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Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq "1,421,933"

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In U.S.

War And Occupation Of Iraq 4,745

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan

: 2,209

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan


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Key Articles

Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President

The president's real goal in Iraq

The Project for the New American Century.

The Plan is for the United States to rule the world.

America's War for Global Domination:

Will Iran Be Next?

Memo: Bush made intel fit Iraq policy

Secret Downing Street Memo

UK Ministers Knew WMD Was "Excuse"

Leaked Cabinet Office paper

Poll: U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006

Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map? - Does He Deny The

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"Incentive" Or "Threat"

U.S. Offers Israel $3 billion For Illegal Settlement Construction Freeze

By Barak Ravid and Natasha Mozgovaya

Netanyahu presents security cabinet with Clinton's incentive of 20 F-35

fighter planes and security guarantees in exchange for 90-day West Bank
building moratorium. Continue

Justice Department Prepares for Expansion of Law Prohibiting ‘Material

Support’ for Terrorism

By Michael Deutsch
The U.S. government is now moving on political groups and activists who are
clearly exercising fundamental First Amendment rights in vocally opposing
the government’s branding of foreign liberation movements as terrorist and
support their struggles against U.S. backed repressive regimes and illegal
occupations. Continue

The Torturers Revisited

By Paul Balles

Torturing untried prisoners is by no means an exclusive province of America.


Quantitative Easing Explained

Must Watch Short Video

What the Federal Reserve is up to, and how we got here. Continue

It’s Official: Rich Declare War on the Middle Class

By Robert Freeman

Western capitalist economies are declining at a pace that is frightening their

elite stewards and compelling such desperate, slovenly measures as the
wholesale printing of money to postpone the inevitable. Continue

Chris Hedges: The Death of the Liberal Class

Video Interview - Gritt TV

"We have a choice," says Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Chris
Hedges. "You can either be complicit in your own enslavement or you can
lead a life that has some kind of integrity and meaning." Continue

The Mythical United States of America

Rushing into Backwardness

By Prof. John Kozy

Today's United States of America is a seventeenth century nation adorned

with twenty first century trinkets, many deadly. Instead of being as it claims
"the leader of the free world," it is a backward authoritarian pre-
enlightenment reactionary regime. Continue

Nazis Were Given 'Safe haven' in U.S., Report Says


Report provides new evidence about notorious Nazi cases; government trying
to keep it under wraps. Continue

Bush Didn't Write No Damn Book

By Ahamad Amr

I'm just saying that the ex-president was in no mental state to write a book -
certainly not a book of this size. The entire book was probably farmed out to
some Neo-con boiler room operation. Continue

US Students Protest IDF Soldiers Campus Visit -


Two IDF soldiers came to the University of Michigan campus, community

members collectively engaged in a silent walk-out in memory and in
solidarity with all of the silenced Palestinian children that were killed by the
IDF during Israel's most recent offensive on the Gaza Strip. Continu

Five NATO occupation force troops killed as Afghanistan violence soars: Five
troops serving with the NATO-led force in Afghanistan were killed on Sunday,
including three in a clash with insurgents in the east, the coalition said, one
of the worst daily tolls in a month.

At Least Three Civilians' Killed In Afghan Attacks: Kandahar, provincial

government spokesman Zalmai Ayoubi said a motorcycle bomb attack today
killed two people.

Afghan Resistance Torch 12 Nato Tankers: Anti occupation forces have set
fire to a convoy of Nato fuel tankers in eastern Afghanistan In the same area
on the edge of Jalalabad city where a group of would-be suicide bombers
tried to storm a Nato base on November 13,

Karzai wants U.S. to reduce military operations in Afghanistan: President

Hamid Karzai said on Saturday that the United States must reduce the
visibility and intensity of its military operations in Afghanistan and end the
increased U.S. Special Operations forces night raids that aggravate Afghans
and could exacerbate the Taliban insurgency.

Afghanistan - behind enemy lines: : Taliban's grip is far stronger than the
West will admit
Propaganda alert:: Britain's top soldier says al-Qaeda cannot be beaten: The
new head of Britain's armed forces, Gen Sir David Richards, has warned that
the West cannot defeat al-Qaeda and militant Islam.

Preparing for war? U.S. to store more weapons in Israel: The new equipment,
which will arrive in Israel over the next two years, will be available to Israel in
the event of an emergency. It will bring to $1.2 billion the amount of
American military equipment being stockpiled in Israel by 2012.

Warning of new era of surveillance state: Britain is heading for a new

surveillance state of unmanned spy drones, GPS tracking of employees and
profiling through social networking sites, the information watchdog has

Drug expert claims David Kelly was murdered: An experienced clinical

pharmacologist, says he has told Thames Valley Police it is not possible Dr
Kelly could have swallowed more than a ‘safe’ dose of two coproxamol
tablets because there was so little in his system after death.

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed will be held in military prison without a trial

indefinitely: report: A trial - civilian or military - is not expected to happen
before the next presidential election, the Washington Post reported Saturday.
The Obama administration apparently fears backlash will come from either

Detention without trial: Burmese leader freed after years under house arrest:
Pro-democracy Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been released by her
nation's military government after spending 15 of the past 21 years in
detention without trial.

Body-Searching Children: No for the US Army, Yes for the TSA: A US Army
staff sergeant, now serving in Afghanistan, writes about the new enhanced
pat-down procedure from the TSA
We Won't Fly: Take Action: Defeat the Scanners and Gropers: “the scans are
detailed enough to identify a person’s gender… to identify a passenger’s
surgery scars, or to discern whether a woman is on her menstrual cycle or

National Opt-Out Day Called Against Invasive Body Scanners “No naked body
scanners, no government-approved groping. We have a right to privacy, and
buying a plane ticket should not mean that we’re guilty until proven

Bank Failures This Year Reach 146: Ameris Bancorp purchased two shuttered
Georgia banks and regulators closed a third in Arizona as the 2010 failure toll
climbed to 146.

Ireland denies €60bn bail-out talk as EU puts on pressure: The Irish

Government has been forced to make a second denial in two days that it is
preparing to go to the EU for a multi-billion euro bail-out.

Ireland's young flee abroad as economic meltdown looms: Many young

people are seeking to emigrate rather than face a life of hardship as the
republic lurches towards financial collapse

November 13, 2010

Eric Cantor's Pledge of Allegiance

By Glenn Greenwald

Soon-to-be GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor met on Wednesday with
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - and vowed that he and his GOP
colleagues would protect and defend Israeli interests against his own
Government. Continue

Bush: Mubarak Wanted Me To Invade Iraq

By Mohammad Sagha

While the Arab street was firmly opposed to American intervention in Iraq,
Arab heads of states were quietly and secretly either encouraging or tacitly
endorsing allegations that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Continue

Bush's Waterboarding Admission Prompts Calls For Criminal Probe

By Dan Froomkin

"The former President's acknowledgment that he authorized torture is

absolutely without parallel in American history," the group wrote in its letter
to Holder. Continue

Obama is President of Extra-judicial Killing: Guantánamo Inmate

By Mary Fitzgerald

“We say that Bush was the president of torture, but Obama is the president
of extra-judicial killing. The difference between the two is that while one used
to extra-judicially detain people, the other has gone a step further and extra-
judicially kills them.” Continue

Welcome to America

TSA Screener Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint

Can You Believe This Video?

Click to view


By Doug Hornig

A computer program that trawls phone conversations, emails, and social

networking sites looking for any signs of resentment of the government.

Border Region Poverty

Women Begin Day 4 of White House Hunger Strike

By R. M. Arrieta

The women, from the group La Mujer Obrera (LMO), launched the action to do
more than just protest the violence and poverty in the Southwest border
region. Continue

Bank of America Is in Deep Trouble

There May Be Financial Disaster on the Horizon

By Joshua Holland

Its stock value has dropped 40 percent since April, and the bank is mum on
what losses it's hiding on its $2.3 trillion balance sheet. Continue

Saturday: US kills another 5 people in Pakistan: : Some reports said the dead
were suspected militants while Geo News channel quoted its sources as
saying that they were local tribesmen.

Friday: US Kills 6 People In Pakistan: : Pakistani intelligence officials said

three U.S. drone aircraft launched six missiles and struck a house in the North
Waziristan region,

2 NATO tankers set ablaze in Pakistan: Unknown militants have attacked two
more NATO tankers in southwestern Balochistan province in Pakistan amid
concerns of the rise of such incidents.

Obama ignores facts: It is really disappointing to note the ease with which
Obama ignored India’s own human-rights violations and merciless killings of
the stone-throwing Kashmiri youths in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

10 killed in Afghan market bombing: 10 people, including three children, were

killed in a motorcycle bombing in a market in a remote area of northern
Afghanistan in an attack apparently targeting a local pro-government militia

8 "Militants" Killed in Jalalabad Airport Attack: In the incident that started at

06:00 am on Saturday, 8 insurgents including the suicide attacker were
killed, the media office of foreign forces in eastern Afghanistan said.

Saturday: Three occupation force service members killed in southern

Afghanistan: NATO says three coalition service members killed in insurgent
attack in southern Afghanistan.

NATO:Friday: 15 "insurgents" killed in the southern Afghanistan: The coalition

force called in air support and the insurgents were killed by missiles, a 30mm
cannon and artillery fire.

6 Afghan "security guards" killed in Taliban hotbed: Six guards of a private

security company were killed Thursday when militants ambushed their
convoy in Taliban's hotbed Helmand province of southern Afghanistan,
provincial administration spokesman Daud Ahmadi said Friday.

Three killed in Kabul suicide bombing: Three people, including the attacker,
were killed and four others were injured Friday in a suicide bomb attack near
a military camp in Kabul, Xinhua reported.

Report cautions Obama on high cost of Afghan war: "The cloudy picture and
high costs raise the question of whether the United States should now
downsize its ambitions and reduce its military presence in Afghanistan," the
task force said in a 98-page report.

U.S. Still in Afghanistan in 2014? Obama Say it Ain't So!: If the administration
decides to continue the current strategy through 2014, it would directly
contradict President Obama's own directive, which states that there should
be an "accelerated transition to Afghan authorities beginning in July 2011"

Delaying an Afghanistan Drawdown Is Political and Policy Suicide: The

President must immediately and unequivocally deny any suggestion that the
July 2011 deadline is shifting further into the future. He must take a strong
hand with the "unnamed senior officials" who are again working to box him
into a decision-making process that predetermines the outcomes in favor of a
protracted war.

Audio recording reveals fraud in Afghan election: The Afghan election

commission said Thursday that it had opened an investigation into
allegations that a top government official pressured an election worker to rig
the results of the parliamentary ballot in western Afghanistan.

Iraq Power-Sharing Deal Frays as Maliki Named PM-Elect: A power-sharing

pact that saw Nuri al-Maliki named as prime minister-elect was looking frayed
Friday after parliament ended in disarray over claims the deal was broken
just hours after being sealed.

Clinton offers Netanyahu security pledge : Clinton and the visiting Israeli
leader ended a marathon round of talks in New York with a strong declaration
of Washington's "unshakable commitment to Israel's security and to peace in
the region."

US to boost weapons stockpile in Israel: report: The United States is to

significantly increase the amount of military equipment held in Israel as part
of a move to upgrade security ties between the two allies, press reports said
on Thursday.

Germany presses US to remove nuclear weapons from its soil: Neither the
United States nor Germany have ever officially confirmed where the nuclear
weapons are kept or how may there are, but it is generally believed there are
10 to 20 nuclear bombs under 24-hour guard at Buechel air force base in
western Germany.

Kosovo 'organ trafficking' exposed: Five people including doctors and a

former senior health offical are charged in connection with international

Native American tribes seek trade ties with Turkey: The Native American
tribes belong to sovereign nations that can strike their own trade deals and
offer special tax incentive

DNA test casts doubt on executed Texas man's guilt: A DNA test on a single
hair has cast doubt on the guilt of a Texas man who was put to death 10
years ago for a liquor-store murder — an execution that went forward after
then-Gov. George W. Bush's staff failed to tell him the condemned man was
asking for genetic analysis of the strand.
Scanners at US airports 'may be dangerous': US scientists have warned that
the full-body, graphic-image X-ray scanners being used to screen passengers
and airline crews at airports around the country may be unsafe.

TSA checkpoints: Real-life horrors: 'Security is one thing, license to molest

people is another'

EU 'will bailout Ireland if needed': EU mulls support for Ireland after Irish bond
yields soared to record levels on public debt fears.

Deficit Panel Targets Mortgage Interest Deduction: Among the proposals put
forward by the Democratic and Republican co-chairs of President Obama's
deficit commission is one idea that could hit homeowners where it hurts:
reducing or eliminating the popular mortgage interest tax deduction.

November 11, 2010

Zero Based Terrorism

By Philip Giraldi

If, as FOX news pundits frequently claim, terrorism is all part of a worldwide
"Islamofascist" conspiracy to establish the Caliphate and kill unbelievers, it is
all pretty lame. Continue

Paying To Be Raped

By Sibel Edmonds

Where are you macho and good ole cowboy mentality testosterone walking
bags when your wives and daughters are being fondled, squeezed, and
intimately probed? Continue

Why George W. Bush Should Still Worry

By Bill Quigley

Bush Pens True Crime Book, No Justice for CIA Destruction of 92 Torture
Tapes. Continue

Harper on Israel: Is the Prime Minister Mentally Sound?

By Murray Dobbin

Watching and listening to Stephen Harper's bizarre and unnerving speech

about anti-Semitism and Israel raises the question as to whether or not the
man is mentally fit to be prime minister. Continue

Public Like A Frog: "Where All Are Guilty, No One Is"

By Phil Rockstroh

Millions have been murdered worldwide so that these entitlement-maddened

monsters can keep their SUVs topped-off with gas, and their fat brats' greedy
gobs stuffed with Hot Pockets & Juicy Juice." Continue

America’s Devolution Into Dictatorship

By Paul Craig Roberts

This Justice (sic) Department, which routinely frames and railroads the
innocent, argued in Federal Court on November 8 that the US government, if
approved by the president, could murder anyone it wishes, citizens or
noncitizens, at will. Continue

Thank a Vet?

By Laurence M. Vance

It is high time that Americans stop holding veterans and current members of
the military in such high esteem. Continue

Erin Go Bust

By Mike Whitney

Two things have delayed Ireland’s funeral. Continue

Pakistan 18 killed in Karachi attack on police hub: Militants attacked a police

compound in the heart of Karachi today with a hail of gunfire and a massive
car bomb, levelling the building and killing at least 18 people, authorities and
witnesses said.

Militants take blame for Karachi blast: "We accept responsibility for this
attack. They used to arrest and torture our comrades here. We will target
everyone who does this in the same way," TTP spokesman Azam Tariq said,
quoted by AFP on Thursday.

US soldier kills Afghan policeman: A US soldier with the International Security

Assistance Force (ISAF) shot dead an Afghan policeman in southern Kandahar
province Thursday noon, a source revealed.

Afghanistan War: Bulldozing through Kandahar: The U.S. military has

destroyed hundreds of Afghan civilian homes, farm houses, walls, trees and
plowed through fields and buildings using explosives and bulldozers in war-
torn Zhari district, a practice that has begun to anger Afghan villagers.

Some Countries Endorse Afghan Peace Efforts: In a press conference the

Afghan Foreign Minister said on Thursday that Germany, Italy, Egypt and
Turkey endorse Afghan government talks with anti-government armed

Afghanistan military secrets sold for £18.87 on eBay: Files – none of which
required passwords - included troop numbers, patrol details, ammunition
stock lists and locations of every police command post in a Helmand town.

Dagestan shootouts leave many dead: Seven police and four rebels among
those killed in the latest bout of violence in Russia's North Caucasus region.

Iraqiya bloc walks out of key vote: Sunni alliance march out of Iraq's
parliament ahead of vote to elect president following "de-Baathification" row.

Iraq Sunnis angry as Shi'ite-led govt takes shape: Some of Iraq's Sunni
minority swore not to vote again after the main political blocs agreed on
Thursday to appoint incumbent Nuri al-Maliki, a Shi'ite, to a second term as
prime minister.

UK: Man arrested over blog list of pro-war MPs: A 23-year-old man was
arrested on suspicion of encouraging an act of terrorism in connection with a
website that listed MPs who voted for the Iraq War, police said today.

Kurdish show trial shames Turkey: The trial of 151 Kurdish politicians,
lawyers, mayors and leaders of Kurdish civil society is an affront to human

France supplied images for Saudi strikes in Yemen: report: Paris began
supplying the data following a visit by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to
Riyadh in November 2009, the Post said, citing unnamed Saudi officials.

Secret Files Show Indonesia's Special Forces, Targets Papuan Churches,

Civilians. Documents Leak from Notorious US-Backed Unit. Jakarta has
attempted to largely seal off Papua to visits by non-approved outsiders.

Obama extends emergency regarding Iran: U.S. President Barack Obama said
he notified the Federal Register of his decision to continue the state of
emergency beyond Sunday.

Nigeria summons Iran diplomats over seized arms: Israeli had accused Iran of
trying to sneak the shipment into Gaza Strip, but Nigeria now suspect a
domestic plot.

Fact or fiction: Iran, Venezuela plan to build rival to Panama Canal: The plan
has aroused concern in Washington, and the U.S. has started behind the
scenes efforts to foil it.

China may be bigger economy than US within two years: Here’s a finding that
will have any red-blooded American spluttering into his cornflakes. According
to the Conference Board, a highly respected economic research association,
China will overtake the US as the world’s biggest economy by 2012, or within
two years.

Nation states are dead: EU chief says the belief that countries can stand
alone is a 'lie and an illusion'

Student protest: we are all in this together: The occupation of Conservative

party HQ is about so much more than fees. At last the country is beginning to
fight back

Matt Taibbi: Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners: Retired judges
are rushing through complex cases to speed foreclosures in Florida

Robert Reich: Obama’s First Stand: The President says a Republican proposal
to extend the Bush tax cuts to everyone for two years is a “basis for
conversation.” I hope this doesn’t mean another Obama cave-in.

November 10, 2010

Bombs Away:

Afghan Air War Peaks With 1,000 Strikes in October

By Noah Shachtman

The U.S. and its allies have unleashed a massive air campaign in Afghanistan,
launching missiles and bombs from the sky at a rate rarely seen since the
war’s earliest days. Continue

Welcome To India, Obama Sahib

By Eric Margolis

India has been steadily developing a family of long-ranged intercontinental

ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads behind the cover of space-
launcher vehicles. Continue

The Betrayal of Gaza

By Noam Chomsky

The US is vocal about its commitment to peace in Israel and the Palestinian
territories — but its actions suggest otherwise. Continue

'US Support for Israel Must Continue Forever,' says Biden


He reiterated what he said was the Obama administration’s deep

commitment to Israel’s security and to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear
weapons. Continue

Billionaire Launches Campaign to Slash Social Security

By Jane Slaughter

It's hard to get your head around how rich Peterson is, and how many rich
people there are in this country. But here's how to put their money in
perspective, in relation to Social Security. Continue

Our Banana Republic


We’ve reached a banana republic point where our inequality has become
both economically unhealthy and morally repugnant. Continue
Eight policemen, three NATO occuption force soldiers killed in Afghan
attacks : Three foreign troops serving with the NATO-led International
Security Assistance Force (ISAF) were killed in two attacks by militants and a
bombing in southern and eastern Afghanistan, the ISAF said Wednesday.

NATO says occupation troops may have killed 3 Afghan civilians: It said four
Afghan civilians had been brought to a nearby ISAF base after the fighting
and that three of them had subsequently died.

'US to stay in Afghanistan until 2014': Senior US officials have told McClatchy
newspapers that the new policy will be made pubic soon during an upcoming
conference of NATO countries in Lisbon.

Obama officials moving away from 2011 Afghan date: The Obama
administration has decided to begin publicly walking away from what it once
touted as key deadlines in the war in Afghanistan in an effort to de-
emphasize President Barack Obama's pledge that he'd begin withdrawing
U.S. forces in July 2011, administration and military officials have told

Canada 'to extend' Afghan mission: Canada considers keeping up to 1,000

soldiers in a non-combat role in Afghanistan beyond the 2011 pullout

US soldier on trial for Afghan murders: A US soldier accused of leading a

murder squad that killed and allegedly mutilated Afghan civilians for sport,
has appeared before court.

18 militants killed in Pakistan air strike: Helicopter gunships on Wednesday

pounded rebel positions near the Afghan border in northwestern Pakistan,
killing 18 militants, security officials said.

Pakistan concerns conveyed to US ambassador: Shocked by the US support

for India’s bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations’ Security Council
(UNSC), Pakistan has conveyed its disappointment to the American
ambassador here and told him the move could have serious repercussions for
the conflict-ridden region and reform of the world body

Ten people killed, 27 injured in Iraq attacks : Ten people were killed and at
least 27 injured on Wednesday in a series of attacks across Iraq, including
targeted violence against Christians in the capital.

Christians targeted in Iraq attacks: A string of roadside bombs in Baghdad

kills at least three people and leaves another 24 injured.

Bush rejects claims that Israel was behind Iraq war: Former US president says
"those theories were false. I was sending our troops into combat to protect
the American people.”

Iran slams Israeli war threats: Iran has lashed out at Israeli prime minister's
comments that encourage the US to take military action against Tehran.

Iran plans to test own model of Russia S-300 missile: Medvedev banned
delivery air defense system to Iran in September, saying it would violate
expanded UN sanctions against the country imposed in June.

Harper will defend Israel 'whatever the cost' : "There are, after all, a lot more
votes -- a lot more -- in being anti-Israeli than in taking a stand. But as long
as I am prime minister, whether it is at the United Nations, the Francophonie
or anywhere else, Canada will take that stand, whatever the cost."

Iran's Rights To Nuclear Non-Negotiable: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "We have

repeatedly said that our (nuclear) rights are not negotiable ... We only hold
talks to resolve international problems ... to help the establishment of peace,"
Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech in central town of Qazvin.

A Backdoor to War with Iran?: Some Members of Congress are trying to

create a "backdoor" to war with Iran by pushing a resolution supporting
Israel's "right" to launch a military attack on Iran.

Abbas seeks urgent Security Council meeting over East Jerusalem

construction: Israel vows to continue East Jerusalem construction, despite row
with U.S.; Netanyahu says Israel has 'never accepted restrictions' on building
in Jerusalem, adding that there is 'no connection' between peace process and
development in the capital.

Israel kidnaps Hamas lawmaker: Israeli forces have abducted the secretary
general of the Palestinian parliament in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

'US World's Biggest Arms Seller' : The United States has topped the list of
global arms sellers, with Israel, UAE and India purchasing the bulk of arms
including fighter jets, says a think tank.

Multi-Billion-Dollar Arms Deals Could Haunt U.S.: The U.S. administration's

decision last month to sell billions of dollars worth of weapons to potentially
unstable Arab nations in the Gulf - including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab
Emirates (UAE), Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain - have triggered fears of
possible risks to the United States, if history repeats itself.

Yemen mail bomb 'could have detonated over eastern US': Tests on a failed
parcel bomb sent on a US-bound cargo flight last month show it could have
been designed to detonate over the eastern US, say UK police.

Arrest in Yemen of Hassan Baoum sees thousands protest: Thousands of

people demonstrated in south Yemen today, demanding the release of
Hassan Baoum, the main leader of the southern opposition in the country,
witnesses said.

Photos allege Sri Lanka massacre: Photographs obtained by Al Jazeera appear

to show massacre of Tamils during final stages of Sri Lanka's civil war.
Pentagon calls mystery missile 'unexplained,' cannot rule out threat: THE
Pentagon said a missile launch off the southern coast of California remained
"unexplained" and that its mysterious origins meant that it was not possible
to rule out any threat to the homeland.

US test fires secret missile off CA: The US has launched a missile off Southern
California amid concerns that the country has been secretly developing
advanced weapons to increase its military dominance

Former British intelligence chairman all but calls Bush liar, says
waterboarding didn’t stop terror plots

Amnesty International wants Bush on trial over torture: The London-based

Amnesty International (AI) has called for a criminal investigation into former
US President George W. Bush's admission of torture.

Big Brother monitored tweets, too: Tracking the Twitter activity of law-abiding
citizens was part of the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security’s
intelligence surveillance program.

Irish bonds sink as Europe's debt fears grow: Anxiety over heavy government
debts in Europe flared up again Wednesday, as investors questioned whether
countries like Ireland, Greece or Portugal can cut their budget deficits without
choking off desperately needed economic growth.

UK students protest university fees: Up to 50,000 students attempt to occupy

ruling Conservative party's HQ in rally against plans to raise tuition fees.

Nearly 59 million lack health insurance: CDC: Nearly 59 million Americans

went without health insurance coverage for at least part of 2010, many of
them with conditions or diseases that needed treatment, federal health
officials said on Tuesday.
Health Insurance Profits Soar, Dem Calls For Rebates: -- Health insurance
profits are skyrocketing in 2010 compared to last year's returns and the
outgoing chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees the companies
is calling on them to return the profits to consumers in the form of premium

Obama panel urges deep US spending cuts, tax reform: A panel appointed by
President Barack Obama recommended deep spending cuts and sweeping
tax reforms Wednesday in a bid to slash US budget deficits by four trillion
dollars over the next decade.

Slide in Home Prices Signals Trouble Ahead: IAS: , IAS says the data
foreshadow "particularly difficult times ahead" for the housing market and for
the U.S. economy.

November 09, 2010

Bush Admits He Considered Attacks on Iran and Syria

By Ewen MacAskill and Chris McGreal in Washington

George Bush ordered the Pentagon to plan an attack on Iran's nuclear

facilities and considered a covert attack on Syria, the former president
reveals in his memoirs. Continue

Let's Attack Iran!

By Fred Reed

Oh good. I see that Senator Lindsey Graham wants to attack Iran. The US, he
says, should "sink their navy, destroy their air force and deliver a decisive
blow to the Revolutionary Guard." Continue

"Damn Right": Bush Boasts about Waterboarding

By Ray McGovern

For such a frank admission of high-level criminality, we can say, with ample
justification, Shame on Bush.

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