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Boiler Steam line
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Location: I10/3 Islamabad Examiner or test centre: Naqqash Sajid

WPQR No.: 01 Method of preparation and cleaning: Mechanical processing
Welder qualification: TIG welder Processing the root weld: Mechanical processing
Welding process: 141-2-(TIG) Parent material specification: Group no ISO 15608:
Joint type: see specific joint details SA-53 Type F 11.1
Customer: Siddique ice
Order no.: 02 Material thickness: 3 mm
Drawing no.: 02 Outside diameter: 100 mm
Part no.: 02 Welding position: PA
Dimensions: Joint design Welding sequence

Welding details
Welding pass Process Ø weld Gas Current Voltage Current / Wire feed rate Travel speed Heat input
filler Polarity
A Root pass 141-2 3 mm Gas-1 Start: 100 A =/+
End: 150 A
Welding filler / welding flux Special regulations for drying
Process Designation Ø weld filler Brand name Manufacturer Time Temperature
141 EN ISO 2560-A - E 42 0 RR 53 3 mm OK Femax 33.60 ESAB
Shielding gas
Type Brand name Manufacturer Volume Pre-purge time Post-purge
Gas-1 Shielding: I1-Ar 9.4 l/min
Further information
Parameter Value Weld bead form stringer and weave
A Tungsten electrode WLa 15, Ø 3 mm Preheat temperature: 10 °C
A Nozzle /gas cup size 1/2" Interpass temperature: 300 °C
Date, prepared: Date, checked: Date, released:
9/12/2019 Naqqash Sajid 9/12/2019 Naqqash Sajid 9/12/2019 Naqqash Sajid
Signature Signature Signature

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