜꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤥꤖꤢꤨ
part particle ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ꤖꤢꤨ
prep preposition ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭
pron pronoun ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ꤢꤧ꤫ꤗꤟꤝꤤ꤭ ꤘꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤥ
v verb ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬

a little bit phr /ta˨ki˨pʰu˦/ about prep /a˨ri˨a˨kja˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
phr /bɛ˨mɛ˦/ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤧ n the details relating to
a lot adv /ɛ˦/ ꤢꤧ /tɛ˨ri˨tɛ˨kja˧/
a short while ago phr /pa˦nu˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤕꤟꤢꤔꤢꤨ꤬ adv /bɛ˨kja˦na˦/ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤔꤢ
abandon v to put and leave about to phr /kɯ ˦re˦/
there /dja˨kja˧/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢꤦꤚꤟꤢꤩ
v to throw away /vi˧kja˧/ above prep see on /a˨kʰu˨/
ꤠꤤ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
abdomen n belly /hɔ˦ku˧/ phr located above the
ꤟꤢꤪꤊꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤟꤢꤪ head /kʰu˨klɔ˦tʰɛ˦/
abdominal pain n /sʰɛ˧hɔ˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤓꤢꤧ
ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ abscess n /va˧tʰe˨/ ꤠꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ der.
ability n /tɛ˨ʤja˦tɛ˨dɛ˨/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤤꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤠꤢ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ der. absent adj /o˨to˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬ abyss n /krɔ˧/ ꤊꤚꤢꤪ꤭ der.
able adv can, able or ꤊꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤐꤟꤢ꤭
learned /ʤja˦/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢ der. n /mi˨po˨du˨ku˧/
ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤙꤢꤧ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
v can, able /pe˦/ ꤕꤢꤩ accept v /zɯ ˦e˨pʰje˦sʰɯ˨/
abomination n something ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬
which is disgusting accompany v to go together
/tɛ˨ʃi˦zɔ˦ʃi˦rja˧/ /dʒɯᵊ˦ro˦/ ꤡꤛꤣꤚꤟꤥ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤤꤐꤟꤢꤪꤏꤤꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ according to phr /dʒu˦/ ꤡꤟꤢꤨ
aborted v miscarried
account n /rɯ˧tɛ˨ra˧/
/pʰu˦la˨lwo˦/ ꤖꤢꤨꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ
abounding adj /ta˧pɔ˨ta˧pɛ˧/ accurate adj careful /ta˧te˨/
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
accusation 2 adverb

accusation n lit. the putting on actually adv lit. if saying

of sin or wrongdoing truthfully /ki˨he˦la˨ko˧ma˨/
/le˦dja˨tɛ˨ʂɯ˦/ ꤊꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ꤗꤢ꤬
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ Adam's apple n /kja˧ni˧/
written charge n a
document which places add v put more in
blame /li˨dja˨tɛ˨ʂɯ˦/ /sʰu˨nɯ ᵊ˧po˦/ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤕꤟꤥ
ꤜꤤ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ v to add numbers
accuse v /kɛ˨/ ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ der. /li ˨plɔ˨dja˦ma˨/
ꤕꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤔꤢꤧ꤭ ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤗꤢ꤬
v /nɛ˧ka˨kʰje˧/ ꤔꤢꤧ꤭ der. address n /o˨kʰa˧le˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
ꤔꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ adequate adj enough /lə˦ba˧/
v /dja˨tɛ˨ʂɯ˦/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ ꤜꤣꤙꤢ꤭
der. ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ adjust v adjust the machine
falsely accuse v /i˨vi ˧to˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤒꤥ꤭
admit v to allow to enter
ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬ /plwo˧nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
accustomed adj accustomed to der. ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤔꤟꤤ; ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
adolescent n a person who is
doing /le˦klo˧ me˨pa˨nɯ ᵊ/
not yet a young adult
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤥ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ
/pʰu˦ʂɛ˨ hi˦to˨/ ꤖꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤬
adj to be used to ꤟꤤꤒꤥ꤬
/nɔ˧pa˨nɯ ᵊ˦/ adopt v /i˦ni ˦bɯ ᵊ˨ni ˦/
ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ ꤤꤔꤟꤤꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ
ache v to be hurting or in adorn v /ta˨ri˨sʰu˨sʰɛ˦/
pain /sʰɛ˧/ ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ
ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤚꤝꤤꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤚꤝꤥ adult n /ka˨ja˧du˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
acne n /pʰɔ˧ʂɯ˦prje˧/ adultery n to commit
ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤦꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ adultery /me˨ʂɯ˦u˧me˧/
across prep across from ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ der.
/bɛ˦rɛ˧/ ꤙꤢꤧꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ adverb n lit. a word that
act v to do something /me˨tɛ˨/ completes /ŋo˦me˨ba˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤍꤟꤥꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢ꤭
advice 3 alcohol

advice n counsel against prep to do on

/tɛ˨dʒja˨tɛ˨ɲa˨/ purpose /me˨ta˨kɛ˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤑꤢ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬
advise v to give advice age n generation /-tə˨tʰɯ˧/
/dje˦dʒja˨/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤡꤛꤢ꤬ -ꤒꤣ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤭
n age (i.e. how many years
adviser n counselor
old are you?) /na˨/ ꤔꤢ꤬
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤡꤛꤢ꤬ agree v /sʰu˨to˧/ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ der.
affirmative n to answer ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭; ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭
"yes" /ɔ˨/ ꤢꤪ꤬ ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
afraid v fearful, scared v /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨to˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭
/ʂɛ˦i˨sʰe˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭ der. v agree or obey /ʤṳ˧/ ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧꤏꤢꤩ꤭ agree together phr to agree
Africa n /a˨fri˦ka˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤠꤖꤚꤤꤊꤢ with each other /dʒu˧
after prep behind or at the kʰje˧lu˧/ ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤭ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
end /-kʰje˧/ -ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. der. ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤘꤣꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ agreeable adj /a˨to˧a˨bɛ˨/
adv afterwards, later /no˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
ꤔꤥ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤔꤥ꤬ agriculture n /i˨sʰɔ˦e˨lja˦/
afternoon n 12:00 PM,
noon /mɔ˦tʰɯᵊ˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤓꤟꤌꤣ꤬
ahead adj /re˦/ ꤚꤟꤢꤩ
n 1:00 PM /mɔ˦kwi ˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤊꤝꤟꤤ aim n /tɛ˨ze˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤢꤩ꤬
n 2:00 PM /mɔ˦kwi ˦lja˨/ air n see wind /ke˦la˨ʂɛ˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤊꤝꤟꤤꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ
afterwards n /ʃje˦no˨kʰje˧/ airplane n /kɯ ᵊ˧ʂɔ˨pʰɔ˧/
ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤔꤥ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢꤪ꤭
ꤘꤣꤔꤥ꤬ꤘꤣꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ajinomoto (msg) n mono
again adv /kʰje˧ʂja˦/ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤛꤢ sodium glutamate
der. ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤛꤢꤕꤟꤥ /i˨ʂwi˦ʂo˧ro˧mɯ˨/
again and again phr one ꤤ꤬ꤞꤝꤤꤞꤥ꤭ꤚꤥ꤭ꤗꤢꤦ꤬
time after another
alcohol n /tʰje˧ʃi˧pre˦/
/tə˨pʰɯ ᵊtʰɯᵊ˧ tə˨pʰɯ ᵊ/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩ
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤓꤛꤣ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ
alert 4 altar

alert adj to be awake allow to enter phr

/o˨ʂa˧klja˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤞꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭ der. /plwo˧nɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤞꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
alien n person from outside the allow to go phr /plwo˧ʤɯᵊ/
country /ke˦klɔ˧pʰu˦/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ allow to leave phr
alive adj /o˨tʰwo˧prɛ˨/ /plwo˧tʰe˨ʤɯᵊ/
ꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ
ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ allow to return phr
all pron /lɔ˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ der. /plwo˧ka˨/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭; ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤚꤛꤢ allow to see phr
pron used in reference with /plwo˧mja˦/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ
people /la˨hja˧/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ almost adv about to happen
pron /lɔ˧ʂu˨lɔ˧ʂɛ˦/ /kɯ ˦re˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤦꤚꤟꤢꤩ
ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ adv close to arriving
all day phr /tə˨ɲe˧mɔ˦he˦/ /pʰɯ˨hja˧hɔ˦/
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤟꤢꤩ ꤖꤢꤦ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ
allegiance v respect adv almost to /ta˨li˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ
/tɛ˨be˨zɯ ˦be˨ɲa˦/ alone adv by oneself /tɯ˦dɯ˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ ꤒꤢꤦꤘꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢꤦꤘꤢꤦ꤬; ꤘꤢꤦ꤬
allergic adj /rɛ˧to˨/ ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ along prep along the side of
allergy v eating something you /rwo˦/ ꤚꤝꤥ der. ꤥ꤬ꤚꤝꤥ
are allergic to /e˨ʂɯ˦sʰɛ˨/ n on the top edge of
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤏꤢꤧ꤬ something /kʰu˨pri˧/
alliance n friends /kʰo˧ʂwo˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤤ꤭
ꤋꤥ꤭ꤞꤛꤥ alphabet n /li ˨plɔ˨mɯ ᵊ˦/
allocate v to divide up ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤌꤣ
ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤟꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢ꤭ already adv /hɔ˦/ ꤟꤢꤪ
also adv /kɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭
allow v /plwo˧/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭
altar n offering shelf
allow to come phr
/plwo˧hja˧/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤛꤢ꤭ꤚꤟꤢꤧ der.
allow to do phr /plwo˧me˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤚꤟꤢꤧ;
ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤚꤟꤢꤧꤓꤢꤧ꤭
alum 5 another

alum n /lɔ˦ʃje˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ

always adv all the time
and conj joins two clauses
/pwo˧tə˨pʰɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭꤮
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ /na˦/ ꤔꤢ
am v verb "to be" /ma˨/ ꤗꤢ꤬ conj /rɔ˦/ ꤚꤢꤪ
amazed adj to be surprised anemia n lit. weak blood
/kʰje˦ʂu˨kʰje˦ʂɛ˦/ /ʂwi˨hɛ˧dʒɛ˦/ ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤧ
ꤋꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧ angel n /mɔ˦kʰu˨ta˨ne˦pʰu˦/
adj to be shocked ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨ der.
/tʰe˨bi˦tʰe˨ta˨pa˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨ; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤩꤗꤟꤢꤪꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤤꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ der. anger n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦plɔ˨du˨/
ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
v to cause to be angry
America n /a˨me˨ri˦ka˨ke˦/
ꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤤꤊꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤩ /me˨ʂɛ˦plɔ˨du˨/
amniotic fluid n lit. the child's ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
water /pʰu˦tʰje˧/ ꤖꤢꤨꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ angry adj /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨du˨/
among prep /klɛ˧/ ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der.
ꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭; ꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
amount n also level /to˦/ ꤒꤟꤥ animal n /tɛ˨pʰu˦tɛ˨lje˨/
n lit. that amount /ba˦nɯᵊ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤙꤢꤔꤛꤣ꤬ ankle n /kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨ ta˨ra˧/
small amount phr ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢ꤭
/tɛ˨pa˨ti˦pʰu˦/ n the bumps on the side of
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤖꤢꤨ the ankle /kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨
ancestors n lit. parents and ʃje˧dje˨/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬
grandparents from the ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬
past /mɯ ᵊ˦pʰɛ˧pʰje˧pʰɯ ᵊ˧ ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
də˦ŋje˦nu˨/ anoint v /plɔ˦/ ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤪ der.
ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤘꤣ꤮ ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤪ ꤔꤢ ꤓꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
anchor n a heavy object that another adj again /po˦/ ꤕꤟꤥ
causes a boat or ship to adj another one, other
remain in place /a˨rɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬
/le˦me˨o˨kɯ ᵊ˦ ʂɔ˨klje˧du˨/
answer 6 are

answer v to reply /he˦ʃɯ˨/ apparition n ghost

ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬ der. /lɯ ᵊ˧ta˨prja˨/
ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬
ant n /tɔ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤪ appeal n /tɛ˨kwi˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨/
anus n /kʰa˧plje˦ku˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩꤊꤢꤨ꤭ v to ask for mercy
anxiety n worry /tɛ˨ku˦tɛ˨kja˧/ /kwi˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬
appear v /o˨lɯ ᵊ˧tʰja˨/
n relating to fear or being
scared /tɛ˨bɛ˨zɔ˨bɛ˨ʂi˨/
ꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭;
appendix n body part
anxious adj to be worried
/pra˧ta˨nɛ˦/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤧ
/ʂɛ˦plɔ˨kṳ˦ ʂɛ˦plɔ˨kja˧/
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ appetite n /e˨vi˨o˧sʰɯ˧/
der. ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭; ꤢꤩ꤬ꤠꤤ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤭
ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ apple n /pʰo˧ʂɛ˨/ ꤖꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
v to be afraid in the face of appoint v /nwo˦tʰja˨/
danger /bɛ˨zɔ˨bɛ˨ʂi˨/ ꤔꤝꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤔꤝꤥ
ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤ꤬ appointment n the choosing of
anyone pron whoever /u˧pe˧ someone /tɛ˨nwo˦tʰja˨/
bɛ˨bɛ˨/ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ꤭ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤝꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬
anytime adv whenever approach v to come close to
/bi˦kʰɛ˧te˧ bɛ˨bɛ˨/ /hja˧tɯ ᵊ˦pʰɯ˨hɔ˦/
ꤙꤤꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭꤮ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤦ꤬ꤟꤢꤪ der.
anywhere adv wherever /bi˦te˧
aqueduct n a dry river bed
tə˨pʰo˨ bɛ˨bɛ˨/ ꤙꤤꤒꤢꤩ꤭꤮
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ /lja˧/ ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭
apologize v lit. to request arch n of the foot
mercy /kwi˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨/ /kʰja˨dja˦kʰu˨/
ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤋꤢꤨ꤬
apostle n /prɛ˨də˨ɲa˧pʰu˦/ are v /ma˨/ ꤗꤢ꤬
argue 7 as usual

argue v /kre˦krja˦/ arrange v to prepare

ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢ der. ꤊꤚꤢꤩ; /ta˨ri˨ta˨rja˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤭
ꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬; arrest v to catch or hold /pɯ ˦/
ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬; ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ;
ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬; ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩꤜꤢꤨ꤭ ꤕꤟꤢꤦ
v to argue strongly and arrive v /tɯ ᵊ/
ꤒꤟꤌꤣ der.
insistently ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤌꤣ; ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤌꤣ
/kre˦ʂje˧kre˦o˨/ not arrive to phr not
ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤥ꤬ reach /tɯ ᵊto˨/ ꤒꤟꤌꤣꤒꤥ꤬
argument n /tɛ˨kre˦tɛ˨krja˦/ unreachable adj
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢ der. /tɯ ᵊtʰwo˦bɛ˦ to˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢ ꤒꤟꤌꤣꤓꤝꤟꤥꤙꤢꤧ ꤒꤥ꤬
arm n /pla˧/ ꤕꤜꤢ꤭ der. arrogance n
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ /tɛ˨pʰje˦du˨pʰje˦tʰja˨lɯ ᵊ˧/
armadillo n /zu˨/ ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤌ
armpit n /pla˧le˧/ ꤕꤜꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤣ꤭
der. ꤕꤜꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ arrogant adj
army n /klje˧klo˧/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ /pʰje˦tʰja˨mɔ˦tʰja˨pʰo˨
army unit n /klje˧mṳ˨du˨/ a˨ne˦/ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤪꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬
ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ
aroma n a thing which smells arrow n /plɛ˦/ ꤕꤜꤢꤧ
artery n vein, blood vessel
/tɛ˨nɯ ᵊ˨mɯ˦nɯ ᵊ˨sʰɯ˧/
/ʂwi˨klo˧/ ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤥ꤭
arthritis n /ma˧tʰɯ˧zja˦/
around adv encircling
/ta˨vi˧ta˨va˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬
artist n a person who draws
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬; ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬;
pictures /prɛ˨ra˧za˨zo˨/
adv to go around /-vɔ˨/
as adv to be like or similar to
-ꤠꤟꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤡꤛꤣꤠꤟꤢꤪ꤬;
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢꤦ꤬ /pʰu˦/ ꤖꤢꤨ
adv to turn around as much as phr /o˨ɛ˦krɯ ˨/
/ta˨ri˦ta˨va˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ as usual phr /tɔ˧prɛ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤚꤢꤧ
ascend 8 ax

ascend v to go up, climb /tʰja˨/ at that time (future) phr

ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ /bi˦nɯᵊ˨kʰɛ˧pa˧/
ashamed adj shy /ʂɛ˦ta˨rɛ˧/ ꤙꤤꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤕꤟꤢ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ attack v to fight against
ashes n what is left over after
/sʰa˦ʃɯ˨/ ꤏꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬
wood is burned /kɔ˦pʰɛ˨/
ꤊꤢꤪꤖꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤊꤢꤪꤖꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬; attentive adj /be˨ʂu˨be˨ʂɛ˦/
ꤊꤢꤪꤖꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤦ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ
n embers /mi˨i˨/ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤤ꤬ aunt n /mɯ ᵊ˦du˨/ ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤘꤢꤨ꤬
Asia n /a˨ʃja˦ke˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤊꤟꤢꤩ authority n /ta˨rje˧ʃwo˨sʰɔ˧/
Asians n /a˨ʃja˦ke˦pʰu˦/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ der.
avoid v to go around /ʤɯᵊvɔ˨/
aside adv /ta˨pʰa˧ʤɯᵊkʰo˦kja˧/
v to fast from (i.e. food)
ask v request /kwi˧/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ der.
ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ /dɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬
v ask as a question /sʰu˨dja˧/ v to avoid work /dʒje˦plwo˦/
ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ꤭ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤕꤜꤝꤥ
asleep v /o˨mje˧o˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤬ v /rɔ˨/ ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬
der. ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤟꤤ; ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤟꤤ awaken v /tʰu˨rja˧ka˨tʰɔ˨/
ꤏꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ der.
assemble v to pull together ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬;
ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤓꤢꤪꤕꤜꤢꤪ der. ꤓꤢꤪꤡꤢꤦ꤭ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬
assert v /he˦sʰɔ˧ka˨dɯ ᵊ/ award n a gift /ʃje˧zu˦/
ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤨ
assign v /dja˨ta˧/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ n a payment for work,
asthma n /mu˨kro˨/ ꤗꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤚꤥ꤬ reward
at prep /də˦/ ꤘꤣ /tɛ˨˨,me˨ni ˦kʰwo˦kɛ˨/
at least phr /pa˨ti˦ta˨dɯ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤔꤟꤤꤋꤝꤥꤊꤢꤧ꤬
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ away adv i.e. to go away
at once phr /ta˨plə˦ta˨plje˧/ /o˨ta˨pʰa˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤌꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ax n /kwo˧/ ꤊꤝꤥ꤭
baby 9 banana

baby n child /pʰu˦pa˨ti˦/ bait n fish food /tɛ˧sʰɛ˨/
ꤖꤢꤨꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤬
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤖꤢꤨ balance n weight /dʒwɛ˦/
back n upper back of the ꤡꤝꤟꤢꤧ
body /ɲa˦/ ꤑꤟꤢ der. ꤑꤟꤢꤋꤢꤨ꤬ balcony n /la˦kɯ˨/ ꤜꤢꤊꤢꤦ꤬
adv retaliate, to do
bald adj /ma˧tʰɛ˦dɛ˧/
something back to in
response /lje˧/ ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
der. ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ball n for playing /pʰa˦ta˨lu˧/
prep in back, behind /də˦
n the ball of the foot
kʰje˧/ ꤘꤣ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
/kʰa˧nɯ ᵊ˨ta˨o˧/
back and forth phr referring to
physical movement or ꤋꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤥ꤭
changing your mind ballot n /mɛ˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤧ
/ka˨kʰje˧hja˧ɲe˧/ bamboo n /vɛ˨/ ꤠꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤠꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤬
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ bamboo cluster n /vɛ˨krɔ˨/
back to life phr to return back ꤠꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬
to life from death bamboo pole/stick n
/tʰwo˧prɛ˨ka˨/ /vɛ˨la˧/ ꤠꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢ꤭
ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ bamboo shoot n /i˨bja˨/
backwards adv to walk
backwards /ʂje˦ka˨kʰje˧/
bamboo that holds curry n
adv opposite /ta˨klwi˦/ /i˨ʂwi˦mja˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤝꤤꤗꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ bamboo ties n used to tie
bamboo together /ʂu˨ʂɛ˧/
bad adj not good /a˨rja˦to˨/
ꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬ der. ꤚꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬ ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭
banain n fruit /klɔ˨ʂɛ˨/
bag n /pje˧/ ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤥ ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
banana n /di˧klwi˧ʂɛ˨/
bail v to bail water /me˨ʂi˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤤ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der.
banana tree 10 bathroom

banana tree n /ŋɛ˧mɔ˦/ barrack n housing for a group

ꤍꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪ of soldiers /klje˧hi˨ra˦/
band n music band ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤤ꤬ꤚꤟꤢ
/tɛ˨dɔ˨tɛ˨ɯ ᵊ˦/ barrel n the barrel of a gun
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ /ʃi˦ɲa˨klu˧/
bank n river bank /kʰo˧kʰu˨/ n metal barrel /pu˦/ ꤕꤢꤨ
ꤋꤥ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ barren adj /sʰo˧pʰu˦/ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
n a place for keeping your
der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
money /le˧dja˨plɔ˦rɯ˧/
barrette n /kʰu˨ʃja˦du˨/
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤚꤢꤦ꤭ der.
ꤙꤢ꤬ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬
basic adj the source, origin
banyan tree n /klɔ˨mɔ˦/
ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ /kʰa˧ʃje˦/
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ der.
baptism n /tɛ˨plwo˧tʰje˧/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤋꤢ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. basil n /lɔ˦vja˨lɛ˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤠꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬
Baptist n /bja˧kʰja˨/ ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ basket n basket with a head
baptize v /plwo˧tʰje˧/ strap /kri ˦/ ꤊꤚꤟꤤ
ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ n /ʂu˨/ ꤞꤢꤨ꤬
barbecue v /i˨sʰɯ˦e˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ n basket used to cover
barber n place for cutting hair chickens /ʃje˧tʰɔ˧/
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤡꤤ꤬ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤊꤜꤢꤧ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤪ꤭
barefoot adj to be without n a basket to hold fish
shoes on /kʰu˨dja˦pʰa˦ /pʰɔ˦pje˨/ ꤖꤢꤪꤕꤛꤢꤩ꤬
pa˧to˨/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤖꤢ ꤕꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ n /le˦dʒɔ˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭
bark v the bark of a dog /ɔ˨/ ꤢꤪ꤬ bat n small winged animal
n the bark of a tree /ʂɔ˨pʰa˦/ /plɛ˦/ ꤕꤜꤢꤧ der. ꤕꤜꤢꤧꤗꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ
bathe v /i˨lɯ ᵊtʰje˧/
barley n /bɯ ᵊba˨li ˨/
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤙꤟꤌꤣꤙꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ der. ꤞꤝꤤ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤖꤟꤌꤣ
barn n silo, place for storing
bathroom n /sʰɛ˧hɔ˦po˨/
food /ʤja˧/ ꤡꤛꤢ꤭ der.
ꤙꤟꤌꤣꤡꤛꤢ꤭ ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤢꤪꤕꤟꤥ꤬
battalion 11 because

battalion n 1000 soldiers ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬; ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬

/klje˧tə˨ri˦/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤚꤤ n the animal /tʰe˧/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤭ der.
der. ꤙꤢꤧꤡꤢꤦ꤭ ꤓꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤪꤞꤢꤪ꤭
batter v when the wind blows bear in mind phr
strongly against /la˨ʂɛ˦sʰɔ˧/ /ʂɛ˦ŋe˧ʂɛ˦ne˦/
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤏꤢꤪ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤔꤟꤢꤩ
battery n borrowed word from beard n chin hair /kʰɛ˨ʃɯ˨/
English /bɛ˨tʰri ˨/ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤚꤟꤤ꤬ ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬
battle v to fight /sʰa˦tɛ˨/ beat v to hit, punch /mɯ ˧pɔ˨/
ꤏꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭; ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤓꤢꤪ꤬
bay n /ta˨nɔ˧nɯ ᵊ˧/ v to spank /pli˦sʰɛ˧/ ꤕꤜꤤꤏꤢꤧ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ v to beat a drum, strum a
be careful phr to guard guitar or play piano /dɔ˨/
against /rɔ˨/ ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤘꤢꤪ꤬
ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ v to win against /pe˦/ ꤕꤢꤩ
Be quiet! phr /ʂɯᵊ˨ʂɯᵊ˨ beat to death phr /mɯ ˧ʂje˧/
o˨mja˦/ ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤬꤮ ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ꤮ beating n /tɛ˨mɯ ˧tɛ˨pɔ˨/
be with phr /o˨kɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬
beach n shore beautiful adj pretty /two˦/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ der. beautify v /me˨two˦/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥ
n ocean shore /pa˧lɛ˧tʰɯ˧/ beauty n loveliness
ꤕꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ /tɛ˨two˦tɛ˨rja˦/
beak n the beak of a bird
because conj /me˨te˧he˦rɔ˦/
/tʰu˨kʰa˧u˨/ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤢꤨ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤢꤪ der.
bean n /kɔ˨bi˧plɔ˨/ ꤊꤢꤪꤙꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ꤗꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤢꤪ;
bear v able to suffer or ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬;
withstand /o˨kʰja˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ;
v to bear fruit
conj therefore: for that
/ʂɛ˨tʰja˨pʰo˧tʰja˨/ reason /a˨kʰu˨a˨kʰje˧/
ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
become 12 believer

become v /tʰwo˧tʰja˨/ beggar n /prɛ˨kwi˧e˨sʰɛ˨/

ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬
v to happen /o˨tʰja˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ begin v to start /ʤa˦tʰja˨/
bed n /le˦mje˧/ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤡꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤡꤢ
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤟꤢꤧ; ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ adj first, at the beginning
bed bug n /ta˨kre˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤩ꤬ /-lu˦/ -ꤜꤢꤨ
bedroom n /le˦mje˧ro˧/ beginning n /ka˨lu˦kʰɛ˧/
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤥ꤭ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨꤋꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤜꤢꤨ; ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ;
bee n /vja˦/ ꤠꤛꤢ der. ꤘꤤ꤭ꤍꤢꤦ꤭ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ
n ground bee /plɯ˧/ ꤕꤜꤢꤦ꤭ behave adv /ʂa˧rja˧/ ꤞꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤭
der. ꤞꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ;
n /ta˨ni˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤤ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤥ꤭
ꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ ꤚꤛꤢ
beef n /pu˦zje˨/ ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. behavior n /tɛ˨o˨ʂa˧rja˧/
ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤛꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤞꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ der.
beehive n bee's nest ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤞꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ
/ta˨ni˧plɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬ n /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ʂɯᵊ˨tʰje˦/
beer n borrowed word from ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ
English /bi˨ja˨/ ꤙꤤ꤬ꤛꤢ꤬ n /tɛ˨ka˨tʰɔ˨o˨nja˧/
beet n sugar beet /ta˨plɛ˨ʃɯ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ behind adv /kʰje˧/ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
beetle n /pu˦i˨krɛ˦/ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬; ꤘꤣ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤤ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤧ belief n /tɛ˨zɯ ˦e˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬
before prep before something believe v /zɯ ˦ka˨ɲa˦ka˨/
happens /tja˨hi˦to˨/ ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der.
ꤒꤛꤢ꤬ꤟꤤꤒꤥ꤬ der. ꤒꤛꤢ꤬ꤟꤤ; ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤊꤟꤢ꤬; ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤢꤩ꤬
ꤒꤛꤢ꤬ꤟꤤꤙꤤ incorrect thinking or belief
prep in front of /ɲe˧hja˧/ phr /tɛ˨zɯ ˦e˨ʂɯ˦/
ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ
beforehand adv /o˨ne˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ believer n Christian term for
der. ꤔꤢꤩ꤬ someone who believes
befriend v to become friends /prɛ˨zɯ ˦e˨ɲa˦e˨tɛ˨/
with /bɔ˦ʂjo˦ni ˦/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
ꤙꤢꤪꤞꤛꤥꤔꤟꤤ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬;
beg v /kwi˧ta˨dɯ˨/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬;
bell 13 even better

ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤢꤩ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ; good n /tɛ˨rja˦/ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ

ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ; adj /a˨rja˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ der.
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤊꤟꤢ꤬; -ꤚꤛꤢ; ꤚꤛꤢꤚꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤬
adj nice, pretty, pleasant,
bell n /la˨tʰa˦ʂɛ˨/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤞꤢꤧ꤬
good /a˨two˦ mo˨rja˦/
belly n abdomen /hɔ˦ku˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥ ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ der.
ꤟꤢꤪꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ
belly button n navel /di˧bo˧/ adj good seed /a˨ʃɯᵊ˧/
ꤘꤤ꤭ꤙꤥ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ
below prep under /a˨lɛ˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ bet v gamble /bja˧/ ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ der.
der. -ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬
belt n /ɲa˦tʰɔ˦/ ꤑꤟꤢꤓꤢꤪ der. v /bɔ˦/ ꤙꤢꤪ der. ꤙꤢꤪ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
ꤑꤟꤢꤓꤢ; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤝꤤ
ꤑꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤓꤢ betel nut n /mɛ˦ʂɛ˨/ ꤗꤢꤧꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der.
bench n chair /kʰu˨klja˦/ ꤕꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ betray v lit. sell to be killed
bend down phr /ŋɔ˨ta˨kɔ˨/ /i˨sʰɛ˧ʂje˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤍꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤢ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬
phr pull down /zɔ˦/ ꤐꤢꤪ der. betrayer n /prɛ˨i˨sʰɛ˧ta˧kja˧/
ꤐꤢꤪꤊꤟꤢꤧ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
beneath prep under /a˨lɛ˧/ betroth v /dwo˦ pʰu˦vɛ˨/ ꤘꤝꤥ
ꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der. -ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤖꤢꤨꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
benefit n /bwi˦ta˨rje˧/ ꤟꤛꤢꤘꤝꤥꤜꤢꤨꤕꤚꤢꤧ
ꤙꤝꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ betrothal n /sʰo˧mɛ˧sʰo˧dja˨/
bent adj to have a bent back ꤏꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤥ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤘꤝꤥ
ꤊꤟꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤖꤢꤨꤠꤟꤢꤧ
better adv lit. more good
adj curved /ta˨ka˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
/rja˦klɔ˧/ ꤚꤛꤢꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ der.
beseech v to beg /kwi˧ta˨dɯ˨/
ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ ꤚꤛꤢꤜꤣꤘꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤬
beside prep next to /kʰa˧ʃje˦/ adv more happy or well
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ /mo˨lə˦/ ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤜꤣ
best adj /rja˦klɔ˧lə˦/
even better adj /rja˦klɔ˧po˦/
ꤚꤛꤢꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤣ der. ꤚꤛꤢꤜꤣ ꤚꤛꤢꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤟꤥ
good 14 blame

good n /tɛ˨rja˦/ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ birth n /tɛ˨o˨pa˨ʤɛ˦lja˨/

adj /a˨rja˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der.
-ꤚꤛꤢ; ꤚꤛꤢꤚꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬; ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ;
adj nice, pretty, pleasant,
good /a˨two˦ mo˨rja˦/ about to give birth phr
ꤢ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥ ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ der. /pʰuo˨ ta˨li˦hɔ˦/ ꤖꤢꤨꤥ꤬
ꤢ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤꤟꤢꤪ
adj good seed /a˨ʃɯᵊ˧/ birthday n /o˨pa˨ʤɛ˦lja˨
ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ mɔ˦nje˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
between prep /a˨plɛ˨ku˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ birthing n in labor, giving birth
beware v be on your guard /pʰu˦o˨hɔ˦sʰɛ˧/ ꤖꤢꤨꤥ꤬ꤟꤢꤪꤏꤢꤧ꤭
/rɔ˨ni ˦/
ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ der. birthplace n /le˦o˨pa˨dʒɛlja˨/
ꤥ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
beyond prep past /ta˨lwo˦kja˧/ bite v /a˨/ ꤢꤟꤢ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ v snake bite /i˨pʰə˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤖꤌꤣ꤭
Bible n lit. holy book bitter adj bitter taste /kʰɛ˨/ ꤋꤢꤧ꤬
/li˨ʤa˧sʰɛ˧/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤬
biceps n arm muscles bitterness n bitterness of the
heart /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦plɔ˨sʰɛ˧/
bicycle n /lo˦i˨zi ˦/ ꤜꤟꤥꤤ꤬ꤐꤟꤤ
n bitter taste /te,˨kʰɛ˨/
big adj /du˨/ -ꤘꤢ꤬ꤨ der. ꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤬
bigger adj /du˨lə˦/ ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤣ black adj /lɔ˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ
bile n /ʂɯᵊ˨tʰje˧/ ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ black fly n /pʰɯ ᵊ˧ʂa˦/
billow v /ta˨ɔ˧tʰja˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤞꤢ
der. ꤗꤤ꤬ꤋꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ blackboard n chalkboard
bind v /ʤɔ˧klɔ˨ma˨/ /lɔ˦ba˨du˨/ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤙꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
ꤡꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ der. ꤡꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ bladder n /ʃje˨pʰo˨/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬
bird n /tʰu˨pʰu˦zɯ ᵊpʰu˦/ blame v place the blame on
ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤐꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤨ der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬; /dja˨tɛ˨ʂɯ˦/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ
v to accuse /kɛ˨/ ꤊꤢꤧ꤬
blanket 15 boast

blanket n /i˨kɛ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der. blossom v grow

ꤟꤤꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤭ /pʰɛ˦tʰja˨pʰo˧tʰja˨/
blaspheme v to speak wrongly ꤖꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der.
about God or others ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
/he˦ʂɯ˦/ ꤟꤢꤩꤞꤢꤦ der. v /pʰo˧tʰe˨/ ꤖꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
ꤟꤢꤩꤞꤢꤦꤟꤢꤩꤖꤛꤢꤩ꤬ blow v i.e. blow a trumpet /ɯ ᵊ˦/
blaze v /ra˨tʰo˧tʰja˨/ ꤢꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤢꤟꤌꤣꤓꤛꤢ꤬
ꤚꤢ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤚꤢ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ v the wind blows
bleed n when drops of blood /la˨ʂɛ˦ʤɯ˦/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤡꤛꤣ
come down /ʂwi˨ta˧mɛ˦/ der. ꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ꤭
ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤧ der. ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ v blow away /kɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭
blend n a mixture /ʃi˧lja˦/ der. ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤏꤤ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ v blow nose /hi˧kʰa˧i˨/
bless v /sʰɔ˧ri˨sʰɔ˧bu˧/ ꤟꤤ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤤ꤬
ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤚꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤙꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤚꤤ꤬ blow up phr to explode
blessing n /tɛ˨sʰɔ˧ri˨sʰɔ˧bu˧/ /me˨pɔ˨/ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤚꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤙꤢꤨ꤭ der. blue adj /ta˨pʰɛ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤬ der.
blind adj /mɛ˨ʂɛ˨kʰi˦/
blunt adj /a˨dɯ˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤭
ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤤ der. ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤭
boa constrictor n /ru˦ta˨lja˦/
n person who is blind
/ka˨ja˧ mɛ˨ʂɛ˨kʰi˦/
boar n /tʰja˦pʰɛ˧ʃi˧dje˨/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤤ ꤓꤛꤢꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤤ꤭ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der.
block v prevent /me˨ta˧tɯ ˧/ ꤓꤛꤢꤗꤟꤤ꤬
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ board v to get in and ride
blood n /ʂwi˨tʰje˧/ ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /dʒɯ˦nɯ ᵊ˧ ʃi˨dja˦/
der. ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ ꤡꤛꤣꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤏꤤ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ der.
blood pressure n when the ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤏꤤ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ
blood pressure rises n plank, a flat piece of wood
/ʂwi˨tʰja˨/ ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ /ʂɔ˨bje˨/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬
blood vessel n vein, artery boast v /he˦bɛ˨
/ʂwi˨klo˧/ ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ tʰja˨mɔ˦tʰja˨pʰo˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬
boasting 16 borrow

ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤪꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬ der. bolt v bolt the door /lwo˧ma˨/

ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ; ꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤗꤢ꤬
ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤪꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ bomber n fighting plane
boasting n
/kɯ ᵊ˧ʂɔ˨pʰɔ˧ sʰa˦tɛ˨/
/tɛ˨pʰje˦tʰja˨mɔ˦tʰja˨pʰo˨/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ ꤏꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤪꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬ bone n /krwi˦krwo˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ ꤊꤚꤝꤤꤊꤚꤝꤥ der. ꤊꤚꤝꤤ
boat n /ʂɔ˨klje˧/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ skeleton n /krwi˦plɔ˦/
der. ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ ꤊꤚꤝꤤꤕꤜꤢꤪ
bobby pin n /kʰu˨ʃja˦pʰu˦/ booger n dried nose mucus
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ /kʰa˧i˨kra˧/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤊꤚꤢ꤭
bodice n /dʒa˨pʰu˦kɔ˧/ book n /li˨u˦/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤢꤨ
ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤊꤢꤪ꤭ booklet n a small book
body n /ne˦/ ꤔꤟꤢꤩ der. /li˨u˦pʰu˦/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤢꤨꤖꤢꤨ
ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤢꤪ boots n /kʰu˨dja˦pʰa˦ ta˨plwo˦/
n on the surface of the
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤖꤢ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤝꤥ der.
body /ne˦lo˨/ ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤜꤟꤥ꤬ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤝꤥ
finger n /ka˨nɔ˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ border n /ke˦kɯ˧/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤢꤦ꤭
middle finger n der. ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤢꤦ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬
/ka˨nɔ˧kla˧me˧/ bore v press into with a pointed
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ tool /ki˧/ ꤊꤤ꤭
ring finger n bored adj see lazy /sɛ˦ta˨kle˧/
/ka˨nɔ˧ta˨plo˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤩ꤭
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤥ der. boredom n /klu˨ŋwɛ˧/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ ꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤍꤝꤢꤧ꤭
boil v /bɔ˦/ ꤙꤢꤪ der. ꤙꤢꤪꤟꤢꤪ; born v /o˨pa˨ʤɛ˦lhja˨/
ꤖꤥ꤭ꤙꤢꤪ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
v /lwo˦/ ꤜꤝꤥ borrow v to borrow for a little
while /pʰje˦kɯ ᵊ/
v /mi˧tʰɔ˧mi˧kɔ˨/
ꤗꤤ꤭ꤓꤢꤪ꤭ꤗꤤ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤊꤟꤌꤣ
v to borrow money
bold adj /kʰɯ˧ha˧/ ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤢ꤭ der.
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢ꤭ /pʰje˦bɔ˨/ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤙꤢꤪ꤬ der.
boss 17 break

boss n ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬; bra n /dʒa˨hɔ˦ku˧/ ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤪꤊꤢꤨ꤭

ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
both pron /ʂɛ˦nje˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ bracelet n /ta˨kja˧bo˧/
bother v to bother, interrupt ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤥ꤭
/me˨di˦dja˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭ brag v to boast /he˦bɛ˨
der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤꤘꤢꤪꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭ tʰja˨mɔ˦tʰja˨pʰo˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬
v to bother or be a nuisance ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤪꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬ der.
to /me˨sʰu˦sʰa˦/ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ braid v to braid hair
bothersome adj /sʰu˦sʰa˦/ /i˨ʂje˨i˨ki ˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤤ
ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ v to braid a rope /i˨vi ˧/
bottle n /kɔ˧/ ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭
bottom n under /-lɛ˧/ -ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ brain n /kʰu˨klɔ˦nɔ˧/
n buttocks /kʰa˧plje˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤔꤟꤢꤪ꤭
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ brake v to press down and
bounce v bounce with feet cause to stop movement
/nwɛ˦/ ꤔꤝꤟꤢꤧ /i˨zi ˦ o˨kɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤐꤟꤤ
bow v with your body /da˦ŋɯ ˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ
ꤘꤢꤍꤟꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤘꤢꤍꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭; branch n tree branch /ʂɔ˨pʰja˧/
ꤘꤢꤍꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ;
v bow your head /ŋɔ˨lja˨/ ꤖꤛꤢꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ
ꤍꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. brass n see bronze /ta˨li˧bja˧/
ꤍꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭; ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤢꤪ꤬; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ꤭
ꤍꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ brave adj courageous
bow down and pray phr /kʰɯ˧ha˧/ ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤢ꤭
/da˦ŋɯ ˨ʤɔ˦bɛ˧/ act brave phr put on a
ꤘꤢꤍꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ der. brave face /kʰɯ˧ha˧zɔ˦/
ꤘꤢꤍꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤢ꤭ꤐꤢꤪ
bowl n /be˧lɔ˦/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤪ bread n /kʰɔ˦mu˧/ ꤋꤢꤪꤗꤢꤨ꤭
box n /tə˦/ ꤒꤣ break v to pause or rest /o˨kɯ ᵊ/
boy n /prɛ˦kʰu˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤋꤢꤨ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣꤞꤢꤧꤙꤢꤧ
boyfriend n /kʰo˧prɛ˨kʰu˧/ v to break /me˨ la˨kɛ˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤋꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ der. ꤘꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ
break out 18 broken

v break apart using two briefly adj /ta˨plə˨pʰu˦/

hands (i.e. bread) ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤣ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ der.
/i˨bi˨mɯ˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤤ꤬ꤗꤢꤦ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ;
break out phr to break out with
sores /tʰe˨ʂi˦tʰe˨va˧/ bright v /li˧ta˨kʰɛ˧ra˨sʰo˧/
ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤤꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤜꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭
breakable adj able to be brightness n /tɛ˨li˧ta˨kʰɛ˧/
destroyed or broken
brilliance n /tɛ˨ta˨kʰɛ˧ra˨sʰo˧/
/pje˦ʤja˦/ ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤡꤟꤛꤢ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭
adj easy to break, fragile bring v to take something and
/la˨kɛ˦zu˧/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧꤐꤢꤨ꤭ bring it /pʰje˦hja˧/
breakfast n morning food ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤐꤟꤢꤟꤛꤢ꤭
bring back phr to
/mɔ˦li˧ sʰɛ˨e˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤭ ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ physically force to return
breast n /nɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ /ʤwi˨ka˨/ ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
breastplate n a metal covering
bring in phr /pʰje˦hja˧nɯ ᵊ˧/
to protect the chest ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪꤓꤢꤧ Britain n /ku˧la˧ke˦/
breathe v /ʂɛ˦/ ꤞꤢꤧ der. ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭; ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ British n /ku˧la˧/ ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ der.
unable to breath phr ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
brittle adj in reference to trees,
/ke˦la˨ʂɛ˦tɯ ˧bi˦/
branches, etc. /kru˦/ ꤊꤚꤢꤨ
broad adj wide /lja˦/ ꤜꤟꤛꤢ
breathing n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦nɯ ᵊ˧ʂɛ˦tʰe˨/
der. ꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ
broke adj destroyed /pje˦/
bride n /prɛ˨kʰo˧mɛ˧ mɔ˨mɯ ᵊ/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤌꤣ
adj i.e. a bone /la˨kɛ˦/
bridegroom n
/kʰo˧mɛ˧kʰu˧pʰɛ˧/ broken adj /a˨la˨kɛ˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ
ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤊꤚꤝꤤ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ
bridge n a place for crossing adj to break or split apart
/kʰo˦/ ꤋꤥ /pʰɛ˦kja˧/ ꤖꤢꤧꤊꤛꤢ꤭
bronze 19 bug

bronze n see brass /ta˨li˧bja˧/ brush v to brush your hair

ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ /kʰwi˦ kʰu˨lɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤋꤝꤤ
brook n stream /tʰje˧klo˧pʰu˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ n a brush for hair /le˦kʰwi˦
broom n /i˨du˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤭ der. kʰu˨lɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤋꤝꤤ
ꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤭ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬
brother n younger brother v to brush (i.e. with a
paintbrush) /tʰɯ˦/ ꤓꤢꤦ
/pɯ ᵊ˦prɛ˨kʰu˧/
ꤕꤟꤌꤣꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ brute n /ka˨ja˧ha˧
n older brother ka˨ja˧ka˧kɛ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤢ꤭
buck n male deer /krɔ˦pʰɛ˧/
ꤠꤟꤛꤢꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ ꤊꤚꤢꤪꤖꤢꤧ꤭
brother-in-law n term for
bucket n see barrel /tʰje˧pu˦/
brother-in-law who is the
opposite sex from ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤢꤨ
yourself /kʰi˧/ ꤋꤤ꤭ buckle n belt buckle /sʰu˨tʰɔ˧/
n term for brother-in-law
when your in-law is also buddha n /dʒɔ˦bwi˦/ ꤡꤟꤢꤪꤙꤝꤤ
der. ꤙꤟꤥꤘꤟꤢ
male /na˨/ ꤔꤢ꤬
Buddhist n practices Buddhism
brothers n siblings (male or
/dʒɔ˦bɛ˧ dʒɔ˦bwi˦/ ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭
female), brothers and sisters
/pɯ ᵊ˦vja˦/ ꤕꤟꤌꤣꤠꤟꤛꤢ Buddhist monastery n
older brother phr /dʒɔ˦bwi˦ho˧/
/vja˦prɛ˨kʰu˧/ ꤡꤟꤢꤪꤙꤝꤤꤟꤥ꤭
ꤠꤟꤛꤢꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ buffalo n water buffalo
younger brother phr /pa˨nɛ˦/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤧ der.
younger brother ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤧꤗꤟꤤ꤬
/pɯ ᵊ˦prɛ˨kʰu˧/ buffet v by the wind /sʰa˦sʰɯ˨/
ꤕꤟꤌꤣꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤏꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬
ꤕꤟꤌꤣ bug n /ʂi˦/ ꤞꤤ
brown adj /ɔ˦/ ꤢꤪ der. ꤢꤪꤊꤚꤢꤧ; n bed bug /ta˨kre˨/
ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤪ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤩ꤬
bugle 20 bush

bugle n made with a buffalo's Burmese n the language

horn /i˨ko˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤥ /mja˨ŋo˦/ ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤥ
build v i.e. a house /i˨sʰɔ˦/ n the people of Burma
ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ der. ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤥ꤬; ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤓꤛꤢ꤬; /mja˨ke˦pʰu˦/
ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨ
v /dʒɔ˦/ ꤡꤢꤪ burn v /i˨sʰɯ˦ɯ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤦꤢꤦ꤭ der.
v to cause to grow /me˨tʰja˨/
ꤢꤦ꤭; ꤏꤢꤦꤢꤦ꤭; ꤏꤢꤦꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭; ꤏꤢꤦꤢꤦ꤭
n /mi˨la˦ɯ˧/ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤢꤦ꤭ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤢꤦ꤭
v to get burned /mi˨lwo˦/
builder n /prɛ˨sʰɔ˦hi˨/ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤟꤤ꤬ der. burp v /pa˨ɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der.
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤡꤟꤛꤢꤟꤤ꤬ ꤏꤤꤕꤢ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ꤭
bull n male cow /pu˦pʰɛ˧/ burst v to burst or split apart
ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤖꤢꤧ꤭ and be broken /pʰɛ˦pje˦kja˧/
bullet n /ʃi˦ɳa˨plɔ˨/ ꤖꤢꤧꤕꤛꤢꤩꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤏꤤꤑꤟꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ v to explode /pɔ˦prə˦/
bump n raised area /ta˨nu˨/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤨ꤬ bury v to bury a person /i˨lɯ ᵊ/
burden n that which is
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤤ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
v plant by burying
carried /tɛ˨vi˦tɛ˨za˦/
/sʰɔ˦plɯ˧/ ꤏꤢꤪꤕꤜꤢꤦ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤠꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ der. ꤤ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ
bus n /lo˦ba˦/ ꤜꤟꤥꤙꤢ
v to cause to be burdened
bus station n a place for buses
/me˨tʰɯᵊ˨me˨ɲe˦/ to stop /le˦o˨kɯ ᵊ˦ lo˦ba˦
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ kʰa˨le˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ
burglars n /prɛ˨pɯ ˦pʰe˨ ꤜꤟꤥꤙꤢ ꤋꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
jɛ˦plɛ˦pʰe˨ u˧/ bus stop n /lo˦ba˦ kʰa˧le˦
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤖꤢꤩ꤬ ꤛꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤧꤖꤢꤩ꤬ ꤢꤨ꤭ o˨kɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤜꤟꤥꤙꤢ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
Burma n the country of Burma ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ
(Myanmar) /mja˨ke˦/ bush n /ʤa˧ʤɯ ᵊ/ ꤡꤟꤢ꤭ꤡꤟꤌꤣ
ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤩ ꤡꤟꤢ꤭ꤡꤟꤌꤣꤡꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ
Burman n /mja˨lɔ˨/ n low bush or small tree
ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ /ʂɔ˨tɔ˧/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤭
business 21 call

business v to do business butterfly n /pi˧pja˦/ ꤕꤤ꤭ꤕꤟꤛꤢ

/me˨kɯ ˦me˨kʰa˦/ buttocks n bottom /kʰa˧plje˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤦꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ
n to buy and sell button n /dʒa˨plɔ˨/ ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
/i˨sʰɛ˧i˨pri ˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ der. ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
business person n a person buy v /i˨pri ˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ der.
who does business ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤥ꤭
/prɛ˨me˨kɯ ˦me˨kʰa˦/ buy and sell phr /i˨pri ˨i˨sʰɛ˧/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤦꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der.
busy adj not free or available
by prep see 'with' /na˦/ ꤔꤢ
/o˨ko˧to˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
by oneself phr /ni ˦dɯ˨/
but conj /ma˨na˦rɔ˦/ ꤗꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤚꤢꤪ
der. ꤗꤢ꤬ꤔꤢ; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ;
ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤛꤢꤩ
bypass v to go past or
Butea tree n a type of tree that beyond
flowers /ko˨mɔ˦/ ꤊꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ /kʰɛ˧ta˨lwo˦ʤɯᵊta˨lje˨/

cabbage n /ta˨plɛ˨bo˨/ cafe n tea shop
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤥ꤬ /tʰje˧ku˦sʰɛ˧klɛ˧/
cabin n small house /hi˨pʰu˦/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭
ꤟꤤ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ cage n /a˨po˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤥ꤬
cackle v sound of a chicken v to place in a cage /dɔ˦o˨/
/ʃje˧mɯ ᵊka˨te˦/ ꤘꤢꤪꤥ꤬
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ calendar n /li˨na˨lɛ˧/
chicken n hen /ʃje˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭
calf n /pṳ˦pʰu˦/ ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤖꤢꤨ der.
n chicken meat /ʃje˧zje˨/ ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ call v /ɛ˦/ ꤢꤧ
call out 22 capital

call out phr /ɛ˦tʰe˨ka˨/ can v able /ʤja˦/ꤡꤟꤛꤢ

ꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der. ꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ v successful /pe˦/ ꤕꤢꤩ
call to come down phr v it's possible to do /a˨ni ˦/
/ɛ˦ta˧/ ꤢꤧꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ
call to come together phr Canada n /kʰɛ˨ne˨da˨ke˦/
cancer n borrowed word from
ꤢꤧꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤒꤟꤣ der. english /kʰɛ˨sə˨/ ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤎꤣ꤬
ꤢꤧꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ candle n /ta˨rɛ˦bo˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤧꤙꤥ꤭
call to leave phr
candy n /kʰɛ˨ʃɯ˧plɔ˨/
/ɛ˦tʰe˨ʤɯᵊ/ ꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
call to meet phr /ɛ˦o˨ku˦/ canine teeth n fang,
ꤢꤧꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ eyetooth /kʰu˨kʰje˧tʰwi˨/
call to return phr ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤝꤤ꤬
canker sore n when the inside
/ɛ˦ka˨kʰje˧/ ꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ of the mouth hurts
der. ꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬ /kja˧ku˧sʰɛ˧/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
calm v /o˨hɯ ᵊ˨o˨ʂwɛ˦/ cannot v unable, incapable of
ꤥ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤞꤝꤢꤧ der. ꤥ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ doing /ʤja˦to˨/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬
adj no wind or waves v not able to succeed in
/ke˦ta˨ʤə˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤣ doing /me˨bɛ˦to˨/
adj quiet /ʂɯᵊ˨kre˧/
v not possible to do /ni ˦to˨/
ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤭ ꤔꤟꤤꤒꤥ꤬
Cambodia n /kʰa˨bɔ˦di˦ja˦/ canvass v to help to get
ꤋꤢ꤬ꤙꤟꤢꤪꤘꤤꤛꤢ elected /dʒwi˨mɛ˦/
camel n /ta˨ʂi˦bɯ ᵊ˧du˨/ ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤧ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤤꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ cape n a part of land going out
camera n borrowed word from in the water /klɯ˦ta˨dɯ˨/
English /kʰɛ˨mə˨ra˨/
capital n the major city in a
ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤣ꤬ꤚꤢ꤬ country or state /vi ˧mɯ ᵊ/
n for taking pictures ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣ
/le˦mɯ ˧za˦zo˨/ n referring to money
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬ /rɯ˧ra˧/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤚꤢ꤭
capsize 23 carry

capsize v spill over /ta˧klɔ˧/ carpet n something that is laid

ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ down, see mat /le˦dɛ˧/
car n /lo˦dʒɛ˦/ ꤜꤟꤥꤡꤢꤧ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤘꤢꤧ꤭
car park n place for putting the carrot n /ta˨plɛ˨tje˦li ˨/
car /le˦be˨o˨ lɔ˦dʒɛ˦ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢꤩꤜꤟꤤ꤬ der.
kʰa˧le˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤡꤢꤧ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢꤩꤙꤢꤨ꤭
carry v on the shoulder
(bamboo poles, etc.) /za˦/
carcass n rottenness, decay
ꤐꤟꤢ der. ꤐꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬;
/tɛ˨ʂɔ˧tɛ˨lɔ˨/ ꤐꤟꤢꤡꤛꤣ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ v carry over the shoulder
card n paper /li˨ba˨/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ (bag, pocket book,
play cards phr to play cards sash) /sʰa˧/ ꤏꤢ꤭ der.
/ba˦ pʰa˦/ ꤙꤢ ꤖꤢ ꤏꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤪꤜꤝꤥ
v carry with a head strap
cardboard n thick paper
(basket) /vi˦/ ꤠꤤ der.
/dʒe˨ba˨dɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤠꤤꤐꤟꤢ
care n /tɛ/˨mja˦kʰwɛ˨/ v carry on or over the head
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬ der. (i.e. umbrella) /kɯ ᵊ/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ
care for phr to take care of v carry a backpack, two
/mja˦kʰwɛ˨/ ꤗꤛꤢꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬ der. shoulder straps /va˨/ ꤠꤢ꤬
ꤗꤛꤢꤔꤟꤤꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ v carry a small child with a
carefully adv /ta˧te˨/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ long cloth on the back
der. ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ /pi˨/ ꤕꤤ꤬ der. ꤕꤤ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ
careless adj to not pay attention
v carry a knife at your
to /dja˨ʂu˨dja˨ʂɛ˦to˨/
side /rhja˦/ ꤚꤟꤛꤢ
ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤥ꤬ v lift and carry (box,
adj not care for well
things) /ʤɔ˧/ ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭ der.
/kʰwɛ˨rja˦to˨/ ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
ꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬ v carry a child ꤖꤛꤢꤟꤛꤢ꤭
adj /ta˧te˨to˨/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬ v carried or blown by the
carnelian n kind of gem /lɔ˦ʂe˦ wind (i.e. a boat) /tʰɔ˧/
ʃje˧ʂwi˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤩ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ -ꤓꤢꤪ꤭
carry a heavy load 24 chance

carry a heavy load phr celery n /pʰo˧dʒi ˧pʰu˦lɛ˨/

/vi˦tʰɯᵊ˨za˦tʰɯᵊ˨/ ꤖꤥ꤭ꤡꤟꤤ꤭ꤖꤢꤨꤜꤢꤧ꤬ der.
ꤠꤤꤓꤌꤣ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤓꤌꤣ꤬ ꤖꤥ꤭ꤡꤟꤤ꤭ꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬
cart n /lo˦/ ꤜꤟꤥ cell phone n telephone
cartilage n /krwi˦ʤɛ˦/ /tʰɛ˨li˨pʰo˧/ ꤓꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤤ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭
ꤊꤚꤝꤤꤡꤟꤢꤧ cement n /lɔ˦ta˨ma˦bɯ˨/
cartwheel v /vi˧ta˨klwi˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤙꤢꤦ꤬
ꤠꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ cemetery n /lɯ ᵊ˧kʰu˨/
cash n /rɯ˧/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
cassava n /krɯ ˨ʂɔ˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ censer n /di˧be˧tʰɛ˧ta˨ɛ˨/
cat n /tʰwo˦/ ꤓꤛꤥ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤢꤧ꤬
catch v to catch up to /lɯ ˨lɛ˦/ center n /kla˧me˧/ ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭
ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ ꤒꤥ꤬ der. ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤦ;
v to catch, arrest, hold /pɯ ˦/ ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
ꤕꤟꤢꤦ centipede n /ta˨tʰɛ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤧ
cattle n /pṳ˦pa˨nɛ˦/ certain adj careful /ta˧te˨/
ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤧ der. ꤕꤟꤢꤨ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
cauliflower n /ta˨plɛ˨pʰo˧/
chaff n /bɯ ᵊʂu˨/ ꤙꤟꤌꤣꤞꤢꤨ꤬
cave n /krɔ˧ku˧/ ꤊꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ der. chain n /sʰu˨plje˨tɔ˦tʰɛ˦/
ꤜꤟꤢꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪꤓꤢꤧ der.
ceiling n /ma˧dɛ˦/ ꤗꤟꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤪꤓꤢꤧꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬
chair n /kʰu˨klja˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ
n /ta˨dʒɔ˨kʰu˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
der. ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤬
celebrate v make a big chalk n /he˨bu˧/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤨ꤭
celebration /me˨pwɛ˨du˨/ chalkboard n blackboard
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤬ /lɔ˦ba˨du˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤙꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
celebration n
challenge v /ɛ˦kɯ ˦ɛ˦sʰwe˧/
/tɛ˨me˨pwɛ˨me˨la˧/ ꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢꤦꤢꤧꤏꤝꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢ꤭꤭ der. chance n opportunity
ꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤬; ꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤑꤢꤩ꤭
n /i˨lu˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ /a˨kʰwa˦a˨ja˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤢꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤬
change 25 children

change v /tʰu˨lja˨/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ cheap adj /a˨ŋu˨kɔ˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤬

der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ cheat v /e˨tɯ ˧o˧plɛ˨/
v /ta˨klja˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬
v to become different v rip off, cheat /da˧e˨
/tʰwo˧tʰja˨ kʰo˦kʰje˧/ u˧kʰu˨/ꤘꤢ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤋꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ check v /tʰɯ˦dʒe˨/ ꤓꤢꤦꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der.
changeable adj able to ꤓꤢꤦꤗꤛꤢ
change /ta˨klja˨ʤja˦/ cheek n /kʰa˧li˦ʃje˦/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤤꤏꤛꤢꤩ der. ꤔꤟꤤꤏꤛꤢꤩ
chapped adj dry skin
cheetah n /pʰɯ ᵊ˧kʰi˧kri˦/
/pʰa˦pɔ˦pʰɛ˦/ꤖꤢꤕꤟꤢꤪꤖꤢꤧ ꤕꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤋꤤ꤭ꤊꤚꤤ
chapter n /a˨ma˧du˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ chef n person who cooks
character n /tɛ˨ka˨tʰɔ˨o˨nja˧/ food /prɛ˨i˨pʰo˧ sʰɛ˨e˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬
n /tɛ˨o˨ʂa˧rja˧/ cherubim n transliteration of
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤞꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ cherubim /kʰe˨ru˦be˨/
n attentiveness, being ꤋꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤢꤨꤙꤢꤩ꤬
careful chest n /ta˨o˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤥ꤭
/tɛ˨dja˨ʂu˨dja˨ʂɛ˦/ chew v /i˨ʃja˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ der. chick n /ʃje˧pʰu˦/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ chickpea n /kɔ˦bi˧ bja˧kje˧/
charcoal n /kɔ˦pʰɛ˨ʂu˨/ ꤊꤢꤪꤙꤤ꤭ ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤊꤢꤪꤖꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ child n /pa˨ʤɛ˦pʰu˦/
charge v to accuse /be˨tɛ˨ʂɯ˦/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤖꤢꤨ der. ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧ; ꤖꤢꤨ
ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ n small child /pʰu˦pa˨ti˦/
v to command ꤖꤢꤨꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ
/he˦klɔ˨ma˨kja˧/ childhood n /pa˨ʤɛ˦kʰɛ˧/
ꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤋꤢꤧ꤭
chase v to pursue /lɯ ˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ children n /pʰu˦mɔ˨pʰu˦kʰu˧/
der. ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬; ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ ꤖꤢꤨꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤋꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤖꤢꤨꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
n /tɛ˨lɯ ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ n /pa˨dʒɛ˦/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧ der.
chasm n /lja˧˧1za˧du˨/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤖꤢꤨ
chile pepper 26 circumcision

chile pepper n /ʂɛ˨hja˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤝꤥ꤭ꤋꤢꤦ

ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ der. ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧ꤬ v to cut by slicing /pa˧kɛ˦/
chilly adj cold and shaking ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤧ
/ke˦ro˦ta˨nja˧/ chopping board n board for
chopping and cutting food,
etc. /i˨klja˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭
chimpanzee n /zɔ˧kɯ ˦/
ꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤦ Christ n /kʰri˦/ ꤋꤚꤤ
chin n /kʰɛ˨/ ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ Christian n /kʰri˦pʰu˦/ ꤋꤚꤤꤖꤢꤨ
China n /he˧ke˦/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩ chuckle v /ɲe˧hɯ ᵊ˨ɲe˧ʂwɛ˦/
Chinese n Chinese people ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤝꤢꤧ der.
/he˧ke˦pʰu˦/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨ church n referring to the
chocolate n borrowed word church as a group of
from English /dʒjɔ˦klɛ˦/ people
ꤡꤛꤢꤪꤊꤜꤢꤧ /prɛ˨zɯ ˦e˨tɛ˨plɔ˦mṳ˨/
choke v when the throat is
constricted, related to being
der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
ill /kʰja˦bi˦/ ꤋꤛꤢꤙꤤ der.
n the church as a building
v to choke or strangle /ʤi˨/ /ʂɔ˦rɔ˦/ ꤞꤢꤪꤚꤢꤪ der.
ꤡꤤ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤥ꤭
v to get something stuck in cigar n /ta˨rje˨bo˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭
your throat /e˨ta˨tʰɔ˦/ cigarette n /ta˨rje˨bo˧bu˧/
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ꤙꤢꤨ꤭
cholera n /tɛ˨ʃwi˦ sʰɛ˧hɔ˦lo˨/ n borrowed word from
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤢꤪꤜꤟꤥ꤬ English /si˦krɛ˦/ ꤎꤤꤊꤚꤢꤧ
choose v /nwo˦pʰje˦nwo˦me˨/ circular n a round shape, in the
ꤔꤝꤥꤖꤛꤢꤩꤔꤝꤥꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der. shape of a circle /ta˨lu˧/
ꤔꤝꤥꤖꤛꤢꤩ; ꤔꤝꤥ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢꤦ꤬
choosing n appointing circumcise v /dɯ˦ta˨li˦pʰa˦/
/tɛ˨nwo˦tʰja˨/ ꤘꤢꤦꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤꤖꤢ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤝꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬ circumcision n
chop v with an ax /i˨kwo˧/ /tɛ˨dɯ˦ta˨li˦pʰa˦/
ꤤ꤬ꤊꤝꤥ꤭ der. ꤤ꤬ꤊꤝꤥ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤧ; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤦꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤꤖꤢ
citizens 27 field, garden plot

citizens n citizens of a clap v to clap your hands

country /tʰje˧ke˦pʰu˦/ together /plja˦ ta˨kʰu˨ku˧/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨ der. ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ; ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨ clarity n clear understanding
n citizens of a city /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦ɲe˧plo˧pʰɛ˦/
/vi ˧ku˧pʰu˦/ ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ
der. ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ clashing adj not in harmony
n citizens of a kingdom /krɯ ˧klɛ˧to˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
/tʰje˧le˦ke˦ku˧pʰu˦/ clasp v to hold /kri ˨/ꤊꤚꤟꤤ꤬
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ n clips /tʰɛ˦ʃja˦/ ꤓꤢꤧꤏꤛꤢ
citrus n /ʂɔ˨ʂwi˦ʂɛ˨/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤝꤤꤞꤢꤧ꤬ class n stage, level /to˦/ ꤒꤟꤥ
city n /vi ˧/ ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ der. ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬; der. ꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤥꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤭
ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ classifiers to understand how to
use classifiers, refer to
city gate phr /vi ˧ka˨da˧/
number 11 in the
ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭ Grammatical Helps section
city authorities phr
animals /-dɯ ᵊ˧/ -ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭
municipal government der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭
/vi ˧ kʰu˨klɔ˦kʰu˨klja˧/ group of animals /-klɔ˦/
ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭ -ꤊꤜꤢꤪ der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ
city street phr /vi ˧ku˧klja˦/ books /-u˦/ ꤢꤨ der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤢꤨ
ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ bundle of firewood /-klɔ˧/
city walls phr /vi ˧ta˨rɛ˦ku˧/ ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤧꤊꤢꤨ꤭ coin /-mje˦/ -ꤗꤛꤢꤩ
civet cat n /tʰwo˦ta˨ʂi˦/ flat things; blanket, shirt,
ꤓꤛꤥꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤤ der. paper, map /-ba˨/ ꤙꤢ꤬
ꤓꤛꤥꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤢꤦ fish, leaves, money, birds
civil war n war inside the /-bɛ˨/ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
country /ke˦ku˧ tɛ˨sʰa˦/
flower /-pʰo˧/ -ꤖꤥ꤭
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢ piece of wood, bamboo,
claim v /da˦kwo˦/ ꤘꤢꤊꤝꤥ money /-ko˨/ -ꤊꤥ꤬
clamp v /klo˦ma˨/ ꤊꤜꤥꤗꤢ꤬ friend /-ʂwo˦/ -ꤞꤛꤥ
v squeeze together to pick
field, garden plot /-le˦/
up /da˦dje˦/ ꤘꤢꤘꤛꤢꤩ -ꤜꤟꤢꤩ der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
general things 28 clean

general things /-ʤə˨/ ꤡꤣ꤬ scroll /-klu˧/-ꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤭

der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬ blanket /-hɯ˧/ -ꤟꤢꤦ꤭ der.
group of people /-mṳ˨/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤟꤢꤦ꤭
ꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬ thick things /dɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭
round things; hill, seed
thing /-ʤə˨/ -ꤡꤣ꤬ der.
/-plɔ˨/ ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
branch /-pʰja˧/ -ꤖꤛꤢ꤭ small things /-mi˧/ -ꤗꤤ꤭
hour /-mɯ˧/ -ꤗꤢꤦ꤭ time /-hɯ˨/ -ꤟꤢꤦ꤬
island /-klɯ˦/ -ꤊꤜꤢꤦ town, city /-vi ˧/ -ꤠꤟꤤ꤭
item in family of like
transportation /-kʰu˨/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
things /-kɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤬
two sides /-kʰo˦/ -ꤋꤥ
clothing /-pɯ ˨/ ꤕꤟꤢꤦ꤬
verse, point, chapter /-ma˧/
word, language /-mɯ˧/ ꤗꤢꤦ꤭
fruits, house, large items
village /-dɔ˧/ -ꤘꤢꤪ꤭ der. -ꤏꤥ꤬
/-me˧/ ꤗꤢꤩ꤭
decorative leg rings things vineyard /-pʰɛ˨/ -ꤖꤢꤧ꤬
that are circular /-vɔ˨/ well, pool, lake /-ɔ˨/ -ꤢꤪ꤬
ꤠꤟꤢꤪ꤬ wings /-krɯ˨/ -ꤊꤚꤢꤦ꤬
level /-to˦/ -ꤒꤟꤥ dessert /-bɯ˨/ -ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ der.
long things; river, tree ꤒꤣ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬
/-bo˧/ -ꤙꤥ꤭ clay n /he˨i˧/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤤ꤭
night /-ʂɛ˧/ -ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ clean adj /mwo˧pli˧ʂi˧plo˨/
one sleeve, one shoe /-pʰje˨/ ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤞꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤬ der.
-ꤖꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭;
pairs of things /-pʰu˨/ -ꤖꤢꤨ꤬ ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤙꤢꤨ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ;
parts, sections /-kje˧/ ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭
-ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ v to make clean
person /-prɛ˨/ -ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. /ʃi˧pli˧ʃi˧plɛ˦/
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ der.
place /-pʰo˨/ -ꤖꤥ꤬ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭;
plants, trees /-mɔ˦/ -ꤗꤟꤢꤪ adj i.e. clean water /-sʰɛ˦/
/-ʂɔ˨/ -ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ -ꤏꤢꤧ
cleansing 29 close off

n clean or pure, i.e. a pure clerk n /prɛ˨me˨ta˨ra˨/

heart ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢ꤬
/tɛ˨mwo˧pli˧ʂi˧plo˨/ clever adj shrewd /li˨mja˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤞꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤬ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ꤭
v to clean or cleanse cleverness n /tɛ˨ʤja˦tɛ˨dɛ˨/
/me˨pli˧me˨pʰɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ꤭; ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ; cliff n /ta˨ɲa˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤑꤢ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ n /la˦/ ꤜꤟꤢ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤏꤥ꤬
adj white and clean /pʰɯ ᵉ˦/
climate n /ta˨lje˨ʂɛ˦/
ꤖꤟꤌꤣ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ
v to clear out i.e. weed
climb v ascend /tʰja˨/ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
/me˨la˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤢ
cling v /di˦kla˦/ ꤘꤤꤊꤜꤟꤢ
v to wipe clean /tʰɯ˦mwo˧/
clock n /mɯ˧to˧/ ꤗꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤥ꤭
close v shut /me˨bi˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤤ
cleansing n or cleaning
der. ꤞꤢꤪꤙꤤ
/tɛ˨me˨mwo˧pli˧/ adv near in distance, blood
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ der. relative, belonging to
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤞꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤬ oneself /ta˨tɔ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤬
clear adv in terms of der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤬;
understanding clearly ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤪ; ꤖꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤬
/ta˧plu˦/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤨ adj to be close by /pʰɯ˨/ ꤖꤢꤦ꤬
adj transparent /ʃje˦ka˨li˧/ der. ꤥ꤬ꤖꤢꤦ꤬; ꤥ꤬ꤖꤢꤦ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤝꤥ;
ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭ ꤖꤢꤦ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ
adv plainly /lɯ ᵊ˧li˧/ v close your eyes shut
ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭ /bɔ˨kri ˨bi˦/ ꤙꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤙꤤ
v clear (brush, weeds, v close your mouth
etc.) /me˨la˦li˧/ tightly /pə˧bi˦/ ꤕꤣ꤭ꤙꤤ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤜꤤ꤭ close off phr to put a wall or
adj white and clean /pʰɯ ᵊ˦/ fence around, enclose
ꤖꤟꤌꤣ /i˨ra˨ta˨va˨bi˦/
clearly adv to explain clearly ꤤ꤬ꤚꤟꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ꤙꤤ
/lɯ ᵊ˧plo˧/ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ der. phr close off with a
ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ꤚꤛꤢꤜꤢ꤭; ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭ curtain /ʤɔ˦ta˧tɯ ˧bi˦/
adv see clearly /li˧pʰo˦rja˦/
phr obstruct /ʂɛ˧bi˦/ ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ꤙꤤ
cloth 30 cocoon

cloth n blanket /i˨kɛ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤭ cluck v a clucking noise to

drive away cows or
n thin and transparent
buffalo /ka˨da˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤢ
cloth /sa˨ta˨prhje˧/
ꤎꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ cluttered adj messy
n cloth, something which /ta˨pʰi˧ta˨pʰɯ ᵊ˨/
could be used to sew and ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬
make clothing /bɛ˨u˧/ co-worker n /prɛ˨me˨ro˦lu˧tɛ˨/
ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤚꤤ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤟꤥꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
piece of cloth n /ka˨zɛ˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤣꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤭ coal n /mi˨klwo˦/ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤥ
clothes n /hje˨kɯ˧ʤa˨ʂja˦/ coarse adj rough /ʂwɛ˦ta˨ka˧/
ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤢꤦ꤭ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ ꤞꤝꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤭
clothing n upper and lower coast n /kʰo˧ma˦kʰo˧lo˨/
garments /hje˨ʤa˨/ ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤋꤥ꤭ꤜꤥ꤬
ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ der. coat v an outer large shirt
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ; /ʤa˨klɔ˧du˨/ ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤡꤟꤢ꤬ der. ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤬
n /le˦kɯ˧le˦ʂja˦/ coax v see tempt /i˨lo˨i˨lja˦/
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤞꤛꤢ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ
cloud n /ɔ˦lɯ ᵊ/ ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤌꤣ cobra n /ru˦plɔ˨/ ꤚꤟꤢꤨꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
cloudless adj /mɔ˦la˦/ der. ꤚꤟꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤭
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤟꤢ cock n rooster, male chicken
cloudy n /ke˦ɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤢꤟꤌꤣ꤬ /ʃje˧pʰɛ˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤭
der. ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢꤪ cockerel n /ʃje˧pʰɛ˧pʰu˦/
adj overcast, thick clouds ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
/ɔ˨lɯ ᵉ˦ dɯ ᵉ˧/ ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤌꤣ cockroach n /lɔ˨ki˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤤ
ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭ cocky adj to think highly of
adj dark clouds /kʰi˦ɔ˦lɯ ᵊ˦/ oneself /ta˨ne˨du˨ dje˦ne˦/
ꤋꤤꤢꤪꤜꤟꤌꤣ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤔꤟꤢꤩ
adj referring to vision coconut n /ma˦u˨ʂɛ˨/ ꤗꤢꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
/ɔ˦rɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤢꤪꤚꤟꤌꤣ coconut oil n /ma˦u˧tʰje˧/
club n /i˨mɯ ˧i˨pɔ˨/
cocoon num /ʂi˦lu˨/ ꤞꤤꤜꤢꤨ꤬
ꤤ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤤ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭; der. ꤞꤤꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭
coffee 31 come and take back

coffee n borrowed word from collect v /i˨tʰɯᵊ˨plɔ˦/

English /ka˨pʰi˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤖꤤ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤌꤣ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ der. ꤤ꤬ꤓꤌꤣ꤬
coffin n /lo˧/
ꤜꤥ꤭ der. v collect taxes, offerings
ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤭ /kwo˧/ ꤊꤝꤥ꤭
coil v to wrap around using v combine /be˨plɔ˦/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ
rope or metal wire /i˨bi˧/ der. ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤕꤜꤢꤪ
ꤤ꤬ꤙꤤ꤭ v pull together /tʰɔ˦plɔ˦/
coin n /rɯ˧zwɛ˨/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤛꤝꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤓꤢꤪꤕꤜꤢꤪ
collide v /pɔ˦bɛ˨/ ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤬
cold adv related to weather
color n /a˨la˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬
colorless adj /a˨la˨o˨to˨/
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤚꤟꤥꤊꤟꤢꤩꤏꤝꤤ der.
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤚꤟꤥ ꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
colt n /ta˨ʂi˦pʰu˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤤꤖꤢꤨ
adj i.e. cold water /ka˨ʤṳ˦/
coma v unconscious
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨ der.
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨ; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤬ /tʰja˨ta˨pa˨/ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬
n the common cold /ʂɛ˦ɔ˦/ comb n used to comb your hair
ꤞꤢꤧꤢꤪ /kɔ˦ʂje˨/ ꤊꤢꤪꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤬
collaborate v v to comb your hair
/me˨plɔ˦me˨dʒɯ˧/ /i˨kʰwi˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤋꤝꤤ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢꤦ꤭ ꤋꤝꤤꤕꤚꤟꤥ
n the comb on a rooster's
collapse v to fall down and be
head /ʃje˧kʰa˧di˨/
destroyed /la˨ta˧prɔ˨/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤤ꤬
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ combine v collect /be˨plɔ˦/
v when a person falls ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ
down /la˨kʰɯ˦la˨pɔ˨/ v put together /dja˨tə˦/
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤦꤜꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤣ
collar v near the neck /pla˧da˧/ come v /hja˧/ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
ꤕꤜꤢ꤭ꤘꤢ꤭ come see phr /hja˧mja˦tʰje˨/
colleague n fellow worker ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬
/prɛ˨me˨ro˦tɛ˨/ come and take back phr
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤟꤥꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ /hja˧pʰje˦ka˨/
come and argue 32 come stand

come and argue phr come kiss phr

/hja˧kre˦hja˧krja˦/ /hja˧nɯ ᵊ˨mɯ˦/
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤢꤦ
come arrive phr /hja˧tɯ ᵊ/ come meet phr to come and
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤌꤣ have a meeting
come ask phr /hja˧kwi˧/ together
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ /hja˧o˨ku˦o˨kja˦/
come ask for mercy phr ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ
/hja˧kwi˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨/ phr to come and meet
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ /hja˧mja˦sʰɯ˨/
come bend down and look ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬
phr /hja˧ŋɔ˨mja˦ʤwo˧/ come open phr
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤡꤝꤟꤥ꤭ /hja˧ba˦mo˧/ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤗꤥ꤭
come call phr /hja˧ɛ˦/ come out to see phr
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤢꤧ /hja˧tʰe˨mja˦/
come change phr ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ
/hja˧tʰu˨lja˨/ come pray phr /hja˧ʤɔ˦bɛ˧/
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭
come choose phr come put in phr
/hja˧nwo˦pʰje˦/ /hja˧sʰu˨nɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤔꤝꤥꤖꤛꤢꤩ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
come down phr /hja˧ta˧/ come question phr
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ /hja˧sʰu˨dja˧/
v to descend /hi˦ta˧/ ꤟꤤꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭
come eat phr /hja˧e˨/ come say phr /hja˧he˦/
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤩ
come enter and see phr come send phr /hja˧ʂu˧/
/hja˧nɯ ᵊ˧mja˦/ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤨ꤭
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ come speak phr
come explain phr /hja˧he˦bɛ˨/ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬
/hja˧he˦sʰo˨/ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ come stand phr
come fight phr /hja˧sʰa˦/ /hja˧ka˨tʰɔ˨/ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬
come stay 33 competent

come stay phr /hja˧o˨/ committee n borrowed word

ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬ from English /kɔ˨mi˨ti˨/
come take phr /hja˧pʰje˦/ ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤤ꤬ꤒꤤ꤬
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩ commotion n
come take care of phr /tɛ˨sʰu˦ʃi˧sʰu˦sʰa˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤤ꤭ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ der.
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤛꤢꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬ n /tɛ˨ta˨rɯ˧ta˨pja˧/
come take down phr ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤢ꤭
/hja˧pʰje˦ta˧/ community n group of
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢ꤭ people /prɛ˨a˨plɔ˦a˨mu˨/
come up phr /hja˧tʰja˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ company n 30 soldiers
come visit phr /hja˧o˨le˧/ /bɛ˦plɔ˦/ ꤙꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ
ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ compare v /ta˨lə˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤬ der.
come again phr /hja˧ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤬ ꤙꤛꤢꤙꤢꤦ꤭
kʰje˧θja˦/ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ v /te˧ra˨dɯ˧/ ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤭ der.
ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤛꤢ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤬ ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ
come in phr enter v /te˧di˧dʒɛ˧/ ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤤ꤭ꤡꤢꤧ꤭
/hja˧nɯ ᵊ˧/ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ compassion n
comfort v /i˨lɔ˧i˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤤ der. /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦zɔ˨kla˨bɛ˨/
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der.
comma n /ʃja˦/ ꤏꤛꤢ
compensate v pay back /-lje˧/
command v /me˨kja˧ŋo˦/ -ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤗꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ der. ꤗꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭; compensation n compensation
ꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ for war /klje˧rɯ˧lhje˧/
n /tɛ˨me˨kja˧ŋo˦/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ der. ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭; compete v /di˦ʤɛ˧/ ꤘꤤꤡꤢꤧ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ competence n ability
v ask to do /nɔ˧/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ /tɛ˨dʒja˦dɛ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬
commandment n /ŋo˦me˨kja˧/ competent v /ʤja˦dɛ˨/
ꤍꤟꤥꤗꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬
competition 34 confess

competition n /tɛ˨di˦ʤɛ˧/ compress v /la˨klja˨/

ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤤꤡꤢꤧ꤭ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
complain v /he˦ka˨he˨hja˧/ compromise v
ꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤟꤛꤢ꤭ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨mi˧kʰje˧lu˧/
complete adj finish
completely /tʰɯᵊ˧plɯ˦/
compute v record /dja˦ma˦/
ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤦ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤦ
adj all complete
computer n borrowed word
/o˨pwo˧o˨dwo˧/ from English /kɔ˨pju˨tə˨/
ꤥ꤬ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ꤭ ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ꤕꤛꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤣ꤬
prep to be finished
conceal v hide /be˨ɯ ᵊ˦be˨bi˦/
/tʰɯᵊ˧hɔ˦/ ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤤ
ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ conceited adj to think highly of
v finish, bring to an end oneself /ta˨ne˨du˨ dje˦ne˦/
/me˨ta˨dɯ˨kja˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤔꤟꤢꤩ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤕꤣ; ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤘꤢꤨ꤬
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤣ꤭; adj /pʰje˦du˨ne˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤦ; ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ
adj full /ba˧/ ꤙꤢ꤭ der. ꤙꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ concinna leaves n /ʃje˨mɯ˧lɛ˨/

completed v /me˨tʰɯᵊ˧hɔ˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ conclusion n final speech
completely adv to fully do /tɛ˨he˦bɛ˨ta˨dɯ˨/
something i.e. conquer ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬
completely /lɔ˧la˦ta˨kli˨/ condemn v /zṳ˧ta˨rja˧ta˧/
ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤤ꤬ der. ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤊꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤩ꤬ v accuse, charge /be˨tɛ˨ʂɯ˦/
compliment v to praise /ŋo˨
tʰu˨ʂɛ˦/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ
conference n meeting
n words of praise /ŋo˨
tʰu˨ʂɛ˦/ ꤍꤟꤥꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ
comply v indulge confess v /ɔ˦lja˨nɯ ᵊ˨lja˨/
/lɯ ˨lɛ˦ʂɛ˦plɔ˨/ ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
confidence 35 from now on

confidence n courage consideration n able to think

of others /tɛ˨ta˨ne˨ ʤja˦pe˦
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢ꤭ də˦ u˧ɲe˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤕꤟꤢꤩ ꤘꤣ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭
confident adj /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨kʰɯ˧
console v /i˨lɔ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭
ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ha˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ constipation n /i˨ta˨ʤje˧/
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤟꤢ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
confirm v /be˨klɔ˨ma˨/ consult v /də˨ɲa˧lu˧/ ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ der. consume v to eat all /e˨lɔ˧/
ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭
confiscate v /hɔ˧plɔ˦kja˧/
contagious adj /rɛ˦ni ˦ dʒja˦/
ꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤚꤟꤢꤧꤔꤟꤤ ꤡꤟꤛꤢ
conflicting v not in harmony container n something for
/krɯ ˧klɛ˧to˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ placing things in /le˦be˨na˦
confounded v /ta˨pa˨i˨hɯ˦/ ta˧mɯ ᵊ˦ti˧tɛ˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤔꤢ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤦ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤒꤤ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
contend v /sʰa˦ta˨nja˧/
confuse v /me˨sʰu˦ʃi˧sʰu˦sʰa˦/
ꤏꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤏꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬
content adj /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨mi˧/
confused adj /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨sʰu˦sʰa˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤤ꤭ der.
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤤ꤭ꤡꤟꤛꤢ
confusing adj /sʰu˦sʰa˦/ ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ v /me˨ʂɛ˦plɔ˨mi˧/
connect v /plwo˧tʰɯ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤤ꤭
ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ contentment n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦plɔ˨mi˧/
connected adj /plwo˧tʰɯ˧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤤ꤭
continent n /ke˦mɯ ᵊ/
o˨ne˨ hɔ˦/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤢꤩ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤌꤣ
continue v to continue to do
conquer v /sʰa˦pe˦/ ꤏꤢꤕꤢꤩ /me˨ple˨hja˧/
consider v /ta˨ne˨mja˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ der. v go forward /dʒɯᵊpa˨hja˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤡꤛꤣꤕꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der.
v to consider all the ꤕꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
options /ta˨ne˨plɯ˦pli˦/ from now on phr
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤦꤕꤜꤤ /ta˧pa˨hja˧/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
contract 36 somewhat correct

contract n /li˨klɔ˨ma˨/ cooperation n grouped

ꤜꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ together
contrary adj different /kʰo˦/ /tɛ˨me˨plɔ˦me˨dʒɯ˧/
ꤋꤥ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢꤦ꤭
control v to control the body or copper n /kre˧/ ꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤭
heart /kʰɔ˧/ ꤋꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤋꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ n /ta˨li˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭
v to force /pe˦e˨pe˦o˧/ copulate v /vja˨/ ꤠꤛꤢ꤬
ꤕꤢꤩꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢꤩꤥ꤭ copy v to imitate /me˨bja˦bɯ˧/
convenient adj perfect ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤛꤢꤙꤢꤦ꤭
/a˨to˧a˨ebɛ˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ cord n /i˨pli˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ
conversation n core n the core of a tree /ki˦/
/tɛ˨he˦bɛ˨kʰje˧lu˧/ ꤊꤤ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ coriander n /pʰo˧dʒi ˧lɛ˨/
converse v /he˦bɛ˨he˦ʃɯᵊ˧ ꤖꤥ꤭ꤡꤟꤤ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬
kʰje˧lu˧/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤛꤣ꤭ corn n /ʃi˨lɔ˧/ ꤏꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ der.
ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ ꤋꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧ꤬
convinced v /ta˨ne˨thja˦/ corner n /a˨na˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢ corpse n dead body /lɯ ᵊ˧to˨/
cook v /i˨pʰo˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ der. ꤖꤥ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤟꤥ꤬
v cook in coals /i˨bɯ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤭ correct v to correct someone
cooked adj cooked and ready to /i˨ʂjo˦rja˦ka˨/
eat /sʰwi˦/ ꤏꤝꤤ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤚꤛꤢꤊꤟꤢ꤬
adj cooked but still too hot adj correct, right /to˧/ ꤒꤥ꤭
to eat /wo˧/ ꤝꤥ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
exactly right phr
cool adj i.e. cool water
/ka˨dʒu˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨ
v referring to a breeze or fan
almost right phr /pʰɯ˨to˧/
/pa˨lwi˧/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤤ꤭ ꤖꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ der. ꤖꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ
cooperate v to do together somewhat correct phr
/me˨plɔ˦me˨dʒɯ˧/ /pʰɯ˨lɛ˦pʰɯ˨zje˨/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢꤦ꤭ ꤖꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤢꤧꤖꤢꤦ꤬ꤐꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
corrode 37 cover

corrode v /tʰe˨i˨tʰe˨krɔ˨/ courage n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦plɔ˨kʰɯ˧ha˦/

ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤢ der.
corrosion n rust ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢ꤭
/tɛ˨tʰe˨i˨tʰe˨krɔ˨/ courageous adj
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨kʰɯ˧ha˧/
cost n /a˨ŋu˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤢ꤭ der.
costly adj expensive, ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤟꤢ꤭;
valuable /ŋṳ˨du˨pri ˨du˨/
ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤢ꤭; ꤟꤢ꤭
ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der. n a person with courage
ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ /ka˨ja˧ha˧ ka˨ja˧ka˧kɛ˨/
cotton n /ta˨pʰja˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤛꤢ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤢ꤭ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤢ꤭ꤊꤢꤧ꤬
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤗꤟꤢꤪ court n place of punishment
cotton gin n machine that /tɛ˨ʤi˨rja˨ho˧/
separates the seeds from the ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ der.
cotton /i˨ko˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤥ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤡꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
cough v /ta˨kʰɯ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ courtyard n within the wall
counsel n /tɛ˨dʒja˨tɛ˨ɲa˨/ around the house /hi˨vi ˧ku˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤑꤢ꤬ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
counselor n adviser cousin n /pɯ ᵊbu˧/ ꤕꤟꤌꤣꤙꤢꤨ꤭
/prɛ˨dje˦dʒja˨/ first cousin n /tə˨pɯ ᵊbu˧/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤡꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤟꤌꤣꤙꤢꤨ꤭
count v /dja˨ma˦/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢ der. second cousin phr
ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ ꤗꤢꤒꤥ꤭ /nje˧pɯ ᵊ˦bu˧/
country n /tʰje˧ke˦/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩ ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤟꤌꤣꤙꤢꤨ꤭
der. ꤊꤟꤢꤩ; ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤌꤣ covenant n agreement, promise
country at peace phr /tɛ˨ə˧lja˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤣ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der.
/ke˦ʂɯᵊ˨ke˦kre˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤭ v /e˨ma˨sʰɛ˨/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬
couple n two or three cover v to cover with a
/nje˧ʂɯᵊ˧/ ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ blanket /i˨tʰɔ˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ
n wife and husband v to cover with a lid or
something else
/me˧vɛ˨/ ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤬
/kɛ˧kɯ ᵊbi˦/ ꤊꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤟꤌꤣꤙꤤ
covered 38 crooked

der. ꤊꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩꤙꤤ create v /bja˦lja˨te˧lja˨/

v to bury /plɯ˧bi˦/ ꤕꤜꤢꤦ꤭ꤙꤤ ꤙꤛꤢꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der.
v to cover or shut off ꤙꤛꤢ; ꤙꤛꤢꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬;
/me˨bi˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤤ ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
create anew phr
v to cover over /dʒa˨ɔ˦bi˦/
v to cover your ears /ti ˨bi˦/
ꤒꤟꤤ꤬ꤙꤤ creation n created things
n i.e. bottle cap, lid /tɛ˨bja˦lja˨/
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤛꤢꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der.
covered adj /klo˦/ ꤊꤜꤥ creator n /prɛ˨bja˦/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤛꤢ
adj covered with water crevasse n /krɔ˧/ ꤊꤚꤢꤪ꤭
ꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤦ꤬ crime n sin, mistake /tɛ˨ʂɯ˦/
cow n /pṳ˦/ ꤕꤟꤢꤨ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ
ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤤ; ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤬; cripple n /ka˨ja˧ da˦tɔ˧/
ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤗꤟꤌꤣ; ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤖꤢꤧ꤭ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤘꤢꤒꤢꤪ꤭ der.
cowardly adj /ta˨rɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤨ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬ crippled adj when the foot is
crab n /ʃwo˨/ ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ der. ꤏꤝꤥ꤬ cut off /kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨tɯ ˧/
crack v shatter /pʰɛ˦re˦/ ꤖꤢꤧꤚꤢꤩ
adj lame /da˦tɔ˧/ ꤘꤢꤒꤢꤪ꤭ der.
cracked adj exploded /pɔ˦pʰɛ˦/
criticism n /tɛ˨pa˨ʤje˦i˨ʃje˦/
cradle n /i˨ʤɔ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ
crash v i.e. car crash /pɔ˦bɛ˨/ criticize v /pa˨ʤje˦i˨ʃje˦/
ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ der.
crawl v /pu˧ŋɔ˧dʒɯ˦/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ
ꤕꤢꤨ꤭ꤍꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ crocodile n /ta˨zɛ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤧ
crayon n /li˨bo˧a˨la˨/ crooked adj liar, crooked
ꤜꤤ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ person /ka˨plja˨/
crazy adj /ta˨mwi˧ʂɛ˧rɛ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤊꤢ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤝꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤝꤤ꤭ v not straight /ʤɔ˦to˨/
crop 39 cumin

adj crooked road crowded adj /o˨plu˨o˨pʰɛ˨/

/ta˨ki˧ta˨ka˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤨ꤬;
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der. ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤨ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ crown v to crown or place on
the head /klwo˧tʰja˨/
crop n lit. fruit and flower
/ʂɔ˨ʂɛ˨vɛ˨pʰo˧/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤠꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭
n a gold crown
n general word for
vegetation /tɛ˨mɔ˦tɛ˨bo˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤧ꤭
cruel v to treat severely,
n fruit or harvest
persecute /me˨dʒje˧dʒɯ˨/
/tɛ˨ʂɛ˨tɛ˨pʰo˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤢꤦ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ crumbs n food that has
good crop-fruit phr fallen /sʰɛ˨e˨ ta˧kɯ ᵊta˧vɛ˧/
/ʂɛ˨two˦ʂɛ˨rja˦/ ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤟꤌꤣꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ crush v /mɯ˨ ka˨pri ˧/ ꤗꤢꤦ꤬
cross v to go across /ʤɯᵊ˦bɛ˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤭
ꤡꤛꤣꤙꤢꤧ v crush with the foot /zi ˦ta˧/
n the Christian cross ꤐꤟꤤꤒꤟꤢ꤭
/to˧lja˧hi˨tʰɯ˨/ cry v /ŋɯ ᵊ/ ꤍꤟꤌꤣ der.
ꤒꤥ꤭ꤜꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤍꤟꤌꤣꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤤ;
ꤟꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤬ꤘꤤꤊꤢꤧ꤬ ꤍꤟꤌꤣꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ;
crossbow n /klje˨/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤍꤟꤌꤣꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤍꤟꤌꤣꤥ꤬
crow v when the rooster v when one's tears fall
crows /i˨u˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤢꤨ꤬ der.
ꤤ꤬ꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤧ꤭; ꤤ꤬ꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der.
n /dʒɔ˦vɛ˨/ ꤡꤢꤪꤠꤢꤧ꤬ ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
crowd n a group of people cucumber n /dje˧ʂɛ˨/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
/ka˨ja˧ bɛ˦mṳ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ culture n /te˨dʒɛ˦dɛ˨ʂa˧rja˧/
ꤙꤢꤧꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤘꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ der.
ꤙꤢꤧꤊꤜꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤥ꤭
v /ta˨dwi˦ta˨ʃja˨/ cumin n transliteration of the
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤝꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ spice cumin /kʰa˨mɛ˦/
cup 40 cymbal

cup n /be˧/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ custom n /le˦klo˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤥ꤭

cure v /za˨la˨me˦ka˨/ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤥ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤋꤛꤢ꤬
ꤐꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der. n folklore /ro˨rja˧/ ꤚꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤭
ꤐꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ cut v cutting hair /i˨ʤi˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤡꤤ꤭
adj /ri ˨/ ꤚꤟꤤ꤬ v the cutting of small
curled adj curled up /da˦kʰɯ ᵊ˧/ things /i˨kɛ˦ka˨/
ꤘꤢꤋꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der. ꤊꤟꤢꤧꤒꤟꤢ꤭
ꤘꤢꤋꤟꤌꤣ꤭ v to cut off a branch
currency n money /rɯ˧/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ /zɔ˦kɛ˦ka˨/
current n water flow ꤐꤟꤢꤪꤊꤟꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬
/tʰje˧tʰwi˦klo˧/ v to cut or slice with an ax
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤝꤤꤊꤜꤥ꤭ or sword /pa˧tɯ ˧/
curry n /i˨ʂwi˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤝꤤ
ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭
v cut back and forth, sawing
curse v /i˨sʰɔ˧ha˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤟꤢ꤭ der.
/cut with a knife/ ꤘꤢꤦ
n /tɛ˨sʰɔ˧ha˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤟꤢ꤭ v split, to cut with knife
der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ /pʰɯ ᵊ˧kje˧/ ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭
curtain n large cloth v a sharp cut /tʰja˧/ ꤓꤛꤢ꤭
/i˨kɛ˧ba˨du˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤙꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ v cut open, operate /pra˧pʰɛ/
n /bɛ˨u˧le˦me˨bi˦/
ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤤ v to snap off /i˨ʤo˧tɯ ˧/
curve n /ta˨ka˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
cute adj i.e. a cute baby
curvy adj crooked, not
straight /ta˨ki˧ta˨ka˨/ /ʂɛ˦ta˨ʤa˦/
ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤢ der.
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ ꤒꤝꤟꤥ ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤢ ꤋꤥꤘꤢꤦ꤬
cymbal n /ʤa˦ʤje˦/ ꤡꤢꤡꤛꤢꤩ
daily 41 daytime

daily adv /pwo˧ɲe˧pwo˧ʂɛ˧/ darken v to cause to not see
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ /me˨kʰi˦me˨ta˨pa˨/
dam n /tʰje˧kʰɔ˨˨,/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤤꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ der.
damage v to destroy or ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤤ
break /me˨pje˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤛꤢꤩ darkness n /tɛ˨kʰi˦tɛ˨lɔ˨/
damaged adj /a˨pje˦a˨lu˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤋꤤ;
ꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤤ; ꤋꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤤ;
dance v /i˨le˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤬ adj ꤋꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬
v /pa˨ɲa˦ la˨vɔ˧/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ date n the day /ɲe˧ʂɛ˧/ ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤭
daughter n /pʰu˦prɛ˨mɔ˨/
danger n /tɛ˨ta˨rɔ˨ʂɛ˦
ꤖꤢꤨꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ der.
ʂɛ˦i˨sʰe˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ ꤖꤢꤨꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢ꤭
n term of endearment
dangerous adj that which can
be frightening /pʰu˦mɔ˨/ ꤖꤢꤨꤗꤢꤪ꤬
/ʂɛ˦i˨ʃe˧dʒja˦/ daughter-in-law n /dja˨/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬
ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤟꤛꤢ dawn n daybreak /mɔ˦li˧bu˧/
dare v /o˨bɯ˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤭ꤙꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤭ꤚꤟꤥ꤬
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ day n /mɔ˦ɲe˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤑꤢꤩ꤭ der.
v /ɛ˦kɯ ˦ɛ˦sʰwe˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤧ꤭
day after tomorrow phr
daring adj /bɯ˨/ ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ der.
ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬ /sʰo˧vi˦/ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤠꤤ
dark adj /kʰi˦ta˨rɯ ˨/ day off (holiday) phr
ꤋꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤋꤤ; /mo˦ɲe˧o˨kɯ ᵊ˦/
ꤋꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ
adj early in the morning
daytime n /mɔ˦sʰɛ˧klɛ˧/
before it's still light
/mɔ˦kʰi˦ɔ˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤋꤤꤢꤪ
dead 42 deer

dead adj /ʂje˧hɔ˦/ ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ der. deception n /tɛ˨i˨lo˨ la˨ho˧e˨

ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤦꤊꤛꤢ꤭ u˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤢꤨ꤭
n person who has died decide v /ta˨zje˨o˨ne˨/
/ka˨ja˧ʂje˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬
act dead phr to pretend to v /dja˨lja˨ ʂɛ˦plɔ˨/
be dead /dʒje˦ʂje˧/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
deaf adj /kʰa˧lɛ˨ka˨ɔ˧/ decision n /tɛ˨ta˨zje˨o˨ne˨/
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤢꤪ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬
deal v buy and sell /i˨sʰɛ˧i˨pri ˨/ declare v /he˦sʰo˨ ta˧lɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
death n /tɛ˨ʂje˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. decompose v when a seed
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤭ decomposes in the soil
debt n /sʰu˨/ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤔꤟꤌꤣꤏꤢꤨ꤬; /pʰa˦kra˧ʂɔ˧re˦/
ꤔꤟꤌꤣꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤥ꤬; ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤥ꤬ ꤖꤢꤊꤚꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤚꤟꤢꤩ
decorate v to make pretty and
decay v rotten /ʂɔ˧/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤭
good /me˨two˦me˨rja˦/
deceive v to disguise a lie ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ
/klwo˨la˨ho˧/ ꤊꤜꤝꤥ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ decrease v /jo˨/ ꤛꤥ꤬ der.
v to lie and deceive ꤛꤥ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
/la˨ho˧e˨u˧/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤢꤨ꤭ v decrease in amount
der. ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬; /ta˧zjo˨/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤛꤝꤥ꤬
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤛꤢ꤬ dedicate v lit. put holy
v to tempt /i˨lo˨la˨ho˧/
/be˨ʤa˧sʰɛ˧/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
deduct v to take out, remove
deceiver n a crooked person
/tʰɔ˦tʰe˨/ ꤓꤢꤪꤓꤢꤩ꤬
/ka˨ja˧ka˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
deep adj /za˧/ ꤐꤟꤢ꤭ der. ꤐꤛꤢ꤭
n a person who tempts
deepen v /me˨ta˧za˧/
deer n /krɔ˦/ ꤊꤚꤢꤪ der. ꤊꤚꤢꤪꤖꤢꤧ꤭;
December n borrowed word
from English /di˨ze˨bə˨/
n yellow deer /ta˨kʰje˧/
defeat 43 dentist

defeat v to win, overcome /pe˦/ delicate adj /a˨dʒɛ˦a˨nu˦/

ꤕꤢꤩ ꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤨ
defecate v /i˨tʰe˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ delicious adj tasty /a˨vi˨a˨ʃɯ˧/
defend v to speak in defense of ꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤬
yourself /he˦ la˨plɛ˦ni ˦ deliver v cause to escape
ꤟꤢꤩ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧꤔꤟꤤ /me˨ʃi˧plɛ˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ
ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ der. ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ deliverance n /tɛ˨ʃi˧plɛ˦/
v to fight in defense ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ
/kʰa˨sʰa˦ʃɯ˨/ ꤋꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬ delusion n a clever lie
v to protect /ta˨kɛ˨ni ˦/ /tɛ˨la˨ho˧ʤja˦dɛ˨/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬
defense n speaking in defense
demand n /tɛ˨kwi˧tʰja˨lɯ ᵊ˧/
of oneself /tɛ˨he˦bɛ˨ʃi˧plɛ˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der.
definitely adv /a˨ta˧a˨te˨/
democracy n borrowed word
ꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ from English
definitely not phr /na˦to˨/
/di ˨mo˨kre˨si˨/
defraud v /e˨tɯ ˧o˧plɛ˨/
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ demolish v to destroy
delay v to put off, hesitate, do /me˨ta˧prɔ˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬
slowly /me˨kʰɔ˧me˨zɔ˧/ demon n /kʰi˧ne˦kʰi˧nɔ˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤪ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤐꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤩꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤩ;
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤐꤟꤢꤧ ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤩꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ;
delete v see 'erase' ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤩꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ
/me˨pli˧kja˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ n evil spirit ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤔꤢꤩ
deliberate v to think ꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ
carefully /ta˨ne˨ta˧te˨/ dental disease n lit. teeth
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der. disease /kʰu˨kʰje˧ tɛ˨ʃwi˦/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤦꤕꤜꤤ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ
deliberately adj to do on dentist n /kʰu˨kʰje˧ ʂa˦ra˦/
purpose /me˨ta˨kɛ˨/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤞꤢꤚꤢ
deny 44 dessert

deny v /tʰe˦bi˦me˨bi˦/ v i.e. to descend down a

ꤓꤢꤩꤙꤤꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤤ der. ꤓꤢꤩꤙꤤ; mountain /hi˦ta˧/
ꤓꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬; ꤓꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤙꤤꤊꤛꤢ꤭; ꤟꤤꤒꤟꤢ꤭
ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤝꤥ descendants n /klwi˧ka˨lja˨/
v /kre˦sʰɯ˨pli˦/ ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der.
ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤜꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ;
v deny/refuse/do not want to ꤖꤢꤨꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬
give to /jo˨/ ꤛꤥ꤬ descended from phr
depart v leave, exit /tʰe˨/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ /ta˧klwi˧ta˧lja˧ ka˨lja˨/
der. ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤜꤛꤢ꤭
department n /ma˦bo˧/ ꤗꤢꤙꤥ꤭ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der.
departure time phr the time
for leaving /tʰe˨dʒɯ˦ v /i˦ʤɯ˧ta˧/ ꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
a˨ʃɯᵊ˦a˨kʰɛ˧/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ describe v /he˦lɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤟꤢꤩꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤣꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
depend v /ʂɛ˦lɛ˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. desert v to leave /ka˨pʰe˨kja˧/
ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬
v up to you, depends on n wilderness
you /ʤṳ˦/ ꤡꤟꤢꤨ /ke˦sʰɛ˧tʰje˧kja˨
v rests on, is supported or lɔ˦ta˨ma˦kʰu˨/
dependent on /ta˨te˨tʰja˨/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤊꤜꤢ꤬;
deplete v decrease /jo˨ka˨lja˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤗꤢꤦ꤬ ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬;
ꤛꤥ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤗꤤ꤬ꤏꤥ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭
deposit v to put in money deserve v /kɔ˨bɛ˨/ ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der.
/be˨nɯ ᵊ˧ rɯ˧/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ
desire v have an interest in,
descend v to move in a
want to do /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨o˨/
downward direction /ta˧/
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬
v to step off or get off n want, desire
something like a car, /tɛ˨sɛ˦zɯ ˦ʂɛ˦lɔ˧/
descended from /ka˨lja˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬; despise v /ʂɛ˦ta˨kʰo˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤥ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ dessert n /kɔ˦mu˧/ ꤊꤢꤪꤗꤢꤨ꤭
destroy 45 very different

destroy v to damage or devoted adj heart-joined

break /me˨pje˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤛꤢꤩ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨i˦ʤɯ˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭
der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭;
adj devotedly /krɯ ˧krɯ ˧/
v to destroy /me˨ta˧prɔ˨/
dew n /tʰje˧ta˨ʃi˦/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ
v to knock down and diabetes n /i˨ʃje˨ʃɯ˧ tɛ˨ʃwi˦/
scatter /me˨prɯᵊ˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤚꤌꤣ dialogue v /he˦bɛ˨
destructible adj able to be ka˨kʰje˧hja˧ɲe˧/ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬
destroyed /me˨pje˦ʤja˦/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤡꤟꤛꤢ diamond n /lɔ˦ʂe˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤩ
destruction n brokenness diarrhea n lit. hurts in the
/tɛ˨pje˦tɛ˨kja˧/ abdominal area /sʰɛ˧˧1hɔ˦lo˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤢꤪꤜꤟꤥ꤬
n the work of destruction n /klja˦i˨/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤤ꤬
/tɛ˨me˨ta˧prɔ˨kja˧/ dictionary n /ŋo˦ʤɔ˦za˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤍꤟꤥꤡꤟꤢꤪꤐꤟꤢ꤭ der.
details n news, information ꤜꤤ꤬ꤍꤟꤥꤡꤟꤢꤪꤐꤟꤢ꤭
/tɛ˨ri˨tɛ˨kja˧/ die v /ʂje˧/ ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤦꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ v to die for /kʰa˨ʂje˧/
detestable adj /ʂɛ˦zɔ˦ʂɛ˦rja˧/ ꤋꤢ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤧꤚꤛꤢ꤭ about to die phr /kɯ ˦re˦
develop v /me˨du˨tʰja˨tʰu˧tʰja˨/ ʂje˧ta˨li˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ different adv /kʰo˦dɯ˨/ ꤋꤥꤘꤢꤦ꤬
development n der. ꤋꤥ; ꤋꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤬; ꤥ꤬ꤋꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬;
/tɛ˨du˨tʰja˨tʰu˨tʰja˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤋꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ adv different from each
devil n satan /kʰi˧ne˦ri˨dʒja˦ other /kʰo˦lu˧/ ꤋꤥꤜꤢꤨ꤭
kʰu˨klɔ˦/ ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤩꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ der. ꤥ꤬ꤋꤥꤜꤢꤨ꤭; ꤋꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ der. ꤖꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤨꤜꤢꤨ very different phr
/kʰo˦kja˧la˧/ ꤋꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭
difficult 46 discouraged

difficult adj /pja˦jɛ˦pja˦sʰɛ˧/ dirty adj /ta˨pro˦ta˨pra˨/

ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤛꤢꤧꤕꤟꤛꤢꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤥꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤢ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤥ
ꤕꤟꤛꤢ; ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤏꤢꤧ꤭; disagree v not agree, object
ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤛꤢꤧꤜꤢ꤭; ꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤜꤢ꤭ to /ʤṳ˧to˨/ ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
adj /ta˨kʰa˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢ v lit. hearts going differently
difficulty n problem, trouble from each other /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨
/tɛ˨pja˦tɛ˨sʰɛ˧/ lṳ˨kʰo˦kʰje˧lu˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
dig v /i˨kʰɯ˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤬ der. disagreeing v to not get along,
ꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭; ꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭; to not be at peace with each
ꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭; ꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤬ꤥ꤬ other /krɯ ˧klɛ˧to˨/
v /i˨pʰɯᵊ˧i˨vɛ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤖꤌꤣ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
der. ꤤ꤬ꤖꤌꤣ꤭; ꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤭ disappear v /ʃi˧me˦/ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ
dim adj not clear /ɔ˦rɯ ᵊ/ v /la˨me˦/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ
ꤢꤪꤚꤟꤌꤣ disappointed adj an unhappy
adj /pa˨lɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ heart /ʂɛ˦plɔ˦ mo˨to˨/
dining room n /le˦e˨o˧kʰa˧le˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ adj /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨pje˦/
dinner n lit. evening food ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤕꤛꤢꤩ
/mɔ˦he˦sʰɛ˨e˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤟꤢꤩꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ discard v throw away /vi˧kja˧/
der. ꤘꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤟꤢꤩ ꤠꤤ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
dip v scoop /dʒje˧/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ disciple n /kʰo˧pa˨ʤɛ˦/
direct v guide /zu˧klja˦/ ꤋꤥ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧ
ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ discipline v physically
direction n /dʒi˦/ ꤡꤤ punish /pli˦/ ꤕꤜꤤ
directive n /zu˧ta˧pli˦/ disciplined adj /rɔ˨ bɛ˦ni ˦
ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ der. a˨ne˦/ ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤙꤢꤧꤔꤟꤤ ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ disclose v /me˨tʰe˨lɯ ᵊ˧/
dirt n /krje˨/ ꤊꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
n earth /he˨/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ discouraged adj to lose heart,
dirt clod n /he˨klɔ˦kʰja˦/ give up, broken heart
ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤋꤛꤢ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨pje˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤕꤛꤢꤩ
discredit 47 dispute

discredit v disrepute dishonest adj liar, dishonest,

/me˨mwi ˨pi ˧tʰje˧ʂi˦/ crooked, lie /ka˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤕꤟꤤ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤤ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
discriminate v look down disinterested adj dislike
on /mja˦pa˨ti˦/ ꤗꤛꤢꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ /ʂɛ˦ta˨kʰo˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤥ꤭
discuss v /he˦bɛ˨də˨ɲa˧/ v when there is no interest,
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ der. the heart is not in it
ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨pa˧to˨/
v /he˦bɛ˨ ka˨kʰje˧hja˧ɲe˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤕꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ dislike v to not want /ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦
discussion n /tɛ˨he˦bɛ˨də˨ɲa˧/ to˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦ ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ der. v /ʂɛ˦ta˨kʰo˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤥ꤭ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ
disdain v to think little of disown v to deny
/ta˨ne˨pa˨ti˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ /tʰe˦sʰɯ˨bi˦kja˧/
v to avoid looking at, look ꤓꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤙꤤꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤝꤥ
away /mja˦klu˨mja˦lɛ˧/ disperse v to throw and
ꤗꤛꤢꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤜꤢꤧ꤭ scatter /vi ˧pa˨ʃi˧/ ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭
disease n sickness /tɛ˨ʃwi˦/ v scattered, dispersed
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ /ʃi˨prja˧/ ꤏꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭
disembark v /ka˨ta˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ v spread out /lu˧pa˨ʃi˧/
disguise v /klwo˨a˨ne˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭
ꤊꤜꤝꤥ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ der. ꤊꤜꤝꤥ꤬ display v to show /dje˦lɯ ᵊ˧/
disgusting adj /ʂɛ˦zɔ˦ʂɛ˦rja˧/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤧꤚꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤏꤤꤐꤟꤢꤪ; dispose v to throw away
ꤐꤟꤢꤪ /vi˧kja˧/ ꤠꤤ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
adj dirty, foul dispute v /klje˦lu˧ŋa˧lu˧/
/ta˨pro˦ri˨dʒja˦/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤍꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤥꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ n /tɛ˨kre˦krhja˦/
dish n curry dish /i˨ʂwi˦be˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢ der.
ꤤ꤬ꤞꤝꤤꤙꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤒꤛꤢ꤭
n dish /di˧be˧/ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ n /tɛ˨klje˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ
disrobe 48 dizzy

disrobe v undress, remove divide v /i˨be˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ der.

clothes /plwo˦kja˧ hje˨dʒa˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩ; ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ;
ꤕꤜꤝꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤭
dissolve v to soften /me˨bɯ ᵊ˨/ v to break in two (i.e. a
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤬ pill) /i˨bi˨pʰɛ˦kje˧/
distance n /a˨pʰɯ˨a˨zje˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤤ꤬ꤖꤢꤧꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤦ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤤ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ; ꤤ꤬ꤙꤤ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭
v to pull apart leaving one
distant adj far from
part remaining
/o˨ta˨pʰa˧zje˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢ꤭ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬
distant from phr away from
/o˨ta˨pʰa˧/ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢ꤭ der. v to go a different way
ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢ꤭ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬; /lṳ˨kʰo˦kja˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢ꤭ꤡꤛꤣꤋꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬
distracted adj to be confusing v divide up, distribute, share
in thought /ta˨ne˨sʰu˦sʰa˦/ /be˨ta˧/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ v to cause to scatter
distress n guilt, distress /me˨ʃi˧prɯᵊ˦ʃi˧prja˧/
/dʒje˧dzɯ ˨/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤌꤣꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭
distressed adj when something der. ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬
or someone makes you or ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤌꤣꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭
someone else happy division n /tɛ˨ʃi˧prɯᵊ˦ʃi˧prja˧/
/ta˨ne˨mo˨to˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤌꤣꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬ n /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ lṳ˨kʰo˦kʰje˧lu˧/
distribute v /zṳ˦ta˧/ ꤐꤟꤢꤨꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
v /dje˦lja˨/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ divorce v /o˨kja˧me˧/
disturb v to bother ꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤏꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭
/me˨sʰu˦sʰa˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ divorce paper phr divorce
document /li˨o˨kja˧me˧/
disturbance n /sʰu˦ʃi˧sʰu˦sʰa˦
tʰja˨/ ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤤ꤭ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ dizzy adj when your head is
der. ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬
woozy /a˨mɯ ˨ kʰu˨klɔ˦/
dive v /lja˨ŋɯ ᵊ˧tʰje˧/
ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ
do 49 drain

adj lit. darkness in the double-minded adj lit. many

head /kʰi˦kʰu˨klɔ˦/ hearts /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ o˨ɛ˦/
ꤋꤤꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤢꤧ
ꤋꤤꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ doubt v /ra˨rɔ˧ra˨re˨/
do v to make /me˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤚꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤚꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬;
do again phr do again but in ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ꤚꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬
place of what was doubtful adj inadequate,
previously done hesitant, undecided
/me˨ta˨ple˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬ /la˨rɔ˧la˨re˨/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬
dock v to place partially in the adj a doubting heart
water and partially on the
land /ba˦o˨/ ꤙꤢꤥ꤬ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ra˨re˨/
doctor n /tɛ˨kʰu˨ʂa˦ra˦du˨/
douse v to extinguish a fire
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤚꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤚꤢ /me˨pi ˧/
document n important dove n /tʰu˨lwi ˦/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤝꤟꤤ
document /li˨ba˨ dʒɔ˦za˧/ der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤝꤟꤤꤞꤥ꤭
ꤜꤤ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ ꤡꤟꤢꤪꤐꤟꤢ꤭ down adv under, below /a˨lɛ˧/
doe n /krɔ˦pʰɛ˧mɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭
ꤊꤚꤢꤪꤗꤟꤌꤣ adv moving in a downward
dog n /tʰwi˨/ ꤓꤝꤤ꤬ direction /ta˧/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der.
don't phr /-tɛ˧me˦/ -ꤒꤢꤧ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬; ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
donate v /me˨lu˧tɛ˨/ downpour n a heavy rain
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. /ke˦ʤɯ ˨du˨/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤡꤝꤟꤥ downstairs n at a level
v give freely /dje˦kra˧/ below /də˦ a˨lɛ˧ ta˨to˦/ ꤘꤣ
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤊꤚꤢ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤥ
donkey n /mja˨ɔ˦lja˦/ drag v /ʤwi˨ta˨rṳ˦/
ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤢꤪꤜꤛꤢ ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤨ der.
foal n a donkey's baby ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤨꤓꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤢꤧ꤭
/mja˨ɔ˦lja˦ ta˨lo˦pʰu˦/ dragon n /plja˨du˨/
ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤢꤪꤜꤛꤢ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤥꤖꤢꤨ ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
door n /ka˨da˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭ der. drain v /prje˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
draw 50 drunkard

draw v to draw water drive v to drive a car, to drive a

person or animal onward or
/dɯ˨ni ˦tʰje˧/ ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ꤔꤟꤤꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
away /vɛ˦/ ꤠꤟꤢꤧ
v to draw a picture /ra˧
drive away v to force to
za˦zo˨/ ꤚꤢ꤭ ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬ leave /vɛ˦tʰe˨/ ꤠꤟꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬
draw back phr to move/step der. ꤠꤟꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ
back /ʂje˦ka˨kʰje˧/ drizzle v /ke˦ʤɯ ˨ʤa˦/
ꤞꤛꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤡꤢ
dream v /o˨mje˧mja˦/ drool v /pli ˨tʰje˧zwo˨lja˨/
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ ꤕꤜꤟꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤛꤝꤟꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
n /tɛ˨o˨mje˧mja˦/ drop v to fall down /la˨ta˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
v have a vision v let down like an anchor
/o˨mje˧mja˦lwo˦/ /dʒja˨ta˧/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢꤜꤝꤥ der. dropsy n /ja˦bɯ ᵊ˧tɔ˨tʰje˧/
ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ ꤛꤢꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
dress v general word for drought n when a country
wearing clothes /kɯ˧ʂja˦/ experiences drought
ꤊꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤛꤢ der. ꤊꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬; /ke˦kla˨kja˧/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤊꤢꤦ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤔꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢ꤬
v put on clothes (upper
drown v /ta˧dʒɯ˦ʂje˧tʰje˧/
body) /ʂja˦tʰja˨/
ꤞꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤡꤢꤦꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
drowsy n /o˨mje˧kʰa˧/
dress up phr /ta˨ri˨sʰu˨sʰɛ˦/
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ der. ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤢꤧꤔꤟꤢꤩ
drug n /tɛ˨kʰu˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
dried adj /ʂi˦kra˧kja˧/
drum n /tʰɔ˧/ ꤓꤢꤪ꤭
drink v /o˧/ ꤥ꤭ der. ꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ v to beat a drum /dɔ˨/ ꤘꤢꤪ꤬
drinks n /sʰɛ˨o˧/ ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤭ der. drunk adj /o˧mɯ ˨/ ꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ der.
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤭ ꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭; ꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ
drip v /la˨dʒje˧ta˧/ drunkard n /ka˨ja˧
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ e˨mɯ ˨o˧prja˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭
v /ta˧mɛ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤧ꤭ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ
drunkenness 51 each

drunkenness n ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤚꤝꤟꤤ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ

/tɛ˨e˨mɯ ˨o˧prja˦/ v to dump out /klɔ˧kja˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
dry adj /kra˧/ ꤊꤚꤢ꤭ der. durable adj sturdy /kʰwo˦/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤤ ꤋꤝꤥ der. ꤋꤢ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭
v dry in the sun /i˨lu˧kra˧/ durian n /pa˨lja˧nɯ ᵊ˨ʂɛ˨/
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤚꤢ꤭ der. ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤚꤢ꤭ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der.
adj dry and bland /ta˨kʰje˦/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ during prep lit. at that time
dry up phr /ʂi˦kra˧/ ꤞꤤꤊꤚꤢ꤭ /bi˦nɯᵊ˨a˨kʰɛ˧/
duck n /ta˨ʂa˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤢ der. ꤙꤤꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤗꤟꤤ꤬ dusk n almost evening
n brahminy duck
/mɔ˦kʰi˦ ta˨ti˧lɛ˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤋꤤ
/ʃje˧la˨mo˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭
dull adj /pa˨lja˧ nɯ ᵊ˨ʂɛ˧/ dust n /he˨mɯ˨/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤢꤦ꤬
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭
dwarf n /ka˨ja˧ta˨kɛ˦/
dumb n mute person
/ka˨ja˧pɛ˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤕꤢꤧ
dye v treatment to immerse and
adj unable to speak /he˦bɛ˨ change the color /dʒe˨kʰo˦
dʒja˦to˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬
a˨la˨ te˨kʰu˨/ ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤥ ꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬
dump n place to dump trash
dysentery n /sʰɛ˧hɔ˦a˨/
/le˦klɔ˧a˨rwi ˦ kʰa˧le˦/

each adj each person /tə˨prɛ˦ adj each thing /tə˨dʒə˨ na
na˦ tə˨prɛ˦/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ ꤔꤢ tə˨dʒə˨/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬ ꤔꤢ
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬
adj the same group/family pron each other
ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤔꤢ ꤞꤤ꤭ (reciprical) /kʰje˧lu˧/
eager 52 effect

eager v /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ʃwo˨/ eat a lot v /e˨du˨/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬

ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ der. eat and drink v
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤨ꤭ /e˨sʰɛ˨o˧tʰje˧/
eagle n or kite (bird) /la˦/ ꤜꤟꤢ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤭
ear n /kʰa˧lɛ˨/ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ der. eat and drink together v
/e˨tə˦o˧tə˦/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤣꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤣ
inner ear n /kʰa˧li ˦ku˧/
der. ꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢꤦ꤭ꤥ꤭ꤡꤢꤦ꤭;
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤤꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤟꤥꤥ꤭ꤚꤟꤥ;
ear infection n otitis ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤣꤕꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤬
/kʰa˧lɛ˨ku˧ tɛ˨ʃwi˦/ eat too much v /e˨ta˨lwo˦/
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ
ear wax n /kʰa˧lɛ˨i˨/ eaves n /hi˨kʰa˧dʒo˧/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤡꤥ꤭
edge n /tʰɯ˧/ ꤓꤢꤦ꤭
earache n ear pain /kʰa˧lɛ˨sʰɛ˧/
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ n /la˨mja˧/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤭
eardrum n /kʰa˧lɛ˨pʰu˦/ n /ta˨li˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ edit v examine /tʰɯ˦ʤe˨/
earlobe n /kʰa˧lɛ˨plje˨/ ꤓꤢꤦꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ educate v teach, study
early adv /ro˨/ ꤚꤟꤥ꤬ /he˦ʂwo˦he˨ʂja˨/
earring n /kʰa˧ʂja˧/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤞꤛꤢ꤭ ꤟꤢꤩꤞꤛꤥꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤬
earth n /he˨kʰu˨/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der. v lit. to give knowledge
ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤙꤢ꤬ /dje˦tɛ˨ʂi˦pʰɛ˦/
earthquake n /ta˨ne˦tʰɔ˦di˧/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤꤖꤢꤧ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤩꤓꤢꤪꤘꤤ꤭ education n knowledge
earthworm n /za˧kro˧/ /tɛ˨ʂi˦tɛ˨pʰɛ˦/
ꤐꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤥ꤭ der. ꤛꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤥ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ der.
east n /ʤi˦tʰe˨/ ꤡꤤꤓꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤭;
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤡꤤꤓꤢꤩ꤬; ꤙꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤꤖꤢꤧ
easy adj /zu˧/ ꤐꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤐꤢꤨ꤭; eel n /tɛ˧ru˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤟꤢꤨ der.
ꤐꤢꤨ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ; ꤐꤢꤨ꤭ꤑꤟꤢꤩ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤓꤢꤦ꤭
eat v /e˨/ ꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤ꤭; ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬; effect v hit /bɛ˦/ ꤙꤢꤧ
egg 53 embrace

egg n /dje˨/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬ elder n those who are older in

age /mɯ ᵊprɯ˧mɯ ᵊprɛ˦/
n bird egg /tʰu˨dje˨/
ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤕꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ der.
egg whites n /tʰu˨dje˨plje˦/ n elder leader
ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ /ka˨ja˧du˨prɛ˦/
egg yolk n /tʰu˨dje˨ki ˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ
ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤤ elect v to choose, appoint
eggplant n /kja˧ʂɛ˨/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ /nwo˦tʰja˨/ ꤔꤝꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der.
der. ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤬; ꤔꤝꤥ
ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬; ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ election n appointment
egret n /tʰu˨tʰje˧pʰɛ˧bu˧/
ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤙꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤝꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬
eight num /ʂwo˦/ ꤞꤛꤥ electricity n /mi˨/ꤗꤤ꤬
eighteen num /ʃje˦lwi ˧ʂwo˦/ elephant n /ta˨ʃja˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤭
ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ꤞꤛꤥ der. elephantiasis n elephantitis
ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤞꤛꤥ /ta˨ʃja˧kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨ tɛ˨ʃwi˦/
eighty num /ʂwo˦ʃje˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ
ꤞꤛꤥꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ eleven num /ʃje˦tə˨/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤒꤣ꤬
either phr either this thing or
embarrass v /me˨ʂɛ˦ta˨rɛ˧/
that thing /tə˨kɯ ᵊ to˨ma˨
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der.
tə˨kɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤒꤥ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤬ embarrassed adj /ʂɛ˦ta˨rɛ˧/
ejaculate v /tʰi˨tʰje˧tʰe˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤓꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤡꤢ꤬ꤡꤣ
elastic adj rubbery, stretchy embarrassed to say phr
/zwo˧/ ꤐꤝꤥ꤭ /ʂɛ˦ta˨rɛ˧he˨/
elbow n /ta˨kja˧ma˧/
embarrassment n /le˦ʂɛ˦ta˨rɛ˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤢ꤭ der.
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der.
elbow crook n /ta˨do˧ku˧/
embrace v hug /pʰja˧bɯ˦/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤥ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤖꤛꤢꤙꤢꤦ
emerge 54 England

emerge v to appear or come out encouraged adj when the heart

/tʰe˨lɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der. is strengthened
ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤋꤛꤢꤩ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨sʰɔ˧tʰja˨/
employ v to give work to /dje˦ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
tɛ˨me˨/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ encouragement n
v to work for pay /da˨kɛ˨/ /le˦dje˦hɛ˧dje˦re˨/
ꤘꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤘꤛꤢꤩꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤚꤢꤩ꤬
employee n person who is end prep /kʰje˧ta˨dɯ˨/
hired to do a job ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬;
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ der. n /mɔ˦da˦/ ꤗꤢꤪꤘꤢ
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ ending n /tɛ˨a˨ta˨dɯ˨/
employer n someone who hires ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬
others /prɛ˨da˨kɛ˨/ endurance n
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ /tɛ˨kʰja˦ʂɛ˦plɔ˨tʰu˧/
empty adv /kɔ˧kʰu˧/ ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ der.
der. ꤊꤢꤪ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤘꤥ꤭
adj /o˨da˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭ endure v /kʰja˧tɛ˨/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
empty handed phr der. ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤘꤥ꤭
/ka˨zɯᵊ˧kli˦/ v /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨mi˧ni ˦ne˦/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤣ꤭ꤊꤜꤤ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤤ꤭ꤔꤟꤤꤔꤟꤢꤩ
enclose v to put a wall or fence enemy n /klje˦ŋa˧/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩꤍꤢ꤭
around /i˨ra˨ta˨va˨bi˦/ der. ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬
ꤤ꤬ꤚꤟꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ꤙꤤ der. n /prɛ˨ʂɛ˦kʰa˦ʂɛ˦tʰe˨/
ꤙꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤋꤢꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ der.
encompass v to surround ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬
/bɔ˨ta˨va˨/ ꤙꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ energy n strength /hɛ˧re˨/
encourage v to strengthen ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤢꤩ꤬
/dje˦hɛ˧dje˦re˨/ engine n /dʒɛ˦/ ꤡꤢꤧ
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤚꤢꤩ꤬ England n country of
v /ta˨ʃja˨tʰja˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ England /ku˧la˧ke˦/
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤓꤝꤥꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
English 55 envy

English n the English language enter and pass through

/ku˧la˧ŋo˦/ ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ der. phr /nɯ ᵊ˧ʤɯᵊlu˦plu˦/
ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤡꤛꤣꤜꤢꤨꤕꤜꤢꤨ
n /ku˧la˧bu˧/ ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤨ꤭ enter and put phr

enjoy v /ʂɛ˦lɔ˧˧1ʂɛ˦lja˨/ /nɯ ᵊ˧dja˨/ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤬

ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ enter and see phr
v /mo˨ʂu˨mo˨ʂɛ˦/ /nɯ ᵊ˧mja˦tʰje˨/
ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬
enlarge v to make larger and enter and stay phr /nɯ ᵊ˧o˨/
wider /me˨du˨tʰja˨ lja˦tʰja˨/ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤥ꤬
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ enter and take and go
enough adj /lə˦ba˧/ ꤜꤣꤙꤢ꤭ der. phr /nɯ ᵊ˧pʰje˦ʤɯᵊ/
ꤥ꤬ꤜꤣꤥ꤬ꤙꤢ꤭ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤡꤛꤣ
v full (i.e. full stomach) entering v /na˦nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤔꤢꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
/kɔ˦/ ꤊꤢꤪ entrance n the way into
adj completed /pɔ˨/ ꤕꤢꤪ꤬ der. /klja˦le˦nɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤕꤢꤪ꤬ꤟꤢꤪ; ꤕꤢꤪ꤬ꤕꤢꤩ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤜꤟꤢꤩꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
enter v to go in /nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ n entrance to house
der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ /hi˨ɲe˧hja˧/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
enter and do phr /nɯ ᵊ˧me˨/ envelop v /la˨pɔ˨bi˦/
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤤ
enter and eat and drink
envelope n /li˨kɔ˧/ꤜꤤ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭
phr /nɯ ᵊ˧e˨nɯ ᵊ˧o˧/
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤥ꤭ envious v /ʂɛ˦kʰwɛ˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤋꤝꤢꤧ
enter and find phr environment n to be around
/nɯ ᵊ˧mja˦pṳ˧/ /ta˨vi˧ta˨va˨/
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤗꤛꤢꤕꤟꤢꤨ꤭ envy v /ʂɛ˦kʰwɛ˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤋꤝꤢꤧ der.
enter and get phr ꤞꤢꤧꤋꤝꤢꤧꤔꤟꤤꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬;
/nɯ ᵊ˧ni ˦bɛ˦/
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤔꤟꤤꤙꤢꤧ n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦kʰa˦ʂɛ˦tʰe˨/
enter and go phr ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤋꤢꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ der.
/nɯ ᵊ˧ʤɯᵊ/ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ
equal 56 every page

equal adv /krɯ ˨ɲa˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ꤬ evening n /mɔ˦he˦mɔ˦ta˧/

der. ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der.
adj to be even with /ra˨dɯ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤟꤢꤩ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢ꤭;
ꤚꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤟꤢꤩꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬; ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤭
equipment n /krɯ ˨krɔ˧/ n early evening
ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭ /mɔ˦kʰi˦pa˨lo˦/
erase v /jwo˦pli˧/ ꤛꤝꤥꤕꤜꤤ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤋꤤꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤥ
der. ꤚꤝꤤ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ n 8-11 PM /mɔ˦kʰi˦zja˧/
erect adv standing up ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤋꤤꤛꤛꤢ꤭
straight /ka˨tʰɔ˨ʤɔ˦/ ever adv /nɔ˦/ ꤔꤢꤪ
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ adv where(ever), how(ever),
error n mistake /ʂɯ˦/ ꤞꤢꤦ der. who(ever), what(ever)
ꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ /bɛ˨bɛ˨/ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
escape v /ʃi˧plɛ˦/ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ der.
ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬; ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧ; everlasting adj forever
ꤕꤜꤢꤧꤡꤛꤣ /o˨ta˨ʤṳ˨prɛ˨/
n /tɛ˨ʃi˧plɛ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬
especially adv /kʰo˦pe˦dɯ˨/ every adj /pwo˧/ ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭
ꤋꤥꤕꤟꤢꤩꤘꤢꤦ꤬ every city phr /pwo˧tə˨vi ˧/
essay n composition ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭
/li˨te˧li˨ʂje˨/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤬ every country phr
eternal adj /la˨ʤṳ˦la˨tʰɯ˧/ /pwo˧tʰje˧pwo˧ke˦/
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨꤜꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ every group phr
ethnic group n /mje˦dʒə˨/ /pwo˧tə˨mṳ˨/
ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤣ꤬ ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬
evaluate v /ta˨ne˨bo˧bɛ˨/ every month phr
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der. /pwo˧lɛ˧lɛ˧/
evaporate v /ʂi˦/ ꤞꤤ
every night phr
even adv for emphasis (i.e.
They even sell ice-cream /pwo˧ʂɛ˧ʂɛ˧/
there.) /ʤɔ˦/ ꤡꤢꤪ ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤭
adj to be even with (as every page phr
smart as, as tall as) /lɛ˦/ /pwo˧tə˨ba˨/
ꤜꤢꤧ der. ꤜꤢꤧ ꤒꤥ꤬ ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬
every time 57 exchange

every time phr evil person n

/pwo˧pʰɯ ᵊpʰɯ ᵊ/ /ka˨ja˧ri˨ʤja˦/
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤖꤟꤌꤣ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ der.
every year phr
evil spirit n /kʰi˧ne˦kʰi˧nɔ˧/
/pwo˧na˨na˨/ ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤩꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤩ;
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤔꤢ꤬ꤔꤢ꤬ ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤩꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ;
every day phr ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤩꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ; ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤪ꤭
/pwo˧ɲe˧pwo˧ʂɛ˧/ exactly adv correct
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ der. /ta˧to˧ta˧bɛ˨/
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
everybody n /pwo˧tə˨prɛ˨/ adj /to˧dɛ˧/ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤘꤢꤧ꤭
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. exam n a test /li˨tʰɯ˦dʒe˧/
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤦꤡꤢꤩ꤭
everyday adj ordinary, examine v to edit or check,
everyday usage test /tʰɯ˦ʤe˨/ ꤓꤢꤦꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬
v to examine with
everyone n /pwo˧tə˨prɛ˨/ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. example n /bja˦bɯ˧/ ꤙꤛꤢꤙꤢꤦ꤭
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭꤬ꤘꤝꤥ꤭ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ n for example /a˨rɔ˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ
everything n /tɛ˨pwo˧tə˨ʤə˨/ excessive adj to go past what is
necessary /ta˨lwo˦ta˨lje˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der.
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ
everywhere n /pwo˧tə˨pʰo˨/ adj too much of
ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬ something /sʰɯ˧lɯ˧/
evil n /tɛ˨mu˧mja˦ri˨ʤja˦/ ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤢꤦ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ der. exchange v to change with
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ something new in it's
place /tʰu˨lja˨ ta˨ple˨ʂɛ˧/
adj /ha˧ri˨ʤja˦/
ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤟꤢ꤭ꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ; v /tʰu˨kla˨/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢ꤬
v /ta˨lja˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ꤬
adj /ka˨plja˨/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
excited 58 experience

excited adj /ʂɛ˦krɯ ˧ʂɛ˦lɔ˧/ exit and follow phr

ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ der. /tʰe˨krwo˧/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭; ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤨ꤭ exit and return back phr
excrete v to defecate /i˨/ ꤤ꤬
/tʰe˨ka˨/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
excuse v to bear, endure
exit and run phr also flee
/kʰja˦ʂɛ˦do˧/ ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤘꤥ꤭
/tʰe˨klja˨/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬
exemplify v /kʰja˦bja˦bɯ˧/
ꤋꤛꤢꤙꤛꤢꤙꤢꤦ꤭ exit, run and go phr
exert v /ʤje˦prje˧ʤje˦rɔ˦/ /tʰe˨klja˨ʤɯᵊ/
ꤡꤛꤢꤩꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤛꤢꤩꤚꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ
ꤡꤛꤢꤩꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ exited v /tʰe˨kja˧hɔ˦/
v /pʰje˦tʰe˨hɛ˧re˨/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ
ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ expand v yeast /ta˨pʰo˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬
v pull on your strength der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
/tʰɔ˦hɛ˧tʰɔ˦re˨/ expect v to hope for /mja˦ʃɯ˧/
ꤓꤢꤪꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤓꤢꤪꤚꤢꤩ꤬ ꤗꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤌꤣ
exhale v to breathe out /ʂɛ˦tʰe˨/ expectation n hope
ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ /tɛ˨mja˦ʃɯ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤭
exhausted adj no more strength expenses n /tɛ˨lɔ˧tɛ˨kja˧/
/hɛ˧re˨ lɔ˧kja˧/ ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ expensive adj valuable
adj faint /la˨dja˦la˨ru˨/ /ŋṳ˨du˨pri ˨du˨/
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der.
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
exhibit v to show /dja˨lɯ ᵊ˧/ experience v to endure or
ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ experience something
exist v to be, live /o˨/ ꤥ꤬ unpleasant /kʰja˦bɛ˨/
existence n soul /ʂɛ˦tʰwo˧prɛ˨/ ꤋꤛꤢꤙꤢꤧ꤬
ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ v /ʃi˦tə˨bɛ˨/ ꤏꤤꤒꤣ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der.
n /tɛ˨o˨tʰwo˧prɛ˨/ ꤏꤤꤒꤣ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ v to see and know
exit v /tʰe˨/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ /mja˦tʰje˨ʂɛ˦ɲe˧hɔ˦/
experienced 59 eyetooth

experienced v to have seen and extend v /-tʰu˧tʰja˨/ -ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬

met with before external n outside /a˨klɔ˧a˨dɔ˦/
/mja˦tʰje˨ʃi˦tə˨ hja˧bɛ˨nɔ˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ
ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤤꤒꤣ꤬ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ extinguish v to put out a fire
experiment v to try something
/me˨pi ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤟꤤ꤭
to see if it works /me˨mja˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ der. ꤡꤢ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ extort v /pɯ ˦pʰe˨jɛ˦plɛ˦ ni ˦
expert n a person with u˧rɯ˧u˧tʰɛ˧/
knowledge or ability in an ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤖꤢꤩ꤬ꤛꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤧ ꤔꤟꤤ
area /ka˨ja˧ʤja˦ka˨ja˧dɛ˨/ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤢꤧ꤭
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ extra adj /o˨lə˦o˨klɔ˧/
explain v /he˦sʰo˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ der. ꤥ꤬ꤜꤣꤥ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤜꤣꤊꤛꤢ꤭;
ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ; ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤜꤣ
ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ adv leftovers/what they had
v to talk or tell i.e. a story to spare
ꤘꤛꤢ der. /kja˧sʰɔ˧kja˧sʰe˨/
ꤘꤛꤢꤏꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤩ꤬
explain carefully v /he˦sʰo˨ n /tɛ˨o˨lə˦o˨klɔ˧/
ta˨te˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤜꤣꤥ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
eye n /mɛ˨ʂɛ˨plò˨/ ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
explanation n
open your eyes phr
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ der. /mja˦ka˨lɔ˧tʰe˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬; ꤗꤛꤢꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ phr for checking your
explode v to explode eyes /pa˨a˦/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤢ
prematurely /wo˦ʂi˧/ ꤝꤥꤞꤤ꤭ eye pain phr /mɛ˨ʂɛ˨sʰɛ˧/
v blow up /me˨pɔ˦/ ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤖꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ
exploit v /e˨tɯ ˧o˧kɛ˦/ eyebrow n /ma˧kɯ ᵊ˧ʃɯ˧/
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤥ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤧ ꤗꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤭
expose v to reveal eyelid n /mɛ˨ʂɛ˨pʰa˦/ ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢ
/me˨tʰe˨lɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ eyetooth n canine tooth,
der. ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ fang /kʰu˨kʰje˧tʰwi˨/
face 60 fallen

face n /mɛ˨ʂɛ˨/ ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ faith n /tɛ˨zɯ ˦e˨ɲa˦e˨/
face-down adv to bow with ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤢꤩ꤬ der.
your face directed at the ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬;
ground /ŋɔ˨ta˨klwi˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ;ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦ
ꤍꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ faithful adj lit. straight heart
adv to be upside down /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ʤɔ˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ
/sʰa˦ta˨klwi˦ta˧/ falcon n /la˧di˧kwi ˦/
ꤏꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤝꤟꤤ
adv to lie or sleep face- fall v stumble or fall
down /o˨mje˧ ta˨klə˧/ /la˨kʰɯ˦la˨lɔ˧/
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤌꤣ꤭ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤦꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ der.
facecloth n a small towel ꤜꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤦꤒꤟꤢ꤭
/ka˨tʰo˧pʰu˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ v /la˨ta˧/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
facing v standing opposite to fall dead phr /ta˧ʂje˧/
/to˧dɛ˧ʤɯᵊ˦/ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤘꤢꤧ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭
fade v /ʤɛ˦ka˨lja˨/ fall down phr when hail
ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ comes down /ʤje˦ta˧/
fail v /la˨dʒu˦/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨ der.
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨꤜꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ phr hair, leaves /ta˧kro˧/
faint v /la˨dja˦la˨ru˨/
fall out phr fall out of (i.e.
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤨ꤬ der.
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ your purse) /la˨ta˧pla˦/
fair n colloquial expression ꤜꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤢ
regarding a day without phr /ta˧tʰe˨/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
many clouds /ʃje˧pʰu˦krja˦ fall off phr peeling off
i˨vi ˧ mɔ˦kʰu˨/ /ta˧klja˦/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤨꤊꤚꤛꤢ ꤤ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ phr i.e. wheel falls off
fairy n /kʰa˨nja˧mɔ˨/
ꤋꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ fallen adj /kʰɯ˦kja˧/ ꤋꤢꤦꤊꤛꤢ꤭
family 61 fear

family n /hi˨pʰu˦pʰja˧pʰu˦/ fasten v to fasten around the

ꤟꤤ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤖꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ der. waist, belt /rja˦tʰja˨ni ˦/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤤ꤬ꤖꤛꤢ꤭ ꤚꤟꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ
n /pɯ ᵊ˦vja˦mɯ ᵊpʰɛ˧/ v to fasten onto /i˦ʤɯ˧lu˧/
ꤕꤟꤌꤣꤠꤟꤛꤢꤗꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤭ ꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ der.
own family phr /ʃje˧klɔ˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭ꤜꤥꤗꤢ꤬
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ v /ta˨klə˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤣ der.
famine n famine in the land ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤗꤢ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤣ
/ke˦vi˧ke˦kɔ˧/ fat adj fat in appearance
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤠꤤ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤢꤪ꤭ /a˨bɯ˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤙꤢꤦ꤬
n /tɛ˨o˨vi ˧o˨kɔ˧/ n /ba˦o˨/ ꤙꤢꤥ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ n the fat on meat /ʂu˦/ ꤞꤢꤨ
famous adj /mwi ˨du˨mwi ˨tʰu˧/
father n /pʰɛ˧/ ꤖꤢꤧ꤭
ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ der.
ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬; ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ father-in-law n /prɛ˦/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ
fan v /hɯ˦pa˨lwi˧/ ꤟꤢꤦꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤤ꤭ der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭
fattened adj /ka˨tu˦ka˨tja˨/
far adj /zje˨/ ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der.
ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤣ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤨꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤛꤢ꤬
adj far away /ta˨pʰa˧zje˨/ adj /bɯ ᵊ˨bɯ˨ka˨tu˦/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢ꤭ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤨ
farm n /prɛ˦kʰu˨/ ꤕꤚꤢꤧꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der. favor v see as big/great
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ /mja˦du˨/ ꤗꤛꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬
farmer n /prɛ˨me˨e˨lja˦pʰu˦/ n to receive the good favor
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ der. of another /tɛ˨mja˦du˨/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤖꤢꤨ v agree with /bɛ˨ʂɛ˦/ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ
fart v /i˨ne˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤔꤢꤩ꤭ favoritism n
fast v to abstain from eating /tɛ˨mja˦du˨mja˦pa˨ti˦/
/dɯ ᵊ˨e˨dɯ ᵊ˨o˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ
ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤥ꤭ der. ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬; fear n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦i˨sʰe˧/
ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭
n /tɛ˨dɯ ᵊ˨e˨sʰɛ˨/
v danger /ta˨rɔ˨ʂɛ˦ θɛ˦i˨ʃe˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭
adv quickly /prja˧/ ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭
fearful 62 field

fearful adj afraid /ʂɛ˦i˨ʃe˧/ female n /prɛ˨mɔ˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬

ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭ fence v close off with a fence
adj /ta˨rɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬ /i˨ra˨ta˨va˨bi˦/
feast v /ta˨krɯᵊ˧ta˨krɛ˦/
ꤤ꤬ꤚꤟꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ꤙꤤ der.
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤧ der. ꤚꤟꤢ꤬ꤙꤤ
n big celebration /pwɛ˨du˨/ n fence /ta˨rɛ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤧ der.
ꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤧꤚꤟꤢ꤬;
feather n bird feather ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤥ꤬
/tʰu˨sʰɯ˨/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ der. fertile n good soil
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ /he˨zje˨ri˨zje˨rja˦kʰu˨/
chicken n hen /ʃje˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤋꤢꤨ꤬
n chicken meat /ʃje˧zje˨/ festival v celebrate /i˨lu˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
n celebration /pwɛ˧/ ꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤭
fee n expense /kɛ˨/ ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ der. der. ꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤑꤢꤩ꤭
fever n when the body
feeble adj /kru˦/ ꤊꤚꤢꤨ
feed n to feed, take care of, temperature is hot /ne˦kṳ˦/
raise /bɯ ᵊ˨e˨bɯ ᵊ˨o˧/ ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤨ
ꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤥ꤭ der. ꤙꤟꤌꤣ: n hotness /tɛ˨kṳ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨ
few adj not many people
v to give to eat
/pa˨ti˦prɛ˨/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤥ꤭ der. ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤢꤩ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ
feel v to feel with your adj /ta˨ki˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤬
fingers /kra˦/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢ field n /lja˦/ ꤜꤟꤛꤢ der.
v there is no word for "feel"
but most feeling words
begin with ꤞꤢꤧ /sɛ˦-/ ꤞꤢꤧ- n /ɲe˨la˦kʰu˨/ ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤋꤢꤨ꤬
fellowship n der. ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤟꤢꤋꤢꤨ꤬;
/tɛ˨bɔ˦ʂwo˦kʰɛ˦kʰo˧/ ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤪꤞꤛꤥꤋꤢꤧꤋꤥ꤭ der. n i.e. grain field /prɛ˦le˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤪꤞꤛꤥꤙꤢꤪꤜꤢ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤩ der.
v make friends ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤚꤟꤛꤢꤋꤢꤨ꤬
/bɔ˦ʂwo˦kʰɛ˦kʰo˧/ n /ta˨rɛ˦ta˨ra˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢ꤬
field of crops 63 fire

field of crops n field of rice, finger n /ka˨nɔ˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭

corn, etc. for earning
index finger n pointing
one's living
finger /ka˨nɔ˧zṳ˧/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤢꤪ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭
middle finger n
fifteen num /ʃje˦ɲa˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤑꤟꤢ꤭
fifty num /ɲa˧ʃje˧/ ꤑꤟꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /ka˨nɔ˧kla˧me˧/
fig n /ka˨dwi˦ʂɛ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤝꤤꤞꤢꤧ꤬
der. ꤊꤥ꤭ꤗꤢꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ring finger n
n /ma˦də˧ʂɛ˨/ ꤗꤢꤘꤣ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ /ka˨nɔ˧ta˨plo˦/
fig tree n /ka˨dwi˦mɔ˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤥ der.
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤝꤤꤗꤟꤢꤪ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ
pinky finger n little
fight v /sʰa˦tɛ˨/ ꤏꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
ꤏꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤓꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬; ꤏꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬ finger /ka˨nɔ˧pʰu˦sʰɛ˦/
v ꤠꤢꤦꤏꤢꤦ꤬ /vɯ˦/ ꤠꤢꤦ
fingernail n /ka˨nɔ˧mɯ ᵊ˦ba˨/
fill v --full /ʂə˦ba˧/ ꤞꤌꤣꤙꤢ꤭
v fill full of liquid /zɯ˧ba˧/
fingertip n /ka˨nɔ˧kʰje˧/
ꤐꤢꤦ꤭ꤙꤢ꤭ der. ꤐꤢꤦ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤙꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
v when smoke fills up an finger n /ka˨nɔ˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭
area /kʰɯ ᵊ˨ta˨ɔ˧/ finish v bring to an end
v to fill /dja˨nɯ ᵊ˧ba˧/
ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤙꤢ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
filthy adj /ri˨dʒja˦/ ꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ v to complete fully
final n end of /ta˨dɯ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ /me˨plɯ˦me˨tʰɯᵊ˧/
adv the final, last /də˦
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤦꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ der.
kʰje˧lə˦/ ꤘꤣ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤣ
finished adj /tʰɯᵊ˧hɔ˦/ ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ
finally adv /də˦kʰje˧ta˨dɯ˨/
der. ꤓꤛꤣ꤭
find v to see, to have found not yet finished phr
something /mja˦tʰje˨/ /tʰɯᵊ˧hi˦to˨/ ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤟꤤꤒꤥ꤬
ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬ all gone phr /a˨lɔ˧hɔ˦/
v to look or search for ꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ
/mja˦pu˧/ ꤗꤛꤢꤕꤟꤢꤨ꤭ fire n /mi˨/ ꤗꤤ꤬
firelight 64 flee

firelight n /mi˨li˧/ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭ fits v /tʰja˨ta˨plɯ ᵉ˦ʂje˧/

fireplace n /kɔ˦pʰɛ˨po˦/ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤌꤣꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤊꤢꤪꤖꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤥ der. ꤕꤟꤥ five num /ʂɛ˦ɲa˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤟꤢ꤭ der.
firewood n trees, branches ꤑꤟꤢ꤭
/kru˨/ ꤊꤚꤢꤨ꤬ five days from now phr
firm adv /klɔ˨ma˨/ ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ /sʰo˧tə˨klɛ˨/
der. ꤥ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤗꤢ꤬;
ꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬; ꤏꤥ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤥ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬; ꤥ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ five hundred num /ɲa˧zɛ˨/
adj /sʰɔ˧ka˨dɯ ᵊ/ ꤑꤟꤢ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ five thousand num /ɲa˧ri˦/
v to cause to be firm ꤑꤟꤢ꤭ꤚꤤ
/me˨klɔ˨me˨ma˨/ fix v to restore, to make good
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ again /me˨rja˦ka˨/
first adj /ka˨lu˦lə˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨꤜꤣ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der.
der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ; ꤜꤢꤨ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬
adj /re˦lə˦/ ꤚꤟꤢꤩꤜꤣ der. flag n /bɛ˨lɛ˨/ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬
ꤚꤟꤢꤩ; ꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤩꤜꤣ flame v /kja˧ra˨tʰo˧/
adv /kɯ ᵊ˧re˦/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤚꤢꤩ
ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ der. ꤗꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭
firstborn n /pʰu˦vhja˦prɛ˦/
flare up v with fire /kja˧tʰja˨/
ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭;
fish n /tɛ˧pʰu˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤭; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ
flat adj /ta˨bje˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬
fish scales n /tɛ˧ba˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤙꤢ꤬ adj equal /ra˨dɯ˧/ ꤚꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤭
fish paste n /tɛ˧ʂɔ˧/ flatter v to praise
/he˦bɛ˨tʰu˨ʂɛ˦/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ
fish sauce n /tɛ˧ʂɔ˧
flavor n /a˨ʂo˧ro˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤞꤥ꤭ꤚꤥ꤭
tʰje˧ʃɯ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤞꤎꤢꤪ꤭
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ flea n /ta˨kla˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢ
fisherman n flee v run away /tʰe˨klja˨/
/prɛ˨me˨e˨tɛ˧pʰu˦/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬
flesh 65 fold

flesh n the body's flesh flow out phr /tʰwi˦tʰe˨/

/ne˦klɔ˦pʰa˦zje˨/ ꤓꤝꤤꤓꤢꤩ꤬
ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤢꤪꤖꤢꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. flow in phr /tʰwi˦nɯ ᵉ˧/
ꤖꤢꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤓꤝꤤꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
n blood and flesh flowers n /tɛ˨pʰo˧tɛ˨ki ˦/
/ʂwi˨tʰje˧pʰa˦zje˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤤ der.
ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭
fluffy adj very soft
flint n /lɔ˦mi˨da˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤗꤤ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭
/dʒɛ˦ka˨nu˦/ ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤨ
flip v to flip over /ta˨klɯ ᵊ˨tʰja˨/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤌꤣ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ flute n /te˧lo˦/
flip flops n thongs, sandals n /pi˧la˧/ ꤕꤤ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ der. ꤕꤤ꤭;
flutist n a person who blows
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤖꤢ the flute /ka˨ja˧ ɯ ᵊ˦ te˧lo˦/
flit v to fly lightly and easily ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤢꤟꤌꤣ ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤥ
/zɯ ᵊpʰwi˧zu˧/ ꤐꤟꤌꤣꤖꤝꤤ꤭ꤐꤢꤨ꤭ fly v /zɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤐꤟꤌꤣ꤬ der.
float v to float in the air /kɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤐꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬; ꤐꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬; ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤭
ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ n green fly /pʰɔ˧ʂɯᵊ˧/
v float in the water ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤛꤣ꤭
/lo˨ʤɯᵊ˦/ ꤜꤟꤥ꤬ der. n tsetse fly /pʰɔ˧ʃi˦ta˨ʃja˧/
ꤜꤟꤥ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ꤏꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤭
flock n a group of sheep foam v foam on the water
/ʂi˦mi ˦mṳ˨/ ꤞꤤꤗꤟꤤꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬ /tʰje˧bɔ˦bɛ˦/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤙꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ
flog v to flog with a whip v foam at the mouth
/ʤje˦pre˧pli˦/ /bɔ˦bɛ˦tʰe˨/ ꤙꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬
ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ fog n /ɔ˦lɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤌꤣ
flood n /tʰje˧du˨/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ fold v roll up /bo˨ta˨lu˧/
floor n /two˨/ ꤒꤝꤟꤥ꤬ der. ꤙꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
ꤒꤝꤟꤥ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬; ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤘꤢꤧ꤭ v to fold up /kɛ˦klje˦dwo˦/
flow v /tʰwi˦-/ ꤓꤝꤤ- ꤊꤟꤢꤧꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩꤘꤝꤥ
v fold up or gather up into
flow down phr /tʰwi˦ta˧/
ꤓꤝꤤꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der. /ta˨kʰi˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤤ꤬
ꤓꤝꤤꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ n the folds in cloth /ta˨nɯ ᵊ˦/
folktale 66 footprint

folktale n /ŋo˦tɛ˨dja˦/ follow and go up phr

ꤍꤟꤥꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ /krwo˧tʰja˨/ ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
follow v /krwo˧/ ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ der. follow and chase and catch
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ; phr /krwo˧lɯ ˨pɯ ˦/
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤡꤛꤣꤚꤝꤥ; ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤦ
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ follow and come phr
follow along phr
/krwo˧hja˧/ ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
fond of phr /hɯ˨/ ꤟꤢꤦ꤬
fontanel n soft spot on a baby's
follow back phr /krwo˧ka˨/
head /kʰu˨ʃwi˦kʰu˨/
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤋꤢꤨ꤬
follow and enter in phr
food n food and drink
/krwo˧nɯ ᵊ˧/
/sʰɛ˨e˨sʰɛ˨o˧/ ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤭ der.
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬
follow and go as a crowd
phr /krwo˧ʤɯᵊplu˨ n /le˦e˨le˦o˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤥ꤭
der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤭
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤡꤛꤣꤕꤜꤢꤨ꤬ foolish adj /ɯ ᵊ˦a˦ja˦/
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤡꤛꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤢꤟꤌꤣꤢꤛꤢ
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤬ adj foolish, without
follow and go see phr meaning or truth
/krwo˧ʤɯᵊmja˦/ /bɔ˧bje˨/ ꤙꤢꤪ꤭ꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤡꤛꤣꤗꤛꤢ n a foolish person
follow and go wrong phr /ka˨ja˧bɔ˧bje˨/
/krwo˧ʤɯᵊʂɯ˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤪ꤭ꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤡꤛꤣꤞꤢꤦ der. foolishly adv to do something
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤦ without meaning, joking
follow and listen phr /me˨bɔ˧me˨bje˨/
/krwo˧ni ˦da˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤪ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢ꤭ foot n /kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ der.
follow out phr /krwo˧tʰe˨/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬; ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ at the foot of phr /kʰa˨jo˦/
follow and say phr ꤋꤢ꤬ꤛꤥ
/krwo˧he˦/ ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤟꤢꤩ footprint n /kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨ kʰa˧le˨/
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
footstool 67 foundation

footstool n /kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨ le˦zi ˦/ foretell v to say beforehand

ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤐꤟꤤ /he˦o˨ne˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬
for prep on behalf of /-ɲe˧/ foretelling n /tɛ˨he˦o˨ne˨/
-ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬
prep /pe˦/ ꤕꤟꤢꤩ forever adv /ta˨ʤṳ˦prɛ˨/
forbid v to obstruct /me˨ta˧tɯ ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤧ
force v control /pe˦e˨pe˦o˧/ n all generations
ꤕꤢꤩꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢꤩꤥ꤭ /la˨tʰɯ˧la˨plɯ˦/
v /nɔ˧dʒje˧nɔ˧dʒɯ ˨/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤦ
ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ forget v /sʰo˧ta˨pa˨/ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬
forefathers n lit. parents-
grandparents forgive v to let sin go
/mɯ ᵊpʰɛ˧pʰje˧pʰɯ ᵊ˧/ /plwo˧kja˧ tɛ˨ʂɯ˦/
ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der. ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ
ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤘꤣ꤮ forgiveness n /tɛ˨plwo˧kja˧
ꤑꤢꤩꤔꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ tɛ˨ʂɯ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
forehead n /ma˧tʰɛ˦/ ꤗꤟꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ
foreign countries phr lit. other fork n the area within the fork
nations outside of the road /klja˦plɛ˨/
/tʰje˧rɯ ᵊ˨ke˦klɔ˧/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ forty num /lwi ˧ʃje˧/
foreign nation phr lit. other ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭
nation /mje˧ʤə˨rɯ ᵊ˨/ forward adv /də˦ɲe˧/ ꤘꤣꤑꤢꤩ꤭
adv /pa˨hja˧/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der.
foreigner n
/tʰje˧rɯ ᵊ˨ke˦klɔ˧pʰu˦/
foul adj bad smell or odor,
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ der. putrid /nɯ ᵊ˨ʂɔ˧nɯ ᵊ˨mja˦/
ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤨ꤭; ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ;
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ; ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤟꤛꤢ
ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤣ꤬ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ foundation n
foresight n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦ɲe˧ne˨/ /kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨kʰa˧ʃje˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤢꤩ꤬ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ
forest n jungle /mi ˨klɛ˧/ n house foundation
ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ /hi˨kja˧rhja˧/
n /ta˨nɔ˧ta˨ho˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭
four 68 friend

four num /ʂɛ˦lwi ˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ free adj not under rule
der. ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ /o˨pa˨la˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤭ der.
four days from now phr ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤭
/sʰo˧ni˦/ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤔꤤ adj not occupied /o˨ko˧/
fourteen num /ʃje˦lwi ˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭
ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ free person n
fourth n /lwi ˧lu˦lə˦/ /prɛ˨pa˨la˧pʰu˦/
ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ꤜꤢꤨꤜꤣ der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ der.
ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
n a quarter, one fourth freedom n /tɛ˨pa˨la˧/
/lwi ˨pwi˦tə˨pwi˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤭ der. ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤢ꤭
ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ꤕꤝꤤꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤝꤤ freely adv clear /la˦la˦li˧li˧/
fowl n /tʰu˨ʃje˧/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤜꤟꤢꤜꤟꤢꤜꤤ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭
fox n lit. wild dog /tʰwi˨mi ˨/ freezing adj very cold
ꤓꤝꤤ꤬ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ /ta˨klu˨ta˨pi ˨/
fracture n broken bone /krwi˦ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤤ꤬ der.
la˨kɛ˦/ ꤊꤚꤝꤤ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ
frequently adv often /ta˨mo˧/
fragile adj easily broken
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭
/pje˦zu˧/ ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤐꤢꤨ꤭ fresh adj ꤐꤟꤢꤩ꤬
fragrance n good smelling adj lush, green
/tɛ˨nɯ ᵊ˨mɯ˦nɯ ᵊ˨sʰɯ˧/ ꤞꤤꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤝꤤ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤢꤦꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ Friday n /mɔ˦ɲa˧ɲe˧/
fragrant adj /nɯ ᵊ˨mɯ˦vi˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤑꤟꤢ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤢꤦꤠꤤ꤬ der. fried adj /i˨ŋwo˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤍꤝꤟꤥ
friend n /kʰo˧bɔ˦ʂwo˦/
frail adj breaks easily
ꤋꤥ꤭ꤙꤢꤪꤞꤛꤥ der. ꤋꤥ꤭;
/la˨kɛ˦zu˧/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧꤐꤢꤨ꤭ ꤋꤥ꤭ꤞꤛꤥ; ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤥ꤬
frame v to frame up v to be friendly with
/dʒja˨ri˨dʒja˦pli˦/ /bɔ˦ʂjo˦kʰɛ˦kʰo˧/
ꤡꤛꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤕꤜꤤ ꤙꤢꤪꤞꤛꤥꤋꤢꤧꤋꤥ꤭ der.
freckle n /ma˦kra˧/ ꤗꤢꤊꤚꤢ꤭ ꤙꤢꤪꤞꤛꤥꤙꤢꤪꤜꤢ꤭
good friend 69 future marker

good friend phr ꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬; ꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬; ꤖꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬

/kʰo˧bɔ˦ʂwo˦mo˨/ fry v /i˨pʰo˧kra˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ꤊꤚꤢ꤭
ꤋꤥ꤭ꤙꤢꤪꤞꤛꤥꤗꤟꤥ꤬ der. fuel n /ʂu˦/ ꤞꤢꤨ
ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ full adj to be full from eating
friendship n /e˨kɔ˦o˧ba˧/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤢꤪꤥ꤭ꤙꤢ꤭ der.
/tɛ˨bɔ˦ʂwo˦kʰɛ˦kʰo˧/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ; ꤥ꤬ꤙꤢ꤭; ꤙꤢ꤭; ꤙꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤪꤞꤛꤥꤋꤢꤧꤋꤥ꤭ adj quantity unchanged
frighten v cause to be afraid /kre˧/ ꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤭
/me˨ʂɛ˦i˨ʃe˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭ adj full /ba˧/ ꤙꤢ꤭ der.
frightened v scared, afraid ꤙꤢ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤤ
/ʂɛ˦i˨sʰe˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭ fun adj very happy /a˨mo˨
frigid adj very cold, freezing ɲa˨dʒɔ˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ ꤑꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ
/ta˨klu˨ja˨pi ˨/ funny adj that which makes
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤤ꤬ you want to laugh
frog n /di˨/ ꤘꤤ꤬ der. ꤘꤤ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ /le˦ʂɛ˦ɲe˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭
front prep /də˦ɲe˧/ ꤘꤣꤑꤢꤩ꤭ fur n /sʰɯ˨/ ꤏꤢꤦ꤬
fruit n /ʂɔ˨ʂɛ˨/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der. further conj not finished,
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤠꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ moreover /tʰɯᵊ˧to˨/
n crop, harvest, fruit
future n /no˨pa˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ der. future marker /pa˧/ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭
gale 70 general

gale n a strong wind gate n small door /ka˨da˧pʰu˦/
/ke˦la˨ʂɛ˦ʃwo˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤏꤛꤥ꤬ n gate /lo˨ka˨da˧du˨/
gall bladder n /ʂɯᵊ˨tʰje˧kɔ˧/ ꤜꤟꤥ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭
ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ gather v to harvest /i˨ba˨plɔ˦/
gamble n a lucky thing ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ der. ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ
/tɛ˨bja˧bwi˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤝꤤ v gather firewood /i˨tʰe˧ka˨/
v to bet /bja˧e˨/ ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ v /i˨tʰə˨plɔ˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤌꤣ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ
game n see play der. ꤤ꤬ꤓꤌꤣ꤬
/tɛ˨la˨vi˨la˨vɔ˧/ v gather /pʰja˦/ ꤖꤛꤢ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭ v gathered together
garbage n refuse i.e. the /o˨plɔ˦dʒɯ˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤡꤢꤦ꤭
various things left in a
gaur n wild ox ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤗꤟꤤ꤬
clump after a storm
gave v /dje˦kja˧/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤊꤛꤢ꤭
/ta˨ʂɔ˦tʰɔ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤪꤓꤢꤪ꤭
gazelle n /ta˨kʰje˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
n trash /a˨rwi ˦a˨rwo˧/
ꤢ꤬ꤚꤝꤟꤤꤢ꤬ꤚꤝꤟꤥ꤭ gecko n /zɯ ᵊhi˨/ ꤐꤟꤌꤣꤟꤤ꤬ der.
garden n /prɛ˦/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ der.
ꤕꤚꤢꤧꤋꤢꤨ꤬ gem n a costly stone
gardener n /prɛ˨o˨pɔ˦ /lɔ˦ŋṳ˨du˨pri ˨du˨/
mja˦kʰwɛ˨ ta˨rɛ˦/
ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der.
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ ꤗꤛꤢꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤩꤜꤟꤢꤪꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤧ genealogy n lit. the counting of
garlic n /pʰo˧ho˦bu˧/ ꤖꤥ꤭ꤟꤥꤙꤢꤨ꤭
gasoline n /na˨mi ˨ʂu˦/
ꤔꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ der. ꤞꤢꤨ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤘꤛꤢꤜꤛꤢ꤭
general n lit. leader of
gastritis n stomach sickness soldiers /klje˧kʰu˨klɔ˦/
/pʰɯ ᵊ˧tɛ˨ʃwi˦/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ der.
ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬
generation 71 give to drink

generation n /tʰɯ˧kʰɛ˧/ ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ get up phr stand up, wake

generous adj /dje˦zu˧dje˦zje˨/ up /ka˨tʰɔ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤐꤢꤨ꤭ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ get rid of phr to drive away
gentle adj /ʂɛ˦do˧ʂɛ˦ŋa˨/ /vɛ˦tʰe˧/ ꤠꤟꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧꤘꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤍꤟꤢ꤬ ghost n /lɯ ᵊ˧ta˨prja˨/
geography n /he˨kʰu˨ne˦kʰu˨/ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der.
ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤔꤢꤩ; ꤔꤢꤩ
Germany n /dʒa˨ma˨ni˨/ gibbon n /zɔ˧lɔ˨/ ꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬
ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ꤔꤤ꤬ gift n /ʃje˧zṳ˦/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤨ
gesture v to wave with your
n something freely given
hands /vɯ ˦vja˦/ ꤠꤟꤢꤦꤠꤟꤛꤢ
get v to receive something
/ni ˦bɛ˨/ ꤔꤟꤤꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤔꤟꤤ giggle v /ɲe˧ɯ ᵊ˨ɲe˧ʂwɛ˦/
get down phr to ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤝꤢꤧ der.
disembark /ka˨ta˧/ ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤌꤣ꤬
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ginger n /ta˨a˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤢ꤭
get along phr when people
get along together, girl n /prɛ˨mɔ˨pʰu˦/
harmonious (including ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
music) /rɛ˧/ ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ young girl /pa˨ʤɛ˦mɯ ᵊpʰu˦/
get drunk phr ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤗꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤨ
/e˨mɯ ˨o˧prja˦/ girlfriend n /kʰo˧prɛ˨mɔ˨/
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ der. ꤋꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤥ꤬
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ give v /dje˦/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ
get better phr see recover give back phr to return
/tɛ˨ʃwi˦tɛ˨sʰɛ˧ /dje˦ka˨kʰje˧/
o˨me˦kja˧/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ give down phr to give from
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩꤊꤛꤢ꤭ above /dje˦ta˧/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢ꤭
get off phr get down, give freely phr see
disembark /ka˨ta˧/ donate /dje˦kra˧/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤊꤚꤢ꤭
get on phr /ka˨tʰja˨/ give to drink phr /dje˦o˧/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤥ꤭
give to eat 72 gluttony

give to eat phr /dje˦e˨/ glass n /lɔ˦ʂu˦bu˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤨꤙꤢꤨ꤭

ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤢꤩ꤬ adj clear, transparent
give to go phr /dje˦ʤɯᵊ/ /sʰɛ˦ka˨li˧/ ꤏꤢꤧꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤡꤛꤣ glasses n for the eyes
give to know phr to
/ma˧dɯ ᵊ˨kja˦/
inform /dje˦ʂɛ˦ɲe˧/
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ
gleaming adj /ta˨kʰɛ˧ra˨sʰo˧/
give to read phr /dje˦hə˦/
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤟꤣ glorify v to place as great and
give to rest phr give an
respected /be˨du˨be˨zɯ ˦/
opportunity to rest
/dje˦o˨kɯ ᵊ/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ glory n lit. light shining
give to sit phr to give a seat
to /dje˦o˨nja˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬ n including power
give to stay phr to allow to
stay or be with /dje˦o˨/
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤥ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ der.
give to use phr /dje˦nɔ˧e˨/
glove n /ta˨kʰu˨kɔ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤝꤥ
give each other phr glue n sticky /a˨i˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤤ꤭
/dje˦lu˧/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤜꤢꤨ꤭ glutton n a person who eats
give birth phr /dje˦o˨pʰu˦/ and drinks too much /ka˨ja˧
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ e˨ta˨lwo˦ o˧ta˨lje˨/
glad adj excited /ʂɛ˦krɯ ˧ʂɛ˦lɔ˧/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ ꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ gluttonous adj /e˨ʃjo˨o˧prja˦/
gladden v /me˨ʂɛ˦krɯ ˧/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ ꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
gladness n joy gluttony n eating too much
/ʂɛ˦lɯ ᵊpʰɔ˨pʰɯ˧/ /tɛ˨e˨ta˨lwo˦o˧ta˨lje˨/
ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤦ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
gnat 73 go too far

gnat n /pʰɔ˧ʂa˦pʰu˦/ ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤖꤢꤨ go follow phr /ʤɯ˦krwo˧/

der. ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤞꤢ ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭
n /pʰɔ˧ʃi˦mi ˨/ ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ꤏꤤꤗꤟꤤ꤬ go guide phr /ʤɯ˦zṳ˧/
go v /ʤɯᵊ˦/ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤡꤛꤣꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭
go harvest phr /ʤɯ˦kɛ˦/
go and kill phr
/ʤɯᵊme˨ʂje˧/ go inside and take phr
ꤡꤛꤣꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /ʤɯ˦nɯ ᵊ˧pʰje˦/
go and listen phr ꤡꤛꤣꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩ
/ʤɯᵊni ˦da˧/ go plead phr go and beg
ꤡꤛꤣꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢ꤭ /ʤɯ˦kwi˧ta˨dɯ˨/
go argue phr ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬
/ʤɯᵊkre˦krja˦/ go pray phr
ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤚꤢꤩꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢ /ʤɯ˦kwi˧ʤɔ˦bɛ˧/
go ask phr /ʤɯ˦sʰu˨dja˧/ ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭
ꤡꤛꤣꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ go request phr /ʤɯ˦kwi˧/
go ask for mercy phr ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤝꤤ꤭
/ʤɯ˦kwi˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨/ go stand phr
ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ /ʤɯ˦ka˨tʰɔ˨o˨/
go ask to see phr ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬
/ʤɯ˦kwi˧mja˦/ go take down phr
ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ /ʤɯ˦pʰje˦ta˧/
go back and forth phr
go the wrong way phr go
/ʤɯ˦ka˨ʤɯᵊhja˧/ astray /ʤɯ˦ʂɯ˦klja˦/
ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤡꤛꤣꤞꤢꤦꤊꤜꤛꤢ
go buy phr /ʤɯ˦i˨pri ˨/ phr because of day-
ꤡꤛꤣꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ dreaming /ʤɯᵊta˨pa˨/
go down phr /ka˨lja˨/ ꤡꤛꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ go too far phr to walk past
go enter phr /ʤɯ˦ka˨nɯ ᵊ˧/ what is necessary
ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ /kʰɛ˧ta˨lwo˦ʤɯ˦ta˨lje˨/
go fight phr /ʤɯ˦sʰa˦/ ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤡꤛꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛ
ꤡꤛꤣꤏꤢ ꤢꤩ꤬
go up 74 good luck

go up phr /tʰja˨/ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. God n /ʤɔ˦ma˨rja˨/

ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤡꤢꤪꤗꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬
go up and in phr goiter n /kja˧bo˧pʰo˨/
/ʤɯ˦tʰja˨nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤥ꤭ꤖꤥ꤬
ꤡꤛꤣꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ gold n /tʰɛ˧/ ꤓꤢꤧ꤭
go with phr /ʤɯ˦kɯ ᵊ˧/ gone v /ʤɯ˦kja˧/ ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ gong n large round gong or
go from town to town frog drum /klɯᵊ˨/ ꤊꤜꤌꤣ꤬
phr /ʤɯ˦ nɯ ᵊ˧tə˨vi ˧ n /mo˨/ ꤗꤟꤥ꤬
tʰe˨tə˨vi ˧/
ꤡꤛꤣ gonorrhea n /hi˨ma˨pʰɛ˨
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤣ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭
tɛ˨ʃwi˦/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ
go along with phr /dʒɯ˦
good n /tɛ˨rja˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ
ta˨kro˨ kɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤥ꤬ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ adj /a˨rja˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ der.
go around phr /dʒɯ˦ -ꤚꤛꤢ; ꤚꤛꤢꤚꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤬
adj nice, pretty, pleasant,
ta˨va˨/ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ good /a˨two˦ mo˨rja˦/
go in a group phr ꤢ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥ ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ der.
/dʒɯ˦plɔ˦/ ꤡꤛꤣꤕꤜꤢꤪ ꤢ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ
go forward phr continue adj good seed /a˨ʃɯᵊ˧/
/dʒɯ˦pa˨hja˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ
ꤡꤛꤣꤕꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ good deeds phr doing of
go often phr /dʒɯ˦dʒɯ˧/ good /tɛ˨me˨rja˦tɛ˨/
ꤡꤛꤣꤡꤢꤦ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
goal n purpose, hope /tɛ˨ta˨zje˨
good place phr /kʰa˧le˦rja˦/
mja˦sʰɯ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤚꤛꤢ
ꤗꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤭ good things phr
n the prize or goal ahead to
overcome or win
good luck phr of great
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢꤩꤗꤢꤙꤥ꤭ der. profit
goat n /pe˦/ ꤕꤟꤢꤩ der. ꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤬;
ꤕꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤤ꤬ ꤙꤝꤤꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤭
very good 75 grain field

very good phr /rja˦nja˨zɔ˦/ governing n ruling

ꤚꤛꤢꤔꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ der. /tɛ˨pə˦ta˨ri˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ
ꤚꤛꤢꤜꤢ꤭ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤣꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
goods n merchandise government n /kʰwi˦/ ꤋꤝꤤ
/tɛ˨kɯ ˦tɛ˨kʰa˦/ governor n the ruler of a state
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤦꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢ or country /prɛ˨pə˦tʰje˧ke˦/
gooseberry n /ta˨lɛ˦ʂɛ˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤣꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩ der.
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤣ; ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤣꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬;
gorilla n ape /prɛ˨mi ˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤣꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤣꤊꤟꤢꤩ
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ n /kʰwi˦/ ꤋꤝꤤ
gospel n joyful news grab v to grab or hold onto
/tɛ˨ʂɛ˦krɯ ˧mi˨la˨/ /pɯ ˦/ ꤕꤟꤢꤦ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ v to grasp, to hold by putting
gossip v to talk about someone your hands or claws
when they are not present around /kri ˨ɲe˦/
ꤘꤛꤢꤢꤨ꤭ꤐꤟꤥ꤬ der. ꤊꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ
ꤕꤟꤥꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ v to grab a handful of /dʒɯ ˨/
gouge v to gouge out ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬
/ka˨u˧tʰe˨kja˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ grace n /bwi˦ta˨rje˧/
ꤙꤝꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
gourd n /kra˧ʂɛ˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤙꤝꤤꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤭;
n ridge gourd ꤙꤝꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭
/di˧ku˨kɔ˦tʰu˧ʂɛ˨/ n /tɛ˨bwi˦tɛ˨ta˨rje˧/
ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤪꤓꤢꤨ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤝꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭
/di˧ku˨kɔ˦ʂɛ˨/ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤪꤞꤢꤧ꤬ grade n level /a˨to˦a˨ta˧/
n sponge gourd
graft v to join together
/di˧ku˨kɔ˦pʰɯ ᵊ˨ʂɛ˨/
/me˨i˦ʤɯ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭ der.
bitter gourd n wild small
ꤕꤜꤌꤣ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ ꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭
grain n lit. english rice
eggplant /kʰɛ˨ta˨mje˧ʂɛ˨/
ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ /bɯ ᵊ˦ku˧la˧/ ꤙꤟꤌꤣꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭
govern v to rule /pə˦ta˨ri˦/ grain field n /bɯ ᵊ˦ku˧la˧
ꤕꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ der. ꤕꤣ; prɛ˦le˦kʰu˨/ ꤙꤟꤌꤣꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭
ꤕꤣꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤣꤊꤟꤢꤩ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤩꤋꤢꤨ꤬
grandchild 76 greedy

grandchild n grandchildren gratitude n see grace

/pʰu˦lje˨/ ꤖꤢꤨꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. /bwi˦ta˨rje˧/ ꤙꤝꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ grave n /lɯ ᵊ˧ku˨/ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤬
grandfather n /pʰɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der. ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤭
grandmother n /pʰje˧/ ꤖꤛꤢꤩ꤭ graveyard n /lɯ ᵊ˧kʰu˨
grandparents n grandmother
a˨kʰa˧le˦/ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
and grandfather /pʰje˧pʰɯ ᵊ˧/
gray adj /ta˨pʰɛ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤬ der.
grape n /sa˨pji˦ʂɛ˨/ ꤎꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤤꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤬
grape wine n
great adj /a˨du˨a˨za˧/
/sa˨pji˦tʰje˧za˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ꤭ der. -ꤘꤢ꤬ꤨ
ꤎꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤤꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤟꤢ꤭ great-grandchild n /lje˨lṳ˨/
grapevine n the whole
vine /sa˨pji˦mɔ˦/
ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬
ꤎꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤤꤗꤟꤢꤪ great-great grandchild n /lje˨/
n a branch of the vine ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
greater adj /du˨lə˦klɔ˧/
ꤎꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤤꤖꤛꤢ꤭ ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤣꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ der.
grape juice n /sa˨pji˦tʰje˧/
ꤎꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤤꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ greatness n /tɛ˨du˨tɛ˨tʰu˧/
grape wine n
Greece n /kri˦ke˦/ ꤊꤚꤤꤊꤟꤢꤩ
ꤎꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤤꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤟꤢ꤭ greed n /tɛ˨kɔ˦va˦kɔ˦pra˨ e˨
grapefruit n /ʂɔ˨du˨sɛ˨/ ni ˦dje˦dɯ˨ɲe˧/
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢꤪꤠꤟꤢꤊꤢꤪꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬ ꤢꤩ꤬
grasp v to hold by putting ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤛꤢꤩꤘꤢꤦ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ der.
hands or claws around ꤊꤢꤪꤠꤟꤢꤊꤢꤪꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬
/kri ˨ɲe˦/ꤊꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ n /tɛ˨lɔ˧pʰa˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢ꤭
grass n /mi ˨ʂɛ˨/ ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der. greedy v lit. eat big /e˨du˨/
ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ; ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
grasshopper n /ta˨ki˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤭ adj greedy to get money
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤭ꤕꤟꤢꤪ /lɔ˧pʰa˧e˨ ni ˦rɯ˧ni ˦tʰɛ˧/
ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤔꤟꤤꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤔꤟꤤꤓꤢꤧ꤭
Greek 77 guard

Greek n Greek language groom n /kʰo˧mɛ˧kʰu˧pʰɛ˧/

/kri˦ŋo˦/ ꤊꤚꤤꤍꤟꤥ ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤭ der.
n Greek person /kri˦pʰu˦/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤭;
ꤊꤚꤤꤖꤢꤨ ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭
grope v feel around for
green adj /ʂɯᵊ˧/ ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ der.
ꤢ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ /klɯᵊ˦mja˦/ ꤊꤜꤛꤣꤗꤛꤢ
der. ꤊꤜꤌꤣꤖꤢꤦ꤭
green pepper n
ground n the earth /he˨kʰu˨/
ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤛꤢꤞꤤꤞꤛꤣ꤭ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
groundnut n /kɔ˦bi˧ʂu˦/
greet v /he˦mo˨he˦rja˦/
ꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤛꤢ ꤊꤢꤪꤙꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤨ der. ꤊꤢꤪꤙꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
group n /plɔ˦mṳ˨pʰu˦/
greeting n /tɛ˨he˦mo˨he˦rja˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤛꤢ ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ der.
ꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬; ꤙꤢꤧꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬
grieve v /ʂɛ˦plɛ˧ne˨zɔ˨/
grouse n type of bird
grill v to cook by grilling /tʰu˨tʰɛ˧ta˨pə˦/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤣ
grow v to grow in size, to
/i˨sʰɯ˦e˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬
increase in development
grin v /ɲe˧ta˨kro˧/ ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤥ꤭ /du˨tʰja˨tʰu˧tʰja˨/
grind v to grind wheat ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der.
/i˨sʰa˦tɯ˧sʰɯ˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤒꤢꤦ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
v to grind your teeth /a˨ growl v when the stomach
ta˨kri ˧ta˨krɯ ˨/ ꤢꤟꤢ꤬ growls /pra˧lwo˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤭ꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤭
ꤢꤟꤢ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ v i.e. a lion /ta˨ŋɛ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤢꤧ꤬
groan v to groan in pain grub n /krje˨/ ꤊꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤬
/ta˨ɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ꤭ grumble v /ta˨mwo˧ta˨lɛ˧/
v to groan within because of ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤭
a feeling of difficulty or guard n /prɛ˨o˨pɔ˦/
worry /ta˨ɯ ᵊ˧ta˨sʰɛ˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ der.
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭;
v to sigh denoting a ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ
v /o˨pɔ˦o˨ʃja˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤥ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ
/ʂɛ˦mɯ ᵊkrɯ ᵊ˨ha˧/ der. ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤗꤛꤢ;
ꤞꤢꤧꤗꤟꤌꤣꤊꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤟꤢ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤗꤛꤢꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬
guava 78 fall down

guava n /lo˦mi˧kja˦ʂɛ˨/ the way

ꤜꤥꤗꤤ꤭ꤊꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧ꤬ /prɛ˨zṳ˧klja˦zṳ˧klo˧/
guess v /la˧ʂa˧mja˦/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊ
ꤜꤢ꤭ꤞꤢ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ der. ꤜꤥ꤭
ꤜꤢ꤭ꤞꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤗꤛꤢ guidebook n
guest n /ʃi˧pre˦ʃi˧mhja˨/ /li˨zṳ˧klja˦zṳ˧klo˧/
ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤜꤤ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤥ꤭
ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩ; ꤋꤥ꤭ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩ guilty adj state of being guilty
guesthouse n /ʃi˧pre˦hi˨/ of, lit. sin exists /tɛ˨ʂɯ˦o˨/
ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩꤟꤤ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤥ꤬ der.
guestroom n /ʃi˧pre˦ro˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤥ꤬
ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩꤚꤥ꤭ guitar n /ti˨/ ꤒꤤ꤬
guidance n instruction guitarist n /prɛ˨dɔ˨ti˨/
/tɛ˨zṳ˧klja˦zṳ˧klo˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤤ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ gullet n /kja˧kro˨/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤥ꤬
der. ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ
gums n in the mouth
guide v to point out the way
/zṳ˧klja˦zṳ˧klo˧/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ
ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ der. gun n /ʃi˦ɲa˨/ ꤏꤤꤑꤟꤢ꤬
ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭; ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ
n a person who points out gunpowder n /ja˨ʂu˦/ ꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ

habit n custom, used to v /ta˨krɯ ˨ʂɛ˦ dʒje˦ta˧/
doing /le˦klo˧ me˨pa˨nɯ ᵊ/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢ꤭
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤥ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ fall down phr when hail
der. ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤥ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤋꤛꤢ꤬ comes down /ʤje˦ta˧/
Hades n place where the dead ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢ꤭
are /lɯ ᵊ˧ke˦ne˦dɔ˧/ phr hair, leaves /ta˧kro˧/
ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤔꤢꤩꤘꤢꤪ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤥ꤭
hail n /ta˨krɯ ˨ʂɛ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
hair 79 happy

hair n /kʰu˨lɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬ handkerchief n small towel

der. ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ /ka˨tʰo˧pʰu˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
n body hair, includes animal handle n the place where the
fur /ne˦klɔ˦ʃɯ˨/ hand holds onto
ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤢꤪꤏꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ something /le˦pɯ ˦ta˨kʰu˨/
hairy adj lit. a lot of hair ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤕꤟꤢꤦꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
/ʃɯ˨o˨ɛ˦/ ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤢꤧ handsome adj nice looking
man /pʰɛ˧two˦pʰɛ˧ʂa˧rja˧/
half adv middle, halfway
/kla˧me˧/ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ der. hang v to hang i.e. a picture on
ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤦꤩ꤭; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ the wall /klɛ˦/ ꤊꤜꤢꤧ
n half of something /ka˦ko˨/ v hang while fastened
ꤊꤢꤊꤥ꤬ der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤝꤥ꤬; onto /i˦ʤɯ˧li˧lo˦o˨ma˨/
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭ꤜꤥꤥ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ der.
n one-half /ha˦ʂje˦/
ꤟꤢꤞꤛꤢꤩ ꤡꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤭ꤜꤥ
halfway adv /kla˧me˧/ ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ v to hang a bag on /dɔ˦ma˧/
der. ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤦ; ꤘꤢꤪꤗꤟꤢ꤭
ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭; ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ happen v /o˨tʰo˧o˨lja˨/
hammer n a tool for ꤥ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤥ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬;
pounding /i˨pɔ˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
v the work a blacksmith v to happen, become
does, to hammer out /tʰwo˧tʰja˨/ ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
/da˧/ ꤘꤢ꤭ happening n that which
v to pound /mɯ ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ happened
hammock n /i˨ʤɔ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭ /tɛ˨tʰwo˧tʰja˨a˨ne˦/
hamstring n /kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨plɔ˨tje˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ der.
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢꤩ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ
hand n /ta˨kʰu˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der. happiness n goodness,
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤋꤢꤨ꤬ happiness, peace
hand out phr to distribute to /tɛ˨o˨mo˨o˨pe˧/
each person /dje˦ pe˦ lu˧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤩ꤭
tə˨prɛ˨ na tə˨prɛ˨/
ꤘꤛꤢꤩ happy adj when the heart is
ꤕꤟꤢꤩ ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤔꤢ happy /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨mo˨/
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ der.
harbor 80 don't have

ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ harvest v /kɛ˦ka˨dwo˦/

adj excited /ʂɛ˦krɯ ˧ʂɛ˦lɔ˧/ ꤊꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ der. ꤊꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬
ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ der. harvest rice phr /kɛ˦bɯ ᵊ/
ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤊꤢꤧꤙꤟꤌꤣ
adj to enjoy /ʂɛ˦lɔ˧ʂɛ˦lja˨/ harvest the grain or rice
ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ phr pull off by the
harbor n /le˦ka˨ba˦o˨kɯ ᵊ/ handful (grain or rice)
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ /i˨pra˦e˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤢꤩ꤬
hard adj solid or hard to the harvest time phr lit. rice
touch /prje˧ka˨di˦/ cutting time
ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤤ der. ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /kɛ˦bɯ ᵊkʰɛ˧/
adj difficult /pja˦sʰɛ˧/ ꤊꤢꤧꤙꤟꤌꤣꤋꤢꤧ꤭
ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤕꤟꤛꤢ; harvester n lit. person who
ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤛꤢꤧꤜꤢ꤭; cuts, piles and keeps
ꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤜꤢ꤭ /prɛ˨kɛ˦plɔ˦dwo˦/
hard-hearted phr hard and ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪꤘꤝꤥ der.
stubborn ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ; ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢꤧꤙꤟꤌꤣ
ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤤ hat n /kʰu˨klwo˧/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤭
harden v to make hard der. ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣꤊꤜꤥꤙꤢ꤬
/me˨prje˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ hatch v when chicks hatch
hardworking adj /pʰu˦pʰɛ˦/ ꤖꤢꤨꤖꤢꤧ
industrious /krɯ ˧/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ hate v /ʂɛ˦tʰe˨ʂɛ˦ta˨kʰo˧/
der. ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤥ꤭ der.
harelip n /kʰa˧u˨pja˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤟꤢ꤭; ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬;
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤥ꤭
v /θɛ˦zɔ˦kja˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪꤊꤛꤢ꤭
harm v to cause pain
n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦tʰe˨ʂɛ˦ha˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤟꤢ꤭ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬
v to wound and cut hate to give up phr to not want
/me˨ʤu˨me˨tʰja˧/ to give up /ʂɛ˦lo˧ni ˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤥ꤭ꤔꤟꤤ
harmonious v see peaceful have v /o˨/ ꤥ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤥ꤬
/krɯ ˧klɛ˧/
ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ don't have v /o˨to˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
harp n see guitar /ti˨/ ꤒꤤ꤬ der. ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
hay 81 heir

hay n lit. dry grass /mi ˨kra˧/ heap v to heap up

ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ꤊꤚꤢ꤭ /dja˨ba˧tʰja˨sa˧mo˧/
he pron 3rd person singular /a˨/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤙꤢ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤎꤢ꤭ꤗꤥ꤭ der.
ꤢ꤬ der. ꤢꤧ꤬ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ
head n head (of the human hear v /ni ˦hɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤔꤟꤤꤟꤌꤣ꤭
body) /kʰu˨klɔ˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ adj able to hear /kʰa˧lɛ˨li˧/
n leader, head ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭
/kʰu˨klɔ˦kʰu˨klja˧/ heart n /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭ heart (desire) n
n the head of grain or rice /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦/
/plja˧/ ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦ
headache n when the head heart (divided) adj
hurts /sʰɛ˧kʰu˨klɔ˦/ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨bi˨pʰɛ˧/
ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤤ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤭
headmaster n principal heat n hot /ke˦kṳ˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤨ
/ʂwo˦li˨ho˧kʰu˨/ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ
ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ heat up phr /do˧ku˦/ ꤘꤥ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤨ
heal v in reference to illness or
heaven n /mɔ˦kʰu˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤋꤢꤨ꤬
disability /za˨/ ꤐꤢ꤬ der.
ꤐꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢ꤬; ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ heavy adj /a˨tʰə˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤓꤌꤣ꤬ der.
v to heal and restore /za˨ri ˨/
ꤢ꤬ꤓꤌꤣ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ; ꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤓꤌꤣ꤬
ꤐꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤤ꤬ der. ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ adj fat /a˨bɯ˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬
healed adj /la˨me˦/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ hedgehog n lit. dog-pig
healing n /tɛ˨za˨ʃi˧me˦/ /tʰwi˨tʰja˦/ꤓꤝꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ heel n /kʰa˧nɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬
health n /tɛ˨o˨sʰwo˨o˨prja˧/ der. ꤋꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤏꤝꤥ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ height n /a˨tʰja˨lə˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭
healthy adj strong and heir phr the person who
healthy /o˨sʰwo˨o˨prja˧/ receives inheritance /prɛ˨
ꤥ꤬ꤏꤝꤥ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤏꤝꤥ꤬ də˦ ni ˦bɛ˨ u˨dʒɛ˧ta˨zɛ˦/
adj healthy (plants), fertile ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤘꤣ ꤔꤟꤤꤙꤢꤧ꤬
ground /ri ˨/ ꤚꤟꤤ꤬ ꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤧ
helicopter 82 hide

helicopter n herd n a group of animals

/kɯ ᵊ˧ʂɔ˨pʰɔ˧hɯ˦ɲa˦/ /tɛ˨pʰu˦tɛ˨lje˨ a˨mu˨/
ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ꤟꤢꤦꤑꤟꤢ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬
hell n /ŋa˨ra˨/ ꤍꤢ꤬ꤚꤢ꤬ here adv /bi˦je˧/ ꤙꤤꤛꤢꤩ꤭
n /mɔ˦ra˨pɔ˨tja˨/ hernia n lit. intestine falls
/pra˧ta˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
helmet n metal hat
hesitant adj embarrassed
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤪꤓꤢꤧ /ta˨rɛ˧dʒa˨dʒə˦/
help v /me˨ʤwo˦me˨ko˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤡꤢ꤬ꤡꤣ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ der. hesitate v /me˨kʰɔ˧me˨zɔ˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥ; ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤡꤝꤟꤥ; ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤪ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤐꤢꤪ꤭
ꤟꤢꤩꤡꤝꤟꤥ hesitating v inadequate,
n /tɛ˨me˨ʤwo˦/ doubtful, undecided
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥ der. /la˨rɔ˧la˨re˨/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬
helper n /prɛ˨me˨ʤwo˦/ hiccup v /ʃi˦pa˨˨,ɯᵊ˧/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥ ꤏꤤꤕꤢ꤬꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ꤭
hem in phr to surround and hide v to be hidden
obstruct /bɔ˨ta˧tɯ ˧ /o˨wo˦o˨bi˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤝꤥꤥ꤬ꤙꤤ der.
ta˨va˨bi˦/ ꤙꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤝꤥ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ꤙꤤ v hide-close /hɯ ᵊbi˦/
hemorrhage n lit. too much
blood comes out
ꤟꤌꤣꤙꤤ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ꤭;
v to hide something
ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ der.
ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤛꤢꤓꤢꤩ꤬ /dɔ˦ɯ ᵊ˦dɔ˦bi˦/
hen n /ʃje˧mɯ ᵊ/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣ ꤘꤢꤪꤢꤟꤌꤣꤘꤢꤪꤙꤤ der.
her pron 3rd person singular
/ɛ˨/ ꤢꤧ꤬ v to keep hidden
pron /lu˧/ ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ /be˨dwo˦a˦ɯ ᵊ/
herald n a person who tells or ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤝꤥꤢꤟꤌꤣ der.
explains something
/prɛ˨he˦sʰo˨də˨ɲa˧/ v /kɯ ᵊ˧bi˦kja˧/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤙꤤꤊꤛꤢ꤭
hidden 83 holy

hidden adj /o˨wo˦o˨hɯ ᵊbi˦/ hire v to pay to work for

ꤥ꤬ꤝꤥꤥ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣꤙꤤ der. /da˨kɛ˨/ ꤘꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤘꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬
ꤥ꤬ꤝꤥꤢꤟꤌꤣꤙꤤ history n /tɛ˨dja˦kja˧/
adj /o˨hɯ ᵊo˨bi˦/
ꤥ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣꤥ꤬ꤙꤤ der. hit v punish, spank /pli˦/ ꤕꤜꤤ
ꤥ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣꤙꤤ; ꤥ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ; v beat with a stick /mɯ ˧/
ꤟꤌꤣꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤓꤢꤪ꤬
high adj /tʰja˨lə˧/ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ der. v crash (i.e. car accident)
ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ /pɔ˦/ ꤕꤟꤢꤪ
highest adj /tʰja˨lə˧lə˦/
v hit the ball /plja˦/ ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ
ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ꤜꤣ der.
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ v to come into contact
adj the tallest with /bɛ˨/ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
/tɛ˨tʰu˧ta˨dɯ˨/ hoe v /i˨vɛ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ n broad hoe /ta˨ne˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤩ꤬
highway n a large road hold v /pɯ ˦/ ꤕꤟꤢꤦ der. ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤗꤢ꤬
/klja˦du˨/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der. v to grasp /kri ˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤤ꤬
ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤗꤟꤌꤣꤘꤢꤨ꤬ v to hold onto tightly
hill n /kʰo˧ma˦kʰo˧lo˧/
/ŋje˦ma˨/ ꤍꤛꤢꤩꤗꤢ꤬
ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤋꤥ꤭ꤜꤥ꤭ der. ꤏꤥ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ;
ꤋꤥ꤭ꤜꤥ꤭ hole n /ku˧/ ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤥ꤭
hilly adj lit. many bumps n /plo˧/ ꤕꤜꤥ꤭
/plɔ˨o˨ɛ˦/ ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤢꤧ hole (deep) n /ku˧za˧/
him pron 3rd person singular ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤐꤟꤢ꤭
/ɛ˨/ ꤢꤧ꤬ hole (shallow) n /ku˧ta˨lɯ ˦/
pron /lu˧/ ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤦ
hinder v to bother and hole (small) n /ku˧pa˨ti˦/
obstruct /me˨di˦dja˧ta˧tɯ˧/ ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤢꤦ꤭ holiday n free day
hip n part of the body /kla˨/ /mɔ˦ɲe˧o˨ko˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭
ꤊꤜꤢ꤬ der. ꤊꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤝꤤ holiest n /ʤa˧sʰɛ˧lə˦u˧/
hippopotamus n lit. water
horse /ta˨ʂi˦tʰje˧/
holy adj /ʤa˧sʰɛ˧/ ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
Holy Spirit 84 hotel

Holy Spirit n /ʂɛ˦ʤa˧sʰɛ˧/ der. ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤑꤟꤢ

ꤞꤢꤧꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ v to place as great
home n /hi˨/ ꤟꤤ꤬ /dja˨du˨dja˨tʰu˧/
home ownership phr ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ der.
ꤔꤢꤟꤤ꤬ꤔꤢꤖꤛꤢ꤭ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤑꤟꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
homeland n State hoof n /ka˨mɛ˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤧ der.
/tʰje˧le˦ke˦ku˧/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤢꤨ꤭ hook n /i˨bi˦ka˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤤꤊꤟꤢ der.
homeless adj lit. without home ꤊꤟꤢ
and garden /sʰo˧do˧hi˨ hope v /mja˦sʰɯ˧/ ꤗꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤭
sʰo˧do˧prɛ˦/ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤘꤥ꤭ꤟꤤ꤬ der. ꤗꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢꤨ
ꤏꤥ꤭ꤘꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ n /tɛ˨mja˦sʰɯ˧/
homesick adj to miss your ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤭
village /ne˨ʂɯᵊ˨ dɔ˧/
horn n the horn of an animal
ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ ꤘꤢꤪ꤭
hometown n the place you /nɔ˨/ ꤔꤟꤢꤪ꤬
were born /o˨lja˨ kʰa˧le˦/ horse n /ta˨ʂi˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤤ
ꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ horse carriage n /ta˨ʂi˦lo˦/
homework n /li˨hi˨dɔ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤤꤜꤟꤥ
ꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ hospital n /tɛ˨ʃwi˦hi˨/
honest adj straight, righteous ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤟꤤ꤬
/dʒɔ˦te˨/ ꤡꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤡꤢꤪꤡꤢꤦ hot adj weather, hot to touch
n person who is honest or /ke˦kṳ˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤨ der.
righteous /ka˨ja˧ dʒɔ˦te˨/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤨꤊꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤪ;
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤡꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ
honey n /vja˦tʰje˧/ ꤠꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ adj extremely hot
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤤ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /ke˦kṳ˦ta˨kli ˦/
honor n respect ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤨꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤤ
adj hot food, spicy /a˨hja˦/
/tɛ˨be˨zɯ ˦be˨ɲa˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ der. ꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ der. ꤟꤛꤢ
hotel n borrowed word from
English /hɔ˨tɛ˨/ ꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢꤧ꤬ der.
v /be˨zɯ ˦ɲa˦/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤑꤟꤢ
hour 85 hunt

hour n /mɯ˧/ ꤗꤢꤦ꤭ humiliate v to embarrass

house n /hi˨/ ꤟꤤ꤬ der. ꤟꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤢꤧ /me˨ta˨rɛ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭
household n family humiliation n that which
/hi˨pʰu˦pʰja˧pʰu˦/ embarrasses /te˨ta˨rɛ˧/
ꤟꤤ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤖꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭
housework n /hi˨dɔ˦kɔ˦ku˧ humility n /tɛ˨ʃja˨lja˨ʂɛ˦plɔ˨/
tɛ˨me˨/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤪꤊꤢꤪꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
hunched adj hunched over, to
have a bent over back
how adv /pʰu˦te˧/ ꤖꤢꤨꤒꤢꤩ꤭
/ɲa˦da˦kʰɔ˧/ ꤑꤟꤢꤘꤢꤋꤢꤪ꤭ der.
how many? phr how much
/ba˦te˧/ ꤙꤢꤒꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤙꤢ- hundred num used for things
how many days? phr and people /-zɛ˨/ -ꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
/ba˦nje˧te˧/ ꤙꤢꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤬
how many years? phr num used for money
/ba˦na˨te˧/ ꤙꤢꤔꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ /-dʒwɛ/
-ꤡꤝꤟꤢꤧ der.
how many people? phr ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤢꤧ
/ba˦prɛ˨te˧/ ꤙꤢꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ hundred thousand num /-ʂi˧/
howl v when a dog howls
-ꤞꤤ꤭ der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤞꤤ꤭
hungry adj lit. want to eat and
/tʰwi˧ɔ˨mo˨/ ꤓꤝꤤ꤭ꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬
drink /ʂɛ˦e˨ʂɛ˦o˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤥ꤭
hug v /pʰja˦bɯ˦/ ꤖꤛꤢꤙꤢꤦ der. der. ꤞꤢꤧꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤ꤭; ꤞꤢꤧꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤢꤩ꤬
ꤖꤛꤢ adj /ta˨vi ˧ta˨kɔ˧/
huge adj very big /a˨du˨ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭
ɲa˨dʒɔ˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤑꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ adj to be tired or weak and
human n /ka˨ja˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ hungry
human rights phr lit. people's /la˨dja˦e˨la˨dja˦o˧/
opportunity or permission ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤥ꤭
/prɛ˨lu˨ a˨kʰwa˦a˨ja˨/ adj /ta˨li˦ta˨dʒo˨/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤢꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤥ꤬
humble v lit. to push down hunt v to go and shoot
your heart /ʃja˨lja˨ ʂɛ˦plɔ˨/ animals /hja˧le˧kʰɛ˦ tɛ˨mi ˨/
ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ der.
ꤋꤛꤢꤡꤢꤪ ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤤ꤬
hunter 86 pretend to be ri...

hunter n /prɛ˨lɯ ˨tɛ˨mi ˨/ hut n a place for resting

ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ /klja˦le˦ʂɯ˨/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤜꤟꤢꤩꤞꤢꤦ꤬
hurricane n /ke˦la˨ʂɛ˦du˨/ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤞꤢꤦ꤬
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤘꤢꤨ꤬ hyena n /tʰwi˨pɛ˦/ ꤓꤝꤤ꤬ꤕꤢꤧ
hurriedly adv hygiene n cleanliness
/ta˨plɯ ᵊ˦ta˨plje˧/ /te˨mwo˧pli˧ʂi˧plo˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤌꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤞꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤬
hurt v referring to hurt feelings hypertension n lit. blood
/ʂɛ˦plɔ˨sʰɛ˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ rises /ʂwi˨tʰja˨/ ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
v physically hurts, is painful hypocrisy v to pretend
/sʰɛ˧/ ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭; /ʤje˦kʰa˦ʤje˦kʰo˨/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭; ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤋꤢꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤋꤥ꤬ der.
n a person who is hurt ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤋꤥ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤋꤢ
/ka˨ja˧sʰɛ˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ n pretending to be right
der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ /tɛ˨ʤje˦ʤɔ˦ʤje˦te˨/
hurts a lot phr /sʰɛ˧ʃjo˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤡꤢꤪꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ pretend to be righteous
husband n /vɛ˨/ ꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. phr see hypocrisy
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ /ʤje˦ʤɔ˦ʤje˦te˨/
husk n the outside husk of the ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤡꤢꤪꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
rice /pʰi˧ʂɔ˦/ ꤖꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤪ
I 87 image

I pron 1st person singular /va˧/ ignore v to not listen to, not
ꤠꤢ꤭ obey /ni ˦da˧ to˨/ ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢ꤭
ice n /tʰje˧kʰja˦/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤛꤢ ꤒꤥ꤬
der. ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤛꤢꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭ v /dja˦ta˨klwo˨/
ice cube n /tʰje˧kʰja˦klɔ˦/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤛꤢꤊꤜꤢꤪ v /dʒje˦ka˨ɔ˨/ ꤡꤛꤢꤩꤊꤢ꤬ꤢꤪ꤬
idea n thought /ta˧sʰa˦ta˨ne˨/ ill adj to be sick /o˨sʰwi˦o˨sʰɛ˧/
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤏꤝꤤꤏꤢꤧ꤭;
idle adj lazy /ta˨kle˧le˧bja˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ n a person who is sick
idol n /prɛ˨zo˨prɛ˨ki ˦/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤥ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤤ der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤥ꤬; ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ
ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤊꤟꤤ illegal adj against the law
idolatry n worshiping idols
/sʰa˦ko˨ na˦ tɛ˨ʂwo˦tɛ˨ʂja˨/
/tɛ˨ʤɔ˦bɛ˧ prɛ˨zo˨prɛ˨ki ˦/ ꤏꤢꤊꤥ꤬ ꤔꤢ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤬
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤥ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤤ illiterate adj unlearned
if conj /ki˨/ ꤊꤤ꤬ /ʤja˦li˨to˨/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤜꤤ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
conj /jo˧/ ꤛꤥ꤭ illness n sickness /tɛ˨ʃwi˦/
v for example /he˦kɯ ᵊre˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ der.
ꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤌꤣꤚꤢꤩ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
if not, then phr or image n image or idol
/ki˨ma˦to˨rɔ˦/ /za˦zo˨za˦ki ˦/
ꤊꤤ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤥ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤊꤟꤤ der.
if you say that, then phr n in the likeness of a
/ki˨he˦ma˨/ ꤊꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤗꤢ꤬ person /prɛ˨zo˨/
der. ꤊꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤢꤪ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤥ꤬
imagine 88 improve

imagine v to think /ta˨ne˨/ impartial adj lit. to not look

ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ big and not look small at
imitate v to follow and someone, to not show
imitate /krwo˧mja˦bɯ˧/ favoritism /mja˦du˨
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤗꤛꤢꤙꤢꤦ꤭ der. mja˦pa˨ti˦ u˧ to˨/ ꤗꤛꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬
ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬; ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤙꤢꤦ꤭ ꤗꤛꤢꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ ꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤥ꤬
v /me˨klwo˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤥ꤬ impatient adj /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ tʰu˨to˨/
immature adj not yet of age
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
imperishable adj not able to
/pʰu˦ba˧lɛ˧to˨/ ꤖꤢꤨꤙꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
spoil or rot /ʂɔ˧pje˦dʒja˦to˨/
immediately adv at the same ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤡꤟꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬
time, simultaneously
implement v /ta˨rɯ ᵊ˧/
/tə˨pʰɯ ᵊtɯᵊ˧/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤒꤛꤣ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤭
adv /ta˨plə˦ta˨plje˧/ impolite adj not having respect
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤌꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /tɛ˨zɯ ˨ɲa˦ o˨to˨/
immerse v put down into water ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ ꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
/dʒe˨tʰje˧/ ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ adj /θɛɲa to˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤟꤢ ꤒꤥ꤬
immoral v sexual immorality important adj /lo˨du˨/ ꤜꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
with men or women der. ꤢ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
/ʤɯᵊʂɯ˦ prɛ˨mɔ˨prɛ˨kʰu˧/ n that which is important
ꤡꤛꤣꤞꤢꤦ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ /tɛ˨lo˨du˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
adj /la˨rɯ ᵊla˨rɛ˧/
even more important adj
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤌꤣꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ /lo˨du˨lə˦klɔ˧/
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤌꤣꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤜꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤣꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
immortal adj lit. cannot die most important phr or
'most important'
ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬ /lo˨du˨lə˦u˧/ ꤜꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤣꤢꤨ꤭
immunize v to give a shot that der. ꤜꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤣ;
protects from getting a ꤜꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
disease /sʰa˦ta˨kɛ˨ tɛ˨kʰu˨/ imprison v /dɔ˦nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤘꤢꤪꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤏꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤘꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬
immutable adj cannot improve v to develop
change /ta˨klja˨dʒja˨ to˨/ /me˨du˨tʰja˨tʰu˧tʰja˨/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ ꤒꤥ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
impure 89 increase

impure adj unholy /ʤa˧sʰɛ˧to˨/ inattentive adj to listen without

ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ paying attention
n not clean and white /ni ˦da˧ka˨ɔ˧/ ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤢꤪ꤭
/pʰɯ ᵊ˦mwo˧to˨/ incapable adj unable to do
ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ /dʒja˦to˨/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬ der.
in prep /-ku˧/ -ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬
in back phr behind /-kʰje˧/ incense n
-ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤘꤣꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /tɛ˨nɯ ᵊ˨mɯ˦nɯ ᵊ˨sʰɯ˧/
in front phr forward, in front ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤢꤦꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ der.
/-ɲe˧/ -ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤘꤣꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤢꤦꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤟꤢꤪ꤭
phr to come first /re˦/ ꤚꤟꤢꤩ incisors n teeth /kʰu˨kʰje˧pʰu˦/
der. ꤚꤟꤢꤩꤜꤣ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
in order that phr /ʂja˦pʰu˦/ included adj /o˨pa˨nɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤞꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤣ;
in the future phr /ʃje˦ no˨pa˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤣꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬;
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤮ ꤔꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤟꤣꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭
in the future it will phr not included phr /kɯ ᵊ˧to˨/
/pa˧ma˨/ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ꤗꤢ꤬ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
including prep /pa˨/ ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ der.
in the past phr
ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤣ; ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤣꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭
prep /ʃi˧tʰe˧/ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤭
n /də˦ɲe˦nu˨/ ꤘꤣꤑꤢꤩꤔꤢꤨ꤬ income n /rɯ˧ ka˨nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭
in time for phr /lɛ˦/ ꤜꤢꤧ
incomplete adj not finished
in-laws v what in-laws call
/tʰɯᵊ˧to˨/ ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
each other /kʰo˧mɛ˧/
inconvenient adj isn't perfect
inaccurate adj not right or or exactly right /ta˧to˧ta˧bɛ˨
correct /to˧to˨/ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ der. to˨/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤢ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ incorrect adj not right or
inadequate adj not enough, correct /to˧to˨/ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ der.
insufficient in amount ꤢ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
/la˨rɔ˧la˨re˨/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ increase v is more /o˨po˦/
independence 90 inspect

independence n a country's inharmonious adj to not get

freedom /ke˦bɛ˨bɯ˨la˧/ along, not in harmony
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤢ꤭ /krɯ ˧klɛ˧to˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
n freedom /tɛ˨pa˨la˧/ inheritance n /u˨ʤɛ˧ta˨zɛ˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤭ ꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤧ der. ꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤭
indestructible adj cannot be initiate n new person
destroyed /pje˦dʒja˦to˨/ /ka˨ja˧ʂɛ˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤭
ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤡꤟꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬ inject v to inject medicine, give
India n /ku˧li˦ke˦/ ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤤꤊꤟꤢꤩ a shot /sʰa˦tɛ˨kʰu˨/
Indonesia n /e˨do˨ni ˧sʰja ke˦/ ꤏꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ꤭ꤏꤛꤢ ꤊꤟꤢꤩ injection n /tɛ˨kʰu˨ le˦sʰa/
indulge v /lɯ ˨lɛ˦ʂɛ˦plɔ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤏꤢ
ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤢꤧꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ injure v /me˨sʰwi˦me˨sʰɛ˧/
industrious adj work hard, ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der.
work diligently /krɯ ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ injury n a cut or sore
adj steadily /ta˨nɯ˦ta˨nɔ˨/ /a˨dʒu˨a˨tʰja˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤨ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤦꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ink n /li˨bo˧tʰje˧/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
inexpensive adj /a˨ŋu˨kɔ˨/ innocent adj without sin/wrong
ꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ /tɛ˨ʂɯ˦ o˨to˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ ꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
inform v notify /dje˦
insane adj crazy /ta˨mwi˧/
ʂɛ˦ɲe˧pli˦/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤝꤤ꤭
der. ꤘꤛꤢꤩ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭
insects n /ʂi˦ tə˨dʒə˨dʒə˨/ ꤞꤤ
information n details ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬
/a˨ri˨a˨kja˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ insert v to insert the finger
n /tɛ˨ri˨tɛ˨klo˧/ into /ki ˧nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤊꤟꤤ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ inside prep /a˨ku˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ der.
inhabit v to live /o˨ -ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
la˨lɯ ᵊ˦la˨klja˨/
ꤥ꤬ insist v /sʰɔ˧ka˨dɯ ᵊ/
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ
inhale v to breathe in /ʂɛ˦nɯ ᵊ˧/ inspect v to examine
ꤞꤢꤧꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ /tʰɯ˦dʒe˧mja˦/ ꤓꤢꤦꤡꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ
instead 91 interpreter

instead adv to prefer over insult v lit. speak evil

another /me˨ ta˨ple˨/ (ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬) /he˦mu˧mja˦/ ꤟꤢꤩꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬ v to speak against /he
adv /tja˦ a˨kʰa˧le˦/ ꤒꤛꤢ ta˨kʰwo˦ta˨kɛ˨/ ꤟꤢꤩ
ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤥꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬
adv /me˨kja˧ a˨kʰa˧le˦/
intelligent adj /dɛ˨/ ꤘꤢꤧ꤬
(ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬)ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
intention n /ta˨ne˨ze˨pli˦/
instruct v to point the way
/zṳ˧ta˧lɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
intercourse n sex /vja˨/ ꤠꤛꤢ꤬
v instruct to do
interest n interest on your
something /me˨ʤɯᵊni ˦/ money /rɯ˧pʰu˦/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ der.
ꤗꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤔꤟꤤ ꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤖꤢꤨ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤗꤟꤌꤣ
instructor n a person who
interested adj /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ pa˨/
teaches /prɛ˨i˨ʂjo˦i˨ʂja˧/
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ꤕꤢ꤬ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬
adj care to do /ʂu˨o˨ʂɛ˦o˨/
n what a teacher is called
/ʂa˦ra˦/ ꤞꤢꤚꤢ der. interesting adj lit. right with
ꤞꤢꤚꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬ the heart /to˧ʂɛ˦plɔ˧/
instrument n for making music ꤒꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
/tɛ˨dɔ˨tɛ˨ɯ ᵊ˦/ interfere v /di˦dja˧/ ꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭
insufficient adj not interference n /ʃi˦vja˦di˦dja˧/
enough /lə˦ba˧to˨/ ꤏꤤꤠꤟꤛꤢꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭ der.
ꤜꤣꤙꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ ꤏꤤꤠꤟꤛꤢ
adj /pɔ˨pe˦to˨/ ꤕꤢꤪ꤬ꤕꤢꤩꤒꤥ꤬ international n the whole earth
/he˨kʰu˨ ʃi˧ba˨/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
adj /ta˨li˦ta˨ʤo˨/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤥ꤬ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤙꤢ꤬
internet n borrowed from
adv not enough,
English /e˨tʰə˨nɛ˦/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤣ꤬ꤔꤢꤧ
inadequate /la˨rɔ˧la˨re˨/
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤘꤤ꤭ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ interpret v translate /po˨tʰe˨/
ꤢ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
adj not enough, more is interpreter n also translator
needed /a˨lo˨pa˧/ /prɛ˨ po˨tʰe˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤢ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤭ ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
interrupt 92 ivory

interrupt v interfere /di˦dja˧/ invite to eat phr /ɛ˦e˨/ ꤢꤧꤢꤩ꤬

ꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭ der. invite to follow phr
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭ /ɛ˦krwo˧/ ꤢꤧꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭
intersection n where a road or invite to follow and go
tree divides off /tɛ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ phr /ɛ˦krwo˧ʤɯᵊ/
intestine n /pra˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤭ der. ꤢꤧꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ
ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤭ invite to go phr /ɛ˦ʤɯᵊ/
n large intestine /pra˧du˨/ ꤢꤧꤡꤛꤣ
ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ iron n metal /tɔ˦tʰɛ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤪꤓꤢꤧ
n small intestine /pra˧pʰu˦/ v to iron clothes /tʰɯ˦ʂje˨/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ ꤓꤢꤦꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤬
into prep inside /də˦ a˨ku˧/ ꤘꤣ irritate v to bother
ꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ /me˨di˦dɔ˦di˦dja˧/
intoxicated adj /o˧mɯ ˨/ ꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤꤘꤢꤪꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭ der.
introduce v to explain ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭
beforehand /he˦sʰo˨lɯᵊ˧ re˦
is v the verb "to be" /ma˨/ ꤗꤢ꤬
tɛ˨ri˨tɛ˨kʰja˧/ ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤚꤢꤩ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ island n /klɯ˦/ ꤊꤜꤢꤦ
investigate v /sʰu˨dja˧mja˦/ islanders n /klɯ˦kʰu˨pʰu˦/
ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ ꤊꤜꤢꤦꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
invitation n a letter of isle n lit. small island
invitation /li˨ ɛ˨mo˨/ ꤜꤤ꤬ /klɯ˦pʰu˦/ ꤊꤜꤢꤦꤖꤢꤨ
Israel n /i˨sa˨re˦la˨/
invite v /ɛ˦mo˨sʰɯ˨/ ꤢꤧꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬
der. ꤢꤧꤏꤢꤦ꤬; ꤢꤧꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ; ꤢꤧ
Israelite n /i˨sa˨re˦la˨pʰu˦/
invite in phr /ɛ˦nɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤢꤧꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der. ꤢꤧꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤎꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
invite to come phr /ɛ˦hja˧/ it pron 3rd person singular /a˨/
ꤢꤧꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤢ꤬
invite to come and eat itchy adj /ka˨ʂɛ˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ
phr /ɛ˦hja˧e˨/ ꤢꤧꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ivory n elephant tusk
invite to come inside phr /ta˨ʃja˧ta˨mja˦/
/ɛ˦hja˧nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ
jack fruit 93 joined

jack fruit n /pa˨lja˧ʂɛ˨/ jealous adj envy
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ /ʂɛ˦ko˨ʂɛ˦kʰwɛ˦/
jacket n /dʒa˨klɔ˧/ ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤥ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤋꤝꤢꤧ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤋꤝꤢꤧ;
der. ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤋꤢꤞꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬
jade n green stone /lɔ˦ʂɯᵊ˧/ jealousy n envy /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦kʰwɛ˦/
ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤞꤛꤣ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤋꤝꤢꤧ
jail n /tʰɔ˧/ ꤓꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤓꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ jeans n partially borrowed
n /po˨ku˧/ ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ der. from english /hje˨dʒje˦/
ꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ
v to put in jail /dò˦nɯ ᵊ˧/ Jerusalem n /ja˨ru˦ʃja˨le˨/
ꤘꤢꤪꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤛꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤨꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤬
January n a transliteration Jesus Christ n /je˨ʃu˦kʰri˦/
from english ꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤨꤋꤚꤤ der. ꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤨ
/dʒja˨sa˨wa˨ri ˨/ jewel n /lɔ˦ʂe˦lɔ˦pro˨/
ꤡꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤢ꤬ꤝꤟꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤤ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤩꤜꤟꤢꤪꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬
Japan n /dʒja˨pa˨ ke˦/ Jews n /ju˦da˨pʰu˦/ ꤛꤢꤨꤘꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
ꤡꤛꤢ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢꤩ job n /tɛ˨me˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬
jar n /ʂo˧vi˦/ ꤞꤥ꤭ꤠꤤ der. ꤞꤥ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬;
join v to connect, graft
/me˨i˦ʤɯ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭
n /ʤo˧/ ꤡꤟꤥ꤭
v to join a tool handle to a
n /pja˧/ ꤕꤟꤛꤢ꤭
tool /tɔ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤪ
n clay pot /pɔ˨he˨/ ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬
join with others phr to be
jasper n a kind of gem /lɔ˦ʂe˦ included /pa˨nɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤩ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤜꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ joined adj to be connected
jaundice adj /je˨bja˧/ ꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ together /o˨i˦ʤɯ˧tə˦/
jaw n maxilla /kʰɛ˨krwi˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤟꤣ der. ꤡꤢꤦ꤭;
ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤝꤤ der. ꤔꤟꤤꤔꤟꤢ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤢ꤬
joint 94 justify

joint n in between /plɛ˨/ ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ judge rightly phr

n the body part /tʰwo˨/ ꤓꤝꤥ꤬ /ʤi˨rja˨ʤɔ˦/ ꤡꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ
n where bones are joined der. ꤡꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ
together /krwi˦i˧ʤɯ˧/ ꤡꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤊꤚꤝꤤꤤ꤭ꤡꤢꤦ꤭ jugular notch n the hollow at
the front base of the neck
joke v /sʰu˨bɛ˦/ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ
/kja˧ɔ˨ku˧/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
v to tease /he˦bɛ˨
July n a transliteration from
pa˨ta˦pʰɯ ᵊ˧tʰja˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ english /dʒuo˨lɛ˨/
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤡꤟꤛꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤬
joking v in joking jump v /pa˦/ ꤕꤟꤢ der.
/he˦zɔ˦he˦le˧/ ꤟꤢꤩꤐꤢꤪꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢꤩ꤭ ꤕꤟꤢꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤢꤦ
der. ꤟꤢꤩꤐꤢꤪ jump down phr /pa˦ta˧/
journey n /tɛ˨ʤɯᵊtɛ˨ka˨/ ꤕꤟꤢꤒꤟꤢ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der. jump up phr /pa˦tʰja˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ ꤕꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der.
joy n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦krɯ ˧ʂɛ˦lɔ˧/ ꤕꤟꤢꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬; ꤕꤟꤢꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ der. June n a transliteration from
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ english /dʒuo˨/ ꤡꤟꤛꤥ꤬
n /ʂɛ˦lɯ ᵊpʰɔ˨pʰɯ˧/
jungle n /mi˨du˨ʂu˨klɛ˧/
ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤦ꤭ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭
joyful adj /ʂɛ˦krɯ ˧ʂɛ˦lɔ˧/
n deep forest or jungle
ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ der.
ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ /ta˨nɔ˧ta˨ho˧/
judge v punish, to sentence for ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭
a crime /ʤi˨rja˨/ ꤡꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ Jupiter n a transliteration from
english /dʒje˨pi˨tə˨/
v in judging others by how
they look or act
just /prɛ˦/ ꤕꤚꤢꤧ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤙꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤦꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬ adj righteous, true /dʒɔ˦te˨/
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤙꤢꤪ꤭ ꤡꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬ just happened phr something
n a person who judges or that just occurred /mo˦pa˧/
punishes /prɛ˨ʤi˨rja˨tɛ˨/ ꤗꤥꤕꤢ꤭ der. ꤗꤥꤕꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤢꤧ
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. justify v /be˨dʒɔ˦be˨te˨/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬; ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
kapok tree 95 kneel

kapok tree n /tɔ˨mɔ˦/ kindness n see mercy
ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦zɔ˨kla˨bɛ˨/
keep v /be˨dwo˦/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der.
keep on doing phr see continue ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬
/me˨pa˨hja˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ n the doing of good
der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ /tɛ˨me˨rja˦tɛ˨/
kerosene n /na˨mi˨tʰje˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
ꤔꤢ꤬ꤗꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ
kettle n a pot for hot water n gratitude, grace
/tʰje˧ku˦pɔ˧/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ /bwi˦ta˨rje˧/
key n /ʂɔ˦tʰi˨/ ꤞꤢꤪꤓꤤ꤬ ꤙꤝꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭
kick v /ta˨pɛ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤭ king n /kʰwi˦ʤɔ˦pʰja˨/
v /tʰɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤓꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤋꤝꤤꤡꤢꤪꤖꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤡꤢꤪꤖꤛꤢ꤬;
v kick a person's feet out ꤋꤝꤤꤘꤢꤨ꤬; ꤋꤝꤤꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤖꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭
from under them /i˨pa˧ kingdom n /tʰje˧le˦ke˦ku˧/
ba˧do˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤢ꤭ ꤙꤢ꤭ꤘꤥ꤬ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤢꤨ꤭
kidney n /li˦lu˧/ ꤜꤤꤜꤢꤨ꤭ kiss v also fragrant smell
kidney disease phr /li˦lu˧ /nɯ ᵊ˨mɯ˦/
tɛ˨ʃwi˦/ ꤜꤤꤜꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ kitchen n /mi˨po˨/ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤕꤟꤥ꤬
kidney stone n /le˦o˨tja˦ kite n /la˧za˦zo˨/
li˦lu˧ku˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢ ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬
ꤜꤤꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ kitten n /tʰuo˦pʰu˦/ ꤓꤝꤥꤖꤢꤨ
kill v /me˨ʂje˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. knee n /kʰja˨ma˧/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢ꤭
knee cap n /kʰja˨ma˧plja˧ba˧/
kilogram n borrowed word
from english /ki˨lo˨kra˨/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤢ꤭
ꤊꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢ꤬ kneed v /dʒi˨/ ꤡꤤ꤬
kindergarten n the beginning kneel v /da˦ŋɯ ˨/ ꤘꤢꤍꤟꤢꤦ꤬ der.
level /to˦kʰa˧ʃje˦/ ꤘꤢꤍꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
knife 96 landlord

knife n /di˨tʰo˦/ ꤘꤤ꤬ꤓꤥ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬

n cutting knife /hi˦tʰo˦/ knowledge n /tɛ˨ʂi˦tɛ˨pʰɛ˦/
ꤟꤤꤓꤥ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ der.
knock v i.e. to knock on the ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤꤖꤢꤧ
head /dɔ˨/ ꤘꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤘꤢ꤭ n understanding
v knock on the door /ta˨klɛ˧/ /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦kʰu˨ʂɛ˦ɲe˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭
knot n /sʰu˨plje˨ i˨kʰu˨/ knuckle n /ka˨nɔ˧ma˧/
ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤗꤟꤢ꤭
v /plwo˧tʰɯ˧/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ Korea n /ko˦ri˦ja˦ ke˦/
ꤊꤥꤚꤤꤛꤢ ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
know v /ʂɛ˦ŋe˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ der.

labium n /li ˦mɛ˨/ ꤜꤟꤤꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤬ lamb n /ʂi˦mi ˦pʰu˦/ ꤞꤤꤗꤟꤤꤖꤢꤨ
labor v to work /e˨rja˨/ n mutton /ʂi˦mi ˦zje˨/
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤞꤤꤗꤟꤤꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬; lame adj /da˦/ ꤘꤢ der.
ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬; ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤘꤢ
laborer n /prɛ˨me˨tɛ˨me˦/ n a person who is lame
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ /ka˨ja˧ kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨da˦
lacking adj /jo˨/ ꤛꤥ꤬ ta˨rṳ˨o˨thja˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭
adj insufficient ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢ der.
/ta˨li˦ta˨ʤo˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤘꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤨ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤥ꤬ lamp n /mi˨kɔ˧/ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭
ladder n /ka˨bo˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ land n /he˨kʰu˨/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der.
lady n woman /prɛ˨mɔ˨/
ꤋꤥ꤭; ꤋꤥ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
landing n top of the stairs
/kʰa˨bo˧mja˧/ ꤋꤢ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤭
lake n /tʰje˧ɔ˨/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤢꤪ꤬ der.
landlord n the house owner
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬; ꤔꤥꤊꤢꤨ꤭
/hi˨bja˨ʤɛ˨/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤙꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤬
language 97 lay

language n /la˧ŋo˦/ ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ lasting yet longer phr

der. ꤍꤟꤥ /o˨ɲe˧kɯ ᵊ˧po˦/
lantern n /mi˨kɔ˧/ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤕꤟꤥ
Laos n /lɔ˦ ke˦/ꤜꤟꤢꤪ ꤊꤟꤢꤩ late adv /ta˧no˨/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤔꤥ꤬ der.
lap n /kʰja˨nɔ˧/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬
large adj big, great /-du˨/ -ꤘꤢ꤬ꤨ later adv in the future
laryngitis n /kja˧kro˨ku˧zja˦/ /ʃje˦no˨pa˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤔꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤭
ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤛꤛꤢ der. ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤮ ꤔꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤭; ꤔꤥ꤬
larynx n /kja˧ni˧/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤔꤤ꤭ adv /a˨no˨klɔ˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤔꤥ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
lasso v noose /da˨ŋwo˧/ latest adj /ta˧no˨lə˦/
ꤘꤢꤍꤝꤟꤥ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤔꤥ꤬ꤜꤣ der. ꤔꤥ꤬ꤜꤣ
last adj final or last /a˨no˨lə˦/ laugh v /ɲe˧/ ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭
ꤢ꤬ꤔꤥ꤬ꤜꤣ der. ꤔꤥ꤬ꤜꤣ v to laugh at in a mocking
adv at the back, final manner /ɲe˧krɯ ᵊ˧/
/də˦kʰje˧lə˦/ ꤘꤣ ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤣ laugh hard phr
last year phr /na˨he˦nu˨/ /ɲe˧ha˧ta˨ka˧/
ꤔꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤔꤢꤨ꤬ ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤭ der.
last month phr
phr /ɲe˧ʃjo˨ʃjo˨/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤩꤋꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ laughter n /tɛ˨ɲe˧ha˧/
last week phr
lava n burning rock /lɔ˦mi˨ɯ˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤗꤤ꤬ꤢꤦ꤭
der. ꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤩꤋꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ law n /tɛ˨ʂwo˦tɛ˨ʂja˨/
last night phr
lay v to lay down something on
the ground /i˨dɛ˧ta˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der. ꤘꤢꤧ꤭; ꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤭;
ꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤩꤋꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ ꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤘꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
lasting adj lasts a long time
v to lay down and sleep
/kʰja˧ɲe˧/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ /o˨mje˧kʰɯ˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢꤦ
lazy 98 leaving

v to lay on your stomach learned n person who seeks to

/o˨ta˨klɯ ᵊ˧/ know /prɛ˨pṳ˧ʂɛ˦ɲe˧tɛ˨pʰu˦/
ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
v to lay/put down /be˨ta˧/ adj learned, able /dʒja˦/
ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤡꤟꤛꤢ der.
lazy adj /ʂɛ˦ta˨kle˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤩ꤭
lease v to lease or hire the land
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ;
for use /da˨kɛ˨e˨/ ꤘꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤩ꤭; ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ
n rental document /hi˨kɛ˨
lazy person phr
ta˨ra˧/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢ꤭
least adj /o˨pa˨ti˦lə˦/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ der.
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤩ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤜꤣ
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ; ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ leather n /pʰa˦kra˧/ ꤖꤢꤊꤚꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤙꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ leave v /tʰe˨ʤɯᵊ/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ der.
lead n a metal /dʒɯ˨/ ꤡꤢꤦ꤬ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
v to leave someone or
leader n official, head
something behind
/kʰu˨klɔ˦kʰu˨klja˧/ /dja˨kja˧/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭ der. leave and go do phr
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ; /tʰe˨ʤɯᵊme˦/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤗꤟꤢꤩ
leave and get into phr leave
n ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬; ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ and get into (i.e. a
/ka˨ja˧du˨ka˨ja˧tʰu˧/ boat) /tʰe˨ʤɯᵊtʰja˨nɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
leaf n /lɛ˨/ ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ leave and go see phr
leak v i.e. when water is /tʰe˨ʤɯᵊmja˦/
leaking /la˨dʒje˧/ ꤜꤢꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤗꤛꤢ
leave and go visit phr
lean v /ta˨lwo˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤬
/tʰe˨ʤɯᵊle˧/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤜꤢꤩ꤭
leap n /i˨pa˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ
leaving v what is said when
learn v /i˨ʂwo˦i˨ʂja˧/ you are ready to leave
ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤥ /ka˨hɔ˦/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤪ
ledge 99 liberty

ledge n overhang /lɔ˦ta˨mja˧/ lemonade n /ʂɔ˨dɛ˨ʂɛ˨tʰje˧/

ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
lee n a point of land that sticks lend v /dje˦bɔ˨dje˦lo˦/
out, to the lee of ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤙꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤜꤟꤥ der.
/ta˨nɔ˧pʰu˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤙꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤜꤟꤥ
leech n /zja˨/ ꤐꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤐꤟꤢ꤬ length n width /a˨lja˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ
leopard n /pʰɯ ᵊ˧kʰi˧kri˦pʰu˦/
leek n /pʰo˧ho˦mi ˨/ ꤖꤥ꤭ꤟꤥꤗꤟꤤ꤬
n Indian leek /pa˦pɛ˧rwi ˦/
less adv /jo˨/ ꤛꤥ꤬ der. ꤛꤝꤥ꤬
lessen v /jo˨ka˨lja˨/
left v go (past tense) /ʤɯᵊkja˧/
ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der.
v /tə˨pʰɯ ᵊtə˨ki˨/
adv to be on the left of,
referring to direction lesson n a teaching /tɛ˨i˨ʂwo˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤞꤛꤥ
/ʤɔ˦ʤi˨/ ꤡꤢꤪꤡꤤ꤬
n literature, book /li˨/ ꤜꤤ꤬
v to be left (by oneself)
ꤥ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢꤊꤛꤢ꤭ let v see allow /plwo˧/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭
left-handed adj /ta˨kʰu˨ letter n correspondence /li˨/
dʒɔ˦dʒi˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤡꤢꤪꤡꤤ꤬ ꤜꤤ꤬
n letter of an alphabet
leftover adj remaining /o˨kja˧/
ꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der. -ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ /li˨plɔ˨/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
n leftover food lettuce n /ta˨plɛ˨ta˨tʰa/
level n relating to steps or
ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ levels (i.e. the first level)
/to˦/ ꤒꤟꤥ
leg n /kʰa˨dɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬
der. ꤋꤛꤢ꤬; ꤋꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢ꤭ v to make equal
leg hair phr /kʰa˧dɯ ᵊ˨ʃɯ˨/ /me˨ra˨dɯ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤭
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ liar n /ka˨ja˧la˨ho˧/
lemon n /ʂɔ˨dɛ˨ʂɛ˨/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ der.
lemon tree n /ʂɔ˨dɛ˨mɔ˦/
liberty n see freedom
/bɛ˨bɯ˨la˧/ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤢ꤭
library 100 lightness

library n lit. a place for ꤐꤟꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤐꤟꤥꤟꤛꤢ꤭;

looking at books /le˦mja˦li˨ ꤐꤟꤥꤓꤢꤩ꤬
kʰa˧le˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤗꤛꤢꤜꤤ꤬ v to lift up your eyes to
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ see /tu˦tʰja˨/ ꤒꤢꤨꤓꤛꤢ꤬
lice n /ʂɯᵊ˨/ ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ der. v to lift or fasten up your
ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬ dress or longyi /ʂa˦/ ꤞꤢ
lick v /i˨lje˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬ lift down phr /ʤɔ˧ta˧/
lid n /kʰu˨dɔ˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ der.
ꤘꤤ꤭ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ lift up phr /ʤɔ˧tʰja˨/
n eyelid /mɛ˨ʂɛ˨pʰa˦/
ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢ lifted up phr /dja˨tʰja˨lə˧/
lie v /la˨ho˧la˨hja˨/
lift out phr /dʒɔ˧tʰe˨/
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭;
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
n /tɛ˨la˨ho˧la˨hja˨/ ligament n /rwi ˦tʰwo˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤚꤝꤟꤤꤓꤝꤥ꤬ der. ꤊꤚꤝꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤨ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ light n that which illuminates
v to lie on your stomach /li˧/ ꤜꤤ꤭
/o˨ta˨klɯ ᵊ˧/ v to light or ignite /i˨ʃi˧li˧/
ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭ der. ꤤ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤤ꤬;
v to lie down /o˨mje˧/ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭; ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ;
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤦꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭;
life n /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨tʰwo˧prɛ˨/
adj not heavy /pʰwi˧/ ꤖꤝꤤ꤭
der. ꤖꤝꤤ꤭ꤐꤢꤨ꤭
n /tɛ˨o˨tʰwo˧prɛ˨/
lighter adj becoming less
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. heavy /pʰwi˧hja˧/ ꤖꤝꤤ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
lift v to lift using your hands adj brighter, lighter
/ʤɔ˧/ ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ /li˧ta˨kʰɛ˧lə˦/
v to lift up to put inside
n /mi˨da˧/ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭
/sʰu˨tʰja˨/ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
lightness adj light and happy
v to lift up or raise your
hands /zo˦tʰja˨/ /a˨pʰwi˧a˨mo˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤖꤝꤤ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬
lightning 101 loan

lightning n /ʃje˨li ˨bɔ˦/ list n a written record

ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤪ der. ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ /li˨ra˧ma˦ra˧dja˧/
lightning bolt strike phr ꤜꤤ꤬ꤚꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤚꤢ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤭
/ʃje˨ka˨tʰja˨/ v to write and record
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. /ra˧ma˦ra˧dja˧/
ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤚꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤚꤢ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤭
like prep similar to /ʂja˦na˦/ listen v /ni ˦da˧/ ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢ꤭
ꤞꤛꤢꤔꤢ der. ꤞꤛꤢ liter n borrowed from
English /li˨ta˨/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬
v to like something, desire
literate adj to be able to
/ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦ʂɛ˦lɔ˧/ read /ʤja˦li˨/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤜꤤ꤬
ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ literature n /li˨lɛ˨/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬
like this phr /pʰu˦je˧/
little adj not much, small
/pa˨ti˦/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ der. ꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ
like that phr /pʰu˦nɯᵊ˨/
live v /tʰwo˧prɛ˨/ ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤖꤢꤨꤔꤛꤣ꤬ der.
der. ꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬; ꤥ꤬;
ꤞꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨꤔꤛꤣ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬
lime n /ʂɔ˨dɛ˨ʂɛ˨/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
v inhabits, lives
limit v /be˨pli˦/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ der. /la˨lɯ ᵊ˦la˨klja˨/
ꤒꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ der.
line n written line, sentence ꤥ꤬ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬
/li˨klo˧/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ live with phr /o˨la˧kɯ ᵊ˧/
line up phr to stand in a line
livelihood n lit. the belly's food
/ka˨tʰɔ˨ da˦ra˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬
/hɔ˦ku˧sʰɛ˨/ ꤟꤢꤪꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤬
liver n /ʂə˧/ ꤞꤣ꤭
linen adj /ba˦pli˧/ ꤙꤢꤕꤜꤤ꤭ der.
ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤙꤢꤕꤜꤤ꤭ lizard n small lizard /kʰwi˨/
ꤋꤝꤤ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤥ;
lion n /ja˧ʂi˧/ ꤢꤛꤢ꤭ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤝꤥ
lips n /kʰa˧u˨kʰa˧pʰɛ˨/ n a type of lizard called Tuk
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤋꤢ꤭ꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢ kae /tɔ˦kɛ˨/ ꤒꤢꤪꤊꤢꤧ꤬
liquor n /tʰje˧ʃi˦pre˦/ loan v to receive a loan of
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤤꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩ money /pʰje˨bɔ˨rɯ˧/
lobster 102 loom

lobster n crawfish, crayfish phr to make an effort to try

/ʃwo˨ko˦/ ꤏꤝꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤥ and see
locate v point out the place /mja˦ʤo˧mja˦ki˧/
/zṳ˧kʰa˧le˦/ ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ ꤗꤛꤢꤡꤥ꤭ꤗꤛꤢꤊꤤ꤭
location n place look back phr
/kʰa˧le˦kʰa˧bja˨/ /mja˦ka˨kʰje˧/
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤋꤢ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ꤬ ꤗꤛꤢꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
lock v to secure /ka˦ma˨bi˦kja˧/ look carefully phr
ꤊꤟꤢꤗꤢ꤬ꤙꤤꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤋꤢꤗꤢ꤬ /mja˦ta˧te˨/
n /ʂɔ˦/ ꤞꤢꤪ der. ꤞꤢꤪꤙꤤ ꤗꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der.
locust n /ta˨ki˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤭ look down on phr to think
log n short log /ʂɔ˨klɔ˦/ small of /ta˨ne˨pa˨ti˦/
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ der.
long adj also tall /a˨tʰu˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ ꤗꤛꤢꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ
der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤭; ꤊꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤥꤓꤢꤨ꤭; ꤡꤝꤟꤥ꤬ open your eyes phr
adj a long time /ɲe˧la˧/ /mja˦ka˨lɔ˧tʰe˦/
ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ der. ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭; ꤗꤛꤢꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ
ꤔꤢ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ phr for checking your
long ago phr /də˦nu˨də˦ʂa˨/ eyes /pa˨a˦/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤢ
ꤘꤣꤔꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤣꤞꤢ꤬ der. ꤔꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ look into phr to peer or
phr long time ago look into a place
/də˦ɲe˦nu˨/ ꤘꤣꤑꤢꤩꤔꤢꤨ꤬
/mja˦ʤo˧nɯ ᵊ˧/
longyi n wrap-around sarong ꤗꤛꤢꤡꤥ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
/hje˨ta˨va˨/ ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ look up phr /mja˦tʰja˨/
look v /mja˦/ ꤗꤛꤢ der. ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der.
ꤘꤣ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ ꤒꤟꤢꤨꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ;
phr Look! /mja˦mɔ˧le˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤨꤗꤛꤢ
ꤗꤛꤢꤗꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤢꤩ look for phr to search for
look around phr /pṳ˧/ ꤕꤟꤢꤨ꤭
/mja˦ta˨ri˦ta˨va˨/ look after phr to take care
ꤗꤛꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ of /mja˦kʰwɛ˨/ ꤗꤛꤢꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬
phr to look back and loom n for weaving
forth /mja˦ka˨mja˦hja˧/
/tʰɛ˦krɯ ˨tʰɛ˦krɔ˧/
ꤗꤛꤢꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤓꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤓꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭
loose 103 lynx

loose adj /ta˨klja˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭ adj i.e cute baby /ʂɛ˦ta˨ʤa˦/

lord n also owner, master ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤢ der. ꤒꤝꤟꤥ
/bja˨ʤɛ˨/ ꤙꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤬
ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤢ ꤋꤥꤘꤢꤦ꤬
lose v to lose or fail at low adj /ta˨rɯ ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤦ
something /la˨ʤṳ˦la˨prɔ˨/ lower v to lower down
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨꤜꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ der. /ʤja˨ta˧/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨ v to reduce the amount,
loss n to have lost or failed at
lower the price
/tɛ˨la˨ʤṳ˦la˨prɔ˨/ /be˨ta˧jwo˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨꤜꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤛꤝꤥ꤬
lost adj disappear /ʃi˧me˦/ loyal adj /kʰja˦dʒɔ˦/ ꤋꤛꤢꤡꤢꤪ
ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ der. ꤜꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ luck n profitable, gratitude
v to have lost or failed /bwi˦/ ꤙꤝꤤ der.
/la˨ʤṳ˦kja˧/ ꤙꤝꤤꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤭
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤕꤢꤩꤒꤥ꤬ lucky adj /bwi˦rja˦/ ꤙꤝꤤꤚꤛꤢ
lots adj many /ɛ˦la˧/ ꤢꤧꤜꤢ꤭ luggage n box /tə˦/ ꤒꤣ
loud adj roaring /ta˨vɔ˦ta˨ʂɯ˧/
n bag /pje˧/ ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ꤭; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤝꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ꤭ lunch n food at noon
adj noisy /a˨ka˨ɔ˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤢꤪ꤭ /mɔ˦tʰɯᵊ˨sʰɛ˨e˨/
adj a loud voice or sound ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤓꤛꤣ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬
/pra˨ʃwo˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ lung n /ʂu˨/ ꤞꤢꤨ꤬
love n /tɛ˨mo˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ der. lust v /pa˨ta˦pa˨tə˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤣ꤭
v /mo˨ni ˦/ ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ der. n /tɛ˨pa˨ta˦pa˨tə˧/
ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤣ꤭
v to love without lymph nodes n on your neck
/kja˧le˦ta˧/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢ꤭
ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤋꤢꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤋꤥ꤬ n /kʰja˨˨,li ˨˨,bɔ˨/
lovely adj lit. pretty-good ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤪ꤬
/two˦rja˦/ ꤒꤝꤟꤥꤚꤛꤢ lynx n /tʰwo˦ne˦/ ꤓꤛꤥꤔꤢꤩ
machete 104 manage

machete n /hi˦dɯ˨/ ꤟꤤꤘꤢꤦ꤬ make love phr /vja˨/ ꤠꤛꤢ꤬
machine n /dʒɛ˦/ ꤡꤢꤧ make new phr /me˨ʂɛ˧/
mad v angry /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨du˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ make a profit phr receive a
gain on money
adj crazy /ta˨mwi˧ʂɛ˧rɛ˨/
invested /me˨mje˦tʰe˨/
maggot n /lɔ˨/ ꤜꤢꤪ꤬
make music phr bang
magic v lit. to eat someone's
drums and gongs
image/spirit /e˨u˧zo˨/
magnet n /tɔ˦tʰɛ˦ne˦/
make peace phr
mail n /li˨/ ꤜꤤ꤬ /me˨pe˧me˨dwo˧/
v sending of mail /li˨le˦ʂu˧/
v /me˨krɯ ˧me˨klɛ˧/
mailbox n box for the sending
and receiving of mail make pretty phr /me˨two˦/
/li˨ʂu˧li˨hja˧ tə˦/
ꤜꤤ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤣ make friends phr
maize n /kʰu˨kʰe˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤢꤩ der. /bɔ˦ʂwo˦kʰɛ˦kʰo˧/
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧ꤬; ꤋꤢꤩꤙꤟꤌꤣꤤ꤭ ꤙꤢꤪꤞꤛꤥꤋꤢꤧꤋꤥ꤭
majority n many people malaria n /sʰwi˦ta˨nja˧/
/ka˨ja˧ ɛ˦prɛ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤏꤝꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤛꤢ꤭
ꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ Malaysia n /ma˨le˧ʃja˧ ke˦/
make v do /me˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤗꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
make a mistake phr male n /prɛ˨kʰu˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭
/me˨ʂɯ˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ man n /prɛ˨kʰu˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ der.
make excuses phr
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬; ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤭
manage v manage or govern
/kɛ˨tʰo˧kɛ˨lja˨/ the work /pə˦ tɛ˨me˨/ ꤕꤣ
ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬
manager 105 married

manager n /kʰu˨klɔ˦du˨/ map n /he˨kʰu˨zo˨/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤥ꤬

ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤗꤟꤢ꤬ꤔꤤ꤬ꤡꤛꤢ꤬ march v march in formation
mane n lion's mane /klje˧ra˦/
/kja˧bo˧sʰɯ˨/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤥ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬
March n /ma˦ lɛ˧/ ꤗꤢ ꤜꤢꤧ꤭
mango n /ta˨kʰja˦ʂɛ˨/
mark n a visible mark
/tɛ˨ma˦dja˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤘꤛꤢ꤭
mango tree n /ta˨kʰja˦mɔ˦/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤗꤟꤢꤪ mark off phr to mark off
boundaries or by
manner n /klja˦klo˧/
measurement /te˧ma˦/
manuscript n /li˨pʰa˦/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤖꤢ
market n /klɛ˦/ꤊꤜꤢꤧ der.
many adj /ɛ˦/ ꤢꤧ der. ꤢꤧꤜꤢ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤢꤧ;
ꤊꤜꤢꤧꤊꤢꤨ꤭; ꤊꤟꤛꤢꤊꤜꤢꤧ
ꤥ꤬ꤢꤧꤜꤢ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤚꤟꤥꤥ꤬ꤢꤧ; ꤥ꤬ꤚꤟꤥ;
ꤢꤧꤢꤧ; ꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ; marketplace n /klɛ˦da˧/
ꤢꤧꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ ꤊꤜꤢꤧꤘꤢ꤭
n together /ro˦/ ꤚꤟꤥ marriage n /sʰo˧mɛ˧sʰo˧dja˨/
many groups phr /ɛ˦plɔ˦/ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤥ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤬
ꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ n for the man who marries
many more phr /tɛ˨pʰje˦pʰu˦pʰje˦me˧/
/o˨ro˦o˨ɛ˦tʰja˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨꤖꤛꤢꤩꤗꤢꤩ꤭
ꤥ꤬ꤚꤟꤥꤥ꤬ꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ n for the woman who
many people phr /ɛ˦prɛ˨/ marries
ꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ /tɛ˨pʰje˦pʰu˦pʰje˦vɛ˨/
many places phr /ɛ˦pʰo˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨꤖꤛꤢꤩꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤢꤧꤖꤥ꤬ n general marriage term
many things phr /ɛ˦ʤə˨/ /tɛ˨pʰje˦me˧pʰje˦vɛ˨/
ꤢꤧꤡꤣ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤗꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤬
many times phr /ɛ˦pʰɯ ᵊ/ n marriage celebration
ꤢꤧꤖꤟꤌꤣ /pwɛ˨kʰo˧mɛ˧/
many together phr
/kɯ ᵊ˧la˧/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭
married adj /hi˨na˦prɛ˦/
many tribes phr ꤟꤤ꤬ꤔꤢꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ der. ꤥ꤬ ꤔꤢ
/ɛ˦mje˧ɛ˦ʤə˨/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤔꤢꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ
marrow 106 meet

marrow n in the bone maybe adv /ko˦le˧/ ꤊꤥꤜꤢꤩ꤭ der.

/krwi˦ki ˦/ ꤊꤚꤝꤤꤊꤟꤤ der. ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤊꤥ꤭; ꤗꤢ꤭ꤔꤢꤩ꤭
ꤊꤚꤝꤤꤌꤤ me pron see I /va˧/ ꤠꤢ꤭
marry v /kʰo˧mɛ˧/ ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der. meal n /le˦e˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤢꤩ꤬
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤥ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ meaning n /a˨ŋo˦la˨sʰa˦/
v /pʰje˦me˧pʰje˦vɛ˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤥꤜꤢ꤬ꤏꤢ
ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤗꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. measles n /tʰe˨ta˨i˦/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤤ
ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨꤖꤛꤢꤩꤗꤢꤩ꤭; ꤖꤛꤢꤩ measure v /ta˨ne˨te˧mja˦/
ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨꤖꤛꤢꤩꤠꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ der.
ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ; ꤒꤢꤩ꤭
massage v stretch /dʒi˨/ ꤡꤤ꤬
measurement n /tɛ˨te˧mja˦/
v /dʒɯ˨/ ꤡꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤡꤢꤦ꤬ ꤕꤟꤢꤩ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ
ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ n from the elbow to the top
master n lord, owner /bja˨ʤɛ˨/ of fingers /tə˨plɛ˦/
ꤙꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ
mat n /klo˨/ ꤊꤜꤥ꤬ der. n from one hand to the other
ꤊꤜꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭; ꤊꤜꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ꤬ /tə˨kli˧/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤜꤤ꤭
n /i˨ʤɔ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭
n measurement of a fist
n mat, carpet /le˦dɛ˧/ /tə˨kɯ˧/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤢꤦ꤭
meat n /tɛ˨zje˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der.
match n competition
celebration /tɛ˨di˧dʒɛ˧
meddle v /ʃi˦vja˦di˦dja˧/
pwɛ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤤ꤭ꤡꤢꤧ꤭ ꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤭
v to light a fire /mi˨pʰo˧/
mediate v /he˦bɛ˨li˧/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭
medicine n /tɛ˨kʰu˨tɛ˨tje˦/
material n /ta˧mɯ ᵊ˦ti˧tɛ˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢꤩ der.
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤒꤤ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
mattress n /pʰu˨rɛ˦/ ꤖꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ medium n medium sized
n /le˦to˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤒꤟꤥ /ta˨lo˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤥ
mature adj /prɛ˦tʰja˨hɔ˦/ meet v to have a meeting
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤪ /o˨ku˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ der.
May n /me˨ lɛ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ
meeting 107 mildew spots

v meet someone /mja˦sʰɯ˨˨,/ merchant n market/store-

ꤗꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬ der. owner /klɛ˦bja˨ʤɛ˨/
ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ ꤊꤜꤢꤧꤙꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤬
adv focal point of meeting n person who does
/-sʰɯ˨/ -ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ business

meeting v to meet /prɛ˨me˨kɯ ˦me˨kʰa˦/

/o˨ku˦o˨kja˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ
mercy v /ʂɛ˦zɔ˨kla˨bɛ˨/
v meet as a group ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der.
/ta˧sʰɯ˨ta˧plɔ˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤪ n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦zɔ˨ni ˦/
n /tɛ˨o˨ku˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ
melt v /ʤṳ˨/ ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤘꤥ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤬ mess n messy, cluttered
memorize v /to˧ni ˦/ ꤒꤟꤥ꤭ꤔꤟꤤ /ta˨ʂɔ˦bɔ˦bi˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤪꤙꤢꤪꤙꤤ꤭
mend v mend a tear /i˨sʰɛ˦pʰɛ˨/ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬
ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧꤖꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧꤚꤟꤤ꤬ message n something spoken
v fix /me˨rja˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ /tɛ˨də˨ɲa˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭
meningitis n swelling in the metal n /tɔ˦tʰɛ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤪꤓꤢꤧ
brain /kʰu˨klɔ˦sɔ˧ki˦zja˦/ method n /klja˦klo˧/
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤔꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤌꤤꤛꤛꤢ der. ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤊꤜꤥ꤭
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤔꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤙꤢ꤬ꤛꤛꤢ Mexico n /mɛ˦ksi˨ko˨/
menstruate v /ʂwi˨ta˧/ ꤗꤢꤧꤊꤎꤤ꤬ꤊꤥ꤬
ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der. ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤭; midday n noon /mɔ˦tʰɯᵊ˨/
ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤓꤛꤣ꤬
v /o˨da˧to˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ middle n /kla˧me˧/ ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭
menstrual pain phr lit. der. ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤦ;
pain-blood-down ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
/tɛ˨sʰɛ˧ʂwi˨ta˧/ midnight n /mɔ˦ne˨kʰɛ˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭
merchandise n things for midway adv the middle
buying and selling /ta˧kla˧me˧/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭
/tɛ˨kɯ ˦tɛ˨kʰa˦/
mildew spots n on clothes
/hje˨dʒa˨ɔ˦/ ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤢꤪ
mildly 108 mistaken

mildly adv /dʒɛ˦ɲja˨/ miracle n /tɛ˨ta˨kli˦kʰo˦kʰje˨/

ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤔꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤤꤋꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der.
mile n distance /mi˦le˨/ ꤗꤤꤜꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤤ;
milk n /i˨nɯ ᵊtʰje˧/
miraculous adj
ꤤ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤔꤟꤌꤣꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /ta˨kli˦kʰo˦kʰje˨/
milk powder n ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤤꤋꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤬
mirror n /ma˧dɯ ᵊ˨/
/nɯ ᵊtʰje˧kra˧mɯ˨/
ꤔꤟꤌꤣꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤚꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤦ꤬ miscarry v /pʰu˦pje˦/ ꤖꤢꤨꤕꤛꤢꤩ
millstone n millstone made out der. ꤖꤢꤨꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤟꤥ
of wood /ka˨sʰɯ˨i˨vi ˧/ mischievous adj /sʰu˦sʰa˦/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ
mind n /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ta˨ne˨/ misguide v to guide or point
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ the way incorrectly /zṳ˧ʂɯ˦/
mine adv belonging to me, i.e. ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤞꤢꤦ
he is my own child /ʃje˧tɔ˦/ misperception n /tɛ˨ta˨ne˨ʂɯ˦/
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤪ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ
miss v the feeling of missing or
pron /va˧tɛ˧/ ꤠꤢ꤭ꤒꤢꤧ꤭
longing for someone
minimum n /o˨pa˨ti˦lə˦/
/ne˨ʂɯᵊ˨/ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ der.
ꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤜꤣ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤔꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬; ꤞꤢꤧꤞꤛꤣ꤬
n at least /pa˨ti˦ta˨dɯ˨/
v fail to see /ta˨lje˨/
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
minority n not many people missing adj to be lost or
/ka˨ja˧ pa˨ti˦prɛ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ disappear /la˨me˦kja˧/
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der.
mint n herb /lɔ˦vja˨lɛ˨/ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤜꤢꤪꤠꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ mist n /tɛ˨kʰɯ ᵊ˨tʰja˨/
minus v subtract /jo˦kja˧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der.
pa˨ti˦/ꤛꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ der. ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ
ꤚꤝꤤ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ mistake n /ʂɯ˦/ ꤞꤢꤦ der. ꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ
minute n /prje˦/ ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ der. mistaken adj lit. think-wrong
ꤗꤤꤔꤤ /ta˨ne˨ʂɯ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ der.
mistreat 109 moral

mistreat v /me˨nɯ˧me˨ʤa˦/ molars n teeth

ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤔꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢ /kʰu˨kʰje˧mɯ ᵊ˦du˨/
misunderstand v to understand ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤘꤢꤨ꤬
in a different way /ʂɛ˦ɲe˧ mold v to shape clay /bja˦pɔ˨/
ta˧plu˦ kʰo˦dɯ˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤙꤛꤢꤕꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤙꤛꤢ
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤨ ꤋꤥꤘꤢꤦ꤬ mole n /zɯ ᵊvi˨/ ꤐꤟꤌꤣꤠꤤ꤬
misunderstanding n to have
thought incorrectly n on the skin /ma˦/ ꤗꤢ
moment n just a moment,
briefly /ta˨plɯᵊ˨pʰu˦/
mite n /pu˧kja˦pʰu˦/
ꤕꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤟꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ momentarily adv
mix v /klə˧/ ꤊꤜꤌꤣ꤭ der. /ta˨plɯᵊ˨ta˨plja˦/
ꤊꤜꤌꤣ꤭ꤏꤤ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤌꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢ
v to mix into (i.e. dough) Monday n /mɔ˦tə˨ɲe˧/
ꤡꤤ꤬ꤗꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤝꤤꤒꤟꤣ money n /rɯ˧/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬
mixed adj /ʃi˧lja˦/ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ n gold currency /tʰɛ˧ba˨/
der. ꤏꤤ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤒꤟꤣ; ꤓꤢꤧ꤭ꤙꤢ꤬
ꤥ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ money bag n see also purse
mobile phone n borrowed /rɯ˧pje˧/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
word from English /mɔ˨bɛ˧
monk n specific to Buddhist
fo˧/ ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤠꤖꤥ꤭
/dʒɔ˦bwi˦/ ꤡꤟꤢꤪꤙꤝꤤ
mock v to laugh at
monkey n /zɔ˧/ ꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤭ der.
/me˨zɔ˦me˨le˧ ɲe˧krɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤐꤢꤪꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤭ month n /lɛ˧/ ꤜꤢꤧ꤭
der. ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤭;
ꤟꤢꤩꤐꤢꤪꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢꤩ꤭ moon n /lɛ˧/ ꤜꤢꤧ꤭
v /he˦bɛ˨ la˨vi˨la˨vɔ˧ moonlight n /lɛ˧li˧/ ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭
ka˨ni˧ka˨no˦/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭ moral adj to live life in a good
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤤ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤥ manner /o˨tʰwo˦o˨rja˦/
moist adj /ʤa˨i˧/ ꤡꤢ꤬ꤤ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ der.
ꤡꤥ꤬ꤡꤢ꤬ꤤ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ ꤚꤛꤢ
more 110 mother-in-law

more adv /-lə˦/ -ꤜꤣ der. morning n /mɔ˦li˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤭

ꤜꤣꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤭ꤋꤢꤧ꤭; ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤭ꤙꤢꤨ꤭
adv /o˨ɛ˦tʰja˨; o˨ɛ˦tʰja˨tʰja˨/ n early morning
ꤥ꤬ꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬; ꤥ꤬ꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ /mɔ˦li˧ro˨mɯ˦/
adj /po˦/ ꤕꤟꤥ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤭ꤚꤟꤥ꤬ꤗꤢꤦ der.
adv /-klɔ˧/ -ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤚꤟꤥ꤬ꤗꤢꤦ
ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤣ n 9-11 AM /mɔ˦plja˧sʰɛ˧/
v /hja˧to˦/ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤥ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
even more than before mortal adj lit. able to die
adj /-klɔ˧ta˨ple˦/ /ʂje˧ʤja˦/ ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤟꤛꤢ
mortar n for pounding
more again phr
/ka˨sʰɯ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬
ꤕꤟꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤛꤢ der. n a large gun /ʃi˦ɲa˨du˨/
ꤕꤟꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤏꤤꤑꤟꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
adv /ɛ˦tʰja˨po˦/ ꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤥ mosquito n /pʰɯ ə˧ʃi˦/
adv /-klɔ˧po˦/ -ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤟꤥ ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤏꤤ der. ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ꤏꤤ;
more and more phr
mosquito net n /i˨kɛ˧tʰɔ˧/
/o˨ro˦tʰja˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤚꤟꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬
der. ꤥ꤬ꤚꤟꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤢꤧ;
ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤓꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤎꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤭
ꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ moss n sponge /ta˨plja˨/
more than phr /ɛ˦lə˦/ ꤢꤧꤜꤣ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
der. ꤢꤧꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭; ꤢꤧꤜꤣꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭; most adv /ɛ˦tʰja˨lə˦/ ꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ
ꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤢꤧꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤣ
more than that phr i.e. not moth n /a˨krɛ˦a˨tʰwo˨/
only that, but also ꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤧꤢ꤬ꤓꤝꤥ꤬ der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤪ
/ka˦to˨/ ꤊꤢꤒꤥ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤧ
ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ mother n /mɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤗꤟꤌꤣ
more with/also phr mother tongue n lit. mother-
/po˦kɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤕꤟꤥꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ father language
no more phr /pa˧to˨hɔ˦/ /mɯ ᵊpʰɛ˧ŋo˦/ ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ
ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ
even more adv the mother-in-law n /prɛ˦prɛ˨mɔ˨/
more...the more /le˦/ ꤜꤢꤩ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬
motion 111 multiply

motion v to wave with the mouse n /zɯ ᵊdɔ˧/ ꤐꤟꤌꤣꤘꤢꤪ꤭

hands /vɯ ˦vja˦ʤɯᵊ/ mouth n /kʰa˧u˨/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤢꤨ꤬ der.
ꤠꤟꤢꤦꤠꤟꤛꤢꤡꤛꤣ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
n /tɛ˨ku˦ka˨ru˦rja˧/
move v jump around
motivated adj /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨sjo˨/
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤊꤟꤢꤚꤟꤢꤨꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬
v to move by pushing?
motor n borrowed word
/mɔ˨ta˨/ ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢꤪ꤬ /ʂɔ˦ʂɯ˦/ ꤞꤢꤪꤞꤢꤦ
motorboat n /ʂɔ˨klje˧dʒɛ˦/ v shake back and forth?
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤢꤧ /ka˨zɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤌꤣ꤭
motorcycle n borrowed move forward phr
word /mɔ˨tɔ˨sʰɛ˨kɛ˨/ continue, come
ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ forward /hja˧ɲe˧/
mountain n /sʰo˨/ ꤏꤥ꤬ der. ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭
ꤏꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ movement n /tɛ˨kṳ˦ka˦rṳ˦rja˨/
mountain people n ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤊꤟꤢꤚꤟꤢꤨꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬
/sʰo˨kʰu˨pʰu˦/ ꤏꤥ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ movie n lit. living picture
mountain top n /sʰo˨kʰu˨/ /za˦zo˧ tʰwo˧prɛ˨/ ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤭
ꤏꤥ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
mountainside n /sʰo˨rɔ˧lo˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ
ꤏꤥ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤟꤥ꤬ MSG n ajinomoto, mono
on the mountain phr on the sodium glutamate seasoning
mountain side /sʰo˨lo˨/ /i˨ʂwi˦ʂo˧ro˧mɯ˨/
ꤏꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤥ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤝꤤꤞꤥ꤭ꤚꤥ꤭ꤗꤢꤦ꤬
small mountain phr much adj /ɛ˦ɲa˨dʒɔ˦/ ꤢꤧꤑꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ
/sʰo˨pʰu˦/ ꤏꤥ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ mucus n snot, from the nose
base n base of a mountain /kʰa˧i˨/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤤ꤬
/sʰo˨lɛ˧/ ꤏꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ mud n mud, also clay /pa˨a˦/
mourn v to mourn through ꤕꤢ꤬ꤢ der. ꤕꤢ꤬ꤢꤕꤢ꤬ꤥ꤭
singing /i˨hɛ˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. muddy adj lit. thick mud
/pa˨adɯ ᵊ˧/ꤕꤢ꤬ꤢꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭
mourning n /tɛ˨ŋɯ ᵊtɛ˨hɛ˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤍꤟꤌꤣꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤧ꤬ multiply v /prɔ˦plɔ˦/ ꤕꤚꤢꤪꤕꤜꤢꤪ
mumps 112 mystery

mumps n a condition where the dʒja˦to˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬

cheeks become swollen ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬
/kʰɛ˨zja˦/ ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤛꤛꤢ mutter v to grumble
murder v to kill /me˨ʂje˧/ /ta˨mwo˧ta˨lɛ˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤭
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ mutton n /ʂi˦mi ˦zje˨/
n /tɛ˨me˨ʂje˧/ ꤞꤤꤗꤟꤤꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ muzzle v lit. when the mouth is
muscle n arm muscles closed by someone /u˧bi˦
/ta˨kja˧plɔ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ kja˧ku˧/ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤙꤤ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
n meat muscle /zje˨plɔ˨/ my pron same pronoun for
ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ "me" and "I" /va˧/ ꤠꤢ꤭
mushroom n /krɯ ˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ Myanmar n /mja˨ke˦/
music n instruments for hitting ꤗꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
and blowing /tɛ˨dɔ˨tɛ˨ɯ ᵊ˦/ myself pron /va˧ne˦/ ꤠꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤢꤩ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤠꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤢꤩ ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢꤦ꤬;
Muslim n /mu˨sa˨li˨/ ꤠꤢ꤭ꤐꤟꤥ꤬
ꤗꤢꤨ꤬ꤎꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ꤬ n i.e. I myself will go
must v /to˧bɛ˨/ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ there /ʃje˧tɔ˦/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤪ
mustache n /kʰa˧u˨ʃɯ˨/ mystery n that which is
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ hidden /tɛ˨dɔ˦tɛ˨ɯ ᵊ˦/
mustard seed n /ta˨plɛ˨plɔ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ der.
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪꤢꤟꤌꤣꤕꤜꤤ;
mute adj unable to speak /pɛ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪꤢꤟꤌꤣꤘꤢꤪꤙꤤ
ꤕꤢꤧ n lit. that which is deep
n person who cannot /tɛ˨ʤɔ˦za˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤐꤟꤢ꤭
speak /ka˨ja˧ pɛ˦/ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ꤭;
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤕꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ꤭
adj unable to speak /he˦bɛ˨
nail 113 necklace

nail n for use with wood nation n country /tʰje˧ke˦/
/li˨pa˨na˨/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤢ꤬ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩ der. ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
n an ethnic group,
n fingernail
nationality /mje˧ʤə˨/
/ka˨nɔ˧mɯ ᵊ˦ba˨/
ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤣ꤬ der.
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤙꤢ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭
v to nail up /tʰɛ˦tʰja˨/
national n a country's people
nail head n the top of the nail
used with wood /kʰu˨dɛ˨/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤨꤊꤟꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨ der.
navel n /di˧bo˧/ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤙꤥ꤭
naked adj /o˨kʰa˧klo˨/
near adj close to in distance or
ꤥ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤟꤥ꤬ der. ꤋꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤟꤥ꤬
time /pʰɯ˨/ ꤖꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤦ꤬;
name n /mwi ˨/ ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬
v to give someone a name or
adj related as with a relative
title /po˦tʰja˨/ ꤕꤟꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬
/ta˨tɔ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤬
good reputation phr a good
name nearby adj things or people
nearby or around you
/mwi ˨two˦mwi ˨rja˦/
ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ /kʰa˧sʰɔ˧kʰa˧ʃje˦/
nameless adj without a name
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ der. -ꤏꤛꤢꤩ
nearly adv about to take
/sʰo˧do˧mwi ˧/ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤘꤥ꤭ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤭ place /kɯ ˦re˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤦꤚꤟꤢꤩ
nape n the back of the neck
necessary adj needed /lo˨bɛ˨/
ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤦ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤜꤥ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤜꤥ꤬
narrow adj /a˨i˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤤ꤬ neck n /kja˧bo˧/ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤥ꤭
adj /ta˨dʒje˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. necklace n /ka˨la˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤧ꤭
need 114 next year

need v to be in need of /lo˨bɛ˨/ nerve n /rwi ˦tʰwo˨/ ꤚꤝꤟꤤꤓꤝꤥ꤬

ꤜꤥ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤜꤥ꤬; ꤢ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ nest n a bird's nest /pwi ˨/
n that which is needed ꤕꤝꤟꤤ꤬ der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤝꤟꤤ꤬
/tɛ˨lo˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ net n a larger net for fishing
need to do phr /lo˨me˨/ /i˨tə˨vi˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤒꤣ꤬ꤠꤤ꤭
ꤜꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ n a smaller net for catching
need to give phr /lo˨dje˦/ fish /mo˨/ ꤗꤥ꤬
ꤜꤥ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩ never adv never having done
need to pay phr /lo˨pla˦/
/nɔ˦to˨/ ꤔꤢꤪꤒꤥ꤬
need to help phr /lo˨me˨ʤwo˦/ adv not even once
ꤜꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥ /ta˨kʰja˦to˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬
needle n /tʰɛ˦/ ꤓꤢꤧ new adj /-ʂɛ˧/ -ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭
needy adj to be poor or adj brand new /ʂɛ˧kre˧/
suffering /sʰo˧rja˨sʰo˧pʰa˦/ ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤭
ꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤖꤢ der. New Zealand n /nju˦zi˨la˨/
n a poor person
newborn n /pʰu˦o˨ʂɛ˧/ ꤖꤢꤨꤥ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭
ꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤖꤢꤨ news n /mi˨la˨/ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬
negative marker adv no or not, n information, details
this negative marker occurs /a˨ri˨a˨kja˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
at the end of a sentence /to˨/
newspaper n /li˨pa˨ʃi˧/
'don't' do something /tɛ˧me˦/
next adv lit. will be in front
neighbor n lit. house that is /də˦ɲe˧ pa˧/ ꤘꤣꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭
close by /hi˨o˨pʰɯ˨/ adv afterwards (future)
ꤟꤤ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤖꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤟꤤ꤬ /no˨pa˧/ ꤔꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤭
next day phr /a˨no˨tə˨ɲe˧/
neighborhood n /hi˨ kʰa˧sʰɔ˧
kʰa˧ʃje˦/ ꤟꤤ꤬ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ
next year phr /na˨no˦/
nephew n also niece /pʰu˦du˨/ ꤔꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤥ
ꤖꤢꤨꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤖꤢꤨꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭
next time 115 not

next time phr nod v /nɯᵊ˨lja˨/ ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬

/no˨pa˧tə˨pʰɯ ᵊ˦/ noise n voice, sound /pra˨/
ꤔꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬
ꤘꤣꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤟꤢꤦ꤬ n noisy sounds (i.e. party)
next week phr /no˨pa˧
/ta˨krɯ ᵊ˧ta˨krɛ˦/
tə˨klɛ˦/ ꤔꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤧ
der. ꤘꤣꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ
noisy adj /ka˨ɔ˧ka˨ʂja˨/
next to phr beside /kʰa˧ʃje˦/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤬ der.
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤢꤛꤢ
niece n also nephew /pʰu˦du˨/ nominalizer prefix used to
ꤖꤢꤨꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤖꤢꤨꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ make a verb into a noun
night n lit. when the sun is dark /tɛ˨-/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬-
/mɔ˦kʰi˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤋꤤ der. prefix before a verb or noun
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤋꤤꤋꤢꤧ꤭ to denote a place or thing
n one night /ʂɛ˧/ ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ der. (i.e. place for sitting=
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ thing + sit) /le˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩ-
night time n /mɔ˦kʰi˦mɔ˦ne˨/ none pron nothing /tə˨dʒə˨to˨/
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤋꤤꤗꤟꤢꤪꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
nine num /ʂwo˦ʂwo˦tə˨/ nonsense n /bɔ˧bje˨/ ꤙꤢꤪ꤭ꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤞꤛꤥꤞꤛꤥꤒꤣ꤬ der. ꤘꤢ꤬
n meaningless /a˨ŋo˦la˨sʰa˦
nineteen num
o˨to˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤥꤜꤢ꤬ꤏꤢ ꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤞꤛꤥꤞꤛꤥꤒꤣ꤬ der. noodles n /di˧tə˦/ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤒꤣ
ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤘꤢ꤬ noon n /mɔ˦tʰɯᵊ˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤓꤛꤣ꤬
ninety num /da˨ʃje˧/ ꤘꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤓꤛꤣ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭; ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤖꤢꤦ꤬
nipple n /nɯᵊ˦kʰu˨ʂɛ˨/ normally adv usually /ɛ˦ta˨ki˨/
ꤔꤟꤌꤣꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤬
no adv it's not true /ma˦to˨/ north n /ʤi˦tʰja˨/ ꤡꤤꤓꤛꤢ꤬
ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤥ꤬ nose n /kʰa˧pʰɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭
no, negative marker that der. ꤋꤢ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
occurs at the end of a
not adv negative, not true
sentence /to˨/ ꤒꤥ꤬
/ma˦to˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤥ꤬ der.
nobody pron no one
/tə˨prɛ˨to˨/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
not only that 116 obstinate

not only that phr nowhere pron no place

/tɯ˦nɯᵊ˨tʰɯᵊ˧to˨/ /tə˨pʰo˨to˨/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤒꤢꤦꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ numb adj tingly, paralyzed
notebook n /le˦ra˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤚꤢ꤭ /ta˨vi˦ta˨klɯ˧/
der. ꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤤ꤬ꤢꤨ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤦ꤭
nothing pron not one thing number n /ma˦to˧/ ꤗꤢꤒꤥ꤭
/tə˨dʒə˦to˨/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣꤒꤥ꤬ v to count /dja˨ma˦/
pron without even a little bit ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤢ der. ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ ꤗꤢꤒꤥ꤭
/ta˨ki˨to˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬ /dja˨ma˦/
notify v inform /dje˦ ʂɛ˦ɲe˧pli˦/ nurse v when a baby drinks
ꤘꤛꤢꤩ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ der. ꤘꤛꤢꤩ from the breast /o˧nu˦/ ꤥ꤭ꤔꤢꤨ
ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ n woman who works in the
noun n /ŋo˦ɛ˦mwi ˧/ medical field
ꤍꤟꤥꤢꤧꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤭ /tɛ˨kʰu˨ʂa˦ra˦mɯ ᵊ˦/
now adv /kʰo˧ɲa˦/ ꤋꤥ꤭ꤑꤟꤢ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤚꤢꤗꤟꤌꤣ
ꤋꤥ꤭ꤑꤟꤢꤛꤢꤩ꤭ nutcracker n /i˨hi˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤟꤤ

oak tree n /tʰje˧tʰja˦mɔ˦/ object v not agree /dʒu˧to˨/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤗꤟꤢꤪ ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
oar n /ʂɔ˨klje˧pʰa˨/ objects n /ta˧mɯ ᵊta˧tɛ˨/
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
obedience n ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬
/tɛ˨ʤṳ˧la˧pʰje˦ŋo˦/ obstacle n /tɛ˨me˨ta˧tɯ ˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤍꤟꤥ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬; ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ obstinate adj lit. 'thick-
obey v lit. listen /ni ˦da˧/ eared' /kʰa˧lɛ˨dɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢ꤭ der. ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭
v agree /dʒu˧e˨/ ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ der. adj /kʰu˨klɔ˦prje˧/
ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤍꤟꤥ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
obstruct 117 one

obstruct v /ta˧tɯ ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ offering n /tɛ˨lu˧tɛ˨tja˧/

der. ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤙꤤ; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤛꤢ꤭ der.
ꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤛꤢ꤭; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭;
v /me˨ta˧tɯ ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭;
obstruction n /tɛ˨me˨di˦dja˧
office n /zo˧/ ꤐꤥ꤭
ta˧tɯ ˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭ officer n officials, leaders,
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ authorities /u˧du˨u˧tʰu˧/
obvious adj clearly visible ꤢꤨ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤭
/o˨lɯ ᵊ˧li˧pʰo˦/ often adv /ta˨mo˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭ der.
ꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭ꤖꤥ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭
adj plain /la˦li˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤜꤤ꤭ oil n oil used in cooking
occasionally adv /ɲe˦tə˨pʰɯ ᵊ/ /tʰa˨tʰje˧/ ꤓꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤑꤟꤢꤩꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ n crude oil /na˨mi˨ʂu˦/
occupation n work /tɛ˨me˨/
ꤔꤢ꤬ꤗꤤ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ der. ꤞꤢꤨꤡꤢꤧ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ okay adj pretty good /sʰa˦le˦/
occupy v /pʰje˦kʰa˧le˦/
okra n ladyfinger /ba˦plwi˧ʂɛ˨/
ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ ꤙꤢꤕꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
occur v to happen /o˨tʰja˨/ old adj old (people), elder
ꤥ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ /mɯ ᵊprɛ˦/ ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ der.
ocean n /tʰje˧du˨ta˨va˨/ ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤕꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ der. ꤕꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ adj old (things) /lje˨/
odor n smell /nɯ ᵊ˨mja˦/ ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤟꤛꤢ olive n borrowed from
off adv when the electricity English /ɔ˦li˦va˨ʂɛ˨/
goes off, extinguished /pi ˧/ ꤢꤪꤜꤤꤠꤢ꤬ der. ꤢꤪꤜꤤꤠꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
ꤕꤟꤤ꤭ der. ꤗꤤ꤬ ꤕꤟꤤ꤭ on prep on the top of, above
offended adj hurt feelings /-kʰu˨/ -ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
/ʂɛ˦plɔ˨sʰɛ˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ prep on the body of /-lo˨/
offer v as a gift, make an -ꤜꤟꤥ꤬
offering /me˨lu˧me˨tja˧/ on behalf of phr /a˨ɲe˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ꤭
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤛꤢ꤭ der. once adv one time /tə˨pʰɯ ᵊ˦/
ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤒꤛꤣ꤭
one num /tə˨/ ꤒꤣ꤬
one animal 118 oppress

one animal phr /tə˨dɯ ᵊ˧/ onward adv /ta˧ple˨hja˧/

ꤒꤣ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der.
one day phr /tə˨ɲe˧/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭; ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ open v open, disclose /ba˦mo˧/
one night phr /tə˨ʂɛ˧/ ꤙꤢꤗꤥ꤭ der. ꤙꤢꤗꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ v open a seal
one part phr /tə˨kje˧/ /ʤa˨a˦mo˧tʰja˨/
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤡꤢ꤬ꤢꤗꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
one person phr /tə˨prɛ˨/ adj /o˨mo˧tʰja˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ v heaven opened
one place phr /tə˨pʰo˨/ /lṳ˨mo˧a˦ja˧/
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭ꤢꤛꤢ꤭
one thousand phr /tə˨ri˦/ operate v cut open /pra˧pʰɛ˦/
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤚꤤ ꤕꤚꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ der. ꤕꤚꤢ꤭
one time phr /tə˨pʰɯ ᵊ/ opinion n /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ta˨ne˨/
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬
prep /tə˨pʰɯ ᵊkʰɛ˧/ opium n /pʰi˧/ ꤖꤤ꤭ der. ꤖꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪ;
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤋꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤖꤤ꤭ꤖꤥ꤭
ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ opportunity n the time for
one thing phr /tə˨ʤə˨/ /tɛ˨ʃɯᵊtɛ˨kʰɛ˧/
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤛꤣꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ongoing adj /o˨ple˨hja˧/
ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ n /a˨kʰwa˦a˨ja˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤢꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤬
onion n /pʰo˧ho˦/ ꤖꤥ꤭ꤟꤥ der. oppose v to obstruct
ꤖꤥ꤭ꤟꤥꤜꤟꤤ꤬ /me˨ta˧tɯ ˧sʰɯ˨/
only adj /tɯ˦prɛ˦/ ꤒꤢꤦꤕꤚꤢꤧ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ der.
ꤒꤢꤦ; ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢꤦ; ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢꤦꤕꤚꤢꤧ; ꤓꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬; ꤠꤢꤦ
ꤕꤚꤢꤧꤒꤢꤦ v /me˨ta˨kʰwo˦ta˨kɛ˨/
adv /ʃɯᵊ˧/ ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤥꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬
ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ꤖꤢ꤭ opposite adj /ta˨klwi˦/
adj /tɯᵊ˧prɛ˦/ ꤒꤛꤣ꤭ꤕꤚꤢꤧ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ der. ꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ
der. ꤒꤛꤣ꤭ oppress v /me˨nɯ˧me˨dʒa˦/
oppressor 119 order to take an...

oppressor n persecutor order to climb on and ride

/prɛ˨me˨ʤje˧me˨ʤɯ ˨/ phr /nɔ˧tʰja˨ʃi˨dja˦/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ
order to come phr /nɔ˧hja˧/
or conj /ma˦to˨ma˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤥ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬
der. ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤥ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ; ꤒꤥ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ꤔꤢ;
ꤒꤥ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬; ꤊꤤ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤥ꤬; order to do phr /nɔ˧me˨/
ꤊꤤ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤥ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬; ꤒꤥ꤬ꤚꤢꤪꤗꤢ꤬ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬
order to follow and go
orange n /ʂɔ˨ʃɯ˧ʂɛ˨/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
phr /nɔ˧krwo˧ʤɯᵊ/
orange tree n /ʂɔ˨ʃɯ˧mɔ˦/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪ order to go back phr
orange juice phr /nɔ˧ka˨/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
/ʂɔ˨ʃɯ˧tʰje˧/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ order to go take phr
order v to order to do /nɔ˧ʤɯᵊpʰje˦/
something, to wish for ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤡꤛꤣꤖꤛꤢꤩ
something to be done, to
have someone do something order to leave phr
(softer than in the English /nɔ˧tʰe˨ʤɯᵊ/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ
sense of order) /nɔ˧/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ order to prepare phr
der. ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬; ꤗꤢꤩ꤬ /nɔ˧ta˨ri˨ta˨rja˧/
n a command /ŋo˦ʤi ˦/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤭
ꤍꤟꤥꤡꤟꤤ order to request phr
order to ask phr /nɔ˧kwi˧/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤝꤤ꤭
/nɔ˧sʰu˨dja˧/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ order to sit down phr
order to be quiet phr /nɔ˧o˨nja˧ta˧/
/nɔ˧o˨ʂɯᵊ˨/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
order to sleep phr
order to become phr
/nɔ˧o˨mje˧/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭
order to stand or wake up
ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ phr /nɔ˧ka˨tʰɔ˨/
order to bring phr ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬
/nɔ˧pʰje˦hja˧/ order to stay phr /nɔ˧o˨/
ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤥ꤬
order to carry and go order to take and go and
phr /nɔ˧za˦ʤɯᵊ/ get phr /nɔ˧pʰje˦ʤɯᵊni ˦/
ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤡꤛꤣ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤡꤛꤣꤔꤟꤤ
order to write 120 oxen

order to write phr /nɔ˧ra˧/ over here phr see here /bi˦je˧/
ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤚꤢ꤭ ꤙꤤꤛꤢꤩ꤭
orderly adj in an organized over there phr /bi˦nɯᵊ˨/
manner /ta˨na˦ta˨ʃɯᵊ˧/ ꤙꤤꤔꤛꤣ꤬ der. ꤘꤣ ꤔꤛꤣ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ overcast n thick clouds /ɔ˦lɯ ᵊ
ordinary adj common
dɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤌꤣ ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭
usage /mɔ˦he˦mɔ˦li˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤭ overcome v able to win over
origin n /kʰa˧ʃje˦kʰa˧rja˨/ /me˨pe˦bɛ˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤋꤢ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. overeat v to eat too much
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ /e˨ta˨lwo˦o˧ta˨lje˨/
orphan n /pʰu˦o˨krja˦o˨tʰɯ˧/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤖꤢꤨꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤛꤢꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤭ overflow v /ta˧pɛ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤭
orphaned adj /o˨krja˦pʰu˦/ overlook v
ꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ der. /mja˦ta˧pʰɯ ᵊ˨bɛ˦kʰu˨/
ꤖꤢꤨꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤛꤢꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤭; ꤊꤚꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ;
ꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤛꤢ; ꤊꤚꤛꤢ ꤗꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤙꤢꤧꤋꤢꤨ꤬
other adj /a˨rɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬ overshadow v /ɯ ᵊbi˦ta˧/
others pron other people
overtake v /lɯ ˨lɛ˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ
/u˧rɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬
der. ꤜꤢꤧ
otitis n earache, ear infection overturn v backwards, upside
/kʰa˧lɛ˨ku˧tɛ˨ʃwi˦/ down /di˨ta˨kja˦/
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ ꤘꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ
ought v /kɔ˨/ ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ owl n /tʰu˨bɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤬
v /to˧kɔ˨/ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ own v lit. my own thing
out adv leave, exit /tʰe˨/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
ꤠꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢꤦ꤬
out of it phr conscious but not owner n /bja˨ʤɛ˨/ ꤙꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤬
thinking clearly, frozen, in der. ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤙꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤬
shock /ta˨pa˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ n house owner /hi˨ bja˨dʒɛ˨/
out of place phr /o˨tɔ˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤭ ꤟꤤ꤬ ꤙꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤬
n owner of things /ta˧tɛ˨
outside prep /a˨klɔ˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
der. -ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ bja˨dʒɛ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
n outside the house
oxen n /pṳ˦pʰɛ˧du˨/ ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
/hi˨ta˨klɔ˧/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
paddle 121 part

paddle v to paddle a boat papaya n /di˧klwi˧he˧ʂɛ˨/
/kʰja˧/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
paddy n young rice plants in paper n /ʤe˨ba˨/ ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ der.
the field /bɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤙꤟꤌꤣ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ꤭
page n /li˨plɛ˨/
ꤜꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ parable n /ŋo˦kʰa˦kʰo˨/
pagoda n /bo˧dʒi˨/ ꤙꤥ꤭ꤡꤤ꤬ ꤍꤟꤥꤋꤢꤋꤥ꤬ der. ꤋꤢꤋꤥ꤬;
ꤋꤢꤋꤥ꤬ꤍꤟꤥ; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤋꤥ꤬
pain n /tɛ˨sʰɛ˧ne˦sʰɛ˧bja˨/ paralyzed adj lit. half side
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ dead /ʂje˧tə˨kje˧/
painful adj lit. pain-eats ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
/sʰɛ˧a˨/ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤢꤟꤢ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭
paint v /plɔ˦/ ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤪ parentheses n /klo˦mo˧klo˦bi˦/
palace n /kʰwi˦ho˧/ ꤋꤝꤤꤟꤥ꤭ ꤊꤜꤥꤗꤥ꤭ꤊꤜꤥꤙꤤ
der. ꤋꤝꤤꤟꤤ꤬ parents n mother and father
palate n /kja˧dɛ˨/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ /mɯ ᵊpʰɛ˧/ ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤭
palm n inside the hand parents-in-law n /prɛ˦/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ
/ta˨kʰu˨ku˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ parishioners n people in the
church /tɛ˨ʤɔ˦bɛ˧ho˧pʰu˦/
n palm branch
park n lit. flowers fenced in
/tɛ˨pʰo˧ ta˨rɛ˦ku˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭
palm nut n /tʰa˨ŋɛ˦ʂɛ˨/
ꤓꤢ꤬ꤍꤢꤧꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤧꤊꤢꤨ꤭
parking n garage, area to place
pamphlet n a small booklet
a car /le˦be˨o˨ lɔ˦dʒɛ˦
/li˨u˦pʰu˦/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤢꤨꤖꤢꤨ kʰa˧le˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤡꤢꤧ
pan n /pɔ˨tja˨/ ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
pant v from exerting oneself parrot n /tʰu˨kʰwi˨/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤝꤤ꤬
/ʂe˦ho˦ʂɛ˦da˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤟꤥꤞꤢꤧꤘꤢ꤭ part n part of something or half
pants n trousers /hje˨kʰja˨tʰu˧/ /tə˨kje˧/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬
partial 122 password

partial v /mja˦bɛ˦kʰu˨ ta˧pʰɯ ᵊ˨ to soften a request /kɯ ᵊre˦/

u˧/ ꤗꤛꤢꤙꤢꤧꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤊꤟꤌꤣꤚꤢꤩ
ꤢꤨ꤭ when talking about an
particles /la˧ŋo˦pʰu˦/ additional person or
ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ꤖꤢꤨ situation /ke˨/ ꤊꤢꤩ꤬
emphasizing having said used in negation usually
or done too much used before the
already /ka˨tɛ˦/ negative /na˦/ ꤔꤟꤢ der.
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤮ ꤔꤟꤢ ꤒꤥ꤬
emphasizing the negative emphasizing singularity
/vi˦nja˧/ ꤠꤤꤔꤛꤢ꤭ only one, alone, a
expressing possibility little /hu˨/ ꤟꤢꤨ꤬
maybe, possible /ko˧/ for negation /tɛ˧/ ꤒꤢꤧ꤭
ꤊꤥ꤭ emphasizing a lack of
emphasizing support when belief /da˧/ ꤘꤢ꤭
someone says
something is true /nɯᵊ˧/ particularly adj only
ꤔꤛꤣ꤭ /ʃɯᵊ˧sʰɯ˦/ ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ
when asking a question, parts n various thing (i.e. the
i.e. could this be? parts of a car) /krɯ ˨krɔ˧/
/ʤɔ˦ko˧/ ꤡꤢꤪꤊꤥ꤭ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭
indicating separation when party n celebration /pa˨ti˨
you leave away from
pwɛ˨/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ꤬ ꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤬
something /-kja˧/ -ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
use to soften statements pass v go past /dʒɯᵊ˦ta˨lwo˦/
/ni˦/ ꤔꤤ꤮ ꤡꤛꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ
supports that the Passover n a religious term for
statement is true /va˧/ the Jewish celebration
ꤠꤟꤢ꤭ /tɛ˨ʤɯᵊta˨lwo˦pwɛ˨/
used in comparing when ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤕꤝꤢꤧ꤬
you think something is passport n borrowed term from
better, like English '-er' English /paspo/ ꤕꤢꤎꤕꤥ
words /ku˧/ ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
password n secret or hidden
when comparing
word /ŋo˦dɔ˦ɯ ᵊ/
something with others
/kɯ ᵊ˧u˧/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤢꤨ꤭
past 123 peak

past prep to go beyond də˦ mo˨ni ˦ tʰje˦ke˦/

/ta˨lwo˦/ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ꤘꤣ ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭; ꤡꤛꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ pave v to apply a surface on the
v to pass by /lɔ˧plu˦/ road /i˨dɛ˧klja˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ
ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤨ der. ꤜꤢꤧ paw v to paw the ground
past tense v a suffix /kɔ˦kro˨/ ꤊꤢꤪꤊꤚꤥ꤬
signaling that the action
n animal feet /kʰja˨rɛ˧/
is completed /-kja˧/
v to have finished or pay v /pla˦/ ꤕꤜꤢ der. ꤡꤢ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬
completed /tʰɯᵊ˧hɔ˦/ payment n /kʰwo˦kɛ˨/ ꤋꤝꤥꤊꤢꤧ꤬
ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤊꤢꤧ꤬; ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤢꤧ꤬;
pastor n lit. meeting teacher
peace n /tɛ˨ka˨ʤṳ˦ka˨bɛ˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨꤞꤢꤚꤢ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨꤊꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ
n /tɛ˨mo˨tɛ˨pe˧/
path n /klja˦pʰu˦/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤩ꤭ der.
pathway n /klja˦dɛ˧ku˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ꤭
ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ n quietness /tɛ˨ʂɯᵊ˨tɛ˨kre˧/
patience n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦plɔ˨tʰu˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ n to get along with one
n lit. to bear slowly another /tɛ˨krɯ ˧tɛ˨klɛ˧/
/tɛ˨kʰja˦ʂɛ˦do˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤘꤥ꤭ peaceful adj /o˨ka˨ʤṳ˦ka˨bɛ˦/
n /tɛ˨ʂu˨dʒwo˨ʂɛ˦dʒwo˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨꤊꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤡꤝꤟꤥ꤬ v to get along together
patient adj lit. long heart /krɯ ˧klɛ˧/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ der. adj at peace /o˨pe˧o˨dwo˧/
ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ꤭
adj lit. bear slowly peacock n /tʰu˨prɛ˧/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭
/kʰja˦ʂɛ˦do˧/ ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤘꤥ꤭ peak n top of a mountain
patriotism n lit. a heart that
/sʰo˨kʰje˧/ ꤏꤥ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
loves their country /ʂɛ˦plɔ˦
peal 124 perishable

peal n a peal of thunder pennywort n Asiatic

/ʃje˨lja˨plja˨mɯ ᵊ/ pennywort
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤌꤣ /ta˨ʂi˦kʰa˨mɛ˦lɛ˨/
peanut n /kɔ˦bi˧ʂu˦/ ꤊꤢꤪꤙꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤨ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤤꤋꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤧꤜꤢꤧ꤬
pearl n /prja˧ʂɛ˨ people n /prɛ˨lṳ˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬
ŋu˨du˨pri ˨du˨/
ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭;
ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
n /lɔ˦θe˦lɔ˦pro˨/ pepper n green pepper
ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤩꤜꤟꤢꤪꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬ /ʂɛ˨hja˦ʂi˦ʂɯᵊ˧/
peas n /kɔ˦bɛ˨ʂɛ˨/ ꤊꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤛꤢꤞꤤꤞꤛꤣ꤭
der. ꤊꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ n chile pepper /ʂɛ˨hja˦/
n one month pea-bears fruit ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ
and is edible in one percent n /pwi˦bɛ˦zɛ˨/
month /kɔ˦bɛ˨tə˨lɛ˧/ ꤕꤝꤤꤙꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤊꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤣ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ perfect adj correct, right
n lazy pea (non-climbing
pea) /kɔ˦bɛ˨ta˨kle˧/ /to˧tɯ˦/
ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤢꤦ der.
ꤊꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤩ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤜꤣ
perfume n a liquid that smells
pee v /i˨ʃje˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬
good /tʰje˧nɯ ᵊ˨mɯ˦/
peek v to peep at /mja˦dʒo˧/
perhaps adv /ta˨rja˦ma˨/
peel v /ta˨kli˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤤ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤗꤢ꤬
peg n /i˨tʰɛ˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤧ adv /bɛ˨ta˨bɛ˨/ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
pen n a writing utensil /li˨bo˧/
period n a period of time
/ʃɯᵊkʰɛ˧/ ꤏꤛꤣꤋꤢꤧ꤭
n enclosure for animals
n the full-stop in a
/po˨/ ꤕꤟꤥ꤬
sentence /sʰa˦/ ꤏꤢ
pencil n /dʒe˨bo˧/ ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ der.
n period of menstruating
penetrate v pierce into /lɛ˧hja˧/ ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
/ʃja˦nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ perishable adj able to spoil or
rot /ʂɔ˧pje˦dʒja˦/
penis n /tʰi˨/ ꤓꤤ꤬ der.
ꤓꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤡꤟꤛꤢ
permission 125 piece

permission n also pestle n for pounding /ka˨ʃɯᵊ˧/

opportunity /a˨kʰwa˦a˨ja˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤭
ꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤢꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤬ pharmacy n a place to buy
permit v to give permission medicine /tɛ˨kʰu˨tɛ˨tje˦klɛ˦/
/dje˦ a˨kʰwa˦/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤢ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢꤩꤊꤜꤢꤧ
persecute v /me˨ʤje˧me˨ʤɯ ˨/ pharynx n /kja˧kro˨/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤥ꤬
persecution n /tɛ˨ʤje˧tɛ˨ʤɯ ˨/ pheasant n /tʰu˨tʰɛ˧/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤢꤧ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ der. der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤢ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬; Philippines n /pʰi˦la˨pɛ˨ ke˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭; ꤖꤤꤜꤢ꤬ꤕꤢꤧ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ phlegm n /ta˨kʰa˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢ der.
perseverance n to bear ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤓꤢꤩ꤬
patiently photograph n a photo /za˦zo˨/
/tɛ˨kʰja˦ʂɛ˦plɔ˨tʰu˧/ ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ v to take a picture
persevere v /kʰja˧bɛ˦/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ /mɯ ˧za˦zo˨/
der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤢꤛꤢ꤬; ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬
ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ pick v to choose
person n lit. human /ka˨ja˧/ ꤔꤝꤥꤖꤛꤢꤩꤔꤝꤥꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤔꤝꤥ;
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤔꤝꤥꤖꤛꤢꤩ
n more formal term for v to pick off i.e. fruit one at
person /prɛ˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ a time, pluck /i˨ba˨/
perspiration n /kṳ˦ʂa˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ der. ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬
ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤞꤢ꤭ der. ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤞꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ v to pull off with the whole
persuade v /i˨lɔ˧i˨lja˦/ hand i.e. all the rice
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ kernels /pra˦e˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤢꤩ꤬
der. ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤢꤩ꤬
v tempt or persuade to go
pick up phr /pʰje˦tʰja˨/
/i˨lo˨ʤɯᵊ/ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ
ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
v /he˦bɛ˨ ʤwi˨ni ˦tʰɔ˦ni ˦/
picture n see photograph
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤔꤟꤤꤓꤢꤪꤔꤟꤤ
/za˦zo˨/ ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬
pestilence n /tɛ˨sʰɛ˧ke˦ra˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤚꤟꤢ piece n half of something
/tə˨kwo˨/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤝꤥ꤬
pieces 126 plant

pieces n /ka˦ki˧ka˦kwo˨/ place n /kʰa˧le˦kʰa˧bja˨/

ꤊꤢꤊꤤ꤭ꤊꤢꤊꤝꤥ꤬ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤋꤢ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ꤬ der.
pierce v i.e. with a sword ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
/sʰɯ˧/ ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤏꤛꤢ; v to place something /be˨/
ꤏꤛꤢꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤘꤛꤢ꤬; ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
pig n /tʰja˦/ ꤓꤛꤢ the classifer for place /pʰo˨/
pigeon n /tʰu˨lwi ˦ di˧kra˧/
ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤝꤟꤤ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤚꤢ꤭ good place phr /kʰa˧le˦rja˦/
pile v to pile up
pleasant place phr
ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤙꤢ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤎꤢ꤭ꤗꤥ꤭ der. /kʰa˧le˦mo˨/
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤕꤜꤢꤪ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤗꤟꤥ꤬
pill n a tablet of medicine placenta n /pʰu˦kɔ˧/ ꤖꤢꤨꤊꤢꤪ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ plague n ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤚꤟꤢꤊꤟꤢꤩꤘꤝꤥ꤭
pillow n /mwo˦/ ꤗꤝꤥ /tɛ˨ʂje˧ra˦ʂje˧dwo˧/
pimple n /pʰɔ˧ʂɯ˦/ ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤦ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤟꤢꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤝꤥ꤭
plain n a flat area without hills
pin n see also needle /tʰɛka˦/
or mountains /ke˦pe˧kʰu˨/
ꤓꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ der. ꤓꤢꤧꤊꤟꤤ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤕꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤋꤥ꤭
v to hang on the wall /klɛ˦/
adj clear, obvious /la˦li˧/
ꤊꤜꤢꤧ der. ꤏꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤜꤤ꤭ der. ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭
pinch v /i˨ʤo˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤥ
plan n /tɛ˨ta˨zje˨o˨ne˨/
pine tree n /ta˨ŋu˧mɔ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der.
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤍꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤍꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬
pineapple n /ma˦kʰe˧ʂɛ˨/ v /dʒja˨/ ꤡꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬
ꤗꤢꤋꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ plane v to make smooth
pinky n little finger
ꤓꤢꤦꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der.
/ka˨nɔ˧pʰu˦sʰɛ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤞꤛꤢꤩ
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢꤨꤏꤢꤧ n see airplane /kɯ ᵊ˧ʂɔ˨pʰɔ˧/
pity v feel sorry for, have
compassion or mercy on
plant v /i˨sʰɔ˦i˨plɯ˧/
/ʂɛ˦zɔ˨ni ˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ der. ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢ꤭;
ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ; ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
plantain 127 point

v bury in the ground plenty adv /lə˦ba˧la˧/

/i˨lɯ ᵊi˨plɯ˧/ ꤜꤣꤙꤢ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤦ꤭ der. plot v /kre˨/ ꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ; ꤤ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤒꤟꤢ꤭; v to plot secretly
plantain n /di˧klwi˧mi ˨ʂɛ˨/ /sʰu˨ku˧ɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤟꤌꤣ꤬
ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ plow n /tʰa˦/ ꤓꤢ der. ꤓꤢꤓꤢꤧ꤭;
plate n plate, platter /di˧be˧/ ꤓꤢꤕꤚꤢꤧ
ꤘꤤ꤭ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ pluck v /pra˦e˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤢꤩ꤬ der.
plateau n /ke˦ɲe˨kʰo˧lo˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤢꤩ꤬
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤥ꤭ꤜꤥ꤭ der. ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤋꤥ꤭ plunder v accost and rob
platoon n lit. 100 soldiers /lu˦za˦e˨/ ꤜꤢꤨꤐꤢꤢꤩ꤬
/klje˧tə˨zɛ˨/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤬ pneumonia n lit. lung
play v to play (i.e. a game) sickness/pain /ʂu˨tɛ˨ʂɛ˧/
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭ pocket n shirt pocket /dʒa˨tʰɔ˧/
v to play the drums or ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤭
piano /dɔ˨/ ꤘꤢꤪ꤬ n pants pocket /hje˨tʰɔ˧/
v to play cards /ba˦ pʰa˦/
ꤙꤢ ꤖꤢ n bag pocket /pje˧tʰɔ˧/
plea n lit. asking for mercy
poet n /prɛ˨ra˧ŋo˦i˨ro˧/
/tɛ˨kwi˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤥꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ poetry n an old type of Kayah
plead v to beg /kwi˧ta˨dɯ˨/ poetry that is sung and tells
ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ a story /ŋo˦i˨ro˧/ ꤍꤟꤥꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭
pleasant adj lit. light and n see song /li˨he˦ro˧/
nice /a˨pʰwi˧a˨mo˨hja˧/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤥ꤭
ꤢ꤬ꤖꤝꤤ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ point v point the way, guide
please adv i.e. please allow me
to do something
ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ der.
/kʰja˦ʂɛ˦do˧/ ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤘꤥ꤭ ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭
pleased to do phr see willing n the sharp point of a
/ʂɛ˦plɔ˨o˨/ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ der. stick /dʒɯᵊ˧ra˨mi˦/
ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ ꤡꤛꤣ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤗꤤ
point out 128 porter

point out phr explain, show poop v to defecate /i˨/ ꤤ꤬

/zu˧lɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ poor adj /sʰo˧pʰa˦sʰo˧rja˨/
poison v /a˨rja˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤏꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der.
ꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤖꤢ
n /tɛ˨ʤɯ˨tɛ˨plɛ˦ tʰje˧/ n people who are poor
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /sʰo˧pʰa˦sʰo˧rhja˨pʰu˦/
der. ꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤦ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ der.
poke v /ki ˧/ ꤊꤟꤤ꤭ der. ꤊꤟꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤖꤢꤨ;
pole n post/pole of house
/hi˨tʰɯ˨/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤬ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬
n name of pole used in popliteal n the back of the knee
Karenni pole festival
/ke˦tʰwo˧bo˧/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤓꤝꤥ꤭ꤙꤥ꤭ popular adj lit. many people
police n /klje˧vi ˧ku˧/ like /ka˨ja˧ ɛ˦prɛ˨ ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦/
ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦ
policy n /klja˦klo˧/ adj famous
ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤊꤜꤥ꤭ /mwi ˨du˨mwi ˨tʰu˧/
polite adj /dʒɛ˦dɛ˨/ ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤘꤢꤧ꤬
ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ der.
politician n person who does ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬; ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
work for their country /prɛ˨
porch n /hi˨la˦kɯ˨/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤊꤢꤦ꤬
me˨ tʰje˧ke˦re˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬
porcupine n /ʂɯ˨/ ꤞꤢꤦ꤬
pore n on the skin /sʰɯ˨ku˧/
politics n /tʰje˧ke˦re˨/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤚꤢꤩ꤬ ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
pomegranate n pork n /tʰja˦zje˨/ ꤓꤛꤢꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬
port n harbor, place for putting
a big boat /le˦ba˦o˨kɯ ᵊ
pond n a small lake ʂɔ˨klje˧du˨ kʰa˧le˦/
/tʰje˧ɔ˧pʰu˦/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
pool n a place for swimming porter n /prɛ˨za˦tɛ˨pʰu˦/
/i˨zo˧tʰje˧ɔ˨du˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
portrait 129 praise

portrait n /kʰu˨klɔ˦za˦zo˨/ v i.e. pour liquid ꤜꤟꤛꤢ

ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬ der. ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢ꤭
possibly adv /ko˦le˧/ ꤊꤥꤜꤢꤩ꤭ v heavy rain /ke˦ʤɯ ˨du˨/
der. ꤗꤢ꤭ꤔꤢꤩ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
post n pole of a house /hi˨tʰɯ˨/ v /plɔ˦/ ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤪ
ꤟꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤬ v pour on /zɯ ˨tʰja˨/
pot n for rice and curry ꤐꤟꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
/di˧i˨ʂwi˦pɔ˨/ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤞꤝꤤꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ v pour down /zɯ ˨ta˧/
der. ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬; ꤘꤤ꤭ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤤ꤭ꤘꤥ꤭ ꤐꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
pots and pans n /di˧pɔ˨di˧tʰa˧/ pout v /dja˦ ta˨klwo˨/ ꤘꤛꤢ
ꤘꤤ꤭ꤕꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤤ꤭ꤓꤢ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤥ꤬
potter n /prɛ˨bja˦pɔ˨he˨/ poverty n /tɛ˨sʰo˧pʰa˦sʰo˧rja˨/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤛꤢꤕꤢꤪ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬
pottery n /pɔ˨he˨/ ꤕꤢꤪ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der. power n /tɛ˨pro˨tɛ˨prja˧/
ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der.
poultry n /ʃje˧dɔ˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤪ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭;
der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ꤭
chicken n hen /ʃje˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭;
n chicken meat /ʃje˧zje˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭;
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭;
pound v to pound rice /i˨sʰa˦/
most powerful phr
v pound with a hammer
/mɯ ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭
v nail up, crucify /tʰɛ˦tʰja˨/ practice v /me˨ʂwo˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤥ
praise v /tʰu˨ʂɛ˦tʰja˨/
v with fists /tʰɔ˧/ ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ der.
ꤕꤜꤢꤨꤓꤢꤪ꤬ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ
n /tɛ˨tʰu˨ʂɛ˦tʰja˨/
pour v to pour down /klɔ˧lja˨/
ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der.
ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ;
ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ
ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭; ꤐꤢꤦ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭; n /le˦tʰu˨ʂɛ˦tʰja˨/
ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬
pray 130 pretend to be dead

pray v /kwi˧ʤɔ˦bɛ˧/ prepared adj /o˨ta˨ri˨ta˨rja˧/

ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬;
ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬; ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬
ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭; ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ n /tɛ˨rɔ˨rje˧/
prayer n /tɛ˨kwi˧ʤɔ˦bɛ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ v to be in a ready position
pre-elect v to choose /ze˨/ ꤐꤢꤩ꤬
beforehand /nwo˦tʰja˨o˨ne˨/ present n gift /ʃje˧zṳ˦/
ꤔꤝꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤨ
preach v /də˨ɲa˧/ ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ der. preserve v /be˨dwo˦/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ
ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ der. ꤘꤝꤥꤞꤢꤧ
v /hɔ˧ta˨ra˧/ ꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢ꤭
v /dja˨ɯ ᵊ˦ta˨dwo˧/
preacher n ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ꤭
/prɛ˨də˨ɲa˧dja˦sʰo˨/ president n /ke˦bja˨ʤɛ˨/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ꤘꤛꤢꤏꤥ꤬ der. ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤙꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤬
n /kʰu˨dʒɔ˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ
precaution n /rɔ˨rje˧/
ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ press phr press down, water
precede v go before, go to the fall rushing down, roots
extending down, beat
front /dʒɯᵊ˦də˦ɲe˧/
ꤡꤛꤣꤘꤣꤑꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤡꤛꤣꤚꤟꤢꤩ down /sʰa˦ta˧/ ꤏꤢꤒꤟꤢ꤭
precise adj sure /ta˧te˨/ pretend v appear to be /ʤje˦/
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ der. ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤐꤟꤢꤪ
predict v /la˧ʂa˧ne˨/ ꤜꤢ꤭ꤞꤢ꤭ꤔꤢꤩ꤬ v not really true, (e.g. she is
pretending to be your
prefer v /dja˨du˨/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der.
ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤩ friend in her speech)
pregnant adj /mɯ ᵊ˦dɔ˧/ /he˦kʰo˨bje˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤋꤥ꤬ꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤘꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤘꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ pretend to be righteous
adj /hɔ˦ʂɛ˦/ ꤟꤢꤪꤞꤢꤧ der. phr see hypocrisy
ꤟꤢꤪꤜꤢꤪ /ʤje˦ʤɔ˦ʤje˦te˨/
preparation n /tɛ˨ta˨ri˨ta˨rja˧/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤡꤢꤪꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ pretend to be dead phr
prepare v /ta˨ri˨ta˨rja˧/ /dʒje˦ʂje˧/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬
pretension 131 profound

pretension n prison n /po˨ku˧/ ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ der.

/tɛ˨pʰje˦du˨pʰje˦tʰja˨lə˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤘꤢꤪꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
pretty adj /two˦/ ꤒꤝꤟꤥ der. prisoner n /prɛ˨ta˧tʰɔ˧/
ꤒꤝꤟꤥꤜꤢ꤭; ꤢ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤪ꤭
pretty and smart phr prize n see gift /ʃje˧zu˦/
/two˦ʂa˧rja˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤨ
ꤒꤝꤟꤥꤞꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ probably adv /ko˧le˨/ ꤊꤥ꤭ꤜꤢꤩ꤬
prevent v to say or do problem n difficulty, trouble
something to make the actor
stop what they are doing
/he˦ta˧tɯ ˧ me˨ta˧tɯ ˧/ no problem! phr phrase
ꤟꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ meaning "No Problem!",
price n /ŋṳ˨/ ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ der. lit. there's nothing to be
ꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬; said /le˦he˦o˨to˨/
ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤤ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤟꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
n a good price /ŋu˨pri ˨to˧/ proclaim v /dja˦sʰo˨də˨ɲa˧/
ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ ꤘꤛꤢꤏꤥ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭
full price adj /ŋṳ˨kɔ˨/ procure v to get /ni ˦bɛ˨/
ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ ꤔꤟꤤꤙꤢꤧ꤬
pride n /tɛ˨dja˨tʰja˨lə˧ ʂɛ˦plɔ˨/ produce v cause to become
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ /me˨tʰwo˧tʰja˨/
priest n /prɛ˨lu˧tja˧tɛ˨pʰu˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ der. professor n /ʂa˦ra˦du˨/
prime minister n
profit n /bwi˦/ ꤙꤝꤤ der. ꤙꤝꤤꤥ꤬;
profitable adj
principal n headmaster
ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤙꤝꤤꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭
profound adj serious, deep
prioritize v /dja˨du˨re˦/
ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤩ /dʒɔ˦za˧/ ꤡꤟꤢꤪꤐꤟꤢ꤭
promise 132 pull out

promise v /ɔ˦lja˨/ ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. protect v /ta˨kɔ˦ta˨kɛ˨/

ꤣ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤍꤟꤥ; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ;
ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤤꤔꤟꤤ
n /tɛ˨bja˧lja˨ni ˦/ v protect from like a
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ shield /le˦ta˨dja˧/
n ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭
/tɛ˨ɔ˦lja˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ v /dwo˦ʂɛ˦/ ꤘꤝꤥꤞꤢꤧ
v /bja˧lja˨/ ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ proud adj /dja˨tʰja˨lə˧ ʂɛ˦plɔ˨/
prone adj i.e. sleep on your ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ der.
stomach /ta˨klɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬; ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ;
adj /dʒje˦pə˦/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤕꤣ
property n estate
der. ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤘꤢꤨ꤬
/he˨kʰu˨ni ˦dɯ˦/
prove v /kʰja˦lɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤋꤛꤢꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢꤦ der.
ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤘꤢꤦ꤬ proverb n /ŋo˦kʰa˦kʰo˨/
prophecy n ꤍꤟꤥꤋꤢꤋꤥ꤬
/tɛ˨he˦pro˨he˦prja˧/ pull v drag /ʤwi˨/ ꤡꤝꤤ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ v pull up by the roots /i˨zɛ˦/
der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬; ꤤ꤬ꤐꤢꤧ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ v pull a boat up onto the
n /tɛ˨he˦o˨ne˨/ shore /ba˦o˨kja˧/ ꤙꤢꤥ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ v /dʒɯ˦/ ꤡꤢꤦ
prophesy v /pro˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬ v pull out with a jerk /tʰɔ˦/
v foretell or say ꤓꤢꤪ
beforehand /he˦o˨ne˨/ pull tight phr /dʒwi˨kre˨/
ꤟꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤡꤢꤦꤦꤊꤚꤟꤢꤩ꤬
prophet n /prɛ˨pro˨/ pull up phr /dʒwi˨tʰja˨/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬ ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
prophetess n /prɛ˨pro˨mɯ ᵊ/ pull down phr /dʒwi˨ta˧/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤌꤣ ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
prosper v /e˨bɛ˨o˧tʰwo˧/ pull out phr /dʒwi˨tʰe˨/
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
prostitute n /hi˨ma˦pʰɛ˨mɯ ᵊ˦/ v pull out a nail /kʰa˦tʰe˨/
ꤟꤤ꤬ꤗꤢꤖꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤌꤣ ꤋꤢꤓꤢꤩ꤬
pull together 133 push

v pull out with a jerk pure v to be holy or pure

/tʰɔ˦tʰe˨/ ꤓꤢꤪꤓꤢꤩ꤬ /o˨ʤa˧o˨sʰɛ˧dɯ˨/
pull together phr assemble ꤥ꤬ꤡꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
the people adj only, purely /ʃɯᵊ˧pʰa˧/
/dʒwi˨plɔ˦tʰɔ˦plɔ˦/ ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ꤖꤢ꤭
ꤡꤝꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤓꤢꤪꤕꤜꤢꤪ purify v to make clean
pulse n /ʂwi˨pa˦/ ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ /me˨mwo˧pli˧ʂi˧plo˨/
pump n water pump /dʒɛ˦ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤞꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤬
le˦dʒwi˦tʰje˧/ ꤡꤢꤧ v to make holy /be˨dʒa˧sʰɛ˧/
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤡꤝꤤꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
purple n /ta˨pʰɛ˨lɔ˦ʂɔ˧/
n air pump /le˦sʰa˦
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤪꤞꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤪ
purpose n /tɛ˨ta˨zje˨o˨ne˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der.
pumpkin n /lɯ ˦he˧ʂɛ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤜꤟꤢꤦꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤗꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤭; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬
punch v strike with your fist purposeful v to do wrong on
/plu˦/ ꤕꤜꤢꤨ purpose /kle˨me˦/
punctual v /ʃɯᵊkʰɛ˧to˧/
ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ der. ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ;
purse n /rɯ˧tʰɔ˧/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤓꤢꤪ꤭ der.
puncture v to pierce a hole
/ki˧plo˧/ ꤊꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ n bag /pje˧ho˦/ ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤥ
punish v sentence for a der. ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
crime /ʤi˨rja˨/ ꤡꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬
pursue v chase /lɯ ˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬
v spank, hit or punish /pli˦/ push v /ʃja˨/ ꤏꤛꤢ꤬
v blow, driving wind
punishment n /tɛ˨ʤi˨rja˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ ꤓꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ
n reference to hell /ŋa˨ra˨/
v /tʰu˨/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬
v move with force /tə˦/ ꤒꤣ
pupil n /kʰo˧pa˨ʤɛ˦/
v to push with the head /ɔ˧/
push down 134 question marker

push down phr /ʃja˨ta˧/ put in and pull out phr

ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der. /ka˨lṳ˧i˨pʰə˦/
ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭; ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤖꤌꤣ
ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ v ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤭
push forward phr put up phr to place in a
/dwi˦hja˧to˧/ higher location
ꤘꤝꤤꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤭ /dja˨tʰja˨/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
put v to place on or in /be˨/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ put in phr /bɔ˦nɯ ᵊ˧/
v /dja˨/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ ꤙꤢꤪꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
v to place inside /sʰu˨nɯ ᵊ˧/ putrid adj bad smelling
ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der. ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ /nɯ ᵊ˨ʂɔ˧nɯ ᵊ˨mja˦/
v to wear (put on) glasses or ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤟꤛꤢ
shoes /kja˦/ ꤊꤛꤢ

quarrel n /tɛ˨klje˦tɛ˨ŋa˧/ question v to ask /sʰu˨dja˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤍꤢ꤭ der. ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤍꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ v to check, try to find out
v to argue /kre˦krja˦/
ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢ der. ꤊꤚꤢꤩ; ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ der.
ꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬; ꤓꤢꤦꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ
ꤊꤚꤢꤩꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬; ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ;
ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬; ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩꤜꤢꤨ꤭ n /tɛ˨sʰu˨dja˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭
quarter n one-fourth der.
/lwi ˧pwi˦tə˨pwi˦/
ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ꤕꤝꤤꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤝꤤ question marker what, where,
queen n /kʰwi˦mɯ ᵊ/
how, why, who questions
quenched adj to have drunk /-te˧/ -ꤒꤢꤩ꤭
enough /o˧kɔ˦o˧ba˧/ yes-no question marker /ɛ˧/
ꤥ꤭ꤊꤢꤪꤥ꤭ꤙꤢ꤭ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭
quick-tempered 135 raw

quick-tempered adj to get ꤥ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤭

angry quickly adj in reference to people
/ʂɛ˦plɔ˨tʰja˨prja˧/ /sʰa˧prɛ˦/ ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ der. quit v resign /la˦li˧dɯ˨/
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤜꤤ꤭ꤘꤢꤦ꤬
quickly adv /prja˧/ ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ der. quiver n place to keep
ꤜꤟꤢꤧꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ arrows /plɛ˦kɔ˧/ ꤕꤜꤢꤧꤊꤢꤪ꤭
adv /mɔ˧/ ꤗꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤭ quotes n right closing marker
quiet adj in reference to a quiet
/tʰɛ˦bi˦/ ꤓꤢꤧꤙꤤ
place /ʂɯᵊ˨krɯ˦ʂɯᵊ˨kre˧/
n left opening marker
ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤦꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤭ der.
/tʰɛ˦mo˧/ ꤓꤢꤧꤗꤟꤥ꤭

rabbit n /da˧ʂɛ˨/ ꤘꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der. rainbow n /tʰje˧la˨mɔ˦sʰa˦/
ꤘꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤌꤣ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤏꤢ
n wild rabbit /da˧ʂɛ˨mi ˨/ rainwater n /ke˦ʤɯ ˨tʰje˧/
ꤘꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
raise v to feed, raise
race v to run in competition
livestock /bɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤬ der.
/klja˨di˦ʤɛ˧/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤤꤡꤢꤧ꤭ ꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬
n competition /tɛ˨klja˨ raisin n /sa˨pi˦ʂɛ˨kra˧/
di˦ʤɛ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ ꤎꤢ꤬ꤕꤤꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤢ꤭
ꤘꤤꤡꤢꤧ꤭ rake n /i˨kʰwi˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤋꤝꤤ
raft n /tʰo˦/ ꤓꤥ rat n /zɯ ᵊ/ ꤐꤟꤌꤣ
rage n fury /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨du˨ rather adv on the contrary
li˨ka˨ʂwi˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ /ma˦tə˨kʰo˦nɯᵊ˨/
ꤜꤤ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤞꤝꤤ ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤣ꤬ꤋꤥꤔꤛꤣ꤬
rain v /ke˦ʤɯ ˨/ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ rattan n /ri ˦/ ꤚꤟꤤ
v rain down on /ʤɯ ˨/ ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ raven n /ʤɔ˦vɛ˨/ ꤡꤢꤪꤠꤢꤧ꤬
der. ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ raw adj uncooked /ʂi˦ʂɔ˧/
razor 136 record

razor n lit. a knife for cutting n the reason for /tɛ˨ri˨/

the beard /le˦i˨dʒi˨kja˧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬
kʰɛ˨ʃɯ˧ hi˦dɯ˨/ rebel v /vɯ˦/ ꤠꤢꤦ der. ꤏꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤤ꤬ꤡꤤ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ ꤟꤤꤘꤢꤦ꤬ rebuke v /ʂɛ˦prwo˧ʂɛ˦li ˨/
reach v /tɯ ᵊbɛ˦/ ꤒꤟꤌꤣꤙꤢꤧ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤚꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤤ꤬ der.
ꤒꤟꤌꤣꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤚꤝꤟꤥ꤭
read v /hə˦/ ꤟꤣ recall v remember /o˨ʂe˦ne˦/
ready adj ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ /o˨ta˨ri˨ta˨rja˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤞꤢꤩꤔꤟꤢꤩ
ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ receipt n borrowed from
real adj true /ma˦la˨ko˧/ english /ri ˨si˦/ ꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤎꤤ
ꤗꤟꤢꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ der. receive v /ni ˦bɛ˨/ꤔꤟꤤꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der.
ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤔꤟꤤ; ꤔꤟꤤꤊꤚꤢ꤭
realize v /ta˨ne˨tɯ ᵊ˦/ v /kʰa˨tɛ˨/ ꤋꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤌꤣ not yet received phr /ni ˦bɛ˨
really adv sure /nja˧/ ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ hi˦to˨/ ꤔꤟꤤꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤟꤤꤒꤥ꤬
adv definitely, for sure recently prep a short while ago
/sʰa˧prɛ˦ɲa˨ʤɛ˧/ /pa˦nu˨/ ꤕꤟꤢꤔꤢꤨ꤬ der.
ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤑꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤭ ꤘꤣꤕꤢ꤭ꤔꤢꤨ꤬
adv /ka˨no˦ to˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤥ꤮ reciprocate v /me˨lje˧/
ꤒꤥ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
adv used when there is
doubt, i.e. is it really recognize v to remember
good? /sʰa˦le˦/ ꤏꤢꤜꤟꤢꤩ /to˧ma˨ni ˦/ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤗꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ
recommendation n lit. letter of
adv is true /ma˦dɯ˨/
ꤗꤟꤢꤘꤢꤦ꤬ witness /li˨kʰja˦ʂɛ˦/
reap v to harvest /kɛ˦e˨/ ꤊꤢꤧꤢꤩ꤬
reconcile v to make peace
der. ꤊꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬
v to slash and cut /i˨rja˧/ /me˨krɯ ˧me˨klɛ˧/
ꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ꤭ der.
reason v see argue
record n census, list, record
ꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢꤥ꤬ der.
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤓꤝꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤚꤢ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ der.
recount 137 remembrance

ꤜꤤ꤬ꤚꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤚꤢ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ reflection n /ra˨sʰo˧/ ꤚꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭

v to record /ra˧ma˦ra˧dja˧/ refrigerator n /tʰje˧kʰja˦tə˦/
ꤚꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤚꤢ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤛꤢꤒꤣ
ꤚꤢ꤭ꤗꤢ; ꤘꤛꤢꤗꤢ refugee n /prɛ˨bɛ˨pja˦bɛ˨sʰɛ/
recount v to tell a story /dja˨
tɛ˨dja˦/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ refuse n trash /ʂɔ˨ʂwi˦ʂɔ˨dɔ˧/
recover v get better /ja˨kʰje˨/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤝꤤꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤝꤤ
ꤛꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. v /jo˨/ ꤛꤥ꤬
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤏꤢ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭; reject v /ʂɔ˦ta˨na˦ta˨pʰa˧kja˧/
ꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤩ꤬ ꤞꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
v /hja˧to˦/ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤥ rejoicing n /ʂɛ˦lɯ ᵊpʰɔ˨pʰɯ˧/
v lit. sickness-disappear ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤦ꤭
/tɛ˨ʃwi˦ ʃi˧me˦/ n /le˦ʂɛ˦krɯ ˧ʂɛ˦lɔ˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ relative n those who are related
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩꤊꤛꤢ꤭ to one another /klwi˧lja˧/
recruit n new soldier ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤜꤛꤢ꤭ der.
/klje˧pʰu˦ʂɛ˧/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤭ ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤜꤛꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ
release v /plwo˧/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ der.
rectum n /kʰa˧plje˦ku˧/
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
red adj /li ˨/ ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ religion n /tɛ˨dzɔ˦bu˨dʒɔ˦bɛ˧/
Red Karen n lit. human-red- ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭
people /ka˨ja˧li ˨pʰu˦/ remain v /o˨kja˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ remember v to recall
redeem v /i˨tʰa˨ka˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ /ʂɛ˦ne˦tʰja˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤔꤟꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬
der. ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢ꤬ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤔꤟꤢꤩ; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬;
redemption n /tɛ˨i˨tʰa˨ka˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬; ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ v /to˧ma˨ni ˦/ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤗꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ
reduce v lower the price der. ꤒꤥ꤭ꤔꤟꤤ
/be˨ta˧jwo˨/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤛꤝꤥ꤬ remembrance n
v decrease the speed /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦ne˦tʰja˨/
/ʂɛ˦do˧ta˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤘꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤔꤟꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬
remind 138 request strongly

remind v /dje˦ʂɛ˦ne˦/ repentance n

ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧꤔꤟꤢꤩ der. /tɛ˨pja˦jɛ˦lja˨ka˨ʂɛ˦/
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧꤔꤟꤢꤩꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤛꤢꤧꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤞ
remove v take off or remove
clothing or other items
replace v /ʂɛ˧ta˨ple˨/
/plwo˦tʰe˨/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥꤓꤢꤩ꤬ der.
ꤕꤜꤝꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬
v to remove something from reply v /he˦sʰɯ˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬ der.
the eye /ta˨kʰwo˦/ ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤥ n /tɛ˨he˦sʰɯ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤢꤦ꤬
renewal adj to replace with a report v to tell or report
new one /ʂɛ˧ta˨ple˨/ something /dja˦sʰo˨lɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬ ꤘꤛꤢꤏꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
rent v to rent something (house,
reptile n /ru˦plja˦ ta˨tʰɛ˦/
etc.) /i˨pri ˨kɯ ᵊ/
ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ ꤚꤟꤢꤨꤕꤜꤛꤢ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤧ
v /kʰja˧e˨/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ reputation n good name

repair v /me˨rja˦ka˨kʰje˧/ /mwi ˨la˨rja˦/ ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ

ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. to lose your reputation phr
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤛꤢ /mwi ˨pi ˧ tʰje˧ʂi˦/
repay v to pay back money ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤕꤟꤤ꤭ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤤ
owed /pla˦ ka˨kʰje˧/ ꤕꤜꤢ
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ request v /kwi˧/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭
v retaliate, take revenge v /nɔ˧/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭
upon /me˨lje˧sʰɯ˨ request extra phr
ka˨kʰje˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ /kwi˧lə˦kwi˧klɔ˧/
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤜꤣꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
repeat v to say again request help phr
/he˦po˦ʂja˦/ ꤟꤢꤩꤕꤟꤥꤞꤛꤢ
der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤟꤥꤞꤛꤢ
repent v /pja˦jɛ˦ʃja˨lja˨/
ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤛꤢꤧꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. request mercy phr
ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤛꤢꤧꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬; /kwi˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨tʰja˨/
ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤛꤢꤧꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬; ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤛꤢꤧꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ request strongly phr
v /za˨/ ꤐꤟꤢ꤬
/kwi˧ʃjo˨/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤏꤛꤥ꤬
request to be pa... 139 resurrection

request to be paid back respect v /zɯ ˦ɲa˦/ ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤑꤟꤢ

phr /kwi˧pla˦/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢ der. ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ;
request to borrow phr ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤑꤟꤢ
v /ʂɛ˦ɲa˦ʂɛ˦ta˨rɛ˧/
ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤙꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤜꤟꤥ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤟꤢꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭
v /be˨du˨/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
request to drink phr
respond v in reply /-sʰɯ˨/ -ꤏꤢꤦ꤬
/kwi˧o˧/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤥ꤭ der. ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
request to eat phr v /he˦ka˨kʰje˧/ ꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
/kwi˧e˨sʰɛ˨/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ responsibility n /tɛ˨dja˨kʰu˨/
der. ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
request to go phr rest v pause to take a rest
/kwi˧ʤɯᵊ/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ /o˨kɯ ᵊ/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ der.
request to leave phr ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣꤞꤢꤧꤙꤢꤧ; ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣꤜꤢ
/kwi˧tʰe˨/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ rest stop/place n /le˦o˨kɯ ᵊ
request to see phr ta˨bɛ˦θɛ˦pra˦/
/kwi˧mja˦/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧꤞꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢ
rescue v deliver, save restaurant n /sʰɛ˨e˨sʰɛ˨o˧klɛ˦/
/me˨ʃi˧plɛ˦ka˨/ ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤧ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
resemble v /lja˨/ ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ restore v return, give back
v to be equal with one /dje˦ka˨kʰje˧/
another /krɯ ˨ɲa˨lu˧/
ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ der. restored adj /rja˦ka˨kʰje˧/
ꤚꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ ꤚꤛꤢꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
reserve v to speak for resurrect v /ʂje˧i˨tʰɔ˨ka˨kʰje˧/
beforehand /he˦ne˨dɯ˨/ ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬; ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬;
ꤟꤢꤩꤔꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬
resign v /la˦li˧dɯ˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤜꤤ꤭ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ resurrection n /tɛ˨ʂje˧i˨tʰɔ˨
resist v fight in defense tʰwo˧prɛ˨ ka˨kʰje˧/
/kʰa˨sʰa˦ʃɯ˧/ ꤋꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬
retaliate 140 revelation

retaliate v /me˨lje˧sʰɯ˨ return and report phr

ka˨kʰje˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ /ka˨dja˦lɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
retreat v /ʂɔ˦ka˨kʰje˧/ return and say phr /ka˨he˦/
ꤞꤢꤪꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ
return v go back /ka˨/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ return and send phr
der. ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /ka˨ʂu˧/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤭
v give back /dje˦ka˨kʰje˧/ return and sit phr
/ka˨o˨nja˧/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭
return and ask phr
return and stay phr
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ /ka˨o˨kɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭
return and complete phr return and visit phr
/ka˨me˨tʰɯᵊ˧/ /ka˨o˨le˧/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ return and arrive phr
return and do phr /ka˨me˨/ /ka˨kʰje˧tɯ ᵊ/
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤌꤣ
return and drink phr return and enter phr
/ka˨o˧/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤥ꤭ /ka˨ka˨nɯ ᵊ˧/
return and eat phr ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der.
/ka˨kʰje˧e˨/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
return and explain phr return and see phr
/ka˨he˦sʰo˨lɯ ᵊ˧/ /ka˨mja˦tʰje˨/
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬
return and give phr return with phr /ka˨kɯ ᵊ˧/
/ka˨dje˦/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩ
returned v /ka˨kja˧/
return and live phr /ka˨o˨/
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤥ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
reveal v /dje˦tʰe˨lɯ ᵊ˧/
return and meet phr
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der.
/ka˨o˨ku˦/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ; ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
return and place inside
revelation n /tɛ˨dje˦lɯ ᵊ˧tʰja˨/
phr /ka˨sʰu˨nɯ ᵊ˧/
reverberate 141 riot

reverberate v /ta˨plɔ˨ka˨zɯ ᵊ˧/ right adv right hand side

ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der. /ʤɔ˦tʰwo˦/ ꤡꤢꤪꤓꤝꤥ
adj righteous /ʤɔ˦te˨/
revolver n /ʃi˦ɲa˨pʰɯ ᵊ˨/
ꤏꤤꤑꤟꤢ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤡꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
reward n /tɛ˨me˨ni ˦kʰwo˦kɛ˨/ adj correct /to˧/ ꤒꤥ꤭ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤔꤟꤤꤋꤝꤥꤊꤢꤧ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭
rhinoceros n /dʒu˦/ ꤡꤢꤨ right-hand adj /ta˨kʰu˨
rib n /rɔ˧krwi˦/ ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤚꤝꤤ dʒɔ˦tʰwo˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤡꤢꤪꤓꤝꤥ
rice n cooked rice /di˧/ ꤘꤤ꤭ der. righteous adj lit. straight
ꤘꤤ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ heart /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ʤɔ˦/
n uncooked rice /bɯ ᵊ/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ der. ꤥ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤙꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤟꤌꤣ꤭ n a person who is upright or
rice sack phr /hə˧tʰɔ˧/ righteous
ꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤓꤢꤪ꤭ /prɛ˨ʤɔ˦prɛ˨te˨/
rice plant phr /bɯ ᵊ˦mɔ˦/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der.
ꤙꤟꤌꤣꤗꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤙꤟꤌꤣꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤡꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
rich adj /du˨za˦tʰja˨ʂɛ˧/ righteousness n /tɛ˨ʤɔ˦tɛ˨˨,te˨/
ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der.
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤓꤥ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬
n person who is rich ring n /ta˨plo˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤥ der.
/prɛ˨du˨za˦tʰja˨ʂɛ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤝꤥ
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ rinse v immerse to clean
der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ;
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ /dʒe˨pli˧/ ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ꤭
ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ riot n riot or revolution
ride v /ʃi˨dja˦/ ꤏꤤ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ der. /tɛ˨ta˨rɯ˧ta˨pja˧/
ꤏꤤ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤢ꤭ der.
ride and go phr ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤤ꤭ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ
/ʃi˨dja˦ʤɯᵊ/ v to cause commotion or an
ꤏꤤ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤡꤛꤣ uproar
ridicule v to laugh at in a /me˨ta˨rɯ˧ta˨pja˧/
mocking manner /ɲe˧krɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤢ꤭
rip 142 rooster

rip n a tear from shrinkage roast v /i˨kʰɛ˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤬

/tʰɔ˦ta˨jwi˦/ ꤓꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤛꤝꤤ der. rob v to steal or burglarize
ꤓꤢꤪꤐꤟꤢ꤭ /e˨ɯ ᵊ˨e˨hi˦/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤤ der.
v to tear /la˨za˧/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ꤭ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬
der. ꤜꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤭ v /pɯ ˦pʰe˨jɛ˦plɛ˦pʰe˨/
ripe adj /mi˧/ ꤗꤤ꤭ ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤖꤢꤩ꤬ꤛꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤧꤖꤢꤩ꤬ der.
adj ready to harvest /to˧kɛ˦/ ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤖꤢꤩ꤬ꤛꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤧ;
ꤒꤥ꤭ꤊꤢꤧ ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤖꤢꤩ꤬; ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤖꤢꤩ꤬;
adj a ripe garden
robber n /prɛ˨e˨hɯ ᵊ˨e˨hi˦/
n /prɛ˨pɯ ˦pʰe˨ jɛ˦plɛ˦pʰe˨
rise v to get up from laying
down /ɲa˧ka˨tʰɔ˨/ u˧/ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤖꤢꤩ꤬
ꤑꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ ꤛꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤧꤖꤢꤩ꤬ ꤢꤨ꤭
v when smoke or mist robe n lit. long outer shirt
rises /kʰɯ ᵊ˨tʰja˨/ /ʤa˨klɔ˧tʰu˧/ ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤭
ꤋꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤥ
river n /tʰje˧lja˧mɯ ᵊ/ rock n /lɔ˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪ der.
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬
ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣ v usually used when a boat
flowing river phr rocks back and forth
/tʰje˧lja˦tʰje˧kʰo˧/ /kɔ˦kli˦/ ꤊꤢꤪꤊꤜꤤ
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤥ꤭ roll v /tʰu˨lɔ˧/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ der.
riverbed n dry river bed /lja˧/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬
ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭ v /ta˨lu˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
road n street /klja˦/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ v /la˨lɔ˧/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤪ꤭
der. ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤊꤢꤨ꤭; ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤜꤟꤥ꤬
roll up v /tʰu˨lu˧dwo˦/
roadside n /klja˦tʰɯ˧/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤘꤝꤥ
ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤓꤢꤦ꤭ roof n /hi˨kʰu˨klwo˦/
roadway n way to go
ꤟꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤥ der. ꤟꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬;
/klja˦ʤɯᵊ/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤡꤛꤣ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤥ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
roar v /kɔ˦kru˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤪꤊꤚꤟꤢꤨ room n /ro˧/ ꤚꤥ꤭ der. ꤚꤥ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
der. ꤊꤟꤢꤪ; ꤊꤟꤢꤪꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬ rooster n /ʃje˧pʰɛ˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ꤭
root 143 ruler

root n the roots of a tree or rub v to rub clean /i˨ʂi˧pli˧kja˧/

other vegetation /ʂɔ˨rwi ˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤚꤝꤟꤤ v to rub smooth /ki ˦rɛ˧/
v when a pig roots up dirt ꤊꤟꤤꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤨꤢꤩ꤬ v rub into (i.e. salve)
rope n /sʰu˨plje˨/ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬ /ʤi˧nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤡꤤ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
der. ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬ v /pʰɯ˧/ ꤖꤢꤦ꤭ der.
rope tree n /ʂɔ˨kʰwi˨/ ꤖꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ꤬
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤋꤝꤤ꤬ rubber n /pʰa˦jwo˦/ ꤖꤢꤛꤝꤥ
roselle n /ta˨pʰja˦ʃje˨lɛ˨/ rubbery adj /zwo˧/ ꤐꤝꤥ꤭ der.
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤛꤝꤥ꤭
ꤙꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ rudder n for steering the
boat /ʂɔ˨i˨pɛ˨/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬
rot v /ʂɔ˧/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤛꤢꤩ
der. ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬
n /tɛ˨ʂɔ˧tɛ˨lɔ˨/
ruin n destruction
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ /tɛ˨ta˧prɔ˨ta˧rɛ˧/
rotate v /tʰu˨ta˨ri˦/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤤ꤭ rule v to govern /pə˦ta˨ri˦/
rotten adj /nɯ ᵊ˨ʂɔ˧nɯ ᵊ˨u˧/ ꤕꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ der. ꤕꤣ
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤨ꤭ der. n governance, guidance
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ /tɛ˨pə˦tɛ˨ʂu˧/
adj /krɛ˦pa˨u˧/ ꤊꤚꤢꤧꤕꤢ꤬ꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤣꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤨ꤭
rough adj /ta˨pri˧ta˨pru˦/
adj coarse /ʂwɛ˦ta˨ka˧/ n law /tɛ˨ʂwo˦tɛ˨ʂja˨/
ꤞꤝꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤭ der. ꤞꤝꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤬ der.
round adj circular, a round
shape /ta˨lu˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ der. ruler n one who governs
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢꤦ꤬ /prɛ˨pə˦tɛ˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤣꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
adv to pass by or avoid, go der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤣ;
around /ta˨vɔ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢꤪ꤬
row v with oars or paddles n for measuring /tɯ ˨bo˧/
/kʰja˧/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭
rumor 144 sacrifice

rumor v /he˦rɔ˨he˦re˨/ run down phr /klja˨ta˧/

ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤢꤪ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤢꤩ꤬ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
v /he˦bɔ˧he˦bje˨/ run and go take phr
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤪ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬ /klja˨ʤɯᵊpʰje˦/
run v /klja˨/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤖꤛꤢꤩ
n a race /tɛ˨klja˨ di˦ʤɛ˧/ run and come in phr
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ ꤘꤤꤡꤢꤧ꤭ /klja˨hja˧nɯ ᵊ˧/
run aground phr a ship that ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
runs aground /sʰa˦ma˨ run off on phr /klja˨pʰe˨/
ꤏꤢꤗꤢ꤬ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤩ꤬
ꤑꤢꤩꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤣ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤪ꤬ run out phr /klja˨tʰe˨/
ꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
run all over phr run up phr /klja˨tʰja˨/
/klja˨tʰo˧klja˨lja˨/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ run away phr /tʰe˨klja˨/
run as a group phr ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ der.
/klja˨plu˨klja˨pʰɛ˨/ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤋꤥ;
ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭
run back phr /klja˨ka˨/ Russia n /ra˦ʃja˦ ke˦/
ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ ꤚꤟꤢꤏꤛꤢ ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
run and come see phr rust n /tʰe˨i˨tʰe˨krɛ˦/
ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤧ der.

sackcloth n /hje˨bɔ˦ʤa˨bɔ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤪꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤪ v to make a sacrifice or
sacrifice n see offering offering /me˨lu˧tʰja˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤛꤢ꤭ der.
sad 145 satan

sad adj to feel sad salvation n deliverance, escape

/ʂɛ˦plɛ˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨/ /tɛ˨me˨ʃi˧plɛ˦ka˨/
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der.
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬;
adj to show sadness in your ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬;
face /mɛ˨ʂɛ˨pje˦/
n Catholic term for
sadden v to cause to be sad
/me˨ʂɛ˦plɛ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
sadness n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦plɛ˧/ same adv /ʂja˦lu˧/ ꤞꤛꤢꤜꤢꤨ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der. der. ꤞꤛꤢꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ; ꤞꤛꤢꤔꤢ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ sanctified adj see 'holy'
sail n the sail of a boat /dʒa˧sʰɛ˧/ ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
/ʂɔ˨klje˧du˨ i˨kɛ˧ba˨du˨/ sanctify v to make holy
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤙꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ /me˨ʤa˧sʰɛ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
saint n lit. holy person
sand n /lɔ˦ta˨ma˦mɯ˨/
/ka˨ja˧ʤa˧sʰɛ˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤗꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤗꤢꤦ꤬
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der. n /he˨ʂo˧/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤥ꤭
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ; ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
sandals n /kʰu˨pʰa˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢ
salary n payment for work
der. ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬;
done /lɛ˧kʰwo˦lɛ˧kɛ˨/
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤢꤧ꤭; ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤖꤢ
ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤋꤝꤥꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤊꤢꤧ꤬; sandbar n /he˨ʂo˧kʰu˨/
ꤊꤢꤧ꤬; ꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤥꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬
n income /rɯ˧ka˨nɯ ᵊ˧/
sap n tree sap /ʂɔ˨ʤja˧tʰje˧/
ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤡꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
salt n /i˨ʂɛ˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ sarong n a wrap-around skirt
saltiness n /tɛ˨sʰɯ˧hɛ˧/ for woman /hje˨prɛ˨mɔ˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬
salty adj /sʰɯ˧hɛ˧/ ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ satan n lit. head of demons,
devil /kʰi˧ne˦ri˨dʒja˦
salute v to show respect
kʰu˨klɔ˦/ ꤋꤤ꤭ꤔꤢꤩꤚꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ
/dja˨zɯ ˦ɲa˦/ ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤑꤟꤢ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ der. ꤖꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤨꤜꤢꤨ
satisfied 146 elementary level

satisfied adj also content scared adj /ʂɛ˦i˨sʰe˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭

/ʂɛ˦plɔ˨mi˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤤ꤭ der. ꤋꤛꤢꤩꤐꤟꤢꤦ; ꤋꤛꤢꤩ
Saturday n /mɔ˦ka˨tɔ˨/ adj timid /ta˨rɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤬ scarlet adj /li ˨ka˨ʂwi˦/
sausage n /tɛ˨zje˨plɔ˨/ ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤞꤝꤤ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ꤜꤢꤪꤞꤢꤪ꤭
save v to keep or save scatter v to scatter by
something for later throwing /vi ˧pa˨ʃi˧/
/be˨dwo˦/ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ der. ꤘꤝꤥ; ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭
ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ; ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤘꤝꤥ v to run away in various
v to deliver or cause to directions
escape /me˨ʃi˧plɛ˦ka˨/ /klja˨ʤɯᵊprə˦ʤɯᵊprja˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der. ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤕꤚꤌꤣꤡꤛꤣꤕ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ; ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ der.
ꤋꤛꤢꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬; ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤌꤣꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤛ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ ꤢ꤭
savior n person who delivers or v /ʃi˧prə˦ʃi˧prja˧/
saves /prɛ˨me˨ʃi˧plɛ˦ka˨/ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤌꤣꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬ v to disperse
saw v to cut wood /bɯ˦/ ꤙꤢꤦ
say v /he˦/ ꤟꤢꤩ ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤌꤣꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭
scale n for weighing scavenge v to go look for
/ʤa˦ʤu˦lɛ˨/ ꤡꤢꤡꤢꤨꤜꤢꤧ꤬ food /dʒɯᵊ˦le˦e˨/
scalp n /kʰu˨klɔ˦pʰa˦/ ꤡꤛꤣꤜꤟꤢꤩꤢꤩ꤬
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤖꤢ scholar n a knowledgable
scant adj not enough person, expert
/lə˦ba˧to˨/ ꤜꤣꤙꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ /prɛ˨ʂi˦pʰɛ˦ʤja˦dɛ˨/
scar n /ʤwɛ˧/ ꤡꤝꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤꤖꤢꤧꤡꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬
ꤗꤤ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤡꤝꤢꤧ꤭ school n /ʂwo˦li˨ho˧/
scarce adv /kja˨/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤬
elementary level phr lit.
adj /pɔ˨to˨/ ꤕꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬ child's level of school
scare v to cause to be afraid /to˦pʰu˦ʂwo˦li˨ho˧/
/me˨ʂɛ˦i˨ʃe˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤟꤥꤖꤢꤨꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭
high school 147 search

high school phr lit. high scratch out phr to scrape

level of school out with the finger
/to˦tʰu˧ʂwo˦li˨ho˧/ /ka˨u˧tʰe˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
ꤒꤟꤥꤓꤢꤨ꤭ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ v scrape out /ru˨tʰe˨/
middle school phr lit. ꤚꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
middle level of school scream v to yell /ɛ˦tʰo˧ɛ˦mo˨/
/to˦kla˧me˧ʂwo˦li˨ho˧/ ꤢꤧꤓꤥ꤭ꤢꤧꤗꤟꤥ꤬ der. ꤢꤧꤓꤥ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤟꤢ꤭;
screw n /i˨tɔ˦ʂɛ˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤒꤢꤪꤞꤢꤧ
scissors n /ru˧re˧/ ꤚꤢꤨ꤭ꤚꤢꤩ꤭ der.
screwdriver n tool used for
ꤤ꤬ꤡꤤ꤭ screwing /i˨tɔ˦ʂɛ˨bo˧/
scold v /i˨sʰɔ˧i˨ba˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤒꤢꤪꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭
der. ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ scroll n /li˨ta˨lu˧/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
scoop v /kɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤬ der. ꤜꤤ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤭
v dip /dʒje˧/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ scrotum n /dje˨kɔ˧/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭
scorch v to burn /ɯ˧/ ꤢꤦ꤭ scrub v to scrub clean your hair
/i˨pra˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤢ꤬ der. ꤊꤢꤪꤕꤚꤢ꤬
v to cause to wither
v to scrub together /tʰɔ˧ni ˦/
/sʰa˦kṳ˦no˦/ ꤏꤢꤊꤟꤢꤨꤔꤥ
adj very hot and dry
sea n /tʰje˧du˨ta˨va˨/
ꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤜꤝꤥꤊꤚꤢ꤭ der. ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ der. ꤕꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤭
seagull n /la˧tʰje˧/ ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
scorpion n /da˦mɛ˨/ ꤘꤢꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤬
der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤢꤪꤕꤜꤛꤢ
scrape v scratch /ta˨kra˦/ seal v to join together
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢ /klɛ˦i˦ʤɯ˧ma˨/
scrape out phr /kra˦e˨/ ꤊꤜꤢꤧꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤢ꤬
ꤊꤚꤢꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤊꤤ n /tɛ˨me˨ma˦me˨dja˧/
v /ru˨tʰe˨/ ꤚꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤢꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭
scratch v i.e. to be scatched by n stamp, badge /ta˧ʃi˦/
a thorn /ta˨prɛ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ ꤒꤢ꤭ꤏꤤ
search v look for carefully
v /ta˨kra˦/ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢ
/mja˦pṳ˧ta˧, mja˦pṳ˧te˨/
v /kɔ˦va˦/ ꤊꤢꤪꤠꤟꤢ der.
ꤊꤢꤪꤕꤚꤢ꤬ ꤗꤛꤢꤕꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤕꤟꤢꤨ꤭
searing 148 send out

searing adj see scorching seek v to try to find

/kṳ˦lwo˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤜꤝꤥ /lɯ ˨mja˦pṳ˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤕꤟꤢꤨ꤭
season n /ke˦-/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩ- der. ꤕꤟꤢꤨ꤭
rainy season phr seize v /kri ˨ɲe˦/ ꤊꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ
/ke˦ʤɯ ˨kʰɛ˧/ select v choose /nwo˦the˨/
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ ꤔꤝꤥꤓꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤔꤝꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬
hot season phr see self adv to do by oneself
summer /ke˦ku˦kʰɛ˧/ /ni ˦dɯ˨/ ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢꤦ꤬ der.
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤨꤋꤢꤧ꤭ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤦ꤬; ꤘꤢꤦ꤬; ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤘꤢꤦ꤬
seat n a place for sitting n /-ne˦/ -ꤔꤟꤢꤩ
/le˦o˨nja˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ self-control n the ability to
second num /nje˧lu˦lə˦/ control yourself /tɛ˨kʰɔ˧pe˦
ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤨꤜꤣ ni ˦dje˦ ne˦/
secret n that which is hidden ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤛꤢꤩ ꤔꤟꤢꤩ der.
/tɛ˨dɔ˦tɛ˨ɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤢꤩꤘꤛꤢꤩ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬;
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤕꤣꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤛꤢꤩ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪꤢꤟꤌꤣ; ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪꤢꤟꤌꤣꤘꤢꤪꤙꤤ; selfish adj /mja˦du˨ ni ˦dɯ˨ tɛ˨/
ꤍꤟꤥꤘꤢꤪꤟꤌꤣ ꤗꤛꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢꤦ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
secretary n /kʰu˨dja˧/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭
sell v /i˨sʰɛ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬
secretly adv /hɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤟꤌꤣ꤬
semen n /tʰi˨tʰje˧/ ꤓꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
v to do secretly send v send with the idea of
/me˨ɯ ᵊ˨me˨ʂwɛ˦/ accompanying /ʂu˧/ ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤝꤢꤧ ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ; ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
secure v to cause to be firm send back phr /ʂu˧ka˨kʰje˧/
/me˨klɔ˨me˨ma˨/ ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ send down phr /ʂu˧ta˧/
see v see, also find /mja˦tʰje˨/ ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤗꤛꤢ send in phr /ʂu˧ʤɯᵊnɯ ᵊ˧/
v /tṳ˦tʰwo˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤨꤓꤝꤟꤥ ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤡꤛꤣꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
seed n /tɛ˨klwi˧tɛ˨lwi˦/ send out phr /ʂu˧tʰe˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤝꤤ der. ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭; ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭
send up 149 more severely

send up phr /ʂu˧tʰja˨/ servant n also worker

ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ /prɛ˨me˨tɛ˨pʰu˦/
send quickly phr /ʂu˧prja˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ n Shan word for servant
senseless adj /ɯ ᵊ˦a˦ja˦/ /lu˦le˦/ ꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ
ꤢꤟꤌꤣꤢꤛꤢ fellow servant n
n /ka˨ja˧ a˦ɯ ᵊa˦ja˦ ka˨ja˧ /kʰo˧lu˨le˦/ ꤋꤥ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ
pʰɯ ᵊ˧tʰja˧/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ serve v to serve up (i.e. rice)
ꤢꤟꤌꤣꤢꤛꤢ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ /kʰwo˦e˨/ ꤋꤝꤥꤢꤩ꤬
v to help /me˨ʤwo˦me˨ko˧/
sentence n /li˨pro˦/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤥ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ der.
der. ꤜꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥ
separate v /i˨be˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ der. set v to reserve /be˨klɔ˨be˨ma˨/
ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤥ; ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬
adv to be different from set aside phr put aside for
/kʰɔ˨dɯ˨/ ꤋꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤬ saving /pʰje˦dwo˦/
v /tʰɔ˦pɛ˧/ ꤓꤢꤪꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤘꤝꤥ
settle v to settle (i.e. the
v dispersed /lṳ˨ʃi˧prja˧ʤɯᵊ/ account) /me˨la˦me˨li˧/
ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭
der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬
seven num /ʂɯᵊ˧ʂjo˦tə˨/
ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤌꤣꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤞꤛꤥꤒꤣ꤬ der. ꤔꤝꤥ
separately adv to be and do
seventeen num /ʃje˦ʃɯᵊʃɯᵊtə˨/
seperately /o˨kʰo˦me˨kʰo˦/
ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤏꤛꤣꤏꤛꤣꤒꤣ꤬ der.
ꤥ꤬ꤋꤥꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤥ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤔꤝꤥ
adv /ʃɯᵊ˧pʰa˧/ ꤏꤛꤣ꤭ꤖꤢ꤭ seventy num /nwo˦ʃje˧/
serious adj solemn /dʒɔ˦za˧/ ꤔꤝꤥꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤡꤟꤢꤪꤐꤟꤢ꤭ severe adj /ʤje˧/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
seriously adv /sʰa˧prɛ˦ɲa˨ʤɛ˧/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬
ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤑꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤭ more severely phr
serpent n /plja˨/ ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ /ʤje˧klɔ˧/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
n snake /rṳ˦/ ꤚꤟꤢꤨ der. ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤣ;
sew 150 sheathe

sew v /i˨sʰɛ˦/ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ der. ꤏꤢꤧ shame v to cause to be

embarrassed /me˨ʂɛ˦ta˨rɛ˧/
sex v /vja˨/ ꤠꤛꤢ꤬
shade n /zo˨ɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤐꤟꤥ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ꤬
n embarrassment, shyness
shadow n /zo˨ɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤐꤟꤥ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ꤬
der. ꤐꤟꤥ꤬; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤥ꤬ꤢꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭
shake v /ka˨zɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤌꤣ꤭ shampoo n /tʰɯ˦mwo˧tʰje˧/
der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤌꤣ꤭; ꤓꤢꤦꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤤ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤌꤣ꤭꤭; share v to help, share with
v to tremble or shake
/ta˨nja˧ta˨dɛ˨/ sharp adj a sharp blade /tʰja˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤓꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬ adj a sharp stick, point
v to shake your head /nɯ ᵊ˨
/dʒɯᵊ˧/ꤡꤛꤣ꤭ der.
kʰu˨klɔ˦/ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ ꤡꤛꤣ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤗꤤ
v /tʰɔ˦/ ꤓꤢꤪ sharpen v to sharpen a stick
v the wiggle of your /ʂwo˦/ ꤞꤝꤥ
bottom /rɯ ᵉ˧/ ꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der. shatter v crack /pʰɛ˦re˦/ ꤖꤢꤧꤚꤢꤩ
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤭ shave v to cut (i.e. hair, grass,
v /tɔ˦ba˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤪꤙꤢ꤭ der. etc.) /kwo˦/ ꤊꤝꤥ
ꤒꤟꤢꤪꤙꤢ꤭ ꤡꤢ꤭ꤗꤥ꤭ v to shave the head /i˨klɯ ˨/
shake off phr /ʂɯᵊ˧ta˧kja˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬
ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤦ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬
phr to shake off the hands v to shave off hair
/ta˨hi˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤤ /bwo˦pli˧/ ꤙꤝꤥꤕꤜꤤ꤭
shake violently phr v to whittle/shave from top
/ta˨nja˧ta˨plə˦/ to bottom /ʂa˦/ ꤞꤢ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤣ she pron 3rd person singular
shake out phr /tʰɔ˦rɯ ᵊ/ /a˨/ ꤢ꤬ der. ꤢꤧ꤬
ꤓꤢꤪꤚꤟꤌꤣ der. ꤓꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤌꤣ sheathe v to put a long shaped
shallow adj /ta˨lɯ ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤦ object into /rja˧/ ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭
sheep 151 short-tempered

sheep n /ʂi˦mi ˦/ ꤞꤤꤗꤟꤤ shocked adj in shock /tʰja˨ʂje˧/

sheet n paper /plɛ˨/ ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭
shelf n /krɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬ der. adj /ta˨pa˨i˨hɯ˦/
ꤊꤚꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤦ
shoes n /kʰu˨pʰa˦/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢ
n on a large shelf /dʒo˨kʰu˨/
ꤡꤟꤥ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ shoot v with a gun /kʰɛ˦/ ꤋꤢꤧ
v to shoot off, take off
shepherd n /prɛ˨kje˧/
quickly /ta˨lwo˧/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤭ der.
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤤꤗꤟꤤ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭
v /kje˧/ ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ v to shoot elastics,
shield n /ka˨tja˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤛꤢ꤬ slingshot /ta˨plje˧/
shin n /kʰja˨kʰi˨/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤋꤤ꤬
shore n /ka˨lo˧kʰu˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤥ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
shine v /ta˨kʰɔ˨ta˨kʰɛ˧/
der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤥ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤚꤢ꤭; ꤋꤥ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬;
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭; ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤦ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭; ꤏꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ n ocean shore, beach
adj full of splendor /pa˧lɛ˧tʰɯ˧/ ꤕꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤭ꤓꤢꤦ꤭
/ta˨kʰɛ˧plja˦ra˨ʃji˦/ short adj short person /-ta˨lə˦/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤚꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤤ -ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤣꤢꤦꤢꤛꤢ;
der. ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤢꤪ
ship n a large boat /ʂɔ˨klje˧du˨/ adv i.e. short of money /jo˨/
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤛꤥ꤬ der. ꤐꤝꤥ꤬
shirt n /ʤa˨/ ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ der. adj short in length /pʰɯ ᵊ˨/
ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬;
outer shirt n /ʤa˨klɔ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬
short time phr brief amount
of time /ta˨plə˨pʰu˦/
shirtless adj /o˨ta˨kli˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤣ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ der.
ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤤ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢ;
shiver v to shiver with ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ;
chattering teeth ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤖꤢꤨ
/ta˨nja˧kʰɛ˨kla˦/ short-tempered adj
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨pʰɯ ᵊ˨/
shortly 152 side by side

shortly adv in a short time siblings n /pɯ ə˦vja˦/

/ʃje˦pa˧/ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤕꤟꤢ꤭ ꤕꤟꤌꤣꤠꤟꤛꤢ
should v /kɔ˨bɛ˨/ ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ eldest siblings n
v /to˧kɔ˨/ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ /pʰu˦vja˦prɛ˦/
shoulder n /pla˧kʰu˨/ ꤕꤜꤢ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
older sibling n /vja˦du˨klɔ˧/
shout v to yell, call out ꤠꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
/ɛ˦tʰo˧ɛ˦mo˨/ ꤢꤧꤓꤥ꤭ꤢꤧꤗꤟꤥ꤬ younger sibling n /pɯ ᵊ˦/
show v to guide /zṳ˧lɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤕꤟꤌꤣ
ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ sick adj to have a sickness
v to give to see /dje˦lɯ ᵊ˧/ /sʰwi˦sʰɛ˧/ ꤏꤝꤤꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤏꤝꤤ; ꤥ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭;
shrewd adj clever /li˨mja˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤥ꤬; ꤞꤢꤧꤏꤝꤤ;
ꤜꤤ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤏꤝꤤꤔꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤨ
shriek v /ɛ˦tʰo˧ta˨ka˧/ adj unwell /o˨mo˨rja˦to˨/
ꤢꤧꤓꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬
shrink v when clothes shrink n person who is sick
/ta˨nɯ ᵊ/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ der. /ka˨ja˧sʰwi˦ka˨ja˧sʰɛ˧/
ꤓꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣꤊꤟꤢ꤬ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤝꤤꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤝꤤ
shrug v to shrug your shoulders
v to make sick, injure
/tʰɔ˦/ ꤓꤢꤪ
shut v to muzzle, hide ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
/ta˨klwo˧bi˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤙꤤ sickle n /ta˨ʤe˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤩ꤭
v turn off, cover, shut sickness n /tɛ˨sʰwi˦tɛ˨sʰɛ˧/
/me˨bi˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤤ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ der.
v to close your eyes ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ
/bɔ˨kri ˨bi˦/ ꤙꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤙꤤ unable to breath phr
shut out phr hidden, /ke˦la˨ʂɛ˦tɯ ˧bi˦/
veiled /bi˦ta˨pa˨/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤙꤤ
ꤙꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ side n on the side of /-tʰɯ˧/
shy adj ashamed, -ꤓꤢꤦ꤭
embarrassed /ʂɛ˦ta˨rɛ˧/ side by side phr /ta˨kro˨/
ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤥ꤬
sift 153 sinner

sift v /ta˨lɛ˦sɛ˦/ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤧꤏꤢꤧ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤢ der.

ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤧꤏꤢꤧ ꤢ꤬ꤙꤟꤌꤣ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ;
v using a side to side motion
since adv /dʒa˦tʰja˨bi˦/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤭ ꤡꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤙꤤ
sigh v /ʂɛ˦mɯ ᵊ/ ꤞꤢꤧꤗꤟꤌꤣ der. sing v /i˨ro˧li˨/
ꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ꤜꤤ꤬ der.
ꤞꤢꤧꤗꤟꤌꤣꤊꤚꤌꤣ꤬ꤟꤢ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭; ꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬; ꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬;
sign n /tɛ˨ma˦tɛ˨dja˧/ ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤥ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ der. sing song of mourning phr
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ song of mourning when
adj /kʰa˦kʰo˨mja˦bje˨/ someone dies /i˨ro˧i˨hɛ˨/
ꤋꤢꤋꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤧ꤬;
silent adj /ʂɯᵊ˨krɯ˦ʂɯᵊ˨kre˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤍꤟꤥ
ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤦꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤩ꤭ der. sing praise phr
ꤥ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤬; ꤥ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤦ /i˨ro˧tʰu˨ʂɛ˦tʰja˨/
adj /o˨dja˦ta˨klwo˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬
ꤥ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤥ꤬ singer n /prɛ˨i˨ro˧i˨rɛ˨/
silk n /ʂi˦/ ꤞꤤ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤚꤢꤧ꤬
silver n also money /rɯ˧/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ single adj not yet married
silver and gold phr /pʰu˦ʂɛ˨/ ꤖꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der.
/rɯ˧tʰɛ˧/ ꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤓꤢꤧ꤭ ꤖꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ; ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤬;
similar prep like, similar to
adj single elderly person
ꤞꤛꤢ der. ꤗꤛꤢꤞꤛꤢ;
/du˨prɛ˦/ ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ
ꤞꤛꤢꤔꤢ; ꤞꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ;
ꤊꤟꤢꤦꤞꤛꤢ; ꤊꤟꤢꤦꤞꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ; single file phr to be
positioned one after
another /o˨ta˨la˦/
simmer v /do˧bɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤘꤥ꤭ꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤬
simultaneously adj /ta˨krɔ˧/
sink v to sink into the water
/ta˧dʒɯtʰje˧/ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤡꤢꤦꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
sin v to do wrong /me˨tɛ˨ʂɯ˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ der. sinner n /tɛ˨ʂɯ˦pʰu˦/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤚꤢ꤬; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤖꤢꤨ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢ; ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ;
n /tɛ˨ʂɯ˦tɛ˨pla˦/
sister-in-law 154 skilled

ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤚꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ; sit and talk phr

ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤚꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ; ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ /o˨nja˧he˦bɛ˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤦꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤚꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬
sister-in-law n term for sister-
in-law who is the opposite sit as a group phr
sex from yourself /kʰi˧/ ꤋꤤ꤭ /o˨nja˧o˨plɔ˦/
n term for sister-in-law ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ
when your in-law is also sit close phr /o˨nja˧pʰɯ˨/
female /ka˨na˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤦ꤬
sisters n siblings (male or sit down phr /o˨nja˧ta˧/
female) /pɯ ᵊ˦vja˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
ꤕꤟꤌꤣꤠꤟꤛꤢ sit with phr /o˨nja˧tə˦/
younger sister phr ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤣ
/pɯ ᵊprɛ˨mɔ˨/ sit back phr /o˨nja˧
ꤕꤟꤌꤣꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ der. ta˨te˨ɲa˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭
ꤕꤟꤌꤣ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ
older sister phr situation n period of time
/vja˦prɛ˨mɔ˨/ /ʃɯᵊkʰɛ˧/ ꤏꤛꤣꤋꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤠꤟꤛꤢꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤛꤣꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭
ꤠꤟꤛꤢ six num /ʂɯᵊ˧ʂjo˦/ ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤞꤛꤥ
sit v /o˨nja˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ der. der. ꤏꤛꤣ
ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ sixteen num /ʃje˦ʂɯᵊ˧swo˦/
sit and beg phr ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤞꤛꤥ der.
/o˨nja˧kwi˧e˨/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤏꤛꤣ
ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ sixty num /ʃje˧ʂɯᵊ˧ʂjo˦/
sit and listen phr ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤞꤛꤥ der.
/o˨nja˧ni ˦da˧/ ꤏꤛꤣꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢ꤭ size n /ti˦/ ꤒꤤ
sit and rest phr skewer v to skewer in order to
/o˨nja˧o˨kɯ ᵊ/ hang up to dry, pierce /ki ˧/
ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ ꤊꤟꤤ꤭ der. ꤊꤟꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤭
sit and take phr skilled adj competent /ʤja˦dɛ˨/
/o˨nja˧pʰje˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤛꤢꤩ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬ der.
skin 155 small

skin n /pʰa˦/ ꤖꤢ sleepy adj to want to sleep

skinny adj thin /krja˧/ ꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ /ʂɛ˦o˨mje˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭
skirt n /hje˨/ ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. adj to feel sleep, drowsy
ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥ꤬ /o˨mje˧kʰa˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭
skull n /kʰu˨klɔ˦krwi˦/ der. ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤛꤣ꤬
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤊꤚꤝꤤ sleeve n /dʒa˨pla˧/ ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢ꤭
sky n /mɔ˦lɛ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭
slender adj /tə˨lɯ ᵊ˨two˦/
skyscraper n large buildings ꤒꤣ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥ
/hi˨du˨hi˨tʰu˧/ ꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤟꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ slice v i.e. to slice fruit /kɛ˦/
slander v /dja˦mwi ˨tʰje˧zo˨/ ꤊꤢꤧ
ꤘꤛꤢꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤟꤥ꤬ v to slice i.e. bamboo ties
n to speak destroying for securing bamboo
someone's reputation or joints together /i˨bɯ˨/
name /tɛ˨he˦pje˦ ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬
u˧mwi ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤕꤛꤢꤩ slingshot n /pʰja˦dʒɔ˦/
ꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬, ꤖꤛꤢꤡꤟꤢꤪ
slant adj i.e. sleep on your slip v /la˨lwo˦/ꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤟꤥ der.
side /ta˨kʰi˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤤ꤭ ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤜꤝꤟꤥ
slap v strike /plja˦/ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ slit v cut /dɯ˦/ ꤘꤢꤦ der. ꤘꤢꤦꤓꤢꤩ꤬
slash v to cut /i˧rja˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ slogan n /ŋo˦ɛ˦tʰo˧/ ꤍꤟꤥꤢꤧꤓꤥ꤭
der. -ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ slow adj /zɔ˧/ ꤐꤢꤪ꤭ der.
slave n /ʤɯ ˦/ ꤡꤟꤢꤦ ꤐꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ
sleep v /o˨mje˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. adj slow in moving
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤬; ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢ; /kʰa˧plje˦tʰɯᵊ/
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤛꤢ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩꤓꤌꤣ꤬
sleep deeply phr
slowly adv /ʂɛ˦do˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤘꤥ꤭
/o˨mje˧ʃjo˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤛꤥ꤬
sluggish adj lagging
der. ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤟꤤꤏꤢꤧ꤭
v /o˨mje˧sʰo˧ta˨pa˨/ /zɔ˧ba˧ka˨tʰə˦/ ꤐꤢꤪ꤭ꤙꤢ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤣ
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ adj inadequate
sleep together phr /ta˨kʰa˦ta˨kʰɯ ᵊ˨/
/o˨mje˧tə˦lu˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤟꤌꤣ꤬
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤣꤜꤢꤨ꤭ small adj /pa˨ti˦/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ
small amount 156 so that

small amount phr ꤖꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ꤬

/tɛ˨pa˨ti˦pʰu˦/ adj to brush clean your teeth
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤖꤢꤨ /mwo˧/ ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭
smaller adj /pa˨ti˦lə˦/ snack n dessert /kɔ˦mu˧/
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤜꤣ der. ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭; ꤊꤢꤪꤗꤢꤨ꤭
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤜꤣꤢꤨ꤭ snag v /ta˨bɔ˨ o˨tja˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤪ꤬
smart adj wise, capable ꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢ
/dʒja˦dɛ˨/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ snail n land snail /klu˨/ ꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤬
adj clever /li ˨mja˧/ der. ꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤟꤤ
ꤜꤟꤤ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ꤭ snake n /rṳ˦/ ꤚꤟꤢꤨ der.
smarter adj also more ꤚꤟꤢꤨꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ
shrewd /dɛ˨lə˦klɔ˧/ n kind of large snake
ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤣꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ /rṳ˦plja˨/ ꤚꤟꤢꤨꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
smell n odor /nɯ ᵊ˨mja˦/ snap v to break off by applying
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤟꤛꤢ pressure /i˨ʤo˧tɯ ˧/
v /nɯ ᵊ˨ʂja˧/ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭
smells good adj /nɯ ᵊ˨mo˨/ snare n trap /da˦do˧/ ꤘꤢꤘꤥ꤭
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ der. snatch v /kri ˨ɲe˦/ ꤊꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ
sneeze v /ka˨ʃja˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ
smells bad phr /nɯ ᵊ˨mja˦
sniff v /ʂi˦ri˦/ ꤞꤤꤚꤤ
rja˦to˨/ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤗꤟꤛꤢ
ꤚꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬ der. ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤤ꤬; snore v /o˨mje˧ʂɛ˦pra˨/
ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬ der.
smidgeon n tiny amount
snot n mucus /kʰa˨i˨/ ꤋꤢ꤬ꤤ꤬
/tɛ˨pa˨ti˦pʰu˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤖꤢꤨ
snow n /bu˧kʰu˨/ ꤙꤢꤨ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der.
smile v /ɲe˧/
ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤥ꤭ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ
smoke n smoke of a burning snuff v to extinguish a fire
fire /mi˨ɯ˧kʰɯ ᵊ˨/ /me˨pi ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤟꤤ꤭
ꤗꤤ꤬ꤢꤦ꤭ꤋꤟꤌꤣ꤬ der. ꤋꤟꤌꤣ꤬ so conj lit. like that so
smooth adj /kla˨/ ꤊꤜꤢ꤬ /pʰu˦nɯᵊ˨rɔ˦/ ꤖꤢꤨꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ
adj /ʂje˨/ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. der. ꤒꤢꤦꤚꤢꤪ
ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ so that phr /ʂja˦pʰu˦/
v to make smooth /me˨ʂje˨/ ꤞꤛꤢꤖꤢꤨ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der.
soak 157 soup

soak v /plɯ ə˨/ ꤕꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬ der. son n /pʰu˦prɛ˨kʰu˧/

ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤖꤢꤨꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤖꤢꤨꤋꤢꤨ꤭
v /dʒwi˦o˧/ ꤡꤝꤤꤥ꤭ son-in-law n /mɛ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭
sober adj serious /sʰa˧prɛ˦/ song n /li˨i˨ro˧/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ der.
ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭
socks n /kʰja˨kɔ˧/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ soon adv not long /ɲe˧tja˨to˨/
soft adj /ʤɛ˦/ ꤡꤟꤢꤧ der. ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬ der. ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤨ adv in just a moment,
soldier n /klje˧pʰu˦/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ shortly /ʃje˦pa˧/
der. ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤕꤟꤢ꤭
sole n of the foot /kʰa˨ɲe˧lɛ˧/ sorcery n or magic
ꤋꤢ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der. /tɛ˨me˨ta˨ple˨ u˧mɛ˨ʂɛ˨/
ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ sore n /va˧/ ꤠꤢ꤭ der. ꤠꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
solid adj hard /prje˧/ ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭
n scab /dʒu˨/ ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤬
der. ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤤ
sorrow n /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦plɛ˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨/
some adj acts as a pluralizer
/ta˨he˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬
sorrowful adj /ʂɛ˦plɛ˧ne˨bɛ˨/
adj some people, some
things, etc. /ta˨he˨he˨/
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der.
adj /ʂɛ˦plɛ˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨/
somebody n /ka˨ja˧
tə˨prɛ˨prɛ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭
soul n life, existence
someone n /ka˨ja˧ tə˨prɛ˨prɛ˨/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬
sound n noise /pra˨rɯ˦pra˨tɛ˦/
somersault v /vi˧ta˨klwi˦/
ꤠꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤦꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤧ der.
ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬; ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
something n /ta˨mi˧ta˨dʒə˨/
n voice, tune /a˨ta˨la˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬ der.
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢ꤭
sometimes adv /tə˨pʰɯ ᵊpʰɯ ᵊ/ soup n lit. curry liquid
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤖꤟꤌꤣ der. /i˨ʂwi˦tʰje˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤝꤤꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
sour 158 speaking

sour adj /a˨ʃje˨/ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ speak gently phr

south n /ʤi˦tʰo˧/ ꤡꤤꤓꤥ꤭ der. /he˦bɛ˨ʤɛ˦he˦bɛ˨ɲa˦/
ꤡꤤꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ
sow v to thrown down/scatter v /he˦bɛ˨ʤɛ˦he˦bɛ˨ɲa˨/
/vi˧ta˧pa˨ʃi˧/ ꤠꤤ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭
speak harshly to phr
der. ꤤ꤬ꤠꤤ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
/tʰe˦ta˨ja˧ sʰɯ˨/
v to sow and cover the
ꤓꤢꤩꤒꤢ꤬ꤢꤛꤢ꤭ ꤏꤢꤦ꤬
seed /i˨tʰo˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤥ꤬ speak boldly phr
v to sow seed /prə˦ta˧/ /he˦bɛ˨kʰɯ˧he˦bɛ˨ha˧/
ꤕꤚꤌꤣꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢ꤭
n female pig /tʰja˦mɯ ᵊ˦/ speak the truth phr
ꤓꤛꤢꤗꤟꤌꤣ /he˦sʰo˨ʤɔ˦ʤɔ˦/
sower n the person who sows ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤡꤢꤪ
seed /prɛ˨prə˦ta˧ tɛ˨klwi˧/ speak against phr /he
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤚꤌꤣꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭ ta˨kʰwo˦ta˨kɛ˨/ ꤟꤢꤩ
soya bean n /bi˧ʂɔ˧/ ꤙꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤪ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤥꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬
space adj have room or speak confidently phr
space /da˧/ ꤘꤢ꤭ der. /he˦bɛ˨ prje˧ka˨di˦/
ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤘꤢ꤭ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤤ
speak nonsense phr fooling
spade n /ta˨pɯ ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤦ꤭ der. around, joking /he˦bje˨/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤘꤢ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤪ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der.
Spain n /sa˨pe˨ke˦/ ꤎꤢ꤬ꤕꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤩ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬
spank v /pli˦/ ꤕꤜꤤ soft spoken phr
spare v /ʂɛ˦lo˧ʂɛ˦zɔ˨/ /he˦bɛ˨dʒɛ˦dɛ˨/
ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤥ꤭ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤘꤢꤧ꤬
speaker n /prɛ˨he˦bɛ˨/
spark n /mi˨pʰo˧sʰɛ˨pʰu˦/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der.
ꤗꤤ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬;
sparrow n /tʰu˨pre˦/ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬
speak v /he˦bɛ˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der. speaking n conversation
ꤟꤢꤩ; ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤛꤣ꤭; /tɛ˨he˦bɛ˨he˦ʃɯᵊ˧/
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤛꤣ꤭ der.
spear 159 spray

spear v to thrust through or n spirits, ghost /ne˦/ ꤔꤢꤩ

pierce /sʰɯ˧sʰɛ˧/ ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ spiritual adj /də˦ʂu˨də˦ʂɛ˦/
n a spear with a long handle ꤘꤣꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤣꤞꤢꤧ
/ta˨bja˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ spit v /tʰu˨pla˦tʰu˨ʂi˧/
speck n pieces /a˨krɔ˧a˨kri˨/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤤ꤭ der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤢ
ꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤤ꤬ n /pli ˨tʰje˧/ ꤕꤜꤟꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
speech n /ŋo˦he˦bɛ˨/ splash v splash with water /ha˦/
ꤍꤟꤥꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤟꤢ
n /tɛ˨he˦bɛ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ spleen n /nɛ˦/ ꤔꤢꤧ der.
spelling n /plɔ˦li˨plɔ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ split v to be split apart
spend v /dʒa˨e˨/ ꤡꤢ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ /lu˧ja˧pʰɛ˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤢꤛꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ
spices n /a˨mi˧a˨krɛ˧ der. ꤖꤢꤧꤊꤛꤢ꤭
v split apart, split pieces off,
a˨ho˦a˨dʒi˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤤ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤧ꤭
ꤢ꤬ꤟꤥꤢ꤬ꤡꤤ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤧ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤭ peel off /dʒa˨a˦/ ꤡꤢ꤬ꤢ
spicy adj hot to taste /a˨hja˦/ v cut with knife /pʰɯ ᵊkje˧/
ꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭
spider n /pʰɯ ᵊ˧kja˦/ v to chop in pieces /pa˧kje˧/
ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤊꤟꤛꤢ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭
spoiled adj rotten, gone bad
spider web n /pʰɯ ᵊ˧kja˦
(i.e. food) /nɯ ᵊ˨ʂɯᵊ˨/
dʒɔ˦/ ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤊꤟꤛꤢ ꤡꤟꤢꤪ
spill v to spill over /ta˧klɔ˧/
spoon n /di˧dʒo˦/ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤡꤟꤥ der.
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤘꤥ꤭
spin v go in circles /lu˧ta˨ri ˧/
sport n /tɛ˨la˨vi˨la˨vɔ˧/
ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤤ꤭ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭ der.
v to make yarn /i˨hi˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤟꤤ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭
der. ꤤ꤬ꤟꤤꤕꤜꤢꤪ spot n /kʰa˧le˦da˧o˨/
spine n /ɲa˦krwi˦/
ꤑꤟꤢꤊꤚꤝꤤ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤘꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬ der. ꤠꤤ
spinning wheel n /kla˨/ ꤊꤜꤢ꤬ spray v /kʰɛ˦ʃi˧prja˧ tʰje˧/
spirit n your spirit, soul /zo˨/ ꤋꤢꤧꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤐꤟꤥ꤬ der. ꤞꤢꤧ
spread 160 stand and go back

spread v /pa˨ʃi˧/
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ der. squirrel n /zɯ ᵊ˦la˨mɔ˨/
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ; ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ ꤐꤟꤌꤣꤜꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ der.
v to become known ꤐꤟꤌꤣꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬
/lɯ ᵊ˧pa˨ʃi˧ʤɯᵊ˦/ stab v /sʰɯ˧/ ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ꤡꤛꤣ stabilize v to secure
v scatter (i.e. chicken /ta˨tʰwo˦ma˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤓꤝꤥꤗꤢ꤬
feed) /lwi˦ta˧/ ꤜꤝꤤꤒꤟꤢ꤭ staff n long stick /i˨kʰja˦bo˧/
v to spread hands or feet ꤤ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤙꤥ꤭ der. ꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤙꤥ꤭
/zɯ ˦ta˨dja˧/ ꤐꤢꤦꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ stagger v /dʒɯᵊ˦lu˧ta˨lwo˨/
spring n source of water
stain n ꤠꤤꤗꤢ꤬ /vi˦/ ꤠꤤ
/tʰje˧tʰe˨kʰu˨/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
stair n /kʰja˨bo˧ʂu˧/
sprinkle v /ke˦ʤɯ ˨ta˨pri˦/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤨ꤭
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤤ stairway n /ka˨bo˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ der.
v /prə˦/ ꤕꤚꤌꤣ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭
v /ta˨ʃi˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤤ stake v plant stakes in the
sprout v /ta˨ma˨tʰja˨/ ground /i˨sʰɔ˦ta˨mɔ˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤭
v sprout and grow n /ta˨mɔ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤭
/pʰɛ˦tʰja˨du˨tʰja˨/ stammer v /he˦bɛ˨ ka˨do˧/
ꤖꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤥ꤭
ꤘꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ stand v to get up, stand up
square n four corners /ka˨tʰɔ˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ der. ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬;
/na˦lwi ˧na˦/ ꤔꤟꤢꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ꤔꤟꤢ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬
stand and come running
der. ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ꤔꤟꤢꤚꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤦ꤭
phr /i˨tʰɔ˨klja˨hja˧/
squat v hunched down /o˨nja˧
ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ stand and go phr
ꤕꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ /ka˨tʰɔ˨ʤɯᵊ/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ
squeak n /pra˨krɛ˦/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤧ der. ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ
squeeze v squeeze in order to stand and go back phr
pop /i˨no˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤔꤥ꤬
adj squeezed /da˦dje˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤘꤢꤘꤛꤢꤩ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬
stand and leave 161 steamed

stand and leave phr starving v /o˨vi ˧o˨kɔ˧/

/i˨tʰɔ˨tʰe˨ka˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ v /ʂɛ˦vi ˧ʂɛ˦e˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤢꤩ꤬
stand up and look phr starve to death phr
/ka˨tʰɔ˨mja˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ /o˨vi ˧ʂje˧/
stand and pray phr state n also country /ke˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
/i˨tʰɔ˨kwi˧ʤɔ˦bɛ˧/ representative n
ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ /ke˦tja˦ne˦/
stand and read phr ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤒꤛꤢꤔꤟꤢꤩ
/i˨tʰɔ˨hə˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤟꤣ stay v /o˨/ ꤥ꤬ der. ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ;
stand and say phr ꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
/i˨tʰɔ˨he˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ stay awake phr /o˨ʂa˧klja˧/
stand around phr ꤥ꤬ꤞꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭
/ka˨tʰɔ˨o˨tʰo˧ stay behind phr /o˨kja˧/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ steadfast adj to be firm
stand firmly phr /o˨klɔ˨ma˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ der.
ꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤪꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬; ꤥ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬
steal v /e˨hɯ ᵊ˨e˨hi˦/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤤ
ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬; ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤤ
v to steal another's food
star n /sʰɛ˨/ ꤏꤢꤧ꤬
/e˨pʰe˨/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤖꤢꤩ꤬
stare v to stare straight at
v /pɯ ˦pʰe˨jɛ˦plɛ˦pʰe˨/
ꤗꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤭ꤘꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤖꤢꤩ꤬ꤛꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤧꤖꤢꤩ꤬ der.
v /mja˦ka˨li˧/ ꤗꤛꤢꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭
stealing n /tɛ˨e˨hɯ ᵊ˨e˨hi˦/
start v begin /dʒa˦tʰja˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤤ
ꤡꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ steam n /kɯ ᵊ˨ʂwi˦/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤞꤝꤤ
startle v /kʰje˦/
ꤋꤛꤢꤩ der. steamed adj i.e. steamed rice
ꤋꤛꤢꤩꤐꤟꤢꤦ; ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ
/u˦/ ꤢꤨ
starvation n /tɛ˨o˨vi ˧o˨kɔ˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ adj /ʂwi˦/ ꤞꤝꤤ
steep 162 straight

steep adj steep bank or side of stirred adj /ta˨pɯ ˦ka˨zjɔ˦/

a cliff /la˦ta˨pri˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤊꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤪ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
ꤜꤟꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤤ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤊꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤪ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢꤤ꤬ꤗꤣ꤭ stomach n /pʰɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der.
steer v /bɯ ᵊ˧ ta˨ri˦dʒɯ˦/ ꤙꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤟꤢꤪꤊꤢꤨ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤꤡꤛꤣ stomach ache phr
step v /kʰɛ˧/ ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ /sʰɛ˧pʰɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭
v crush with the foot /zi ˦bɛ˨/ stomach growling phr
ꤐꤟꤤꤙꤢꤧ꤬ /hɔ˦ku˧ lwo˧/ ꤟꤢꤪꤊꤢꤨ꤭
n stair /kʰja˨bo˧ʂu˧/ ꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤭
ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ stone n /lɔ˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪ
n level /to˦/ ꤒꤟꤥ
v throw stones to kill
step around phr
stop v /o˨kɯ ᵊ/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ der.
steps n /kʰa˨bo˧/ ꤋꤢ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ der.
store v to save /be˨dwo˦/
ꤋꤢ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ꤜꤥ꤬ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ der. ꤘꤝꤥ; ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ;
stew v /i˨pʰo˧u˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ꤢꤨ꤭ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤘꤝꤥ
stick n /i˨kwo˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤝꤥ꤬ n place for selling
n /i˨pli˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ /tɛ˨i˨sʰɛ˧kʰa˧le˦/
sticky rice n /di˧ku˨/ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
still v to continue to be /pa˧/ v to cut and store the harvest
ꤕꤢ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤕꤢ꤭ /kɛ˦plɔ˦be˨dwo˦/
sting v to be stung by /a˨rja˧/ ꤊꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ der.
ꤢꤟꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤊꤢꤧꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ
ꤢꤟꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ storm n /ke˦la˨lja˧/
v stings /ta˨dʒɔ˦sʰɛ˧/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤪꤏꤢꤧ꤭ story n /tɛ˨dja˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ
stir v to stir up, inflame straddle v to straddle (i.e. a
/tʰu˨rhja˧tʰja˨/ horse) /ʃi˨dja˦ ba˧da˨/
ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤏꤤ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ ꤙꤢ꤭ꤘꤢ꤬
ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭ straight adj /ʤɔ˦ra˨nɛ˦/
ꤡꤢꤪꤚꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤧ der. ꤡꤢꤪꤡꤢꤦ
straighten 163 struggle

straighten v make the road stretch v /dʒɯ˨/ ꤡꤢꤦ꤬

straight /me˨ʤɔ˦me˨pe˧/ stretchy adj stretchy like an
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤩ꤭ elastic band /zwo˧/ ꤐꤝꤥ꤭
strait n /klɯ˦plɛ˨/ ꤊꤜꤢꤦꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ stride v to walk with a long
strange adj different stride /zja˧dʒɛ˧/ ꤐꤛꤢ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤧ꤭
/kʰo˦kʰje˨/ ꤋꤥꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤬ strike v with the fist, or slap
strangle v to choke or
/plja˦/ ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ
strangle /ʤi˨/ ꤡꤤ꤬ der.
ꤡꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ string n see rope /sʰu˨plje˨/
strap n /sʰu˨plje˨pʰa˦/ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬
ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤖꤢ string bean n /kɔ˦bi˧ʂɛ˨/
stream n /tʰje˧klo˧/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ ꤊꤢꤪꤙꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
strip v to remove clothing, take
street n road /klja˦/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ
off /plwo˦kja˧/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭
street corner phr
striped adj /a˨krɛ˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤧ der.
ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤓꤢꤦ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤒꤟꤥ꤬ ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤬
der. ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤒꤟꤥ꤬ strive v to labor hard /krɯ ˧la˧/
strength n /tɛ˨hɛ˧tɛ˨re˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ der. ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤟꤢꤧ꤭; strong adj to have strength
ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤢꤩ꤬; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ /hɛ˧ʃjo˨re˨sʰɔ˧/
strengthen v to encourage, give ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭;
strength /dje˦hɛ˧dje˦re˨/ ꤏꤛꤥ꤬; ꤏꤢꤪ꤭; ꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭; ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭
ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤚꤢꤩ꤬ adj to have a strong heart,
v to make stronger eagerness /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ʃjo˨
/me˨ʃjo˨me˨sʰɔ˧tʰja˨/ ʂɛ˦plɔ˨sʰɔ˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭
der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭
v to do strongly (i.e. struggle
v revive, strengthen
to do, etc.)
/hɛ˧re˨tʰja˨/ ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
v to grow in strength ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭
/ʃjo˨tʰja˨sʰɔ˧tʰja˨/ struggle v to fight with,
ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ der. contend with /sʰa˦ʃɯ˨/
ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬; ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬; ꤏꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤬
ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬; ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
strum 164 suffer death

strum v to strum a guitar, beat submission n humility

a drum, play a piano /dɔ˨/ /tɛ˨ʃja˨lja˨ ʂɛ˦plɔ˨/
ꤘꤢꤪ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
v guitar /ta˨plje˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ submissive adj lit. having a
stubborn adj lit. thick eared heart willing to obey
/kʰa˧lɛ˨dɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭ another's speaking
adj lit. hard headed /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨o˨ ni ˦da˧ u˧
/kʰu˨klɔ˦prje˧/ tɛ˨he˦bɛ˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢ꤭ ꤢꤨ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪꤕꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤛ submit v to humble oneself, lit.
ꤥ꤭ to push down the heart
stuck adj unable to move
/ʃja˨lja˨ ʂɛ˦plɔ˨/
/o˨thja˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤛꤢ ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
adv when a ship runs
subtract v see minus /jo˦kja˧
aground /ɲe˦ta˨klə˦/
ꤑꤢꤩꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤣ pa˨ti˦/ ꤛꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ der.
stuck together phr /i˦ʤɯ˧/ ꤚꤝꤤ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤤꤡꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤤ꤬ꤡꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤢ꤬ v to take away
student n /ʂwo˦li˨ho˧pʰu˦/ /pʰje˦tʰe˨kja˧/
ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
study v /me˨ʂwo˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤥ succeed v able to succeed
v seek to know /lɯ ˨lɛ˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ
/mja˦pu˧ʂɛ˦ŋe˧/ v /bɛ˦/
ꤙꤢꤧ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ
suck v /ʤwi˦/ ꤡꤝꤤ der. ꤡꤝꤤꤥ꤭
stumble v /ʃi˦ta˨klə˧/
ꤏꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤌꤣ꤭ der. v to suck on in the mouth
ꤏꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤌꤣ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ /pɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤕꤟꤌꤣ꤬
v ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ v to suckle /o˧nu˦/ ꤥ꤭ꤔꤢꤨ
stupid adj /ta˨krɔ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭
suffer v /kʰja˦bɛ˨/ ꤋꤛꤢꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der.
der. ꤕꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭
sturdy adj strong /sʰɔ˧/ ꤏꤢꤪ꤭
v to suffer persecution
adj durable /kʰwo˦/ ꤋꤝꤥ
der. ꤋꤢ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ /kʰja˦dʒje˧kʰja˦dʒɯ ˨/
stutter v stammer /he˦bɛ˨
ka˨da˦ka˨do˧/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ suffer death phr /kʰja˦ʂje˧/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤥ꤭ ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭
sufficient 165 surrounding

sufficient adj enough /lə˦ba˧/ sunshine n /ke˦kṳ˦a˧bja˧/

ꤜꤣꤙꤢ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤨꤢ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ꤭
sugar n /i˨ʂɛ˨ʃɯ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ suppose v also means "if"
sugar palm n /tʰa˨ŋɛ˦mɔ˦/ /he˦kɯ ᵊre˦/ ꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤌꤣꤚꤢꤩ
ꤓꤢ꤬ꤍꤢꤧꤗꤟꤢꤪ suppress v /ʃja˨klɔ˨ dɔ˦bi˦/
sugar beet n /ta˨plɛ˨ʃɯ˧/ ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤘꤢꤪꤙꤤ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ sure adj careful /ta˧te˨/
sugarcane n /di˧klja˧bo˧/
ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤥ꤭ der. surface n land surface
ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪ /kʰo˧kʰu˨/ ꤋꤥ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
suicide n to kill oneself n the surface of the water
/tɛ˨me˨sje˧ ni ˦dɯ˨ ne˦/ /tʰje˧kʰu˨/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤔꤟꤤꤘꤢꤦ꤬ ꤔꤟꤢꤩ surprise n /tɛ˨kʰje˦ʂu˨kʰje˦ʂɛ˦/
suitable adj /ta˧to˧ta˧bɛ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧ
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ v to cause surprise to
suitcase n /pje˧du˨/ ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ someone
sulfur n /ja˨ʂu˦bja˧/
ꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤨꤙꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤗꤤ꤬ꤢꤦ꤭
surprised adj /kʰje˦ʂu˨kʰje˦ʂɛ˦/
summer n /ke˦kṳ˦kʰɛ˧/ ꤋꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧ
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤨꤋꤢꤧ꤭ adj /ta˨pa˨kʰje˦ʂu˨/
summit n the top of a mountain ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤨ꤬
/sʰo˨kʰje˧/ ꤏꤥ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ surrender v to put down
sun n /ta˨mɔ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ der. something /be˨ta˧kja˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤪ; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der.
Sunday n /mɔ˦ɲe˧dɯ ᵊ˨/
surround v /bɔ˨ta˨va˨/
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤬ ꤙꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬
sunflower seed n /ta˨mɔ˦plɔ˨/
surrounding n nearby
sunrise n /ta˨mɔ˦tʰja˨/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤪ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤓꤛꤢ꤬ adj around /ta˨vi˧ta˨va˨/
sunset n /ta˨mɔ˦ta˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ der.
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der. ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬; ꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬;
swallow 166 take

swallow v /zṳ˦klu˧/ ꤐꤟꤢꤨꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤭ ꤘꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤟꤢ der. ꤘꤢꤨ꤭

v /pi˦klu˧/ ꤕꤤꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤭ der. sweet adj /sʰɯ˧/ ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭
ꤕꤤꤊꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ sweet potato n /krɯᵊ˨/ ꤊꤚꤌꤣ꤬
v bird /thu˨plɛ˦/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤧ swell v /za˦hja˧/ ꤐꤟꤢꤟꤛꤢ꤭
swamp n /no˦/ ꤔꤥ swim v /i˨zo˧tʰje˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤐꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
swarm v to swarm after or der. ꤐꤥ꤭; ꤐꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭;
follow in a large group ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
/krwo˧krə˧/ ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤊꤚꤌꤣ꤭ swimming pool n
sway v to sway in the wind /i˨zo˧tʰje˧ɔ˨du˨/
/wo˦/ ꤝꤥ ꤤ꤬ꤐꤟꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
swing v /tʰu˨wo˦/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤝꤥ
swear v /bja˧a˨ŋo˦/ ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤥ
swollen adj swollen bump
swear an oath phr
/jwo˦/ ꤛꤝꤥ
ꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ sword n /di˨tʰo˦nɛ˦kɯ ᵊ/
sweat n /kṳ˦ʂa˧/ ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤞꤢ꤭
n /nɛ˦/ ꤔꤢꤧ
v /kṳ˦ʂa˧tʰe˨/ ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤞꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
synagogue n /tɛ˨ʤɔ˦bɛ˧ho˧/
sweater n /dʒa˨ʂo˧sʰɯ˨/
syringe n needle /tʰɛ˦/ ꤓꤢꤧ
sweep v /du˧pli˧du˧la˦/

t-shirt n /dʒa˨zjo˦/ ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤛꤝꤥ /di˨plɔ˨kʰɛ˨/ ꤘꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤬
table n /kʰu˨klja˦tʰja˨lə˧/ tail n an animal's tail /kʰa˧mi ˦/
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤤ
tablet n writing tablet, see tailbone n /kʰa˧ɲa˧/ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤑꤟꤢ꤭
chalkboard /lɔ˦ba˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤪꤙꤢ꤬ take v /pʰje˦/ ꤖꤛꤢꤩ der.
n medicine /tɛ˨kʰu˨plɔ˨/ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤔꤟꤤ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ v take a picture /mɯ ˧
tadpole n pollywog za˦zo˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬
take note of 167 tax office

take note of phr see and talk incoherently phr

remember /mja˦to˧ma˨/ unclear what the person
ꤗꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤭ꤗꤢ꤬ is saying /he˦bɛ˨tʰja˨lja˨/
take by force phr ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
tall adj long /a˨tʰu˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ der.
/pʰje˦pʰe˨/ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤖꤢꤩ꤬
take captive phr
tallest adj /du˨tʰu˧lə˦/
imprison /pɯ ˦dɔ˦o˨/
ꤕꤟꤢꤦꤘꤢꤪꤥ꤬ ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤣ
take revenge phr repay, tamarind n /ma˨kla˦ʂɛ˨/
retaliate /me˨lje˧sʰɯ˨ ꤗꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤞꤢꤧ꤬
tame adj /nja˨/ ꤔꤟꤛꤢ꤬
ka˨kʰje˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ tapioca n /krɯ ˨ʂɔ˨/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ꤬
take for a moment phr tassle n on the edge of a
borrow /pʰje˦kɯ ᵊ˦/ shirt /ʤa˨kja˧kʰa˧mi ˦/
ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤊꤟꤌꤣ ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤋꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤤ
take out phr remove n tassles on a bag /pje˧prja˨/
/pʰje˦tʰe˨/ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤓꤢꤩ꤬ ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬
taste v to try tasting /o˧mja˦/
take in phr /pʰje˦nɯ ᵊ/
v suck on-see/try /pɯ ᵊ˨mja˦/
take away from phr grab
back /pʰje˦pʰe˨kʰje˦/
v /i˨lje˨mja˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ
ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤖꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ der.
ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢꤩ꤬ n /ʂo˧ro˧/ ꤞꤥ꤭ꤚꤥ꤭ der. ꤠꤟꤤ꤬
take care of phr tasty adj /vi˨/ ꤠꤤ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤬
/mja˦kʰwɛ˨/ ꤗꤛꤢꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬ tax n /a˨mo˨a˨ra˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤚꤢ
talk v speak /he˦bɛ˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ tax collector n person who
der. ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤛꤣ꤭ asks for the tax
talk together phr /he˦bɛ˨ /prɛ˨kwi˧a˨mo˨a˨ra˦/
kʰje˧lu˧/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤚꤢ
tax office n lit. a place where
talk in circles phr they request the tax
/he˦bɛ˨ta˨va˨/ /le˦kwi˧a˨mo˨a˨ra˦/
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤚꤢ
taxi 168 temperate

taxi n /lo˦kʰja˨ʂɯᵊ˧kʰo˦/ team n sports group /tɛ˨la˨vɔ˧

ꤜꤟꤥꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤋꤥ a˨mu˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤨ꤬
tea n /ni˧lɛ˨/ ꤔꤤ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤪ
n /tʰje˧ku˦sʰɛ˧/ tear v rip /tʰɔ˦zɛ˧/ ꤓꤢꤪꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤏꤢꤧ꤭ ꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤭; ꤜꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ꤭; ꤜꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤭
tea leaves n /ni˧lɛ˨kra˧/ n a rip /tʰɔ˦ta˨jwi˦/
ꤔꤤ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤚꤢ꤭ ꤓꤢꤪꤒꤢ꤬ꤛꤝꤤ
teach v /i˨ʂjo˦i˨ʂja˧/ n the tears of a person when
ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥ; they are crying
ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤒꤟꤢ꤭; /mɛ˨ʂɛ˨tʰje˧/ ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤟꤢꤩꤞꤛꤥꤟꤢꤩꤞꤛꤢ꤭ tease v to joke /sʰu˨bɛ˦/ ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ
teach clearly phr
v /pa˨ta˦pʰɯ ᵊ˧tʰja˧/
/i˨ʂjo˦la˦i˨ʂjo˦li˧/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤢꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤭
ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤟꤢꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤ꤭ teeth n /kʰu˨kʰje˧/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
teach correctly phr
canine teeth n fang,
/i˨ʂjo˦to˧i˨ʂjo˦bɛ˨/ eyetooth /kʰu˨kʰje˧tʰwi˨/
ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤒꤥ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤝꤤ꤬
teach falsely phr teach
baby teeth n /pa˨dʒɛ˦
wrongly /i˨ʂjo˦ʂɯ˦/
kʰu˨kʰje˧/ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧ
teach to know phr
telephone n borrowed word
/i˨ʂjo˦ʂɛ˦ɲe˧/ from English /tʰɛ˨li˨pʰo˧/
ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤓꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤤ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭
teacher n most common tell v to talk or tell about,
usage /ʂa˦ra˦/ ꤞꤢꤚꤢ der. explain /dja˦/ ꤘꤛꤢ der.
ꤞꤢꤚꤢꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤞꤢꤗꤢ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤭; ꤘꤛꤢꤏꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤞꤢꤚꤢꤗꤟꤌꤣ v to explain /he˦sʰo˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬
n /prɛ˨i˨ʂjo˦i˨ʂja˧/
der. ꤟꤢꤩ; ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤬ꤘꤣ꤬ꤑꤢ꤭
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤭ temperate v to be sober,
teaching n lesson, instruction serious in character
/tɛ˨i˨ʂjo˦i˨ʂja˧/ /ʤje˦ʂa˧rja˧sʰa˧prɛ˦ a˨ne˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤭ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥ ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ
temple 169 theater

temple n lit. offering palace n testing or trying out to see

/tɛ˨lu˧tja˧ho˧/ /tɛ˨me˨mja˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤛꤢ꤭ꤟꤥ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ
tempt v /i˨lo˨i˨lja˦/ n an exam /li˨tʰɯ˦dʒe˧/
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ der. ꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬; ꤜꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤦꤡꤢꤩ꤭
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ testicle n lit. egg /dje˨/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬
v to seek to persuade testify v /kʰja˦lɯ ᵊ˧/
/i˨lo˨tʰɔ˦dʒwi˨/ ꤋꤛꤢꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤪꤡꤝꤤ꤬ v /he˦tʰe˨lɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤟꤢꤩꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭
tempt to go phr /i˨lo˨ʤɯᵊ˦/
testimony n /tɛ˨kʰja˦ʂɛ˦/
ꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧ
temptation n /tɛ˨i˨lo˨i˨lja˦/ tetanus n /kʰɛ˨sʰɔ˧/ ꤋꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤪ꤭
Thailand n /pre˦zwi˨ke˨/
tempter n /prɛ˨i˨lo˨i˨lja˦/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤜꤥ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩꤐꤝꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤩ
thank v /he˦bwi˦he˦ta˨rje˧/
ten num /ʃje˦/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤝꤤꤟꤢꤩꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ten thousand num /tə˨ʂɔ˦/ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤝꤤ
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ der. -ꤞꤢꤪ thank you phr /tɛ˨bwi˦/
tenant n /prɛ˨kʰja˧e˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤝꤤ
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ der. thanks n /tɛ˨bwi˦tɛ˨ta˨rje˧/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤝꤤꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
tendon n sinew, muscle to bone ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤝꤤ
/tʰwo˨/ ꤓꤝꤥ꤬ thanksgiving n
termite n a bug found in /tɛ˨he˦bwi˦he˦ta˨rje˧/
bamboo /ka˨rɔ˦mɯ ᵊpʰɛ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤝꤤꤟꤢꤩꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤪꤗꤟꤌꤣꤖꤢꤧ꤭ der. that pron /nɯᵊ˨/ ꤔꤛꤣ꤬
ꤊꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭; ꤕꤟꤢꤨꤝꤥ꤭
conj i.e. he said 'that' /na˦/
termite dust n /ka˨rɔ˦i˨/
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤪꤤ꤬ ꤔꤢ
that is phr /nɯᵊ˨ma˨/ ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬
test v to test someone
theater n /tɛ˨la˨vi˨la˨vɔ˧
ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ der. a˨kʰa˧le˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭
ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ; ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ der.
ꤟꤢꤩꤗꤛꤢꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
theft 170 third level

theft n stealing, burglary thick adj /dɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭

/tɛ˨e˨ɯ ᵊ˨e˨hi˦/ thief n /prɛ˨e˨hɯ ᵊ˨e˨hi˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤤ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤤ der.
them pron 3rd person plural, ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬
see 'they' /ɛ˨ʂi˧/ ꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤ꤭ thigh n /kʰja˨kje˨/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤬
then conj /tʰɯᵊ˧rɔ˦/ ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤚꤢꤪ thin adj used to describe people
conj and, then, so /rɔ˦/ ꤚꤢꤪ and animals /krja˧/ ꤊꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤭
der. ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤢꤪ adj used to describe things
i.e. a thin book /bɯ˧˧1/
conj then, and then /tɯ˦rɔ˦/
ꤒꤢꤦꤚꤢꤪ ꤙꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤙꤢꤦ꤭ꤚꤢ꤬ꤟꤤ; ꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤭
thing n thing, also a
conj if it's like that, then
nominalizer of verbs /tɛ˨/
/he˦ma˨/ ꤟꤢꤩꤗꤢ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
there adv lit. at that /də˦ nɯᵊ˨/ n general word for things or
ꤘꤣ ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ der. ꤙꤤꤔꤛꤣ꤬ materials /ta˧mɯ ᵊ˦ti˧tɛ˨/
therefore conj for that reason, ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤒꤤ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ der.
because of that ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬
/a˨kʰu˨a˨kʰje˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ n something /ta˨mi˧ta˨dʒə˨/
der. ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬
ꤖꤢꤨꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤢꤪ think v /ta˨ne˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der.
conj lit. it's like that, so ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
/pʰu˦nɯᵊ˨rɔ˦/ think ahead phr think
ꤖꤢꤨꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ beforehand /ta˨ne˨o˨ne˨/
these pron /je˧ta˨he˨nɯᵊ˨/
think incorrectly phr think
ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ der. wrongly, mistaken
ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬; ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬;
ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ /ta˨ne˨ʂɯ˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ
these things phr think through phr
/tɛ˨je˧ta˨he˨/ /ta˨ne˦tʰe˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤓꤢꤩ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der. third num /ʂɯᵊ˧lu˦lə˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤔꤛꤣ꤬; ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤜꤢꤨꤜꤣ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ third level phr
they pron 3rd person plural /ʂɯᵊ˧to˦tə˨to˦/
/ɛ˨ʂi˧/ ꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤒꤟꤥꤒꤣ꤬ꤒꤟꤥ
third person 171 throw

third person phr thousand num /ʂɔ˦/ ꤞꤢꤪ der.

/ʂɯᵊ˧prɛ˨tə˨prɛ˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ
ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ thousands num /a˨ʂi˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤞꤤ꤭
third thing phr n /a˨ri˦a˨ʂɔ˦ku˧/
/ʂɯᵊ˧ʤə˨tə˨ʤə˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤚꤤꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤪꤊꤢꤨ꤭
ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤡꤣ꤬ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬ thread n yarn /lɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬
third time phr three num /ʂɛ˦ʂɯᵊ˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤞꤛꤣ꤭
der. ꤞꤛꤣ꤭
/ʂɯᵊ˧pʰɯ ᵊtə˨pʰɯ ᵊ/
ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ three days from now phr
/sʰo˧kʰje˧/ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭
thirsty adj /ʂɛ˦o˧tʰje˧/
ꤞꤢꤧꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤥ꤭ three hours phr /ʂɯᵊ˧mɯ˧/
thirteen num /ʃje˦ʂɯᵊ˧/
ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤞꤛꤣ꤭ three people phr /ʂɯᵊ˧prɛ˨/
thirty num /ʂɯᵊ˧ʃje˧/
three things phr /ʂɯᵊ˧ʤə˨/
ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤡꤣ꤬
this pron /je˧/ ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ three times phr /ʂɯᵊ˧pʰɯ ᵊ/
n this thing /tɛ˨je˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ
der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ three years phr /ʂɯᵊ˧na˨/
this thing phr /tɛ˨je˧tə˨ʤə˨/ ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤔꤢ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬ throat n /kja˧kro˨/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤥ꤬
thongs n flip flops, sandals throne n /kʰu˨klja˦tʰja˨lə˧/
/kʰu˨pʰa˦tʰja˨ɛ˧/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭ der.
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤖꤢ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤓꤢꤧ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭;
thorns n /ʂɔ˨ʃja˦ʂɔ˨pru˧/
through prep /di˧tɯ˦/ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤒꤢꤦ
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤕꤚꤢꤨ꤭ der. adv to pass through an area,
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ; ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ ꤊꤟꤤ꤭ꤏꤛꤢ understand someone's
thorn bush n /ʂɔ˨ʃja˦mɔ˦/ thoughts /lu˨plu˦/
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤗꤟꤢꤪ ꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤨ der. ꤡꤛꤣ
those dem /nɯᵊ˨ta˨he˨/ ꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤨ; ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤨ
ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ throw v /vi˧/ ꤠꤤ꤭ der. ꤏꤢ
thought n /tɛ˨ta˨ne˨/ v to throw with force /ta˦/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤒꤟꤢ
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬; v throw water, splash /ha˦/
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤟꤢ
throw down 172 tingly

throw down phr to scatter ticklish adj /ka˨zɔ˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤪ

(i.e. seeds) /vi˧ta˧pa˨ʃi˧/ tie v tie into a bundle /kje˧/
ꤠꤤ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤢ꤬ꤏꤤ꤭ der. ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
ꤏꤢꤒꤟꤢ꤭; ꤟꤢꤒꤟꤢ꤭
phr to spread (i.e. chicken v to tie around the waist
feed) /lwi˦ta˧/ ꤜꤝꤤꤒꤟꤢ꤭ /ɲa˦tʰja˨/ ꤑꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬
throw away phr discard v bind or tie up
/vi˧kja˧/ ꤠꤤ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ /ʤɔ˧klɔ˨ma˨/
throw up v vomit /prja˦/ ꤡꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬ der. ꤡꤢꤪ꤭;
ꤕꤚꤛꤢ der. ꤡꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬
ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤜꤢꤪ꤬ tiger n /pʰɯ ᵊ˧kʰi˧/
thrust through phr see tight adv /klɔ˨ma˨/ ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤢ꤬
pierce /sʰɯ˧/ ꤏꤢꤦ꤭
time n situation at that time
thumb n /ka˨nɔ˧mɯ ᵊdu˨/
ꤏꤛꤣꤋꤢꤧ꤭ der.
ꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤣꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭; ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭
thumbnail n /ka˨nɔ˧du˨lɛ˨/
n classifier for one-time,
two-times, etc. /-pʰɯ ᵊ˦/
thunder n /ʃje˨lja˨/
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ n season of time (i.e. rainy
n sound of thunder season/time) /ke˦-/
/mɔ˦krɔ˧mɔ˦ŋɯ ᵊ˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩ-
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤍꤟꤌꤣ n at that (time) /a˨kʰɛ˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭
der. ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭; ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭
n /hɯ˨/ ꤟꤢꤦ꤬ der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤟꤢꤦ꤬
thunderstorm n
/mɔ˦krɔ˧ʃje˨lja˨/ it's time phr /ʃɯᵊkʰɛ˧bɛ˨/
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ꤏꤛꤣꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
Thursday n /mɔ˦lwi ˧ɲe˧/ right time phr /ʃɯᵊkʰɛ˧to˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤏꤛꤣꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤥ꤭ der.
tibia n /kʰja˨kʰi˨krwi˦/
ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤋꤤ꤬ꤊꤚꤝꤤ time after time phr /hɯ˨ple˨/
tick n /kʰje˨/ ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤩ꤬
ticket n /li˨ba˨/ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ timid adj /ta˨rɯ ᵊ˨/
tickle v /kɔ˨li˦/ ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ꤜꤤ tingly adj numb /ta˨vi˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤤ
hurts and tingles 173 tomb

hurts and tingles phr toe (big) n

hitting the funny bone
/kʰja˨nɔ˧mɯ ᵊ˦du˨/
will cause a pain and
tingling /sʰɛ˧ta˨vi˦/
toe (fourth) n
tiny n very small amount /kʰja˨nɔ˧du˨za˦/
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤖꤢꤨ der.
toenail n /kʰja˨nɔ˧mɯ ᵊ˦ba˦/
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤖꤢꤨꤕꤚꤢꤧ; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤖꤢꤨ
tired adj tired and faint
together adv /tə˦/ ꤒꤟꤣ der.
ꤒꤟꤣꤜꤢꤨ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤣ;
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ der. ꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤣꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤣꤜꤢꤨ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢ; ꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭
adv /pro˦kɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤕꤚꤟꤥꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭
title v to give a name or title
to /po˦tʰja˨/ ꤕꤟꤥꤓꤛꤢ꤬ adv /ro˦lu˧/ ꤚꤟꤥꤜꤢꤨ꤭ der.
to prep also 'at' /də˦/ ꤘꤣ ꤚꤟꤥ
together as a crowd phr
toast n bread that is toasted
/kɔ˦mu˧i˨bɯ˧/ ꤊꤢꤪꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤤ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤭
v to clink glasses together in
together in a group phr
a toast /kla˦/ ꤊꤜꤟꤢ
tobacco n /ta˨rje˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤣꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ der.
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤥ꤬ꤒꤟꤣ;
tobacco pipe n /la˨kɔ˧/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤒꤟꤣꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ;
today n /je˧tə˨ɲe˧/ ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤒꤟꤣ; ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭;
toe n /kʰja˨sɔ˧/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭
toilet n /i˨po˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ der.
toe (middle) n ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤢꤪꤕꤟꤥ꤬
/kʰja˨nɔ˧kla˧me˧/ toilsome adj tiring
ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤜꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ /ʂɛ˦pra˦ʂɛ˦tɯ ᵊ˧/
toe (second) n /kʰja˨nɔ˧zu˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢꤞꤢꤧꤒꤟꤌꤣ꤭
ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤨ꤭ tomato n /kja˦ʃje˨ʂɛ˨/
toe (little) n ꤊꤟꤛꤢꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬
/kʰja˨nɔ˧pʰu˦sʰɛ˦/ tomb n /lɯ ᵊ˧kʰu˨/ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢꤨꤏꤢꤧ der. ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
tomorrow 174 training

tomorrow n /ʃje˦pa˨ro˧/ tortoise n mountain turtle

ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤕꤢ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ der. ꤕꤢ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ /ta˨kli˦sʰo˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤤꤏꤥ꤬
tongue n /pli ˨/ ꤕꤜꤟꤤ꤬ torture v to persecute
tonight n /je˧tə˨ʂɛ˦/ ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ /me˨ʤje˧me˨ʤɯ ˨/
n /je˧tə˨ʂɛ˧/ ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤦ꤬
tonsillitis n /kja˧tʰi˨zja˦/ touch v /tə˨/ ꤒꤣ꤬ der. ꤒꤣ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤓꤤ꤬ꤛꤛꤢ place hands on phr /tə˨rɛ˧/
too much phr /ta˨lwo˦ta˨lje˨/ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. tough adj tough meat /zwo˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤝꤥ ꤐꤝꤥ꤭
tooth n /kʰu˨kʰje˧/ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ towel n /ka˨tʰo˧/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭
toothbrush n town n city /vi ˧/ ꤠꤟꤤ꤭
/le˦tʰɯ˦kʰu˨kʰje˧bo˧/ township n /vi ˧mɯ ᵊ˧/
ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤓꤢꤦꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤙꤥ꤭ ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣ꤭
toothpaste n toy n something to play with
/kʰu˨kʰje˧le˦tʰɯ˦bo˧/ /tɛ˨la˨vɔ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤠꤢꤪ꤭
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤓꤢꤦꤙꤥ꤭ trachea n windpipe
top n /a˨kʰu˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der. -ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ /ke˦la˨ʂɛ˦klo˧/
top to bottom phr ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤜꤥ꤭
/ka˨tʰja˨ka˨lja˦/ track v to track an animal
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢ /lɯ ˨rwo˦/ ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤚꤝꤥ
torch n lit. burning candle trade v to do business /kɯ ˦/
/mi˨kja˧ ta˨rɛ˦bo˧/ ꤊꤟꤢꤦ
ꤗꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤧꤙꤥ꤭ tradition n custom of doing
torn adj /la˨zjɛ˧/ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤐꤛꤢꤧ꤭ /le˦klo˧me˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤊꤜꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬
tornado n /ta˨lje˨tʰɔ˦vi ˧/ train n railroad train
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤓꤢꤪꤠꤟꤤ꤭ /lo˦mi˨ɯ˧/ ꤜꤟꤥꤗꤤ꤬ꤢꤦ꤭
torrent n rushing water v to teach /ʂwo˦ʂja˨/
/tʰje˧lja˦tʰje˧kʰo˦/ ꤞꤛꤥꤞꤛꤢ꤬
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤥ training n teaching
n torrent /tʰje˧lhja˦tʰje˧kʰo˧/ /tɛ˨ʂwo˦to˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤒꤥ꤭
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤋꤥ꤭ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤥ
trample 175 true

trample v to step on and tread v to tread out grain /i˨zi ˦

destroy /i˨zi ˦ta˨prɔ˦/ ta˧ʂɯᵊ˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤐꤟꤤ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤞꤛꤣ꤭
ꤤ꤬ꤐꤟꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤪ der. treasure n an expensive
ꤐꤟꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤢꤪ; ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤐꤟꤤꤡꤛꤣ
thing /tɛ˨ŋṳ˨du˨pri ˨du˨/
translate v translate, publish
/ra˧po˨tʰe˨/ ꤚꤢ꤭ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ der.
treat v to treat, heal /za˨/ ꤐꤢ꤬
ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤍꤟꤥ; ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤤ꤬
translator n tree n /ʂɔ˨mɔ˦/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤞꤢꤪ꤬
/prɛ˨po˨tʰe˨ʃɯ˨ka˨kʰje˧/ tremble v /ta˨nja˧ta˨dɛ˨/
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ der.
transparent adj to be able to ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤣ꤬
see through /mja˦tʰje˨ tribe n /mje˧dʒə˨plɔ˦/
lu˨plu˦/ ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤨ ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤡꤣ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ der. -ꤗꤟꤌꤣ
adj clear /sʰɛ˦ka˨li˧/ trip v to trip on something
ꤏꤢꤧꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤤ꤭ /ta˨pʰɔ˧bɛ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ der.
trap n ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤢꤪ꤭ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤦ
n type of fish trap made trouble v to cause trouble
with bamboo /sa˨/ ꤎꤢ꤬ /me˨sʰu˦sʰa˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢ
n for catching small animals der. ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢꤗꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
similar to a rat /da˦pa˧/
n /sʰu˦sʰa˦di˦dja˧/
ꤘꤢꤕꤟꤢ꤭ ꤏꤢꤨꤏꤢꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭
n for catching small animals
n difficulty /tɛ˨pja˦tɛ˨sʰɛ˧/
/da˦do˧/ ꤘꤢꤘꤥ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭
n trap which lifts the animal troubled adj having a worried
off the ground by the feet
heart /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨kṳ˦
or neck /ta˨dʒja˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ʂɛ˦plɔ˨kja˧/ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨ
n net for catching fish ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der.
/ta˨vi ˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭
trash n /ʂɔ˨ʂwi˦ʂɔ˨dɔ˧/ trough n /klo˦/ ꤊꤜꤥ
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤝꤤꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤝꤤ
true adj /ma˦la˨ko˧/
travel n /tɛ˨ʤɯᵊtɛ˨ka˨/
ꤗꤟꤢꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ der. ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤛꤣꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ n that which is really true
v /dʒɯᵊ˦klja˦/ ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤜꤛꤢ /tɛ˨a˨ma˦la˨ko˧/
truly 176 turn on

ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ tuberculosis n TB /tʰi˨bi˨/

n yes, that is true or sure ꤓꤤ꤬ꤙꤤ꤬
/a˨ma˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢ Tuesday n /mɔ˦ɲe˧ɲe˧/
adv for sure, real /sʰa˧prɛ˦ ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭
nja˨dʒɛ˧/ ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ tune n /tɛ˨dɔ˨pra˨ a˨ta˨la˧/
ꤔꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤔꤛꤢ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤪ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢ꤭
turkey n lit. chicken-
truly adv /sʰa˧prɛ˦sʰa˧mja˧/
ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤏꤢ꤭ꤗꤛꤢ꤭ der. elephant /ʃje˧ta˨ʃja˧/
ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ; ꤏꤢ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧꤔꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤭ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤭
adv emphasizing the turmeric n yellow colored
greatest or the reality seasoning /mi ˨bja˧kʰu˨/
of /la˨ka˦la˨ko˧/ ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤋꤢꤨ꤬
ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ turn v /ta˨ri˦ kɔ˦klɔ˧kja˧/
trumpet n /kwo˨/ ꤊꤝꤟꤥ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤ ꤊꤢꤪꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ der.
ꤊꤝꤟꤥ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬; ꤊꤥ꤬ ꤊꤢꤪ; ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬
trunk n the trunk of a tree v i.e. to turn/screw the top
/ʂɔ˨tɯ ˧/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ off the bottle /i˨va˨/
trust v to believe /zɯ ˦e˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬
ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ turn upside down phr
n belief /tɛ˨zɯ ˦e˨ɲa˦e˨/ /tʰu˨la˨klɔ˧kja˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤑꤟꤢꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬; turn around phr turn
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤑꤟꤢ;ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤐ around or back /ta˨klje˦/
ꤟꤢꤦ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤩ
truth n /tɛ˨ma˦tɛ˨ʤɔ˦/ v to turn your back-side
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ der. towards (i.e. horse)
/kʰɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤋꤟꤌꤣ꤭
try v to seek to do something
turn down phr to lessen the
ꤢꤛꤢꤡꤢꤦꤢꤛꤢꤚꤢꤩ꤬ der. noise /me˨pra˨pa˨ti˦/
ꤢꤛꤢꤡꤢꤦ; ꤛꤢꤡꤢꤦꤛꤢꤚꤢꤩ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ
v to experiment with or try turn off phr /me˧bi˦kja˧/
something new ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤤꤊꤛꤢ꤭
/me˨mja˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ turn on phr /me˨mo˧/
v /ta˨ru˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤨ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭
turtle 177 unbelief

turtle n /ta˨kli˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤤ der. two hundred num /nje˧zɛ˨/

ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤤꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤟꤢꤧ꤬
tusk n elephant tusk two or three days phr
/ta˨ʃja˧plja˧/ /nje˧ʂɯᵊ˧ɲe˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭
twelve num /ʃje˦ʂɛ˦nje˧/ two or three times phr
ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤞꤢꤧꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /nje˧ʂɯᵊ˧pʰɯ ᵊ/
twenty num /nje˧ʃje˧/ ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ
ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ type v in reference to using a
twenty thousand num computer /mɯ ˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ der.
/nje˧ʂɔ˦/ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤞꤢꤪ ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤜꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬
typhoid n lit. sickness-swollen
twins n /di˦kre˧/ ꤘꤤꤊꤚꤟꤢꤩ꤭ der.
intestine /tɛ˨ʃwi˦pra˧zja/
twist v twist together /i˨kʰu˨
typhoon n lit. great/big wind
ta˨va˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬ der.
two num /ʂɛ˦nje˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
typist n /prɛ˨mɯ ˧li˨/

ugliness n /tɛ˨mu˧mja˦/ adj not successful /bɛ˦to˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ ꤙꤢꤧꤒꤥ꤬
ugly adj /mu˧mja˦/ ꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ unashamed adj not
umbilical cord n /di˧bo˧plje˨/ embarrassed /ʂɛ˦ta˨rɛ˧to˨/
ꤘꤤ꤭ꤙꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
umbrella n /kʰu˨kɯ ᵊ˦/ unavailable v not available/free
ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ /lɛ˦/ ꤜꤢꤧꤒꤥ꤬
unable v physically incapable unbelief n to not believe
of /ʤja˦to˨/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬ der. /zɯ ˦e˨to˨/ ꤐꤟꤢꤦꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
unbroken 178 unhappy

unbroken adj /pje˦to˨/ not understand clearly phr

ꤕꤛꤢꤩꤒꤥ꤬ /ʂɛ˦ɲe˧plo˧to˨/
uncircumcised v ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
/dɯ˦ta˨li˦pʰa˦to˨/ understanding n clarity
ꤘꤢꤦꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤤꤖꤢꤒꤥ꤬ /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦ɲe˧plo˧pʰɛ˦/
uncle n /pʰɛ˧du˨/ ꤖꤢꤧ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ
unclean adj not clean underwater adj /tʰje˧lɛ˧/
/mwo˧pli˧to˨/ ꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭
der. ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ underwear n /hje˨pʰu˦/
uncomfortable adj ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ der. ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢꤦ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
/o˨kʰa˧le˦so˧˧1rja˨/ undesirable adj not desired
ꤥ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ der. /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨o˨to˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ undone adj not yet done
unconscious v in a coma /me˨hi˦to˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤟꤤꤒꤥ꤬
/ʂje˧ŋɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤍꤟꤌꤣ꤭ undress v /plwo˦kja˧ hje˨ʤa˨/
adj /tʰja˨ʂje˧ta˨pa˨/ ꤕꤜꤝꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢ꤬
ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ der. uneducated adj unschooled
ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ /ʤja˦li˨to˨/ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤜꤤ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
uncooked adj raw ꤞꤤꤞꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭
undecided v ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤜꤤ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤜꤢ꤭ ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤥ꤬
ꤢ꤬ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ unemployed adj without
ꤠꤢ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ work /tɛ˨me˨o˨to˨/
under prep underneath /-lɛ˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
-ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ uneven adj raised on one side
understand v to know or
/ta˨dʒa˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤡꤢ꤭
understand /ʂɛ˦ŋe˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭
der. ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤛꤢ꤬; unfinished adj /tʰɯᵊ˧to˨/
ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤨ; ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤧꤚꤛꤢ unhappy adj lit. an unhappy
v to think clearly heart /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨mo˨to˨/
adj to be severe /dʒje˧la˧/
der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭
unhealthy 179 upon

unhealthy adj /ta˨zɯ ᵊta˨pʰɯ ᵊ˧/ unseen n that which is unseen

ꤒꤢ꤬ꤐꤟꤌꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤭ or hidden /tɛ˨ta˨dwo˧/
adj not healthy ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ꤭
/o˨sʰwo˨o˨prja˧to˨/ unshrunk adj /ta˨nɯ ᵊ hi˨to˨/
ꤥ꤬ꤏꤝꤥ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ ꤟꤤꤒꤥ꤬
unsuccessful adj not able to
unified adj /o˨ʤɯ˧tə˦lu˧/
succeed /me˨bɛ˦to˨/
uniform n /hje˨dʒa˨dwo˧/
adj not able to win or do
/pe˦to˨/ ꤕꤢꤩꤒꤥ꤬
unify v /me˨plɔ˦me˨ʤɯ˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤢꤦ꤭ unsuitable adj not exact
united adj /o˨plɔ˦o˨ʤɯ˧/ /ta˧to˧ta˧bɛ˨ to˨/
ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤥ꤬ꤡꤢꤦ꤭ der. ꤡꤢꤦ꤭; ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤥ꤬ꤕꤜꤢꤪꤡꤢꤦ꤭ unsure adj uncertain /ta˧te˨to˨/
university n lit. high level ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
/to˦du˨totʰu˧/ untie v /tʰu˨lje˧/
ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤒꤟꤥꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤟꤥꤓꤢꤨ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭; ꤤ꤬ꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
unlucky adj /bwi˦rja˦to˧/ untie and release phr
ꤙꤝꤤꤚꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬ /i˨lje˧plwo˧kja˧/
unmerciful adj /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦zɔ˨ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤜꤝꤥ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
o˨to˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬ until prep /tɯ ᵊ/ ꤒꤟꤌꤣ
unnecessary adj not needed prep /tʰu˦/ ꤓꤢꤨ
/lo˨bɛ˨to˨/ ꤜꤥ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬ untrue adj no, that is not
unoccupied adv not busy, correct/true/sure /a˨ma˦to˨/
idle /o˨ko˧/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ der. ꤥ꤬ꤊꤥ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤒꤥ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤘꤢ꤭ adv /ka˨ni˧ka˨no˦/
unpleasant adj /sʰo˧rja˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤤ꤭ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤥ
ꤏꤥ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ unwell adj /o˨mo˨rja˦to˨/
unrighteous v not straight ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬
/ʤɔ˦te˨to˨/ ꤡꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬ der. unworthy adj /kɔ˨to˨/ ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
ꤥ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤒꤥ꤬ up prep /tʰja˨/ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬
unroll v /tʰu˨lje˧mo˧/ upon prep /lo˨/ -ꤜꤟꤥ꤬
upper 180 valuable

upper adj /a˨kʰu˨˨,tʰja˨/ /ʃje˨klo˧ tɛ˨sʰwi˦/

ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ der.
uproar n /tɛ˨ta˨ʂɯ˧ta˨lɯ ˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ ꤛꤛꤢ
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤭ der. urinary problem phr
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤦ꤭ cystitis /i˨ʃje˨ʃɯᵊ/
n commotion, riot ꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ
us n 1st person plural, see
'we' /pɛ˨/ ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬
uproot v /ʤɯ ˦tʰe˨rwi ˦/ use v /nɔ˧e˨/ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬
ꤡꤟꤢꤦꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤝꤟꤤ used to doing phr /le˦klo˧
v /ʃje˧tʰe˧rwi ˦/ me˨pa˨nɯ ᵊ/
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤝꤟꤤ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ
upside down adv /sʰa˦ta˨klwi˦/ useful adj profitable
ꤏꤢꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤝꤤ /a˨bwi˦ta˨rje˧o˨/
upstairs n /də˦ a˨kʰu˨ tə˨to˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤙꤝꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤬ der.
ꤘꤣ ꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤒꤟꤥ ꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤔꤤꤜꤢꤨ꤭
upturn v to turn up the soil useless adj /kja˧dɛ˧/ ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤧ꤭
/me˨ta˨ʂo˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤞꤥ꤬ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤘꤢꤩ꤭
usually adj /ɛ˦ta˨ki˨/ ꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤬
urge v /ʃja˨krwo˧/ ꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭
der. ꤞꤢꤧꤏꤛꤢ꤬ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭ꤔꤟꤤ uterus n womb /pʰu˦kʰa˧le˦/
urinate v /i˨ʃje˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ ꤖꤢꤨꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ
urinary infection phr uvula n /kja˧nɛ˨/ ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤔꤢꤧ꤬
urinary track sickness der. ꤜꤟꤤꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤬

vaccination n lit. medicine that vagina n /li ˦/ ꤜꤟꤤ
protects and prevents valley n /ke˦tɔ˨ku˧/
/tɛ˨kʰu˨ le˦ta˨kɛ˨ta˧tɯ ˧/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤦ꤭ valuable adj /ŋu˨du˨pri ˨du˨/
vacuum n /le˦dʒwi˦pli˧/ ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬
value 181 virgin

value v to consider great verb n /ŋo˦me˨tɛ˨/

/ta˨ne˨du˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ ꤍꤟꤥꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
verge v about to do, on the
n the price, cost or value
verge of doing /kɯ ˦re˦/
/a˨ŋṳ˨a˨pri ˨/ ꤊꤟꤢꤦꤚꤟꤢꤩ
ꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤤ꤬ der. ꤍꤟꤢꤨ꤬ verse n i.e. a verse in the
vapor v rising vapor or smoke Bible /a˨ma˧pʰu˦/ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
from a hot pot when you
vertebrae n spine /mɯ ˨krwi˦/
open its lip /ʂɛ˦tʰja˨/
ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ꤊꤚꤝꤤ
very adv /nja˨ʤɔ˦/ ꤔꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ
n like a mist /tɛ˨kʰɯ ᵊ˨tʰja˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ adv /la˧/ ꤜꤢ꤭
vase n /pʰo˧kɔ˧/ ꤖꤥ꤭ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ adv /ka˨no˦ to˨/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤥ꤮
vegetables n /i˨ʂwi˦dɔ˧bja˧lɛ˨/
Vietnam n /vi˨jɛ˦na˦/
ꤤ꤬ꤞꤝꤤꤘꤢꤪ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ der.
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤙꤛꤢ꤭ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ ꤠꤤ꤬ꤛꤢꤧꤔꤢ
viewpoint n a person's view or
vegetation n /tɛ˨mɔ˦tɛ˨bo˧/
thinking on a subject
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ der.
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤠꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭; /tɛ˨mja˦tʰje˨/
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤜꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬
n grass and flowers village n /dɔ˧/ ꤘꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤘꤢꤪ꤭ꤏꤥ꤬
/mi ˨ʂɛ˨vɛ˨pʰo˧/ villagers n /dɔ˧pʰu˦sʰo˨pʰu˦/
ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤠꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ ꤘꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢꤨꤏꤥ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ der. ꤘꤢꤪ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ;
ꤘꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ; ꤘꤢꤪ꤭ꤏꤥ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
veil adj lit. hide-obstruct
vine n /ʂɔ˨krwi˨/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤚꤝꤤ꤬
/ɯ ᵊta˧tɯ ˧/
vineyard n wine vineyard
v /me˨kʰi˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤤ der.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤤꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ ꤎꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤤꤖꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ der.
veiled adj to be shut or ꤎꤢ꤬ꤕꤛꤤꤜꤟꤢꤩꤋꤢꤨ꤬
closed /bi˦ta˨pa˨/
n fruit vineyard /ʂɔ˨ʂɛ˨pʰɛ˨/
ꤙꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤬
vein n /rwi pro˨/ ꤚꤝꤟꤤꤕꤚꤥ꤬ n /le˦kʰu˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤋꤢꤨ꤬
n blood vessel, artery virgin n /prɛ˨mɔ˨pʰu˦ʂɛ˨/
/ʂwi˨klo˧/ ꤞꤝꤤ꤬ꤊꤜꤥ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der.
visible 182 want

visible adj clear /o˨lɯ ᵊ˧li˧pʰo˦/ visitor n /ʃi˧pre˦/ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩ

ꤥ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤜꤤ꤭ꤖꤥ voice n noise /pra˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤬
vision n /tɛ˨mja˦tʰje˨lwo˦re˦/ n sound, tune /a˨ta˨la˧/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤚꤟꤢꤩ der. ꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢ꤭
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤜꤝꤥ; voluntarily adj to do freely
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ /me˨kra˧/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤚꤢ꤭
v have a vision vomit v /prja/ ꤕꤚꤛꤢ der.
/mja˦tʰje˨lwo˦re˦/ ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤞꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤚꤛꤢꤜꤢꤪ꤬
ꤗꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤝꤥꤚꤟꤢꤩ vow v /ə˧lja˨ɔ˦lja˨/
visit v /ʤɯᵊo˨le˧/ ꤡꤛꤣꤥ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ ꤣ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der. ꤣ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬
der. ꤡꤛꤣꤥ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭; ꤜꤢꤩ꤭; v swear, promise /bja˧/
ꤥ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤌꤣꤜꤢ; ꤥ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤙꤛꤢ꤭

wage n /a˨kʰwo˦a˨kɛ˨/ ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤗꤛꤢꤏꤢꤦ꤭
ꤢ꤬ꤋꤝꤥꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ wall n /vi ˧u˧du˨/ ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤢꤨ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ der.
wail v /ŋɯ ᵊhɛ˨/ ꤍꤟꤌꤣꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤢꤨ꤭ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤜꤣ꤭
waist n /ɲa˦ta˧/ ꤑꤟꤢꤒꤟꤢ꤭ der. n the wall of a house /dɔ˦/
ꤔꤟꤤꤒꤟꤢ꤭ ꤘꤢꤪ
wait v /o˨jo˧o˨pɔ˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤛꤥ꤭ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ wallow v wallow or roll
der. ꤥ꤬ꤛꤥ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪ /krɔ˧kʰje˧/ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
v wait to shoot /bɔ˨/ ꤙꤢꤪ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤭
v wait when hunting /do˨/ walnut tree n /i˨ʂɛ˨sʰɯ˧mɔ˦/
ꤘꤥ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪ
wait as a crowd phr wander v to walk around
/o˨pɔ˦plu˨o˨pɔ˦pʰɛ˨/ /le˧tʰo˧le˧lja˨/
ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤕꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤖꤢꤧ꤬ ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤥ꤭ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der.
wait in hope phr to wait ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
with expectation or want v /ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦ʂɛ˦lɔ˧/
hope /o˨pɔ˦mja˦sʰɯ˧/ ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ der. ꤞꤢꤧ;
want to come 183 wasted

n wish, desire /tɛ˨ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦/ war n /tɛ˨sʰa˦tɛ˨pa˧/

ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢ
want to come phr /ʂɛ˦hja˧/ warm adj /kṳ˦lɛ˨/ ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤞꤢꤧꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤏꤝꤤꤜꤢꤧ
want to do phr /ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦me˨/ v to warm oneself by the fire
ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ /i˨sʰwi˦/ꤤ꤬ꤏꤝꤤ der.
phr willing to do /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨o˨/ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤗꤤ꤬; ꤤ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤬;
ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ ꤊꤢꤪꤊꤟꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢꤨ
want to go phr warn v /dje˦rɔ˨dje˦rje˧/
/ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦ʤɯᵊ/ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤚꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦꤡꤛꤣ der. ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬; ꤟꤢꤩꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬
ꤞꤢꤧꤡꤛꤣ warning n /tɛ˨dje˦rɔ˨dje˦rje˧/
want to go visit phr ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤚꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤚꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤭
/ʂɛ˦ʤɯᵊo˨le˧/ wart n /zɯ ᵊtʰɯ˦/ ꤐꤟꤌꤣꤓꤢꤦ
ꤞꤢꤧꤡꤛꤣꤥ꤬ꤜꤢꤩ꤭ wash v /ʃi˧pli˧ʃi˧plɛ˦/
want to have done phr ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ der.
/ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦nɔ˧me˨/ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭; ꤞꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭
ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦꤔꤢꤪ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ v to wash clothes /i˨ʃɯᵊ˨/
want to hold phr ꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤬ der. ꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ꤭;
/ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦pɯ ˦/
v to wash your face /i˨plɛ˦/
ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦꤕꤟꤢꤦ ꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ der. ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧꤕꤜꤤ꤭
want to love phr v to immerse in order to
/ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦mo˨ni ˦/ clean /dʒe˨pli˧/
ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ꤭
want to request phr washcloth n small cloth
/ʂɛ˦zɯ ˦kwi˧/ /i˨kɛ˧pʰu˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ der.
ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦꤊꤝꤤ꤭ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
want to say phr /ʂɛ˦he˦/ waste n /kja˧de˧/ ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤞꤢꤧꤟꤢꤩ ꤘꤢꤩ꤭
want to speak phr wasted n worthless
/ʂɛ˦he˦bɛ˨/ ꤞꤢꤧꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ /ta˧pʰɯ ᵊ˨bɛ˦kʰu˨/
watch 184 wealth

watch v also see /mja˦/ ꤗꤛꤢ v to cause a breeze or to

n clock /mɯ˧to˧/ ꤗꤢꤦ꤭ꤒꤥ꤭ fan /i˨hɯ˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤟꤢꤦ
watch over phr to take care n waves in the ocean or lake
of /mja˦kʰwɛ˨/ ꤗꤛꤢꤋꤝꤢꤧ꤬ /tʰje˧ha˦ho˦/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤟꤢꤟꤥ
phr like a shepherd watches der. ꤟꤢꤟꤥ
over his sheep /kje˧/ strong buffeting waves phr
ꤊꤛꤢꤩ꤭ tossing, buffeting
phr to guard /o˨pɔ˦o˨ʃja˦/
ꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢꤪꤥ꤬ꤏꤛꤢ /ha˦ho˦du˨ha˦ho˦sʰɔ˧/
watchful adj to stay awake and ꤟꤢꤟꤥꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤟꤢꤟꤥꤏꤢꤪ꤭ der.
watch /ʂa˧klja˧/ ꤞꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭ ꤟꤢꤟꤥꤘꤢꤨ꤬
way n the way to do something,
der. ꤥ꤬ꤞꤢ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭
also road /klja˦/ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ
water n /tʰje˧/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
go the wrong way phr go
astray /ʤɯ˦ʂɯ˦klja˦/
water bucket n /tʰje˧le˦ʤɔ˧/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭ ꤡꤛꤣꤞꤢꤦꤊꤜꤛꤢ
phr because of day-
water buffalo n /pa˨nɛ˦/
dreaming /ʤɯᵊta˨pa˨/
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤧ ꤡꤛꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤬
watercress n /i˨ɲje˦lɛ˨/
on the way phr
/kɯ ᵊla˦kɯ ᵊ˧/
waterfall n /tʰje˧ta˧la˦/
right way phr
waterfowl n /ʃje˧tʰje˧/
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ /klja˦to˧klja˦bɛ˨/
watermelon n small ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤭ꤊꤜꤛꤢꤙꤢꤧ꤬
watermelon /dje˧mɔ˨ʂɛ˨/ we n 1st person plural /pɛ˨/
ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬
n large watermelon weak adj /hɛ˧ʤɛ˦re˨ʤɛ˦/
/dje˧lɯ ˦ʂɛ˨/
ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤧꤚꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧ der. ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤡꤟꤢꤧ;
ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤦꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤚꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧ
weakness n /tɛ˨hɛ˧ʤɛ˦re˨ʤɛ˦/
wave v to wave your hand
/vɯ ˦vja˦/ ꤠꤟꤢꤦꤠꤟꤛꤢ der. wealth n /tɛ˨du˨za˦tʰja˨ʂɛ˧/
ꤝꤢꤨꤠꤟꤛꤢ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭
wealthy 185 wed

wealthy adj rich ꤞꤛꤢ꤭ der. ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤭

/du˨za˦tʰja˨ʂɛ˧/ v for wearing a necklace or
ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ der. ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ neck scarf /ka˨la˧/
adj /e˨bɛ˨o˧tʰo˧/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤭ꤓꤥ꤭
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ der.
n a rich or wealthy person v for wearing a tie /dʒɔ˦/ ꤡꤢꤪ
/ka˨ja˧du˨za˦/ der. ꤏꤢꤪ
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ der. v for wearing socks,
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭; gloves /ta˨plo˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤥ
ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ v for wearing a ring
weapons n also armor /ta˨plwo˦/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤝꤥ
wear down phr to wear you
/ta˨kɯ ᵊ˨ta˨bɛ˧/
ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤭ hair down /da˦dɛ˨/ ꤘꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬
wear v general word for all weary adj tired and faint
garments /kɯ˧ʂja˦/ ꤊꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤛꤢ /ʂɛ˦pra˦la˨dja˦/
der. ꤊꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤛꤢ ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ der.
v for wearing lower ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤚꤟꤢ; ꤢ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭
garments (skirt, longyi, wearying adj tiring
pants, shorts) /kɯ˧/ ꤊꤢꤦ꤭
/ʂɛ˦pra˦ʂɛ˦tɯ ᵊ˧/
v for wearing upper body
garments (shirt, coat)
adj to feel faint
ꤞꤛꤢ der.
ꤞꤛꤢꤓꤛꤢ꤬ /la˨dja˦la˨da˧/
v to put on a hat or crown ꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢꤜꤢ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭
/klwo˧/ ꤊꤜꤝꤟꤥ꤭ weather n /ʃje˨klo˧/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤜꤥ꤭
der. ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤊꤜꤛꤢꤊꤜꤥ꤭;
v to put on a bamboo hat
/kɯ ᵊ/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ weave v to weave bamboo
v for wearing glasses, a belt, together /i˨tʰa˧/ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢ꤭
knee rings, a watch,
shoes /kja˦/ ꤊꤛꤢ v to weave cloth /bɔ˦tʰɛ˦/
v for wearing shoes, sandals, ꤙꤢꤪꤓꤢꤧ der. ꤙꤢꤪ; ꤓꤢꤧ
flip flops /dja˦/ ꤘꤛꤢ wed v /ka˨sʰo˧mɛ˧sʰo˧dja˦/
v for wearing earrings /ʂja˧/ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤥ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ
wedding 186 which

wedding n went v /ʤɯᵊ˦kja˧/ ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤛꤢ꤭

/tɛ˨kʰo˧mɛ˧kʰo˧ma˨/ west n /ʤi˦nɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤡꤤꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢ꤬ der. ꤙꤢꤧꤓꤢꤩ꤬
wet adj /dʒo˨/ ꤡꤥ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤡꤥ꤬
n /ka˨sʰo˧mɛ˧sʰo˧dja˨/
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ꤏꤥ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ der. what pron /i˧te˧/ ꤤ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ der.
ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ꤏꤥ꤭ꤘꤛꤢ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤢꤩ꤭
wedge v /kʰa˦/ ꤋꤢ whatever pron /i˧te˧te˧/
Wednesday n /mɔ˦ʂɯᵊ˧ɲe˧/ ꤤ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭
ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤞꤛꤣ꤭ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ wheat n lit. english rice
weed v /klja˦la˦/ ꤊꤜꤟꤛꤢꤜꤟꤢ /bɯ ᵊku˧la˧/
n weeds /rwɛ˦mɔ˦/
when conj /bi˦/ ꤙꤤ
ꤚꤝꤢꤧꤗꤟꤢꤪ der. ꤚꤝꤢꤧꤊꤜꤝꤤ꤭
n small wild plants adv at what period of
/ʂɔ˨tɔ˧mɔ˦/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪ time /bi˦kʰɛ˧te˧/
week n /-klɛ˦/ -ꤊꤜꤢꤧ der. ꤙꤤꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤙꤢꤪꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ adv when in the future
weevil n /bɯ ᵊ˦krɛ˦/ /ʃje˦mɔ˨hɔ˧te˧/
ꤙꤟꤌꤣꤊꤚꤟꤢꤧ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭
welcome v to invite /ɛ˦mo˨ʃɯ˨/ where adv /bi˦te˧/ ꤙꤤꤒꤢꤩ꤭
ꤢꤧꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ wherever adv lit. whatever
n an invitation
place /bi˦te˧tə˨pʰo˨ bɛ˨bɛ˨/
/tɛ˨ɛ˦mo˨ʃɯ˨/ ꤙꤤꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤧꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ der. whetstone n stone for
sharpening /lɔ˦rwo˧/
well n place to draw water
/tʰje˧klɯ˨/ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤦ꤬
which pron which things
adj to be healthy
/o˨ʃjo˨o˨mo˨/ /krja˦ti˧te˧/ ꤊꤚꤛꤢꤒꤤ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭
ꤥ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ der. der. ꤊꤚꤛꤢ
ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ; ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬; pron which specific thing
/bi˦te˧tə˨kɯ ᵊ˨/
adv to be good /rja˦dɛ˨/
ꤚꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤙꤤꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤬
whip 187 wilt

whip n a whip made of rope wholeheartedly adv

/sʰu˨plje˨i˨pli˦/ /lɔ˧ʂu˨lɔ˧ʂɛ˦/
ꤏꤢꤨ꤬ꤕꤜꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ der. ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ
ꤤ꤬ꤕꤜꤤꤚꤝꤟꤤ whose pron /u˧tɛ˧pe˧/ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤒꤢꤧ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ꤭
v to lash or whip /da˧mɯ ˧/ why adv /ma˨me˨te˧/
ꤘꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤗꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤗꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭;
whisper v /he˦bɛ˨hɯᵊ˨bɛ˨ʂwɛ˦/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤢꤪ
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤝꤢꤧ wick n /mi˨kɔ˧pra˧/
whistle n /lɛ˨pʰri˨/ ꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤚꤤ꤬ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤊꤢꤪ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢ꤭
v to whistle with pursed wicked adj /ka˨plja˨/
lips /ʂwi˦ kʰa˧u˨pʰa˦/ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
ꤞꤝꤤ ꤋꤢ꤭ꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢ der. ꤞꤝꤤ wickedness n /tɛ˨ka˨tɛ˨plja˨/
v to whistle between the ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬
teeth /ʂwi˦ kʰu˨kʰje˧plɛ˨/ wide adj broad /lja˦/ ꤜꤟꤛꤢ
ꤞꤝꤤ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤕꤜꤢꤧ꤬ der. der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤭
ꤞꤝꤤ wider adj /lja˦klɔ˦/
white adj /bu˧/ ꤙꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤨ꤭; ꤜꤟꤛꤢꤊꤜꤢꤪ
ꤙꤢꤨ꤭ꤞꤥ꤭ widow n /mɯ ᵊo˨krja˦/
whitewash v /plɔ˦bu˧/ ꤗꤟꤌꤣꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤛꤢ der.
ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤪꤙꤢꤨ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤛꤢ
who pron /u˧pe˧/ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ꤭ der. widowed adj widows,
ꤗꤢ꤬ꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ꤭ orphans /o˨krja˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤛꤢ
pron /u˧/ ꤢꤨ꤭ der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤛꤢ;
whoever pron /u˧pe˧ bɛ˨bɛ˨/ ꤖꤢꤨꤥ꤬ꤊꤚꤛꤢꤥ꤬ꤓꤢꤦ꤭
ꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ꤭ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ wife n /me˧/ ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ der. ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬
whole adj prefix to classifier wild animals phr
/ʃi˧-/ ꤏꤤ꤭- /tɛ˨mi ˨tɛ˨mja˦/
whole (person) adj /ʃi˧prɛ˨/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤤ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤛꤢ
ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ wild fowl n /ʃje˧mi ˨/ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤗꤟꤤ꤬
whole (animal) adj will v /kɯ ˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤦ
/ʃi˧dɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭ willing adj /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨o˨/
whole (plant) adj /ʃi˧mɔ˦/ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤥ꤬ der. ꤏꤢꤜꤟꤢꤩ
ꤏꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪ wilt v /no˦ka˧/ ꤔꤥꤊꤢ꤭
wilted 188 withered

wilted adj /no˦kja˧kra˧kja˧/ wipe v to wipe without using

ꤔꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤢ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ water /tʰɯ˦/ ꤓꤢꤦ der.
win v to win or defeat /pe˦/ ꤕꤢꤩ ꤓꤢꤦꤗꤝꤟꤥ꤭
der. ꤏꤢꤕꤢꤩ; ꤕꤢꤩ ꤘꤢꤧ꤬ v to wipe dry and clean
n /tɛ˨me˨pe˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤢꤩ /tʰɯ˦ʂu˧pli˧/ ꤓꤢꤦꤞꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭
der. ꤓꤢꤦꤞꤢꤨ꤭
wind n /ke˦la˨ʂɛ˦/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ wisdom n thinking with expert
window n /ka˨da˧pʰu˦/ knowledge
ꤊꤢ꤬ꤘꤢ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ /tɛ˨ta˨ne˨ʤja˦dɛ˦/
windpipe n the way for air to ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ der.
come /ke˦la˨ʂɛ˦klja˦hja˧/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤꤖꤢꤧꤡꤟꤛꤢꤘꤢꤧ꤬
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤜꤛꤢꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der. n referring to knowledge
windy adj strong winds
/ke˦la˨ʂɛ˦ la˨lja˧du˨/ elder's teaching n
ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤜꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤜꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ /ŋo˦mɯ ᵊprɛ˦/
wine n fermented liquid ꤍꤟꤥꤗꤟꤌꤣꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤟꤢ꤭ der. wisdom teeth n /kʰu˨kʰɛ˨/
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤐꤟꤢ꤭ꤡꤛꤢ꤭ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤬
n alcohol /tʰje˧ʃi˦pre˦/ wise adj /plo˧pʰɛ˦/ ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤏꤤꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩ der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ ꤕꤜꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤧ
wine vinegar n adj to be an expert on or
have the ability to do
something /dʒja˦dɛ˨/
wineskin n /tʰje˧o˧pʰa˦/
with prep /na˦/ ꤔꤢ der. ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤢ;
ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤥ꤭ꤖꤢ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ
wing n /da˦/ ꤘꤢ der. ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤘꤢ adv together or along with,
wink v /bɔ˨klɛ˦/ ꤙꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤧ also /kɯ ᵊ˧/ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭
winnow v /i˨krɛ˦sʰɛ˦/ ꤤ꤬ꤊꤚꤢꤧꤏꤢꤧ wither v /a˨kṳ˦lwo˦kra˧/
winnowing fork n /da˧kɔ˨/ ꤢ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤜꤝꤥꤊꤚꤢ꤭
ꤘꤢ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤪ꤬ withered adj /kra˧ʂje˧/
winter n lit. cold time ꤊꤚꤢ꤭ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ der.
/ke˦ro˦kʰɛ˧/ ꤊꤟꤢꤩꤚꤟꤥꤋꤢꤧ꤭ ꤔꤥꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤊꤚꤢ꤭ꤊꤛꤢ꤭;
within 189 worry

within prep /a˨ku˧/ ꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ der. work v /e˨rja˨/ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬ der.

-ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬;
without adv not having, not ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬;
included in /sʰo˧do˧/ ꤏꤥ꤭ꤘꤥ꤭ ꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬
adv to be lacking something v to be hired out /da˨kɛ˨/
/o˨rja˦/ ꤥ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ ꤘꤢ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬
v to do something, to
withstand v /kʰja˧bɛ˦/ ꤋꤛꤢ꤭ꤙꤢꤧ
work /me˨tɛ˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
der. ꤋꤛꤢ꤭; ꤥ꤬ꤋꤛꤢ꤭
v /le˦ta˨dja˧/ ꤜꤟꤢꤩꤒꤢ꤬ꤘꤛꤢ꤭ n /tɛ˨pʰje˦tɛ˨me˨/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der.
witness v /kʰja˦ʂɛ˦/ ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬; ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤟꤛꤢ꤬
der. ꤋꤛꤢ; ꤋꤛꤢꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ
worker n /prɛ˨me˨tɛ˨pʰu˦/
n /tɛ˨kʰja˦ʂɛ˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧ
n person who is witness world v earth /he˨kʰu˨ne˦kʰu˨/
/prɛ˨kʰja˦a˨ʂɛ˦/ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤋꤢꤨ꤬
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ der. n referring to the people of
ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧ; the world /prɛ˨lṳ˨
false witness n /kʰja˦la˨ho˧/ he˨kʰu˨pʰu˦/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤨ꤬
ꤋꤛꤢꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ ꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤖꤢꤨ
woman n /prɛ˨mɔ˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ worm n /za˧/ ꤐꤟꤢ꤭ der. ꤤ꤬ꤐꤟꤢ꤭;
der. ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤌꤣ ꤛꤛꤢ꤭
womb n /pʰu˦kʰa˧le˦/ worried adj anxious
ꤖꤢꤨꤋꤢ꤭ꤜꤟꤢꤩ /ʂɛ˦plɔ˨kṳ˦kja˧/
wood n /ʂɔ˨bje˨/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤛꤢꤩ꤬ der. ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭
ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ adj /bɛ˨zɔ˨bɛ˨ʂi˨/
n larger piece of uncut wood ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤ꤬
/ʂɔ˨klɔ˦/ ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤊꤜꤟꤢꤪ worry v /bɛ˨kṳ˦bɛ˨kja˧/
woodpecker n /tʰu˨kɛ˨/ ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤢꤧ꤬ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der.
wool n a sheeps wool
/ʂi˦mi ˦sʰɯ˨/ ꤞꤤꤗꤟꤤꤏꤢꤦ꤬ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨ
word n /ŋo˦/ ꤍꤟꤥ der. ꤢ꤬ꤍꤟꤥ n /tɛ˨kṳ˦tɛ˨khja˧/
n words /tɛ˨la˧tɛ˨ŋo˦/ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ der.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤜꤟꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤍꤟꤥ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤ꤬
worsen 190 wrong

v to cause to worry ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤢꤪ

/me˨kṳ˦me˨khja˧/ n /tɛ˨ʤu˨tɛ˨tʰja˧/
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤢꤨꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤊꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤓꤛꤢ꤭ der.
v to be afraid in the face of ꤡꤟꤢꤨ꤬
danger /bɛ˨zɔ˨bɛ˨ʂi˨/ wrap v /bo˨bi˦/ ꤙꤥ꤬ꤙꤤ der. ꤙꤥ꤬;
ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤ꤬ der. ꤙꤥ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤢꤨ꤭
ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤐꤟꤢꤪ꤬ v wrap up, pack /dʒɔ˨/ ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤬
worsen v /ta˨klja˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬ v wrap up (your sarong)
worship v to sing praise /pʰɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬
/i˨ro˧tʰu˨ʂɛ˦tʰja˨/ wrestle v /me˨ni ˦ta˧/
ꤤ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ꤓꤢꤨ꤬ꤞꤢꤧꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤔꤟꤤꤒꤟꤢ꤭
v lit. request-pray wring v to wring out /i˨vi ˧/
/kwi˧ʤɔ˦bɛ˧/ ꤊꤝꤤ꤭ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ ꤤ꤬ꤠꤟꤤ꤭
v pray or worship wrinkle n when a person's skin
is wrinkled /ta˨zwi˦/
ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ adj when clothes are
n /tɛ˨ʤɔ˦bu˨ʤɔ˦bɛ˧/ wrinkled /ta˨ni˧ta˨nɯ ᵊ/
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤨ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤤ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤌꤣ
worst adj /rja˦to˨lə˦/ wrist n /ta˨kja˦ma˨/
ꤚꤛꤢꤒꤥ꤬ꤜꤣ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤗꤢ꤬ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤚꤢ꤭
worthless adj meaningless n /ta˨kja˦bo˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤛꤢꤙꤥ꤭
/kja˧de˧/ ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ꤘꤢꤩ꤭ write v /ra˧/ ꤚꤢ꤭ der. ꤚꤢ꤭ꤒꤟꤢ꤭
adj a waste writer n /prɛ˨ra˧li˨/
/ta˧pʰɯ ᵊ˨bɛ˦kʰu˨/ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤢ꤭ꤜꤤ꤬
ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣ꤬ꤙꤢꤧꤋꤢꤨ꤬ wrong adj not right, incorrect
worthy adj /kɔ˨/ ꤊꤢꤪ꤬ /to˧to˨/ ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬ der. ꤢ꤬ꤒꤥ꤭ꤒꤥ꤬
wound n /ta˨mɛ˨/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤢꤧ꤬ der. adj a mistake, see also
'sin' /ʂɯ˦/ ꤞꤢꤦ der. ꤢ꤬ꤞꤢꤦ
yam 191 yourselves

yam n /krɯᵊ˨/ ꤊꤚꤌꤣ꤬ der. young adj /na˨ʤɛ˦/ ꤔꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧ
ꤋꤛꤢꤩꤒꤟꤛꤢꤩ der. ꤒꤢ꤬ꤜꤟꤥ
yard n measurement /a˨plɛ˦/ adj /pʰu˦di˦pʰu˦ʂɛ˨/
ꤢ꤬ꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ ꤖꤢꤨꤘꤤꤖꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der. ꤖꤢꤨꤘꤤ
n house yard /hi˨la˨mja˧/ young man phr
ꤟꤤ꤬ꤜꤢ꤬ꤗꤛꤢ꤭ /prɛ˨kʰu˧pʰu˦ʂɛ˨/
yarn n /lɯ ᵊ˨/ ꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤬ der. ꤞꤥ꤭ꤏꤢꤦ꤬ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ꤖꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤬ der.
yawn v /ta˨kʰa˧/ ꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤢ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ; ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭
year n /na˨/ ꤔꤢ꤬
young woman phr
new year phr /na˨tʰe˨ʂɛ˧/
ꤔꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤞꤢꤧ꤭ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤪ꤬ꤖꤢꤨꤞꤢꤧ꤬
yeast n /hɯ ᵊ˧mɯ˨/ ꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤗꤢꤦ꤬
younger adj /pa˨ʤɛ˦klɔ˧/
der. ꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤗꤢꤦ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤥ꤬
yell v /ɛ˦tʰo˧ɛ˦mo˨/ ꤢꤧꤓꤥ꤭ꤢꤧꤗꤟꤥ꤬
adj younger in years
der. ꤢꤧꤓꤥ꤭
yellow adj /bja˧/ ꤙꤛꤢ꤭
yesterday n /pa˦he˦nu˨/ youngest adj youngest in the
ꤕꤟꤢꤟꤢꤩꤔꤢꤨ꤬ der. ꤕꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤔꤢꤨ꤬ family /ka˨nja˧mɔ˨/
yet adv /hi˦/ ꤟꤤ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ꤗꤢꤪ꤬
not yet phr /hi˦to˨/ ꤟꤤꤒꤥ꤬ your adj lit. your-thing /nɛ˨tɛ˨/
yolk n /ʃje˧dje˨ki˦/ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤘꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤌꤤ der. ꤌꤤ; ꤊꤤ yourself pron 2nd person
you pron 2nd person singular /nɛ˨ne˦/ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ
singular /nɛ˨/ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ n lit. body-owner
pron 2nd person plural /ʂi˧/ /ne˦bja˨ʤɛ˨/
ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤔꤟꤢꤩꤙꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤬
you yourself phr /ʃje˧ne˦/ yourselves pron 2rd person
ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤔꤟꤢꤩ plural /ʂi˧ne˦/ ꤞꤤ꤭ꤔꤟꤢꤩ
zealous 192 zero

zealous adj a strong desire or ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ der.
eagerness to do something ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬
/ʂɛ˦plɔ˨ʃjo˨me˨/ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭ꤞꤢꤧ
zero n /ra˨va˨/ ꤚꤢ꤬ꤠꤟꤢ꤬
Guide to Kayah Li Language Sounds
(written in the order of the Kayah Li Alphabet)


Kayah Phonetic English Comment Kayah Li Phonetic English

Alphabet Symbol equivalent Example Meaning
or Sounds
ꤊ k k in unaspirateda ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ ka˨tʰɔ˨ stand up
ꤋ kʰ k in ‘kite’ aspirateda ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ kʰu˨klɔ˦ head

ꤌ g g in rarely used ꤌꤤ gi˦ yolk

‘good’ except as
(if word-initial)
part of ꤗꤟꤌꤣ mɯ̤ ˦ mother
dipthong /

ꤍ ŋ ng in can also ꤍꤟꤥ꤫ ŋo̤˥ language

‘sing’ occur as the
first letter in
a word

ꤎ s same as rare usage ꤎꤢ꤬ sa˨pje˦- grape

English ʂɛ˨
ꤏ¹ sʰ s in ‘sit’ aspirated ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤭ sʰɛ˨-e˨- food-
when given
sʰɛ˨-o˧ drink
as a strong
comand ‘Sit

ꤏ² sh sh in ꤏꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ʃje˧ chicken

before ‘i’
or ‘j’

ꤐ z same as ꤢ꤬ꤐꤢꤨ꤭ a˨ u˧ easy


ꤑ ny in nyet not in ꤑꤟꤢ꤭ nja̤˧ five

(Russian) English
ꤒ t t in ‘stork’ unaspirated ꤢ꤬ꤒꤝꤟꤥ a˨tuo̤˦ pretty

ꤓ tʰ t in ‘take’ aspirated ꤥ꤭ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ o˧ tʰje˧ drink


Kayah Phonetic English Comment Kayah Li Phonetic English

Alphabet Symbol equivalent Example Meaning
or Sounds
ꤔ n same as ꤔꤝꤥ nuo˦ seven
ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ne̤ ˨ you

ꤕ p p in ‘spin’ unaspirated ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ pa˨ti˦ little

ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬ pɛ̤˨ we

ꤖ pʰ p in ‘put’ aspirated ꤖꤛꤢꤩ pʰje˦ take

ꤖꤢꤧ꤭ pʰɛ˧ father

ꤗ m same as ꤗꤟꤌꤣ mɯ̤ ˦ mother


ꤘ d same as ꤘꤛꤢꤩ dje˦ give


ꤙ b same as ꤙꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤝꤥ be˨duo˦ save


ꤚ r same as ꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ a˨rja˦ good


ꤛ j y in ‘yell’ ꤛꤢꤡꤢꤦ ja˦ʤɯ˦ try

ꤜ l same as ꤜꤣꤙꤢ꤭ lә˦ba˧ enough


ꤝ w same as ꤝꤥ꤭ wo˧ cooked


ꤞ ʂ not in ꤞꤤ꤭ ʂi˧ you (pl)

see comment b ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤢꤪ꤬ ʂɛplɔ˨ heart

ꤟ¹ h same as ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ hja˧ come

ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ he˦bɛ˨ speak
ꤟ² ̤ symbol ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ nɯ̤ ˧ enter
ꤠ v same as ꤠꤢ꤭ va˧ I
ꤡ ʤ j in ꤡꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬ ʤe̤˨ba˨ paper

Kayah Phonetic English Comment Kayah Li Phonetic English

Vowels Symbol equivalent Example Meaning
or Sounds
ꤢ a a in ꤢ꤬ a˨ he/she/it
ꤢ꤬ꤊꤢ꤬ꤢꤪ꤭ a˨-ka˨-ɔ˧ noisy

ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ a˨mo̤˨ happy

ꤣ ә similar not in ꤒꤣ tә˦ box

to ‘er’ in English
‘her’ ꤕꤣ pә˦ govern
(but drop the
‘r’ and let
your mouth
stay slightly
open and

ꤤ i ee in ꤤ꤬ꤖꤥ꤭ i˨-pʰo˧ cook

ꤥ o o in ‘robe’ ꤥ꤭ o˧ drink

ꤢꤦ ɯ oo in not in ꤗꤤ꤬ꤢꤦ꤭ mi˨-ɯ˧ fire burn

‘moot’ English
(but with the ꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤦ꤬ a˨bɯ˨ fat
lips spread
slightly apart
instead of

ꤢꤧ ɛ e in ‘pet’ ꤢꤧꤏꤢꤦ꤬ ɛ˦ʃɯ˨ welcome

ꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤ꤭ ɛ˨ʂi˧ they

ꤢꤨ u oo in ꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ꤭ u˧pe˧ who?

ꤢꤩ e ay in ꤢꤩ꤬ e˨ eat

ꤢꤪ ɔ aw in ꤢꤪꤜꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ɔ˦lja̤˨ promise

ꤛꤣ ɯ dipthong; not in ꤡꤛꤣ ʤɯ˦ go
begin with
ꤟꤌꤣ the /ɯ/ sound ꤕꤟꤌꤣ pɯ̤ ˦ sibling
(spread your (younger)
lips) followed
by /ə/
Aspirated and Unaspirated Consonants: n unaspirated consonants, you should
not feel any release of air when you hold your hand in front of your mouth, but with
aspirated consonants, you will feel that slight puff of air. or e ample, the /p/ in the
English word spin is unaspirated. The /p/ in pin is aspirated.
ꤞ /ʂ/ is spoken as retro
e ed /ʂ/ by a native speaker when speaking unconsciously but
due to the inability to write the sound /ʂ/ in urmese, people have chosen to write / /
which is like the th sound in the English word ‘think’. As a result, ꤞ / / is now also
used interchangeably by some people. If you want to really speak Kayah more natively,
try curling your tongue up and backwards just a tiny bit while making the English s
sound. or e ample, try saying ꤞꤢꤪ꤬ꤗꤟꤢꤪ /ʂɔ˨mɔ̤˦/ which means ‘tree.’ ou will hear a
slight whistle sound on the /ʂ/ sound as you say it.
velar ficative /x/- this sound, though not part of the Kayah inventory of sounds, can be
found in the words ‘uncooked rice’ ꤟꤊꤣ꤭ / ә / or ‘hear’ ꤔꤟꤤꤟꤌꤣ꤭ /ni̤ ˦ ә˧/. irst, form
the English word hurt. otice that your mouth is slightly closed. ow say hurt but
drop the final t. o not voice the ur and let there be friction up at the roof of your
mouth. That is the sound of / /.

Helpful Phrases Quick List
Helpful English Words Kayah Translation Kayah Li
& Phrases (IPA)

ello (to one person) tɛ̤˨rja˦ bɛ˨ ne̤˨ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ello (to more than one person) tɛ̤˨rja˦ bɛ˨ ʂi˧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤤ꤭
We welcome you to America pɛ̤˨ ɛ˨mo̤˦ʃɯ˦ ʂi˧ dә˦ ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤟꤥꤏꤢꤦ ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤘꤣ
We’re very happy you’ve come ʂi˧ hja˧ bi˦je˧ rɔ˦ pɛ̤˨ ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤙꤤꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤚꤢꤪ
ʂɛ˦krɯ̤˧ nja˨ ɔ˦
ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤟꤢꤦ꤭ ꤔꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤪ
Are you sleepy ʂɛ˦ o˨mje˧ ɛ̤˧ ꤞꤢꤧ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭
Are your (pl) heads di y/ a˨ mɯ̤˨ ʂi˧ kʰu˨klɔ˦ ɛ̤˧ ꤢ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤦ꤬ ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤋꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ
motion sick?


What is your name ne̤ ˨ mwi̤ ˨ na˦ u˧pe˧ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ ꤔꤢ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ꤭
My name is va˧ mwi̤ ˨ na˦ ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ ꤔꤢ
ow old are you (sing)? ne̤ ˨ o˨hɔ˦ ba˦na˦te˧ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤟꤢꤪ ꤙꤢ ꤔꤢ ꤒꤢꤩ꤭
Where did you (sing) just ne̤ ˨ o˨ bi˦te˧ hja˧ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤥ꤬ ꤙꤤꤒꤢꤩ꤭ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭
come from?
ow are you (sing)? ne̤ ˨ o˨mo̤˨o˨rja˦ ɛ̤˧ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤥꤚ꤬ ꤛꤢ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭
I am well (in heart). o˨mo̤˨o˨rya˨ prɛ˦ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬ ꤕꤚꤢꤧ
I am physically well. o˨sʰjo˨o˨prja˧ prɛ˦ ꤥ꤬ꤏꤛꤥ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤕꤚꤛꤢ꤭ ꤕꤚꤢꤧ
Are you (plural) hungry ʂi˧ ʂɛ˦ e˨di˧ ɛ̤˧ ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤ꤭ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭
Are you (plural) thirsty ʂi˧ ʂɛ˦ o˧tʰye˧ ɛ̤˧ ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧ ꤥ꤭ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭
o you want to go to the ʂi˧ ʂɛ˦ ɯ̤˦ ʤɯ˦ dә˦ ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤣ
bathroom? dɔ˧klɔ˧ ɛ̤˧
ꤢꤪ꤭ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭

Helpful Phrases Quick List cont.

Helpful English Words Kayah Translation Kayah Li

& Phrases (IPA)

et’s go pɛ̤˨ ʤɯ˦ hɔ˦ po̤˦ ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤟꤢꤪ ꤕꤟꤥ

Will you come with me ne̤ ˨ ʤɯ˦ kɯ̤ ˧ va˧ ɛ̤˧ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤠꤢ꤭
o you want to go ne̤ ˨ ʂɛ˦ ɯ̤˦ ʤɯ˦ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤐꤟꤢꤦ ꤡꤛꤣ
kɯ̤ ˧ ɛ̤˧
ꤊꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭
I’m going home/leaving now. va˧ ka̤˨ hɔ˦ dә˦ hi˨ ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ ꤟꤢꤪ ꤘꤣ ꤟꤤ꤬
I’m leaving. va˧ ka̤˨ hɔ˦ ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ ꤟꤢꤪ
May I help you lo̤˨ me̤˨ʤuo̤˦ ne̤˨ ɛ̤˧ ꤜꤟꤥ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬
What curry have you eaten ne̤ ˨ e˨ i˨ʂwi˦ i˧te˧ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤝꤤ ꤤ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭
(more natural way of greeting)
Where are you (plural) going? ʂi˧ ʤɯ˦ bi˦te˧ ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤙꤤꤒꤢꤩ꤭
We will come get you at pɛ̤˨ hja˧ ɛ̤˦ ʂi˧ bi˦ (3) ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤢꤧ ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤙꤤ
o’clock. mɯ˧


o you like school tʰja˨ ho˧ ma˨ a˨mo˦ ꤓꤛꤢ꤬ ꤟꤥ꤭ ꤗꤢ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤗꤟꤥ
sʰa˦le˦ ɛ̤˧
ꤏꤢꤜꤢꤩ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭
o you have a problem tɛ̤˨pja˦tɛ̤˨sʰɛ˧ o˨ ɛ̤˧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ ꤥ꤬
If you have a problem, please tɛ̤˨pja˦tɛ̤˨sʰɛ˧ ki˨ o˨ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤛꤢꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤭ ꤊꤤ꤬
tell me. he˧ rɔ˧ kʰja˦ʂɛ˦do˧
he˦sʰo˧re˦ va˧ ni˦
ꤥ꤬ ꤟꤢꤩ ꤢꤪ ꤋꤛꤢꤞꤢꤧꤘꤥ꤭
ꤟꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤭ ꤢꤩ ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤔꤤ
ou can take (this) home. ji˦e˧rɔ˦ ne̤˨ pʰje˦ka̤˨ ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤢꤪ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤊꤟꤢ꤬
dә˦ hi˨ ma˨ a˨ni̤ ˦ prɛ˦
ꤘꤣ ꤟꤤ꤬ ꤗꤢ꤬ ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ ꤕ ꤢꤧ
ow do you say that in the ka˨ja˧ŋo̤˦ ma˨ ʂi˧ he˦ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤛꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ ꤗꤢ꤬ ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤟꤢꤩ
Kayah language pʰu˦te˧
o you speak English ne̤ ˨ he˦bɛ˨ʤja̤˦ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤡꤟꤛꤢ
ku˧la˧ŋo̤˦ ɛ̤˧
ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ꤍꤟꤥ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭

I am your teacher. va˧ ma˨ ne̤˨ ʂa˦ra˦ ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤗꤢ꤬ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤚꤢ
I am your teacher (female). va˧ ma˨ ne̤˨ ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤗꤢ꤬ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤚꤢ
ʂa˦ra˦mɯ̤ ˦
ou may sit here. o˨nja˧ bi˦je˧ ma˨ a˨ni̤ ˦ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ ꤙꤤꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤗꤢ꤬
ꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ ꤕ ꤢꤧ
This boy will help you. prɛ̤˨kʰu˦ ji˦e˧tә˨prɛ̤˨ ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ ꤛꤢꤩ꤭
kɯ̤˦ me̤˨ʤ o˦ ne̤˨ pa̤˧
ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕ ꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢꤦ
ꤗꤟꤢꤩꤡꤝꤟꤥ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭
We’re so happy you are here. ʂi˧ hja˧o˨ bi˦je˧ rɔ˦ pɛ̤˨ ꤞꤤ꤭ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ꤥ꤬ ꤙꤤꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤚꤢꤪ
ʂɛ˦krɯ˧ʂɛ˦lɔ̤˧ nja˨ ɔ˦
ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤊꤚꤢꤦ꤭ꤞꤢꤧꤜꤟꤢꤪ꤭
ive this to your parents. ji˦e˧rɔ˦ dje˦ na˦ ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤢꤪ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ ꤔꤢ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬
ne̤ ˨mɯ̤ ˦ na˦ ne̤˨pʰɛ˧
ꤗꤟꤌꤣ ꤔꤢ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤖꤢꤧ꤭ ꤔꤤ
o you understand ne̤ ˨ ʂɛ˦ŋe˧ ɛ̤˧ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭
I understand. ʂɛ˦ŋe˧ va̤˧ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤠꤟꤢ꤭
I don’t understand. ʂɛ˦ŋe˧ to˨ ꤞꤢꤧꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤥ꤬
Are you feeling sad ne̤ ˨ ʂɛ˦plɛ̤˧ ɛ̤˧ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤞꤢꤧꤕꤜꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭

paper ʤe˨ba˨ ꤡꤢꤩꤙꤢ꤬

pen tʰje˧li˨bo˧ ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤤ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭
book li˨ba˨ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤙꤢ꤬
school ʂu˦li˨ho˧ ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭
student ʂu˦li˨ho˧pʰu˦ ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
teach i˨ʂuo˦i˨ʂja˦ ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤭

Helpful Phrases Quick List cont.

Helpful English Words Kayah Translation Kayah Li

& Phrases (IPA)

today ji˦e˧tә˨nje˧ ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ꤭

tomorrow ʃje˨pa˨ro˧ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤕꤢ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭
yesterday pa˦he˦nu˦ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤔꤢꤨ꤬
day after tomorrow ʃje˦sʰo˧vi˦ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤏꤥ꤭ꤠꤤ
before too long nje˧tja˨to˨ ꤑꤟꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤛꤢ꤬ꤒꤥ꤬
later (more than a few days) ʃje˦no˦pa̤˧ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤔꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤭
shortly in a few minutes ʃje˦no˦pa̤˧ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤕꤟꤢ꤭


sweep oor du˧pli˧ hi˧dɔ˦ku˧ ꤘꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ ꤟꤤ꤭ꤘꤢꤪꤊꤢꤨ꤭

make clean (heart) me̤ ˨pli˧ me̤˨pʰɯ̤ ˦ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣ
wash/clean (i.e. dishes) sʰi˧pli˧ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭
wash clothes i˦ʃɯ ˨pli˧ hje˨ʤa˨ ꤤ꤬ꤏꤛꤣ꤬ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ ꤟꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤟꤢ꤬
take a bath/shower i˨lɯ̤ tʰje˧ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭
dirty/not clean a˨ta˨pro˦ (or) ꤢ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤕꤚꤥ
a˦mwo˧pli˧ to˨
ꤢ꤬ꤗ ꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ ꤒꤥ꤬


ible li˨ʤa˧sʰɛ˧ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤡꤢ꤭ꤏꤢꤧ꤭

sing song i˨ro˧ li˨ ꤤ꤬ ꤥ꤭ ꤜꤤ꤬
church tɛ̤˨ʤɔ˦bɛ˧ho˧ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ꤭ꤟꤥ꤭
worship/pray ʤɔ˦bɛ˧ ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢ꤭ꤧ
bus mi˨tʰje˧ lo̤˦ ꤗꤤ꤬ꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤜꤟꤥ
Will you (singular) go to ne̤ ˨ ʤɯ˦ ʤɔ˦bɛ˧ ɛ̤˧ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤡꤢꤪꤙꤢꤧ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭
God ʤɔ˦ma˨rja˨ ꤡꤢꤪꤗꤢ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ꤬
Jesus Christ e˨ʃu˦ Kʰri˦ ꤛꤢꤩ꤬ꤏꤛꤢꤨ ꤋꤚꤤ

Qmarker Word—this word ɛ̤ ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭

acts like a question mark at
the end of a sentence
Where? bi˦te˧ ꤙꤤꤒꤢꤩ꤭
Who? u˧pe˧ ꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ꤭
What? i˧te˧ ꤤ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭
How? pʰu˦te˧ ꤖꤢꤨꤒꤢꤩ꤭
When? bi˦kʰɛ˧te˧ ꤙꤤꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭


I/me va˧ ꤠꤢ꤭

you (singular) ne̤ ˨ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬
you (plural) ʂi˧ ꤞꤤ꤭
we pɛ̤˨ ꤕꤟꤢꤧ꤬
they ɛ˨ʂi˧ ꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤤ꤭
he/she/it a˨ (or) ɛ˨ ꤢ꤬ ꤢꤧ꤬
to him/her/it lu˧ ꤜꤢꤨ꤭


come hja˧ ꤟꤛꤢ꤭

go ʤɯ˦ ꤡꤛꤣ
follow kruo˧ ꤊꤚꤝꤥ꤭

Helpful Phrases Quick List cont.

Helpful English Words Kayah Translation Kayah Li

& Phrases (IPA)
VERBS cont.

take pʰje˦ ꤖꤛꤢꤩ

give dje˦ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ
bring pʰje˦hja˧ ꤖꤛꤢꤩꤟꤛꤢ꤭
put be˨ (or) dja˨ ꤙꤢ꤬ꤩ ꤛꤢ꤬
keep/save be˨duo˦ (or) dja˨duo˦ ꤙꤢ꤬ꤩꤘꤝꤥ ꤛꤢ꤬꤬ꤘꤝꤥ
make/do me̤ ˨ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬
help me̤ ˨ʤuo̤˦ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤥ
run/walk klja˨ ꤊꤜꤛꤢ꤬
to leave/e it tʰe˨ (or) tʰe˨ʤɯ˦ (or) ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬ꤡꤛꤣ ꤓꤢꤩ꤬
tʰe˨ʤɯ˦kja˧ (or) tʰe˨kja˧
ꤡꤛꤣꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤓꤢꤩꤩ꤬ꤊꤛꤢ꤭
enter nɯ ˧ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭
stand up ka˨tʰɔ˨ (or) i˨tʰɔ˨ ꤊꤢ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬ ꤤ꤬ꤓꤢꤪ꤬
sit down o˨nja˧ ꤥ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭

Grammatical Helps
‘Mumbo-Jumbo Free’*

*freedictionary.com defines mumbo-jumbo as ‘ nintelligible or

incomprehensible language gibberish...’ o prepare yourselves to
utili e the following certified ‘mumbo-jumbo free’ quick overview
of some important keys to understanding Kayah i grammar o
attempt is made to present a comprehensive grammar but the author
hopes that an overview with some grammatical e amples of Kayah
i grammar may prove helpful to those who are motivated to attempt
to learn a bit of Kayah. efore you begin, I would encourage you
to review the Kayah sound system. I have used the International
Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to represent each Kayah word. Most of the
symbols are similar to the traditional sounds you know in English but
not all. If you want to learn to speak Kayah correctly, take the time
to familiari e yourself with the IPA symbols that are different from
English (including tones).
1) Who Copied Who at Babel? (Sentence Word Order)
Kayah Li sentence word order is Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) which is like English or perhaps
English is like Kayah i Regardless, whether you are a Kayah speaker learning English
or an English speaker learning Kayah, you can be thankful that you have the same
sentence word order. When you say I am washing the dishes in English, it’s the same
in Kayah i but gratefully spoken more directly with fewer words.
ubject erb irect bject
ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤜꤤ꤭ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤙꤢꤩ꤭
va˧ ʃi˧pli˧ di˧be˧
I wash dishes
I am washing the dishes.

r for another e ample, a sentence everyone likes to hear:

ubject erb irect bject
ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤗꤟꤥ꤬ꤔꤟꤤ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬
va˧ mo̤ ˨ni̤ ˦ nɛ̤˨˨
I love you
I love you.

astly, an e ample of a sentence using the verb to be . Again, the order remains true.
ubject erb (to be) bject
ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤗꤢ꤬ ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤖꤢꤨ
va˧ ma˨ ʂjo˦li˨ho˧pʰu˦
I am student
I am a student.

2) Content to Stay Put (Indirect Objects)
ut, one difference between English and Kayah i sentence order is where the Indirect
bject (I ) comes. or e ample, the Indirect bject of the sentence ‘ e showed his
pictures to us’ is ‘to us’. In English, the Indirect bject can be moved around and still
result in a grammatical sentence. or e ample, we can say, e showed his pictures to
us or e showed us his pictures. ut in Kayah i, the Indirect bject (‘to us’) doesn’t
like getting moved around so it must always occur before the the irect bject (‘his
pictures’). o, in Kayah, you must say e showed us his pictures. ere’s how that
would look:
ubject erb Phrase Indirect Object irect bject
ꤢ꤬ ꤘꤛꤢꤩꤜꤟꤌꤣ꤭ꤕꤟꤢꤩ ꤟꤢ꤬ ꤢ꤬ ꤐꤟꤢꤐꤟꤥ꤬
a˨ dje˦lɯ̤ ˧pe̤ ˦ pɛ̤ ˨ a˨ a̤˦ o̤˨
he show.for us his pictures
He showed us his pictures.

ere’s another e ample In English, we can say, ‘I will give a gift to you’ or ‘I will give
you a gift’ but in Kayah, we must say, ‘I will give you a gift.’ The Indirect bject ‘(to)
you’ must come before the irect bject ‘gift.’
ubject erb Phrase Indirect Object irect bject
ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢꤦ ꤘꤛꤢꤩ ꤟꤢ꤬ ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤐꤟꤢꤨ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭
va˧ kɯ̤˦ dje˦ ne̤ ˨ ʃje˦˦ ˦ pa̤˧
I will give you gift future tense
I will give you a gift.

3) Popcorn On A String (Verbs)

‘ e is going to get some food and bring it back to eat.’ That’s a nice English sentence
but quite challenging for a non-native speaker of English to learn. It’s much easier
to say that same sentence in Kayah because you can string all the verbs together like
popcorn on a string and forget about all those small grammatical nuisances such as ‘ing’
‘to’ ‘it’. or e ample, to say that your friend is ‘going to get some food and bring it back
home to eat,’ you simple say:

ꤢ꤬ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤖꤛꤢꤩ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬ ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤔꤟꤤ ꤢ꤬ꤏꤢꤧ꤬ꤢꤩ꤬

a˨ d ɯ˦ pʰje˦ ka̤˨ e˨ ni̤ ˦ a˨sʰɛ˨e˨
e goes takes returns eats gets his.food
He goes and gets his food and brings it back to eat.

ften, only two or three popcorn verbs are strung together, though as you can see in the
sentence above, we have five verbs in one clause. When verbs are strung together, they
are technically called serial (think ‘series’) verbs. ut that’s mumbo-jumbo so we’ll avoid
using that word.

ow, let’s take one verb and show how you can build on it with more verbs.
English Kayah Equivalent
go ꤡꤛꤣ
d ɯ˦

go enter in ꤡꤛꤣ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭

d ɯ˦ nɯ̤ ˧
go enter

go in and get it ꤡꤛꤣ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤖꤛꤢꤩ

d ɯ˦ nɯ̤ ˧ pʰje˦
go enter take

go in and get it and bring it back ꤡꤛꤣ ꤔꤟꤌꤣ꤭ ꤖꤛꤢꤩ ꤊꤟꤢ꤬

d ɯ˦ nɯ̤ ˧ pʰje˦ ka̤˨
go enter take return

o, remember, within a phrase, don’t interrupt the verbs ike friends, they stick
together side by side.
4) Feeling Tense (Verb Tenses)
Kayah i has several verb tenses for Past, Present and uture and this overview is only
going to cover the basics. or our discussion below, you will see three ways in which
tense is communicated in Kayah followed by e ample sentences.

Kayah tense is marked (or unmarked) by:

1) Present, Past and Future Tense Markers
a. imple Present Tense
ꤢ꤬ ꤖꤥ꤭ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤘꤤ꤭
a˨ pʰo˧e˨ di˧
she cooks rice
She is cooking rice.

ꤢ꤬ ꤥ꤬ꤗꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤕꤢ꤭ ꤕꤚꤢꤧ

a˨ o˨mje˧ pa˧ prɛ˦
he sleeps still just
He is still sleeping. (to communicate that something is still ongoing, /pa˧/ ‘still’ is added)

ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ ꤚꤥ꤭ꤚꤥ꤭ ꤢ꤬ ꤢꤩ꤬ꤚꤟꤥ꤬ ꤘꤤ꤭

pwo̤ ˧ro˧ro˧ a˨ e˨ro̤˨ di˧
every morning he eats.early rice
He eats breakfast early every morning.

b. Past Tense Markers
Note the following markers:
prepositional time phrase at the ꤘꤣ ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ dә˦ kʰɛ˧
beginning of a phrase meaning
‘when .time (past)
prepositional time phrase at the ꤙꤤ ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ bi˦ kʰɛ˧
beginning of a phrase meaning
‘when .time (past)
finished ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ tʰɯ ˧

completely finished ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ tʰɯ ˧hɔ˦

already finished but ongoing and ꤟꤢꤪ hɔ˦

emphasi ing ‘already’ ꤟꤢꤪ ꤟꤢꤪ hɔ˦ hɔ˦

suffi on a verb which is similar -ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ -kja˧

to English past ‘-ed’

et’s look at some e amples of past tense:

ꤢ꤬ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤡꤟꤢꤧ ꤢ꤭ꤔꤛꤣ꤬ ꤢ꤬ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤓꤛ ꤭ꤟꤢꤪ ꤘꤣ ꤊꤢꤨ꤭ꤜꤢ꤭ꤊꤟꤢꤩ ꤟꤢꤪ
də˦ a˨ pa˨d ɛ˦kʰɛ˧nɯ ˨ a˨ d ɯ˦ tʰɯᵊ˧hɔ˦ dә˦ ku˧la˧ke̤˦ hɔ˦
when he child.time.that he went comp.already to England already
When he was a child, he went to England.

ere is an e ample using the suffi -ꤊꤛꤢ꤭ -/kja˧/ which is similar to the ‘-ed’ suffi in English.
ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤏꤝꤤꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤛꤢ꤭ ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤋꤢꤨ꤭ꤢꤨꤚꤣ꤬ ꤚꤢꤪ ꤢ꤬ ꤞꤛꤢꤩꤊ꤭ ꤛꤢ꤭
tɛ̤˨ʃwi˦ta˨nja˧ bɛ˨ kʰu˧u˨rә˨ rɔ˦ a˨ ʂje˧kja˧
Malaria hit/affected Khu oreh and/so he died (die.past)
Malaria hit/affected Khu Oo Reh and he died.

ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤓꤛ ꤭ ꤟꤢꤪ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤪꤜꤤ꤭

va˧ e˨ tʰɯᵊ˧ hɔ˦ di˧mɔ̤li˧
I eat finish already rice morning
I ate breakfast already.

c. uture Tense Markers
Note the following markers:
will/about to (immediate future) ꤊꤟꤢꤦ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ kɯ̤˧ (pa̤˧)

future ꤊꤟꤢꤦꤚꤟꤢꤩ kɯ̤˦re̤˦

about to/immediate future ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ pa̤ ˧

et’s look at some e amples of future tense:

ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤘꤣ ꤟꤥ꤭
va˧ kɯ̤˧ d ɯ˦ dә˦ ho˧
I will go to school
I will go to school. (immediate future)

ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢ ꤟꤢ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤘꤣ ꤟꤥ꤭

va˧ kɯ̤˦re̤ ˦ d ɯ˦ dә˦ ho˧
I about to go to school
I am about to go to school. (immediate future)

ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤊꤟꤢ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤘꤣ ꤟꤥ꤭ ꤟꤢ꤭

va˧ kɯ̤˧ d ɯ˦ dә˦ ho˧ pa̤ ˧
I will go to school fut. mkr
I will go to school. (future, not immediate)

ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤕꤢ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤘꤣ ꤠꤟꤤ꤭ꤊꤢꤨ ꤟꤢ꤭

ʃje˦pa˨ro˧ va˧ d ɯ˦ dә˦ vi̤ ˧ku˦ pa̤ ˧
tomorrow I go to city fut.
Tomorrow, I will go to the city.

2) Time vocabulary related to past, present and future.
Time vocabulary such as ‘yesterday,’ ‘tomorrow,’ ‘in the future,’ are also helpful in
determining tense.

English Time Kayah Phonetic

Vocabulary Description
Past Time
in the past/formerly ꤘꤣꤔꤢꤨ꤬ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ dә˦nu˨kʰɛ˦

yesterday ꤕꤟꤢꤟꤢꤩꤔꤢꤨ꤬ pa̤ ˦he˦nu˨

when/at time ꤘꤣ ꤋꤢꤧ꤭ dә kʰɛ˦

Present Time
often ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭ꤒꤢ꤬ꤗꤥ꤭ ta˨mo˧ta˨mo˧

always ꤕꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤖꤟꤌꤣ pɯ̤ ˧pʰɯ̤ ˦pʰɯ̤ ˦

usually ꤢꤧꤒꤢ꤬ꤊꤤ꤬ ɛ˦ta˨ki˨

sometimes ꤒꤢ꤬ꤖꤟꤌꤣꤒꤢ꤬ꤋꤛꤢ꤬ ta˨pʰɯ̤ ˦ta˨kʰja˨

Future Time
in the future ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤔꤥ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ ʃje˦no˨pa̤˧

tomorrow ꤏꤛꤢꤩꤕꤢ꤬ꤚꤥ꤭ ʃje˦pa˨ro˧

later future ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ ʃje˦ pa̤ ˧

ne t year ꤔꤢ꤬ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ na˨bɛ˨pa̤˧

3) Context:
nfortunately, for the non-native speaker, this means that the listener is able to
distinguish whether something was in the past, in the present or will happen in the
future by the conte t of what they hear. This, of course, requires becoming familiar
with Kayah.
ote the following e ample question followed by a response. The past tense is not
marked in the response because it is known by conte t.

ꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ꤭ ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤘꤤ꤭ꤊꤜꤝꤤꤞꤢꤧ꤬ ꤛꤢꤩ꤭

u˧pe˧ e˨ di˧klwi˦ʂɛ˨ je˧
Who eats bananas this
Who ate the bananas?

ꤓꤢꤩ꤭ꤚꤢꤧ꤬ ꤢꤩ꤬
tʰɛ˧re˨ e˨
te Reh eats
Hte Reh ate (them).
5) Floating on Air (Yes & No Questions)
If you have access to a Kayah person, get them to ask you the following question
several times in succession: Will you go with me isten to the final airy word at the
end of the sentence ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭ /ɛ̤˧/. It sounds a bit like if you said air in a breathy oating
way without the ‘r’. This is what is called a E - uestion Marker ( M) in
Kayah i. The Kayah language uses this word at the end of a question in which they are
e pecting a response of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. English doesn’t have a yes-no question marker.
In natural speech, English speakers use a rising intonation at the end of a sentence to
indicate they are asking a question. In written form, they use a question mark. ut, the
Kayah are more interesting and they use this breathy ‘air.’
ompare the following clause which is then rewritten as a question. This was done by
simply adding ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭ /ɛ̤˧/ to the end of the clause in the second e ample.
ꤢꤧ꤬ ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ ꤟꤤ ꤘꤤ꤭
ɛ̤˨ e˨ tʰɯ ˧ hɔ˦ di˧
e eat completed already rice
He has eaten.

ꤢꤧ꤬ ꤢꤩ꤬ ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ ꤟꤤ ꤘꤤ꤭ ꤟꤟꤢ꤭?

ɛ̤˨ e˨ tʰɯ ˧ hɔ˦ di˧ ɛ̤
e eat completed already rice Q-mker
Has he eaten?

The question marker ꤟꤟꤢꤧ꤭ /ɛ̤˧/ is only used for ‘yes-no’ answer question so don’t try to
use it if you are asking a question that requires an answer to a where, when, what, why
and how question That’s a different word which we will now talk about.

6) What, Where, When, Who, Why & How Questions

or questions such as what, where, when, why and how, speakers use the suffi ‘-ꤒꤢꤩ’꤭ /-
te˧/. The only odd question word is ‘who ’, where speakers use the suffi ‘-ꤕꤢꤩ’꤭ /-pe˧/.
ee e amples below.

Question Word Kayah Equivalent Where Do You Put It?

What ꤒꤤ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ at the end of the sentence can also be
ti˧te˧ shortened to ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ ‘te˧’ or ꤤ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ ‘i˧te˧’
Where ꤙꤤꤒꤢꤩ꤭ at the end of the sentence (usually)
When ꤙꤢꤪꤋꤢꤧ꤭ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ at the end of the sentence
Who ꤢꤨ꤭ꤕꤢꤩ꤭ at the end of the sentence
Why ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ occurs at either the beginning or
me̤ ˨te˧ end of the sentence
How ꤖꤢꤨꤒꤢꤩ꤭ at the end of the sentence
Here is one example of each of the six Question words:

What ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤤ꤭ ꤢ꤭?

ne̤ ˨ me̤ ˨ i˧te˧
you do what
What are you doing

Where ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤟꤤ꤬ ꤥ꤬ ꤤ ꤢ꤭?

ne̤ ˨ hi˨ o˨ bi˦te˧
you house is where
Where is your house

When ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤋꤥ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤧ꤭ ꤓꤛꤣ꤭ ꤢꤪ ꤢ꤭ ꤢ꤭?

ne̤ ˨ kʰo˧mɛ̤˧ tʰɯ ˧ bɔ˦kʰɛ˧te˧
you marry already when
When did you get married
Who ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤗꤝꤟꤤ꤬ ꤔꤢ ꤢꤨ꤭ ꤢ꤭?
ne̤ ˨ mwi̤ ˨ na˦ u˧pe˧
you name with who
What (who) is your name

Why #1 ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤘꤣ ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ ꤒꤥ꤬ ꤗꤢ꤬ ꤟꤢ꤬ ꤢ꤭?

ne̤ ˨ d ɯ˦ dә˦ ʂwo˦li˨ho˧ to˨ ma˨ me̤ ˨te˧
you go to school (neg) is why
Why don’t you go to school

Why #2 ꤟꤢ꤬ ꤢ꤭ ꤢꤪ ꤔꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤘꤣ ꤞꤛꤥꤜꤤꤟꤥ꤭ ꤒꤥ꤬?

me̤ ˨te˧rɔ˦ ne̤ ˨ d ɯ˦ dә˦ ʂwo˦li˨ho˧ to˨
why you go to school (neg)
Why don’t you go to school

ote in the e amples above that ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤒꤢꤩ꤭ /me̤ ˨te˧/ ‘why’ can occur at the beginning or
end of a sentence.
How ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤒꤥ꤭ ꤚꤢ꤭ ꤜꤤ꤬ ꤢꤨ ꤢ꤭?
va˧ to˧ ra˧ li˨ pʰu˦te˧
I should write letter how
How should I write the letter

7) Just Say No (Negatives)
a. You’re smart…not!
The Kayah have used the English colloquial way of joking by adding the word ‘not’ to
the end of the sentence hundreds of years before English speakers ever used it. urther,
putting ‘not’ at the end of the sentence is perfectly grammatical in Kayah as opposed
to English where it is T. till, it seems a bit unkind to get someone’s hopes up by
saying something like I love you (yeah!) T
ere’s are two e amples of ꤒꤥ꤬ /to˨/ ‘not’:
ubject erb Phrase NEGATION
ꤢ꤬ ꤡꤛꤣ ꤤ꤬ꤜꤟꤌꤣꤓꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤥ꤬
a˨ d ɯ˦ i˨lɯ̤ tʰje˧ to˨
He go bathe not
He didn’t go to take a bath.

ubject erb Phrase NEGATION

ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤡꤟꤢꤪ꤭ ꤕꤢꤩ ꤥ꤬
va˧ d ɔ̤˧ pe˦ to˨
I lift overcome/win not
I am unable to lift it.

b. Please Don’t Do That!

on’t is an important word to be able to use productively if you are helping Kayah
refugees resettle in a new home and community where so many things are new or
different. or e ample, on’t stick your hand into the sink food disposal.
To say ‘don’t ‘ in Kayah is actually a bit comple because it includes two words ꤒꤢꤧ/꤭ tɛ˧/
and ꤒꤢꤧ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ /tɛ˧me̤˨/ and they occur in different parts of the clause. orry about that.
elow are some e amples using ꤒꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤢꤧ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ / tɛ˧ tɛ˧me̤˨/ ‘don’t’ to illustrate. In the
first two e amples, the first ꤒꤢꤧ꤭ /tɛ˧/ is not necessary because the clause is only made
up of a verb without a noun phrase present. ut in the second two e amples, generally
when a noun or even a whole clause comes after the verb, then you must adhere to the
structure ꤒꤢꤧ꤭ ꤒꤢꤧ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ / tɛ˧ tɛ˧me̤˨/ ‘don’t’.
erb eg.
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤢ꤭ ꤟꤢ ꤔꤤ
me̤ ˨ tɛ˧me̤ ˦ ni˦
do neg particle (softening the directive)
Don’t do that.

erb eg.
ꤍꤟꤌꤣ ꤢ꤭ ꤟꤢ ꤔꤤ
ŋɯ̤ ˦ tɛ˧me̤ ˦ ni˦
cry neg particle (softening)
Don’t cry.

7) Just Say No (Negatives) cont.
erb eg. eg
ꤞꤢꤧꤤ꤬ꤏꤢꤩ꤭ ꤢ꤭ ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤢ꤭ ꤟꤢ ꤔꤤ
ʂɛ˦i˨ʃe˧ tɛ˧ la˨hja˧ tɛ˧me̤ ˨ ni˦
afraid/fear neg (don’t) all (people) neg (don’t) particle (softening)
Don’t be afraid.

erb eg. eg
ꤗꤟꤢꤩ꤬ꤘꤤꤘꤛꤢ꤭ ꤕꤟꤢ꤭ ꤢ꤭ ꤏꤤ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤩ ꤢ꤭ ꤟꤢ꤬
me̤ ˨di˦dja˧ pa̤˧ tɛ˧ ʃi˧pre̤˦ tɛ˧me̤ ˨
bother future neg (don’t) guest neg (don’t)
Don’t bother the guest.

ꤒꤢꤧ꤭ /tɛ˧/always follows the verb with the final ꤒꤢꤧ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩ /tɛ˧me̤˨/ coming after the noun
or at the end of the clause.
8) The Powerful Nominalizer* (Making Nouns)
*(mumbo-jumbo word that refers to changing some Kayah verbs or adjectives into nouns)
In English, to make a noun out of the verb ‘accomplish’, we add the suffi ‘-ment’
and get ‘accomplishment.’ Wah-lah We now have a noun. f course, this is not a rule
that can be applied across the board in English, but the same idea happens in Kayah,
E EPT that it occurs by adding one small prefi to the beginning of the verb or
adjective. The prefi is ‘ꤒꤟꤢꤧ-꤬ ’ /tɛ̤-˨/ (it roughly means ‘thing(s)’) and it has the power
to turn Kayah verbs and adjectives into nouns. ust like in English, it doesn’t work on
every word, but it’s always worth a try.
Here are some examples to demonstrate the nominalizer’s (‘ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ -’ /tɛ̤-˨/) power on verbs:
VERB Add the prefix ‘ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
/tɛ̤-˨/ and it becomes
ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ-꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤟꤢꤩꤙꤢꤧ꤬
he˦bɛ˨ tɛ̤-˨ tɛ̤-˨he˦bɛ˨
speak speech (speaking)

ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ-꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤒꤢ꤬ꤔꤟꤢꤩ꤬

ta˨ne̤˨ tɛ̤-˨ tɛ̤-˨ta˨ne̤˨
think thought
ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ-꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤞꤛꤢꤩ꤭
ʂje˦ tɛ̤-˨ tɛ̤-˨ʂje˦
die death
ꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ-꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤥ꤬ꤓꤝꤟꤥ꤭ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬
o˨tʰwo˦prɛ̤˨ tɛ̤-˨ tɛ̤-˨o˨tʰwo˦prɛ̤˨
live life
ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ-꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤥꤤ꤬ꤞꤛꤢ꤭
i˨ʂwo˦i˨ʂja˧ tɛ̤-˨ tɛ̤-˨i˨ʂwo˦i˨ʂja˧
teach teaching/lesson
Here are a few more examples to demonstrate the nominalizer’s
(‘ꤒꤟꤢꤧ-꤬ ’ /tɛ̤-˨/) power on adjectives:
ADJECTIVE Add the prefix ‘ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬
/tɛ̤-˨/ and it becomes
ꤚꤛꤢ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ-꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤚꤛꤢ
rja˦ tɛ̤-˨ tɛ̤-˨rja˦
good goodness

ꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ-꤬ ꤒꤟꤢꤧ꤬ꤗꤢꤨ꤭ꤗꤟꤛꤢ

mu˧mja̤˦ tɛ̤-˨ tɛ̤-˨mu˧mja̤˦
ugly ugliness

9) The –er and -est Factors (Creating Comparatives)

What if I want to say, I’m stronger (read “more buff”), cuter, and smarter than you And
you, well you are weaker, uglier and dumber than me Well, of course, those are not
really nice things to say so we shouldn’t say them, but the principle for adding er is
still the same and you can then make your own kinder sentences. Kayah i uses the
same suffi for er and est words (i.e. stronger/strongest, smarter/smartest, weaker/weakest)
distinguishing their meaning through additional emphasis words or conte t.
-ꤜꤣ /lә˦/ ‘-er/-est’ is the suffi that one adds to an adjective such as small, great, happy,
sad, etc. to get smaller/smallest, greater/greatest, happier/happiest, etc. Additional
structures based on -ꤜꤣ /lә˦/ are -ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤜꤣ /klɔ˧lә˦/ or -ꤜꤣꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ / lә˦klɔ˧ /.
Here are a few more examples to demonstrate the nominalizer’s
(‘ꤒꤟꤢꤧ-꤬ ’ /tɛ̤-˨/) power on adjectives:
Adjective Add the suffix - ꤜꤣ /lә˦/ Comparative
and it becomes
ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤ -ꤜꤣ ꤕꤢ꤬ꤒꤤꤜ
pa˨ti˦ -lә˦ pa˨ti˦lә˦
small smaller/smallest
ꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨ꤬ -ꤜ ꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨꤜ

a˨du˨ -lә˦ a˨du˨lә˦
Or add:
-ꤜ ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ ꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨꤜ
꤬ ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭
-lә˦klɔ˧ a˨du˨lә˦klɔ˧

-ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤜ ꤢ꤬ꤘꤢꤨꤊ꤬ ꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤜ

-klɔ˧lә˦ a˨du˨klɔ˧lә˦
Here is how -ꤜꤣ /lә˦/ is used in a sentence:
ꤜꤢꤨ꤬ꤜꤢꤩꤔꤛꤣ꤬ ꤢ꤬ ꤢꤨ꤬ꤊꤜꤢꤪ꤭ꤜ ꤢ ꤢ꤬ꤙꤛꤢ꤬ꤡꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤣ꤬ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ ꤒꤥ꤬
lu˨le˦nɯ ˨ a˨du˨klɔ˧ə˦ na˦ a˨bja˨d ɛ˨ tә˨prɛ̤˨ to˨
servant.that greater than his.master no one
No servant is greater than his master. (John 13:16)

10) Mother-Father Words
ow here’s something you won’t find in English but it’s extremely prolific in Kayah i.
Mother-father words are rich, full and sweet to the Kayah people’s ears. A mother-father
word most commonly consists of four syllables of which the first and third syllable are
usually the same.

Here’s an example for the word ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤬ ‘to tell a lie’:

syllable 1 syllable 2 syllable 3 syllable 4
ꤜꤢ꤬ ꤟꤥ꤭ ꤜꤢ꤬ ꤟꤛꤢ꤬
la˨ ho˧ la˨ hja˨

to lie

ote that the first and third syllables are the same. Also, you can always use a shortened
version of the mother-father word by using only the mother part, the first two syllables
of the word (though this is not a definitive rule). In the above e ample, we can just use
the shortened version of ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤥ꤭ /la˨ho˧/ ‘to lie’ in a sentence but the second half of the
mother-father word (ꤜꤢ꤬ꤟꤛꤢ꤬ /la˨hja˨/) cannot be used by itself.
Here are some more examples of mother-father words:
syllable 1 syllable 2 syllable 3 syllable 4
ꤛꤢ ꤡꤟꤛꤢ꤭ ꤛꤢ ꤡꤟꤢ꤬
kʰja˦ d je̤˧ kʰja˦ d ɯ̤˨

experience severity experience severity

to experience persecution or suffering

syllable 1 syllable 2 syllable 3 syllable 4

ꤟꤢ꤬ ꤊꤟꤢ ꤟꤢ꤬ ꤢ
me̤ ˨ kɯ̤˦ me̤ ˨ kʰa˦

do business do business

to carry on business

syllable 1 syllable 2 syllable 3 syllable 4

ꤢ ꤓꤢ꤬ ꤢ ꤟꤢ꤭
ʂɛ˦ tʰe˨ ʂɛ˦ ʂɛ˦

spirit/soul exit spirit/soul boldness/confidence

to hate

11) Sorry, That’s Classified. (Quantifiers and Classifiers)
In English, if we analy e the sentence, ‘Today, I lost four pens,’ we can see that the
number of pens ‘four’ precedes the noun ‘pens.’ o we could write a rule like this: In
English, quantity precedes the noun that it is referring to. ut, in Kayah, they not only
use quantifiers like ‘four’ but you must also classify the noun you are referring to with
special words called classifiers. or e ample, ‘pens’ are thin and long so they fall
under a special category written as ꤙꤥ꤭ / /bo˧/. ther things (nouns) that are classified by
ꤙꤥ꤭ / /bo˧/ are staff, rod, road, and river because these all things that are long and thin.
(English does not use a classifier system.)

Here are some examples of Kayah classifiers: (this list is not exhaustive but you can see
more in the dictionary under “Classifiers”)
Kayah Classifier Phonetic Transcription Classification For
-ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭ dɯ̤ ˧ four-footed animals

-ꤢꤨ u˦ books

-ꤙꤢꤧ꤬ bɛ˨ fish, leaves, money, birds

-ꤗꤢꤩ꤭ me˧ larger items, fruit, house

-ꤕꤚꤟꤢꤧ꤬ prɛ̤˨ people

-ꤗꤟꤢꤪ mɔ̤˦ plants, trees, owers

-ꤢꤪ꤬ ɔ˨ pool, lake, well

o, let’s say we wanted to write ‘five cats’. In Kayah, the noun ‘cats’ comes first,
then the quantifier ‘five’ and then the classifier for four footed animals /dɯ̤ ˧/. This is
represented in the e ample below.
oun uantifier lassifier
ꤓꤛꤥ ꤑꤟꤢ꤭ ꤘꤟꤌꤣ꤭
tʰwo˦ ɲa̤˧ dɯ̤ ˧
cats five classifier for -footed animals
five cats

ut, what if the sentence is longer and a little more complicated

In the case of our e ample above (‘Today, I lost four pens’), in Kayah, it would look like this:
P Quantifier and
ꤛꤢꤩ꤭ꤒꤣ꤬ꤑꤢꤩ꤭ ꤠꤢ꤭ ꤜꤤ꤬ꤙꤥ꤭ ꤒꤟꤢ꤭ꤗꤟꤢꤩꤊꤛꤢ꤭ ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ ꤙꤥ꤭
je˧tә˨ɲe˧ va˧ li˨bo˧ ta̤˧me̤˦kja˧ lwi̤ ˧ bo˧
Today my pen lost four (classifier of lengthy things)
Today I lost four pens.

otice that the noun ‘pen’ and ‘four long slim things’ are actually separated by the verb
‘lost’. ere is where I suggest that after you have learned some Kayah i language, you
might want to make some easy drills to practice getting the right order of a clause such
as the one above.
12) Do Re Mi Fa So (More on Tones)
Though tones were covered in the beginning of the dictionary, we will review them
again here. As was e plained already, English does not have tones but the Kayah i
language does. The Kayah i language is a tonal language with tones (low-tone, mid-tone,
mid-high tone and high tone) which are represented with the following Kayah and phonetic
Tones Kayah Symbol Phonetic Representation
(under the vowel)
Low Tone ꤬ ˨

Mid Tone ꤭ ˧

Mid-High Tone unmarked ˦

High Tone (rarely used) ˥

What ARE tones and can we just ignore them ike o Re Mi a o, each tone is
different from each other and causes a word to change in meaning depending on how
you say it. o, if you are saying a word with a low tone, you would seek to voice the
word at a lower level. If you are saying a word with a mid-high tone, you will hear
the word pronounced at a higher register. ou may be thinking, This is sounding too
complicated, let’s just ignore the tones. There are several problems with that approach.
) Kayah people will find it difficult to understand what you are saying, ) you will
never sound natural and ) you may say some funny or, at the worst, offensive things
by simply saying certain words with the wrong tones. o, take the time to sit down with
a Kayah i speaker and spend time listening and practicing a variety of words with the
different tones.

or e ample, let’s take the Kayah word ꤞꤢꤨ /ʂu/ and add low tone, mid tone or mid-high
tone to the word. Ask a Kayah person to say each word while you listen closely for the
slight differences in voice register. After listening to the differences, ask them to repeat
each word as you point to it and try to imitate their pronunciation and tone.

Low Tone Mid Tone Mid-High Tone

ꤞꤢꤨ꤬ ꤞꤢꤨ꤭ ꤞꤢꤨ
ʂu˨ ʂu˧ /ʂu˦/
lungs send fat oil